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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 119

Published at 7th of September 2019 05:30:06 AM

Chapter 119

Chapter 119 – Maou's Warning

Krastel Statue opened his red eyes . A portion of his statue turned into dust and entered Dove's conscience .

Memory fragments of Krastel entered Dove's mind .

The light of Krastel's eyes dimmed and disappeared, which the statue no longer had a sign of life remaining in it .

A few minutes later, Dove regained his sense . He gazed at Krastel and saluted to him .

"Thank you, Colonel! I'll be off now!"

As Dove conscience returned to his body, several system messages appeared before him .



Dove clenched his fists . Although the situation was terrible as he could not afford to die anymore, he stayed optimistic .

He had already paid the subscription fee, and he still had 400 diamonds remaining . Dove planned to continue gathering experiences and increase his status during this precious month of gaming . Once the subscription period got closer to the expiry date, he would go back to his world .

His heart danced as he could not wait to see everyone's reaction back home .

'Oh wait, some of the students are also trapped here . Should I help them?'

Dove pondered for another minute . In the end, he chose not to help them .

'We all have difficulties . If they can't help themselves, no one can help them . I'll have to get stronger to survive alone this world first before I can help the others . '

Dove lay down, abandoning his thought as he wanted to go to sleep . Suddenly, he widened his eyes as he sensed something odd .

He turned to look back and pointed his palm at the shadow behind him . Someone had sneaked close to his side without being detected!

"Easy, Dove . It's me . "

Upon closer inspection, Dove knew the shadow silhouette .

It was Pioneer King in his original appearance .

"I might have killed you . "

"Sorry about that . "

"What do you want?"

"So cold dude! I thought we were friends!"

"We're only in-game comrades . Now things have changed . This is a reality now . "

"Okay, okay! I get it . Chill man . Chill!"

"Tell me what you want . "

"Dude, I've met an overmind, and he's recruiting all players to join his side . I'm just here to ask you if you want to join him with us . "

"Overmind, huh?"

Dove became silent, thinking about the pros and cons .

"What's there to think? WW III is happening soon, and we should join the winner's side, yeah?"

Dove shook his head, "I'm not planning to live here forever . I'll collect diamonds and go home soon . "

"Well, suit yourself . I and the others are enjoying life here . Do you know that you can buy a girl in a slum with only bread? I've just hit the jackpot, you see? I picked up a girl in a slum and cleaned her . She turned up as a gorgeous beauty, and she is now my loyal sex slave . You should-"

An ice lance tip touched Pioneer's cheek . The speartip cut a small wound, and red color covered the cut part .

"Shut your fucking mouth and leave before I kill you . "

"… Fine . Just go home like a cry baby then!"


Pioneer left . Dove unsummoned his ice spear and went back to bed in a bad mood .

"Fucking spoiled nobles . Apocalypse world or the real world, they're the same . "

Dove closed his eyes even though he could not sleep . As he tried to concentrate and let his imagination ran wild, the face of a girl appeared .

It was Misha .

"I wonder how she is doing . "

August 5th, 2270

Everyone in the base was busy today as Misha declared a large scale mobilization .

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Yesterday, they used a resource map to search for an undiscovered crude oil field or any oil silo, which they found one . Coincidentally, the hidden oil was inside an outpost, where Misha had once been taken into their underground lab .

Crystal used her spy satellite to inspect the outpost, and they found a storage tank hiding behind barracks and warehouses . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The tank was camouflaged with the paint job, which blended with the surroundings . Had Crystal not paid attention to everything, she would not have noticed the hidden fuel tank from the satellite feed .

As such, they decided to raid the outpost and steal their resources .

Aside from Dolphin and Wayne's units, Misha dispatched all available forces .

Misha did not want to spill blood, so she resorted intimidation by overwhelming forces . As long as the humans inside the base realized that they were not the mutant's opponent, they might surrender .

Also, Misha would go with her Prometheus, and Sebastian would be in the secondary cockpit as a co-pilot .

The deployment date was set to August 7th, so Misha would have times to recharge the psionic engines before the D-Day .

During the preparation today, Maou Mia woke up from his slumber for a few seconds . In the short few seconds, his first words to Banana Mia was, "You messed up again . Find that PISS, and capture him ASAP . "

That was his order before he went back to deep sleep .

Misha was confused . She turned to Crystal and Sebastian and consulted with them .

"What do you guys think of Mr . Piss? Is he suspicious, or did he do something weird?"

Crystal raised his eyebrows and chuckled, "Oh, that spy dude?"

Sebastian scoffed, "Obviously, he's suspicious to everyone . He's a human's spy . "

Misha was dumbfounded as she had not realized it yet, "What?"

Crystal laughed, "What? You didn't know?"

"Eh? How do you know he's a spy? Wait, you all knew, but you let him roam around in the base?"

