Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 113

Published at 1st of September 2019 05:05:07 AM

Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – Game Changer

Misha, Shurka, Crystal, Sebastian, Thorn, Dolphin, and everybody in the shelter could hear Lilith's voice .

Getting told that they were NPCs were shocking enough, but a mysterious goddess voice terrified them more .

While all residents of shelter 88 were petrified by the sudden revelation, Misha opened her game menu in frantic . She got to the system option and pressed the [Log Out] button without hesitation .


<<Log out function is disabled . Please pay the monthly subscription fee to use this feature . >>

<<You have 85 entities in your body . Your monthly subscription is 8,500 diamonds . >>

Misha collapsed on her knees .

Her earlier premonition was correct . Her instinct had been crying that something like this might happen sooner or later if she kept staying in-game for too long .

'I should have trusted my guts . I wasted so much time in this game . Heck, this is not a game anymore . It's a freaking real world now!'

Not only Misha was in despair, but Shurka also spammed pressing the log out button in frantic . She also received the same message .

'No! I don't want to be a game character . I want out!'

Shurka cried, watching the dimmed log out button on her game screen .

Soon, a message rang within Misha's mind .

[Normally, it cost 100 diamonds to transfer one soul or the soul's belongings . ]

[In your case, you'll have to pay extra diamonds if you wish to bring your harem back to your world . ]

Misha gritted her teeth and calculated in her mind .

72 Sisters were residing within his mental space .

10 Prisoners were locked inside as well .

Combining with her real soul and her secret, there were 85 souls!

From Lilith's hint, Misha had to pay 8,500 diamond just to log out!

'How can I get so many diamonds!? I only have 600!'

While Misha did not know what to do in the future, Lilith coughed .

[Ahem . I haven't finished my announcement yet . Don't be despaired, young phantom . Eh, I don't know what to call you . A fairy phantom, a fire dragonewt, a demi-dragoon, a dragoon, a fairy dragon? Heck, you have too many souls and weird constitution . I'm getting confused . Who is the retard that stuff all of you into that body!?]

" . . . "

[Forget it . It's my fault for not detecting your real race when you had first created your character . Anyway, I'm sorry for dragging all of you into this . I know it's not your fault, but business is business . I won't correct your real race, though . It's unfair to have someone with a soul inheritance to start with their actual race . ]

Misha had a scare . It seemed Lilith was aware of her hidden secret . By her reflex, Misha peaked into her mind space to check the crystal orb in the arms of Misha Statue's arms .

Lilith coughed again . This time, everyone could hear her continued message .

[You don't have to worry, people . I'm not so cruel that I will trap you all here if you don't have enough diamonds to pay for the subscription fees . ]

A bright light flashed before all living beings on all 50 planets . A white transparent crystal, shaped like a diamond in a card game, floated in front of Misha and everyone inside the base .

[The thing in front of you is an empty diamond . When you touch it, an indicator will tell you how many diamonds you have inside the crystal . ]

Misha touched it, and a small screen with [0] appeared .

[Keep this crystal with you . I'll give this one for free as a service . If you lose it, you'll have to buy a new one with diamonds . ]

Shurka and Misha retorted in their mind, 'If we don't have diamonds, how can I buy one from you!?'

[Of course . You won't be able to buy it if you don't have diamonds, which I'm about to tell you how to acquire one . ]


[First, hold that crystal in your hand and use another hand to touch a dead body of any mammal creature, aquatic creature, or an insect with the size over one-meter . ]

"We don't even have a corpse on our hands . How can I test this?"

Everyone inside the base looked around in confusion . However, one place inside the shelter was in an uproar .

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Inside the market, fish merchants touched their dead tunas, and the crystal in their hands revealed a change .

The number indicator increased!

The fish merchant lady, who sold the Kraken to Misha, touched five tunas on her fish stall, and the [0] changed to [5] . However, when she tried putting her hands on smaller fishes, it did not increase .

She attempted to touch big fishes from the other stalls, but the other merchants stopped her . As if they had the same idea, the others grabbed her tunas, too .

Unfortunately, the number did not increase anymore . Once touched, no one else could increase the value when the others got their hands on the items .

Meanwhile, Misha had an idea . She took out a nurse fire ant from her inventory and touched it . Her [0] crystal changed to [1] .

