Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

Chapter 116 – Taming Base 88 – Part 2

Until 7 PM, Sebastian and Misha spent their time organizing the mechanics to build more mechs from their scraps . In the end, they used five more pens and restored five machines .

A total of six new standard AHMUs had been built in a day, and the news spread within the shelter .

The credit for this achievement fell to Misha, which increased her reputation . Her overall relationship with all mutants in the base also rose to [Friendly] from the previous [Casual] in her status screen .

Everything went well so far for Misha, but she had not solved the problems with the 200 pilots yet . Since Maou kidnapped them into her mind space, they had been avoiding Misha .

She needed to have a heart to heart talk with them as soon as possible . Or else, she would not be able to maintain the order as they might migrate to other bases .

Looking at the arranged mechs, Misha excused herself .

Sebastian was surprised, "Going home soon?"

"It's night time . Let's continue doing this tomorrow . "

"Right, I forgot that your friend is waiting for you at home . Thanks for today, Misha . Come to the office tomorrow, we'll have another meeting . "

Misha left the hangar . However, she could not find Crystal and Thorn anywhere .

Crystal left them with a resource detector map, and Thorn followed after her . None of them returned to the office or their hangar .

'What's wrong with them?'

As she pondered and was on the way to her residence, she ran into Mr . PISS . The daoist noticed Misha as well .

However, instead of greeting her, he walked away in a hurry, which caused Misha to frown .

'Odd . '

*Mew* (Suspicious . )

"Ikr? Should we follow?"

*Mew* (Let's go!)

As they agreed to follow the daoist, they began stalking him .

Mr . PISS walk straight to his capsule apartment, but he did not enter his home . He waited for someone as he sat on a public bench, where homeless residents gathered .

Soon, a familiar little girl that Misha recognized appeared . She ran to the daoist .

It was Mana, the little girl who Misha met at a slum capsule apartment .

Mana screamed, "Papa!"

Mr . PISS walked to her, giving her a hug, "Hi, there . Sweetie! Have you been good?"

"Mana has been good!"

"Haha . Here, I've brought you some dinner . "


It was a heartwarming scene that all onlookers smiled at them from their cuteness . Even Misha thought that they stalked him for nothing .

"Eh, it's just a family meeting . I'm surprised that the weirdo is Mana's father, though . "

*Mrrr?* (It's odd . They don't smell-alike . Are they really father and daughter?)

"She can be his foster child . Who knows?"

*Mrrr?* (Is it? Are you sure?)

"Let's leave them alone . Shurka is waiting . "

Misha left the slum area . Both Misha and Tama did not notice that Mana and the daoist were exchanging small chips under their food bags .


Next day, 8 AM .

Mia did not wake up late this time . Still, his [Manual Body Regeneration] reached level 110 from another night of activities . Meanwhile, Shurka's regen skill reached level 55 from eating green gels, yellow gels, and a bit of grinding .

Because Tama and Mii got on the way, they learned about moderation last night .

As usual, Mia transformed to Misha again to suppress his natural psychic skills and reduce the oppressing aura .

Both walked to the meeting office, where Sebastian and most mech captains were already there, but they could not find Crystal and Thorn .

Sebastian passed his drafted agenda to Misha and whispered her .

"Yesterday, I had called all captains here, so you can inform them about the changes . All former scalesmen have no problem with you being their castellan, but the others that you had threatened to kill them are not very pleased . I've tried to appease them, but more than half of them want to leave the base . Whether you can tame them or not, it's up to you . "

Misha had not learned about this agenda before . Shocked and surprised by the sudden arrangement, she did not know what to do .

Misha was unprepared .

"Uh, Sebastian . This meeting just comes out of left field …"

"I know that you're underprepared, but we have to act fast . I'm sorry that I dragged you to my mech restoration yesterday without telling you about this arrangement, but we need those new mechs as an attraction . "


"We can let them know that you're far more competent than me, and you are backed with a greater force . Once they learn that you're not a threat to them, they will change their attitude . Please be kind to them and show them what you can do . "


Misha felt like Sebastian was manipulating her into doing his biddings . However, his relationship in his game menu revealed as [Loyal], so he was not her enemy .

Confirming that Sebastian did everything for her best interest, Misha bit her lower lips and nodded .

With accelerated heartbeats, Misha walked to her seat, but she did not sit . She stood and looked at 19 captains in the room .

She started marking the captains that did not like her . Out of all pilots here, six of them had a relationship indicator as [Hate] .

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These were the captains that wanted to leave the base . Two days ago, all of them had been taken into Mia's mind space and was threatened with death, so they did not like Misha .

As for the rest, they had either [Trust] or [Loyal] as their stance toward her .

Pinpointing her targets and goal, she gazed at the six troubled men .

"I know that we had a rough start . I apologize for what I had done to you . I'm sorry . "




Misha was glad that even though this place might be another real-world, game notification messages were still around .

'A little improvement, but it's better than nothing . '

Misha gained a bit of hope . Unfortunately, she could not continue as Llamador stood up and attempt to walk away .

