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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 121

Published at 9th of September 2019 05:20:06 AM

Chapter 121

Chapter 121 – Thorn, Sebastian, Mia VS One-Head Alligator Hydra

The hydra's body shook as the electric stunned its brain, pausing it for a few seconds .

Sebastian did not let this chance slip away . The concrete floor transformed into black steel and shaped into a spike, which protruded from the floor and hit the alligator's chest .

The spike did not penetrate the alligator's skin and muscle . It only sent its massive body to the air .

Sebastian descended into the elevator and transformed into his black knight form . He rushed out of the door while Gaogao's tentacles took over his rifle and rocket launcher, firing at the hydra .

Small bullets could not penetrate the natural skin of the hydra, but they could harass the monster .

A rocket shell contacted with the hydra's skin and exploded in flame . However, the alligator was still unharmed .

Sebastian braced the fire as he transformed Gaogao's six tentacles into metal lances . They stabbed the alligator, which had yet to land on the floor .

This time, Sebastian and Gaogao managed to pierce into the alligator's flesh . All six tentacle lances dug into its stomach exited from its back . However, he missed the target, which was the hydra's core .

The entire process of the electric strike and Sebastian coordination completed in only five seconds .

Everything stopped for one breath before Gaogao screamed in pain .

*Gao!* (It hurts!)

Red smoke exuded out from the alligator's wounds as its blood was dissolving Gaogao's tentacle lances . Sebastian had to pull back Gaogao's arms, or the hydra's red blood would destroy his partner's tentacles .

The alligator's eyes flared . It swung its long neck and head at Sebastian, sending him flying against a wall .

Ten meters next to the crashed Sebastian, Thorn was hiding behind the wreckage .

Currently, Thorn's appearance was no longer a mutant nor a human . He had transformed into a complete lizardman with scales all over his body and a reptile head .

Instead of having only two arms, Thorn had two more arms from his sides, ten centimeters below his armpits . Behind him, four tentacles with four sharp sickles grew from his back . All extra arms were Kai's transformed body .

He was an eight-armed lizardman!

Two original hands of Thorn enlarged, turned into scaled hands with sharp claws, which replaced his human fingers .

Had someone with no knowledge about a demi-hydra seen him, they would have thought that Thorn was one of the mutated monsters .

Seeing his rescuer got pushed back by a single attack, Thorn kicked the ground and disappeared . The lizardman's afterimages appeared on the ceiling and the floor as Thorn jumped from one place to another instead of running .

The next second after Sebastian was slammed onto the wall, Thorn reappeared at the alligator's side and slashed his claws at its neck .


Eight tentacles behind the alligator coiled around its neck and transformed into a green gorget . The shielded neck hardened to the point that Thorn could feel his claws dented from the impact .

The alligator swung its neck at Thorn, but he had already taken five steps backward . The head swing missed, and it headbutted the wall next to the elevator, burying its head into the concrete .

The hydra pulled its head out of the debris . When it rotated its eyes to locate its enemy, a lightning ball appeared in front of it .


Mia's summoned a thunder ball and stunned the alligator again . This time, it stopped moving, and white smoke came out of its mouth .

The ceiling above the alligator and the floor under it darkened as it transformed into chromite . Chromium spikes extended from the ceiling and the floor at the same time, sandwiching the alligator .

Sebastian used his terraform skill to strike back!

Unfortunately, they could not penetrate the monster's skin again .

The hydra regained its sense in the next second . Once the monster found that its body was trapped within the chromium spikes, it squirmed, trying to free itself from the imprisonment .

Realizing that the spikes were inescapable, it activated its power . The monster's hard scales glowed in blue light .

Upon seeing the blue light, Thorn shouted, "Butler, take cover! It's using an acid bomb!"

As Sebastian did in the fight against Mia, he terraformed the ground under his feet into a hole, and he dove into his underground tunnel .

Thorn was faster . He leaped backward into his hiding spot .

As for Mia, he had not moved from the elevator roof .



A water bubble, created by the creature, burst . The explosion scattered acidic fluid to the surroundings, melting anything it touched like any mutant's blood . However, the hydra's liquid was more potent as a single droplet caused a one-feet-depth hole in less than a second .

The number of droplets was beyond ten thousand, which melted everything in the range of 10 meters in an instant .

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The wall and the elevator behind the hydra were also affected by the corrosive fluid . Mia, who was using range-attacks from the roof of the lift, had to jump and climb the ladder . Had he not done so, he would have been hit by the instant death liquid .

Sizzling sounds, green smoke, and a bitter smell came from the melted areas . The hydra shook its body from the corroded chromium and flickered its tongue, sensing everything around him .


A third thunder ball stunned the hydra again . In anger, its eyes darted, searching for the attacker in frustration .

Upon turning around, it could see a melted elevator . Its flickering tongue detected another presence within the tunnel .

Its interest was piqued . The hydra changed the target to Mia .

Noticing that hydra switched its aggro to him, Mia stopped shooting lightning balls at the monster . Instead, he gathered and condensed his lightning power in his right palm .

Mia did not attempt to use Sasuke's Chidori . However, he forged all of his energies into the shape of a pipe .