Although Misha could guess the use of this crystal, she was not happy about it .

"A bit tedious, don't you think? I wish you have an auto-collect feature . "



A new button appeared in the VIP inventory menu . It was a [Auto-Diamond] button .

Furthermore, there was a new item in Mia's inventory . It was another crystal with the number [600] on it .

Misha frowned and hesitated .

'Should I test it? Should I wait for Lilith's explanation?'

Before she could press the button, she heard a meow .

*Mew* (Oooh, what does this button do?)

Tama pressed it with her tentacle without hesitation .



<<Collected 968 Diamonds into an available crystal!>>

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The crystal inside the inventory became 1,568 .

Lilith resumed her explanation .

[For those who have VIP inventory functions unlocked, you can use the auto-diamond feature to instantly collect all souls into the crystal . You can store corpses of creatures and collect all souls this way . ]

[Oh, did I tell you about the origin of the number? They are the number of souls that you collected into the crystal . Each soul equals one diamond, so you only need to obtain a hundred to log out . Piece of cake, right?]

All mutants in the base were in silence . Instead of hearing the cheering sounds from everyone, a terrible idea came to them . The pessimistic ones began thinking, 'If they could acquire a soul through a dead body, won't there be someone who kills others to gain diamonds?'

Shurka's face paled as she was also a pessimistic thinker . She tugged Misha's dress and clung to her arm .

Sensing Shurka's trembling body, Misha pulled her into a hug in reflex .

"It's okay . I have diamonds . I don't know if I can trade it with the others, but you can log out for sure . "

Shurka gazed at Misha's face with watery eyes . She nodded and buried her face into Misha's chest .

"Thank you . "

"Y-You're welcome . "

*Mew* (Make sure you repay my banana Mish with your body . )


Shurka frowned . Although she could not understand eggcat's mewing language yet, her instinct told her that Tama was bad-mouthing her somehow .

*Mii* (Lewd cat . Bad cat . )

*Mew* (No, you bad baby . Who are you calling a cat!? I'm a godcat! You'd better worship me, you heathen banana!)

*Mii* (Bad bananacat!)

Again, Shurka's mood got better by listening to a weird language . She still could not grasp the meaning, though . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

As she pressed her face to Misha's chest, an unprecedented incident occurred .


Misha had forgotten that her breasts were modified into bouncing chassis . The compressed force ejected Shurka out of Misha's arm and landed on her butt .



Both Misha and Shurka stared at each other with round eyes . Then, they stared at the two jiggling mountains .

"Your avatar is interesting, Mia . "


Meanwhile, Lilith continued .

[Also, I've altered the VIP function a bit . I've canceled VIP11 to VIP13, so VIP10 will be the highest privilege that you can get . To increase your privilege, you have to donate me a certain amount of diamonds equal to or higher than the threshold in the VIP details . For players with a subscription, you can buy the diamonds with your world's currency as the usual . ]

[Next, for the sake of preventing the confusion between worlds, all players can only have one physical body . If you're in the game, your original physical appearance will be in the game with you . If you log out, your avatar or your real body will follow you back home . It will be easier to identify yourself this way . ]


Changes occurred within Mafdet City . All students, who had been respawned after the hydra raid, glowed in bright light . As soon as the light faded, they found themselves in their real appearance .

Although their avatar name remained the same, all students cried in disappointment . Their gorgeous look and pretty face was no more .

In the other world, bodies of the players inside their game capsules disappeared, including Mia and Shurka's real body .

However, Sasha and Natalie's real body, which were standing next to grandmother Min, were still intact .


[And lastly, diamond item store is officially open to all players and locals alike . Everyone can use my shop freely now . All diamonds are tradable, so you can also trade it with your friends . ]

[In the future, I'll install the auction house system into all worlds . For now, good luck and have fun in my universe! I hope that you will enjoy these changes because I'm enjoying it! Woo!]

Lilith's series of messages ended . The dumbfounded mutants glanced at each other, did not know what to do next .

On the other hand, calm and smart mutants managed to activate a game menu . They found their status attributes, skills, and the shop right away .

Then, they found the price of a healing potion, which they had just traded with Misha .

"Hey, check the healing potion . Isn't this the same with the ones Miss Misha gave us!?"