Sebastian blocked the door, "Captain Llamador, sit down . "

"I'm not taking part of this bullcrap . I'm leaving this base with my crews and my mechs . "

"This is an order, Llamador . Go back and sit down . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"You're not a castellan anymore, geezer . You don't have the right to command me . "

Seth, Cardenas, and Hewett also stood up and walked to the door, trying to leave . Seeing that his friends had the same thought, Llamador got more confident .

"We don't want to work for a bunch of lizard traitors . Make way, butler!"

Misha coughed, "I haven't said anything or briefed anything, and you want to leave already?"

The four captains glared back at Misha, "We don't work for an otherworlder!"

Llamador turned to Wayne and Booker, "Booker, Wayne, aren't you coming with us?"

Both of them shook their head . Different from the four, Booker was more open-minded, "I'll be listening to what she has to say, and I'll decide . "

Similar to Booker, Wayne had a higher EQ and worldly experiences than the other five since he was already in his 50s . Among all captains, he was their elder .

"She apologized, and none of us died . Case closed . Time to look toward the future, lads . "

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Llamador bellowed, "But she's an otherworlder!"

Wayne glared back, "So what?"

"She's one of those kidnappers!"

"Has she kidnapped anyone?"


Llamador could not find a word to retort .

"Has she killed one of us? Has she harmed an innocent inside the base?"

" . . . "

Dolphin stood up and walked to Sebastian's side, blocking Llamador's path .

"Now, listen, you racist punks! We all had been through hardship and a bitter past against otherworlders, but I don't think all otherworlders are the same . "

Sebastian nodded, "I agree . Miss Misha has shared me her past memories, and I learned about the otherworld . Not everyone is on their side . She's just another bystander that got caught into this mess . "

Seth and Cardenas looked at Misha, hesitated .

Noticing their hesitation, Misha affirmed, "You don't have to worry about my origin . I'm also an enemy of those otherworlders that you had been fighting . I also shared my past memories with Sebastian as he had said . Don't you think it's weird that your ring leader who so wanted me dead suddenly became my assistant?"

Sebastian had a wry smile on his face while the others glanced back and forth between Misha and the butler .

Then, one of the captains raised his hand, "Can you share your memory with us, too?"

"Err …"

Sharing memories consumed a piece of Maou's soul, which she was not willing to damage his conscience . Furthermore, taking a part of the soul away reduced their lifespans .

Misha shook her head, "Something like this can only be used once a year . It reduces my lifespans every time I split my soul . "

"Oh, never mind then . "

"Don't worry . I'll tell you about what happened on the other side . You should sit down and listen to my story . It will be short, but you'll know what you're facing . "

Seth, Cardenas, and Hewett returned to their seat, but Llamador was still unwilling .

Sebastian had enough with Llamador's low EQ . His gentle and calm expression turned dark as he glared at the captain .

"It seems you have forgotten about our differences . Sit down, brat!"


Afraid of Sebastian's true power, Llamador joined the others .

In the end, Sebastian, Shurka, and all captains other than Crystal and Thorn listened to Misha's past story .

Noon, Misha's story and Q&A ended .

All pilots were astonished by the details .

"So, they're from the future!"

"Those bastards want hydra viruses and the symbiosis . That explains why they were so desperate . "

"Still, using games to mine resources was ingenious . "

"Ingenious? That is blasphemy! They are stealing our resources . "

Discussions and complaints flooded in the meeting room .

Misha inspected all captains to check their relationship and stances . As she had guessed, their attitude toward her got better . The lowest evaluation had become [Casual], but Llamador's indicator remained as [Hate] .

Upon looking around, searching for Llamador, Misha found that he was not in the room anymore .

"Where is Llamador?"

Sebastian also darted his eyes, scanning for the troublemaker .

He was no longer there!

"Bastard! He slipped away!"


Meanwhile, Llamador and his teammates had left the base with their gears . Their destination was the Shelter 87, which was 100km away to the west .

Although all of his crews followed him, Llamador only managed to recover his customized robot . As Mia's electric power had fried many cockpit modules, only his robot could be used .

In Llamador's cockpit, an image of a daoist displayed on his communication panel .

It was Mr . PISS!

"Igor, I'm out . What's the next move?"

The daoist harrumphed, "I've reported the latest incidents to our boss . For now, infiltrate base 87 and sow discord among them . "

"… Roger that, chief . "

"Keep an eye on the changing events and the game menu . Lilith said something about an auction house, so you should start gathering diamonds while you're there . "

"Okay, chief . By the way, what's our boss said to you when you reported the incident?"

"He said . . . leave them alone for the time being . He is negotiating with the otherworlder agents . Well, everyone is interested in future technologies and historical events . Who doesn't want to know about the result of our planned war?"

"He doesn't have a plan for that wench Misha? She stole our base!"

"Leave them alone! Don't provoke a strong enemy when we're not ready!"

"But, when will we be ready?"

"Until we gather enough dragonewts and technologies from the otherworlders! Don't move until you get my permission!"