"We let him loose on purpose . We're monitoring that guy while we're feeding him false info, so he can keep running around like a mouse in a maze . "

"But why?"

Sebastian coughed, "Strategy and deception, Misha . You see, if you can pinpoint one spy, the others will be easier to detect . We found six other spies so far, and we have them on our watch list . "

"How did you know about his identity?"

Sebastian sighed, "He and I had been on toe-to-toe since my early days as a dragonewt . We were best friends, family, and rivals, but he took another side during Carlos' intervention years ago . At first, I thought he was working for Carlos, but he didn't stop leaking our intelligence to someone even after Carlos' death . That's how I deduced that he's still working as a spy . "

Crystal winked at Misha, "Igor has too much pride, so he made a lot of mistakes in the years . He didn't even realize that one of his hired assistants is one of ours," Crystal flashed Misha a picture, "Remember this girl?"

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Upon seeing a photo image of a young girl, Misha recognized her, "Mana?"

"Yup . She's our double agent . She's smart, right? She even fooled you and got your fishes for free . "

Crystal leaned forward and whispered to Misha, "She's also at the same age as me . "


Misha's jaw dropped as she screamed . Meanwhile, Crystal burst into laughter as she enjoyed Misha's reaction .

"Ah, this never gets old . "

While Crystal was laughing, Misha recalled the warning from Maou .

"Shouldn't we capture him now? We're going to make a drastic change, and it's time to clear out the insiders . In my timeline, they are the one that sabotaged mutant bases during the war . "

Crystal's laughter stopped . She turned to Sebastian, which he returned the look with a sad smile .

"It's fine . You can kill him . I don't mind . "

"He's your-"

"Igor and I are on a different side, and we have people to protect . Now, it might be the right time to weed out some parasites . "


Misha stared at Crystal and Sebastian in confusion . She was out of the loop .

'What are they talking about, Tama?'

*Mrrr?* (How should I know? I'm with you all the time . )

'Right . You're useless . '

*Mew!* (Who are you calling useless, you horny beast! The next time you rush your wee-wee into that cyka's wuu-wuu, I'll rush your poo-poo with my tentacles!)

'Err, I'm sorry, Tama . Forgive me . '

*MYA!* (Also, because of you two, Mii started mimicking your actions! She has been trying to insert her tentacle into my mouth when both of you are busy on the bed!)

'… Sowwy . '

The next day, six unevolved mutants were taken to Misha and Sebastian . They were the identified spies that Crystal had found .

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All of them confessed that they used to work for Carlos in exchange for green gels . In the previous expedition which Misha stole a missile truck, they had leaked the info about their deployment to the Mafdet Government 

Sebastian sentenced the six to serve as harvesters, and they would have to participate in the next queen egg diving .

The issues about spies were easily eliminated, except one .

Mr . Piss, or Igor, had escaped from the base the same day Misha warned them about his identity . He killed all agents whom Sebastian sent to monitor Igor, and left through the fisher's tunnel, heading to the southeast toward the sea .

The double agent, Mana, also left with Igor . She was carrying a tracking device inside her body, which Crystal used it to track Mana and Igor .

In the afternoon, Crystal came back with a report .

"We found Igor's hideout . He's at Chonburi . "

Chonburi was a province in Thailand . It was once famous because of two tourist spots, Pattaya Beach and Bangsaen Beach .

In the 23rd-century, these areas became a large mutant city as it connected to the sea . Many demi-hydras and human outlaws lived there as an independent force, threatening the surrounding provinces .

To people of Shelter 88, this mutant base was a bit distance away from their location . However, to the military men like Sebastian, Thorn, or Crystal, they were too close to them .

The flight distance from Shelter 88 and Chonburi Base was 100km . For a land route, it extended to over 140km .

This distance would take less than an hour for a flying mech, in which case, a surprise attack could come at any moment .

A similar situation was also true to Shelter 87, which located in Kanchanaburi, west of Mafdet City or former Bangkok . They were only a 100km away from Shelter 88 .

With two potential hostile bases sandwiching their home, Crystal and Sebastian had a bad mood every time they looked at the country map .

Crystal turned to Misha, "Should we pursue?"

Misha shook her head, "No need . Procuring oil other resources takes priority . We need stealth missiles to intimidate all humans and overminds . Once we have them, that base won't be a threat to us anymore . "

While Crystal and Misha dealt with the traitors in the afternoon, Sebastian went to the market .

He bought out all unsold fishes, vegetables, and eatable monsters to replenish the base's supplies . Though he wasted many green and yellow gels, he could increase the provision in their warehouse by another 10 tons .

This also boosted the merchants' enthusiasm . Aside from vendors that relied on the farms inside the shelter, they would be tempted to hunt for food from the wasteland on their own, and it would increase the base's food production power .

August 7th, 2270

D-Day arrived, all forces had already deployed on the field since last night, getting ready to mobilize .