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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 125

Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:13 AM

Chapter 125

Chapter 125 – Misha Statue and Mia – Part 2

Without a choice, Mia attempted to use his best psychic skill, which he had been taught by his parents and grandmother since he was young .


The skill did not activate .

"What!? How!?"

The dragon smirked, but it did not give Mia any hint .

The slime continued to grow, and it got faster each second . Now, it could walk on two feet .

Mia was scared by just looking at it . Still, he regained his calm when he realized that he had a bit more time to think of a way to kill this monster .

The dragon said it was a judge . That meant Mia had a chance to defeat this slime .

Mia had not given up . He pointed his finger at the slime, trying to use the basic telekinesis .

As soon as he concentrated, he could feel the change . The slime stopped moving .

Still, Mia could not feel the flow of his power, but it worked .

'Something is not right about this place . There is something that I haven't discovered!'

Mia used his telekinesis to control the slime's body one more time, but he still could not sense his force . Instead, he caught a glimpse of another power that was not the telekinesis .

It had a similar usage and foundation, yet it was not .

'Telekinesis requires the user to convert the user's brainwave into pressure and control it . I can't feel my brainwave at all, but I can somehow sense the control . If I skip the brainwave transition process and concentrate on my imagination and control …'

Mia put his theory into practice . He imagined that he had an invisible hand, and it grabbed the slime .

The slime's body shook and compressed as if a giant hand had squeezed it .

The dragon's eyes gleamed as it stared at Mia with awe .

[Not bad . ]

Mia obtained a hint, so he started using his creativity . Instead of using an invisible hand to squeeze the slime, he imagined a bubble that could envelop the black monster . Then, he increased the bubble toughness to the maximum as he compressed it into a small ball .

The humanoid slime was compressed into a dark ball, floating in the air . Unfortunately, Mia could not kill it with just a compression as he could sense the limit of his power .


Without a way to destroy this slime, Mia imagined that the ball was in a solid form as if it was frozen by nitrogen, and he shattered it like glasses .


It worked . The liquid slime turned into a hardened object and shattered into tiny fragments .

The dragon laughed, [You're the record holder for the fastest clear . I've lost count how many humans that slime has killed today, but you stop its killing-streak . Good job!]

"So, I pass?"

[Indeed, you pass . At least, you can inherit her power . ]

The slime fragments fused with Mia's body without his control . Then, memories of an ancient past entered his brain .

He saw a mysterious world full of unusual plants, giant trees, a volcanic mountain with living magma tentacles, and a lake with a thousand of beautiful fairies dancing on top of it .

It was not a world that Mia knew .

Then, the vision moved around on the lake, and Mia could hear a bit of conversation . It was a language that Mia had not learned, but he somehow understood some of it .

The vision ended, and Mia regained his sense . He found himself back in the white room .

[Like it?]

"What is that?"

[A memory fragment from one of my friends . ]

"Then … are you one of the fairies?"

[Ha! Fairies? Those old hags will laugh their ass out if they heard your complement, boy . Their bitchiness was so high that they don't deserve to be called a fairy!]

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[Can't you tell? I'm a freaking dragon . ]

"A fairy dragon, I get it . "

[AHAHAHAHA! Oh shit, I wish I could brag this to the others . You hear that, bitches!? I'm a fairy dragon now . AHAHAHA!]

The dragon's tone was sarcastic . However, Mia detected sadness in the dragon's eyes .


[Excuse me . I'm sorry, child . Your test is far from over . Several of human children have already died, and I have to migrate all my friends here before they control the corpses and turn them into ghouls . ]

Two more slimes entered Mia's mind space after the dragon finished its sentence .

Again, it gazed at the slimes with a bitter smile .

[These girls are stronger than the previous ones since they ate a soul . Put them to rest for me . You can have their memories . ]


Ten minutes later, Mia managed to crush these slimes as he did with the previous one . However, he took extra times as he ran out of power .

