Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 118

Published at 9th of September 2019 05:20:07 AM

Chapter 118

As Misha finished retelling his stories, it was her turn to ask them .

"Are you still protecting the human? Sooner or later, they will wage war against us . "

Thorn grumbled, "From your words, the overminds and the players will want us dead in the future, right? We only need to get rid of them, and WW III will be thwarted . "

Crystal nodded, "The overminds are our targets . We don't want to harm humans . We were once one of them, remember? If we kill them because of our differences, we will be the same as those scoundrels in base 87 . "

"It's going to be tough to protect humans and our people at the same time . Are you sure?"

"Because we retain our human conscience, it makes us what we are today . We won't abandon our origin . "

Hearing Crystal's resolution and her stance despite their grim future, Misha did not pursue the matter about missiles anymore .

"Alright, we'll get through this oncoming war the hard way, but be prepared for some sacrifices . MWG agents will be coming for us . "

"I know, and we won't lose . "

"Then, can you tell me what you had been doing these couple days? You took a resource detector and went MIA on me . "

Shurka held back her laughter because of Misha's pun .

"Ah, I went to test a theory . Here . "

Crystal placed the resource detector paper on Misha's table . The blank paper had already become a map, which geographic layouts, settlements, and red marks were highlighted .

The map was center around Shelter 88 . Misha could see Mafdet City, Base 87, and many other marks around them .

One thing that Misha and Shurka noticed . There were too many red marks .

Upon glancing at the top left corner, which indicated the resource's name, Misha understood everything .

They were the red gels .

"Why are you putting red gels as your resource target, Crystal?"

Crystal grinned, "Look at this map carefully . See anything odd?"

At first, Misha did not get what Crystal had hinted . He stared at the map with many questions in his mind .

Then, she realized .

"Red gels … on several locations on empty wasteland!?"

"Yup . What do you think? Do you think any sane person will take so many red gels outside of their home base? They are not towns or underground shelters either since every settlement has their name on the map!"

The red marks, 12 red dots, and one large red circle were on the map, which frightened Misha .

"Are these alpha eggs, baby hydras, or grown hydras!?"

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"Why are there so many!? I thought they were rare!?"

"That's what I had thought as well . At first, I wanted to check if I can find another alpha egg or a baby hydra on the wasteland with this, but yeah …"

"You found too many . "

"Yup . I have to drag Chacha with me so that I won't be the only one hallucinating . We had checked the satellite feeds, and we found those alphas . The largest red circle on the map is indeed the grown hydra with three heads . You can't compare it to the two-headed baby that you killed . "

Thorn sighed, "We were planning to give you this info later, so you can arrange the right expedition teams to take down these hydras . But man, your World War III is coming out of nowhere . This is giving me a headache . "

Misha gave Thorn a sarcastic smile, "If you call that a headache, I would already have had brain cancer . Look at me here . I'm trying to find a way for our people to live through this WW III, and you suddenly throw me with the hydra news . Jeez . "

Everyone immediately notified every captain that there would be another meeting the next morning .


Next morning, Misha, Thorn, Crystal, and all captains gathered for another meeting again . This time, it was the issues that Crystal found .

The new intel was shocking . None of them could have predicted that 12 alpha eggs and a possible grown hydra were loitering in the wasteland within their territories . The nearest alpha egg was 45km away to the northeast of Shelter 88 .

The only pieces of good news that they had from this resource map were that the suspected grown hydra was over 300km away toward the southeast .

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Misha also told them about the game tech tree, future technologies, and her research project, which would require more resources in the base .

She also affirmed them that they had to get this tech done as soon as possible . Since MWG agents might accelerate the historical events, WW III might be around a corner .

During the meeting, Misha concluded her prediction to Sebastian and others .

"Initially, WW III should have happened in the next two decades . But with the interferences, I think it will happen in a year at the latest . Everything will start when human factions in the US and Greenland launch their first worldwide propaganda about the demi-hydra hazard as in my world's history . Then, all human towns will move against the nearest mutant shelters . "


In Mia's world, the historical events that related to Shelter 88 were in this order;

for visiting .

While Misha, Sebastian, and others were busy procuring resources to unlock a technology, Mafdet City was in an uproar .

Many students were trapped in the game along with many government agents . At the first day, everyone was calm as the agents were with them, so they thought they could rely on adults .

Unfortunately, MWG agents were VIP members, which some of them already purchased diamonds or received some from their contribution . More than half of the agents subscribed the monthly fee, and they returned to their world, leaving the students behind .

Chaos ensued as the rich young masters threw a fit . They began throwing tantrums and formed outlaw gangs in the city to retaliate against the government . During the process, a few of them were killed by the locals because of their naivety .

The local citizens also raised hell as they gained status menus and abilities to view their attributes . Because they were real people, they were not stupid enough to lay low and wait for their doom . All of them was eager to head out and grind their levels .

The remaining forces that survived Amro incident had their hands full dealing with the local insurgents, players, and hunter-wannabes . The order of Mafdet City was no more .


Within the chaos, one of the players thrived .

Dove, who survived from Amro incident, gained a life-changing boon from the fight and Lilith .

During the Amro Outbreak, Dove suffered a fatal injury . Because of the mysterious object from Krastel's head, he survived .

During the time of crisis, Dove ate the object he had acquired .

It was a hydra core, Krastel's core .

His in-game character evolved into an overmind, and he gained psionic power .

With Lilith merging his real physical body with his in-game avatar, he became something similar to Shurka before she evolved further into an inferno dragonewt .

However, Dove had another thing different from Shurka . He gained more skills, which were Psionic Possession and ice manipulation psychic skills, Cryokinesis .

Currently, Dove rested in the military barrack, sitting cross legs . His consciousness sunk into his mind space white room .

Within his mind, a white cube floated and rotated clockwise . At the center of the mind room, a statue of Krastel with a round crystal stood in the center .

Dove stood before Krastel Statue .

"My Ice Spike is now level 20 . Please teach me the next skill . "