He clenched the bottom end of the thunder pipe with his right hand while his left hand released more electric current into the sparkling weapon .

The thunder pipe slowly took shape into a one-meter long thunder blade!






Mia raised his eyebrows in surprise . As he had not checked his skill level for a long time, he was not aware that his [Zap] skill was this high .

The last time Banana Mia checked, it was only 54 . It seemed he had been using this skill to recharge Prometheus to the point that it was closed to the max level .

With the addition of Lightning Manipulation skill, Maou Mia could feel that his control over the electric power in his body got smoother . As if he had obtained a muscle memory, he did not have to focus as much as before .


The cracking thunder blade calmed, and its plasma aura coiled around the weapon .

From Sebastian and Thorn's point of view, Mia was holding a lightsaber without a handle with a bare hand .

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"I was planning to stuff a lightning sword into your body . Oh well, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong . "

*Mew* (That didn't go just wrong . It shot right up to Mars then it went to Egypt! How did you come up with that skill!? What the hell are you, Sith Lord!?)

Mia snorted, "If I were Sith Lord, this lightsaber would have been red . It's still colorless, mind you . "


The hydra sensed that it was ignored . Frustrated, it dashed at Mia, jumping and climbing up the elevator shaft . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The neck of alligator bulged as something was moving through his throat, coming to his mouth .

To Mia, it was apparent that the hydra was about to puke something at him . He glanced at the handleless lightsaber in his right hand and released his grip .

Instead of falling, the lightsaber floated in its place . With a bit of thunder manipulation and 'Mia's [Telekinesis: Medium Object Control] skill, the flying saber flew to the alligator .

The lightning sword, which transited into a weak plasma lightsaber, entered the Hydra's mouth, moving into its throat .

As plasma and lightning were not a physical object, it entered a material being, like the hydra, without a resistance .

The lightning saber made a beeline toward the hydra core and stabbed it .

At the same time, the alligator spat the content inside its throat . The spit was green acidic liquid, a similar skill of Misha's [Acidic Fluid] which she had used to melt substances with her saliva and stomach acid .

Mia erected both electric force field and flame field below his feet to negate some of the liquid . He also kicked the ladder and wall-jumped away from the green acid . Mia also used the telekinesis on himself, forcing his body to fly higher .

The green water splashed, which dissolved everything in its path like ice-cream on a burning pan .

The force field and flame field managed to prevent some of them from getting to Mia, but a droplet of acid still got him .

Just one drop on his right thigh, the contacted spot melted and severed the leg within less than a second!


Both Tama and Mia experienced a wrenching pain from the melted and severed right leg . However, Mia did not utter a word . He glanced at it while he used his Medium Object Control to propel his body upward .

Mia picked a red gel from his inventory and tossed it into his mouth . He also picked another one and shoved it to Tama . A severed leg was not life-threatening, so Mia decided to save his potions .

*Nom-Nom Mya* (Nom-Nom, it still hurts . )

Meanwhile, the hydra stopped moving . As the lightsaber got stuck in its core, it did not dare to move .

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Looking at the struggling hydra below him, Mia revealed a cold grin .

Mia descended onto the climbing alligator at a rapid speed . With the gravity and the momentum, he stomped the hardened nose of the monster with his remaining foot, which sent it to the B20 once more .

He paid another price for the attack as the bone of his left shin and foot cracked . His physical body was not strong enough to use it in a direct attack yet .

However, the attack was worth it since the monster cried in pain . The lightsaber caused some damages to the hydra's core .

Looking at the crying alligator, Mia took his time and forged another lightsaber .


Meanwhile, Thorn and Sebastian observed Mia's battle from a distance .

Because of the latest acidic attack, their instinct stopped their legs from moving forward . However, once it turned its attention to Mia, Sebastian and Thorn planned to jump at the hydra for another round .

They were too slow by three seconds . When their legs moved, Mia had already kicked the alligator onto the ground . It seemed that their help was not necessary anymore .

Mia descended from the elevator tunnel with another lightsaber in his hand, but he had a missing leg . He swung his lightsaber and beheaded the squirming alligator . The hard neck of the monster was cut like butter .

He did not stop there . The lightsaber in his hand pierced into the headless body, and Mia chopped a portion of its chest .

A green ball rolled on the ground, which Mia picked it up . He pulled the embedded lightsaber in it and dissolved all lightning weapons .

"Is it over?"

Mia shrugged and turned to Sebastian, "Yup . It's done . I'll store the corpse in my inventory for now, so I can gather its blood into red gels . "

"Ah, yes . Please do . Is that the hydra core?"

"Indeed . Want it?"

"… No . You're the castellan . You manage the loots . "

While Mia and Sebastian sorted the dead hydra body, Thorn and the other demi-hydra survivors got out of their hiding spots . They were still in their transformed body of lizardmen, though .

Their body was not in complete shape . All five of demi-hydras lost at least a limb .

"Thanks for the rescue . Man, that was close . "

Mia turned to Thorn and the rest of his [Special Force] team members . He smirked, "You all have an interesting transformation skill . Is that a demi-hydra characteristic?"