Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 122

Published at 9th of September 2019 05:20:05 AM

Chapter 122: 122

Chapter 122 – Mutants and Complicated Relationship


The message notification flashed before Mia . Had it been the usual him, he would not have cared about it . However, he had to check his current status now, or he would miss something that the alter ego had done to his body .




Name – Mia

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 121/200

EXP – 458/27,000


for visiting .

"Nope . We're in heaven . "

*Ong* (I see . That explains a lot . )

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Thorn looked at Kai, who was staring at the horizon .

"What are you looking at?"

*Ong?* (Have you seen it?)

"Seen what?"

*Ong Ong!* (There's a fucking dragon humping a mountain top . Actually, a waterfall comes from its mouth, too! It's so beautiful!)


Mia swiped a few droplets of sweat on his face and walked away .

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*Mew* (Poor Kai . )


The calm and peaceful night turned into a long night of surviving struggle .

None of the mutants and prisoners would get to sleep tonight as there were too many tasks that required their manpower . Even pilots like Mia and others had to stay awake and guard the perimeters .

At night, all mutated monsters on the wasteland became more actives and ferocious .

Queen eggs moved around with their zombie hordes .

Corroding zombies gathered in groups, walking toward the nearest source of smell or sound they had detected .

Monster trees pulled out their roots and walked around, tracing any trail of a living being they found .

Giant snakes and scorpions sneaked around within the subterranean .

These were the only creatures around the Mafdet Province . Had they ventured into Kanchanaburi, they would have found more mutated monsters, such as giant bees, giant ants, and many others .

11 PM marked as the start as a queen egg was spotted at 500 meters to the north of the outpost .

Crystal sent her discovery to Mia and Sebastian right away .

"A queen egg half-a-klick to the north! Green zombie horde, number over 2K!"

Mia established his communication with all mechs and Sebastian, "Sebastian, arrange four battalions to guard the north . As for the rest, I want you to a group of four teams on East, West, and South . I want to zone our sentry positions, so none of the monsters can get into our base! The Cricket team and I will be the backup . "

All units moved into their defensive position . The north battalions engaged with the queen egg and green zombies right away, creating loud noises .

Sebastian and Crystal's face grimaced . They knew that with this kind of noises, all troublemaker monsters would be here soon .