More fragments entered his soul, and they flood him with visions and strange memories . As Mia experienced through someone else's lives, he acquired a wide range of knowledge in the process .

This weird world he saw was the dragon's homeworld, and their true race was Fairy Overlord .

Fairy Overlords are a sub-species of Fairy Dragons . They forsook their physical strength to increase their psyche forces .

These fairies could also use strange powers, and they called it psionic abilities . There were more powers that they could use, such as lightning manipulation, barrier, force field, magnetic forces, gravity, and plasma .

They had two appearances, a fairy form, and a dragon form .

Unfortunately, Mia did not have the time to digest this new knowledge . Five more slimes entered his mind space again .

[I'm sorry . This is not over yet . I still have over a hundred souls to put them to rest . Oh, by the way . Protect the orb in the middle of the room . That's your core . If it shatters, you're dead!]

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"What? Since when have I had a core?"

[The moment you killed the first slime . Hey, they're coming . Keep your guards up!]

"If you want me to kill your friends that much, why didn't you help me!?

[Just shut up and do it!]


An hour later, Mia managed to destroy the five slimes . However, his body revealed several broken parts as he overused his mental power .

Mia collapsed on his knee, begging the dragon .

"I'm at my limit . Please, let me go . "

[Didn't you want to hear my name?]

"I do, but I can't go on . "

[Ai, you're pathetic . Still, you're the calmest among all human children . I'll help you . ]

A portion of the dragon's body entered Mia's orb, and his injuries were healed . Although he did not inherit the dragon's memories, his stamina was at its peak once more .

"T-Thank you . "

[If you want to repay me, kill all the slimes I'm sending to you . I'll give you a bit of hint this time . Psionic manipulation requires a clear image, but you can skip some of it if you understand the process of your goal . If you want to shatter a monster as you had done, you can just think of pieces of broken glasses and replace the glasses with the slime later . It will save you some energies . ]


With the dragon's guidance, Mia managed to kill all slimes with only one-fifth of his strength used .

The fairy overlord nodded in approval and sent ten slimes into Mia's mind space again .

"How long will this going to last?"

[Until you can help me kill all of them . ]

"You have the power to kill them, didn't you? Why didn't you do it yourself?"

[… I can't . That's why I need your help . ]

"Is it the moral integrity that stops you?"

[More like a dragon's oath . We don't kill each other, or we will experience a curse . ]

"I'm sorry . "

[It's alright . Just keep going . I'll heal and replenish your stamina while you're at it . Keep practicing using those powers . ]


For hours, Mia kept killing the dark slimes while the dragon provided Mia with hints and techniques . At the same time, more soul fragments entered Mia's soul, and he absorbed all memories into his .

He mastered all the skills he had learned with all the memory fragments combined .

During the process, the dragon revealed that it was, in fact, a she!

"I saw you in their memories!"

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[Haha! Well, what did you see in their memories?]

"Random stuff . Something about hunting for a magma dragon hunk to make him their husband, but he ran away . "

[Oh that . That was one of the hilarious times . Ah, I missed it . ]

"Something happened? You sound sad . "

[Fuck, yes . I'm sad! Humans invaded my planet and killed everyone, including me! Fortunately, I escaped my body before they shredded it into mincemeat!]

The dragon narrated her stories from the past . Everyone had been living peacefully on their planet, minding their own business, and they never participated in a war .

Then, a fleet of human spaceships arrived . Within a month, all fairy overlords and dragon natives were slaughtered by mankind!

Mia could not help but curse at those invaders that destroyed such a beautiful species . He and the dragon talked about the incident and forgot about times .

"… I'm sorry . "

Mia felt guilty as he was also a human . He wanted to do something to repent for his race .

[I know it's not your fault . From what I peeked into your memory, you didn't know anything about this . I think you're also a victim like me …]

"I'm a victim?"

[You have eaten our blood, yes?]

"Huh? I don't think I ha- … wait, I did . Was it the vitamin drink?"

[Is that what you call? Ha! Those guys are simply evil . ]

The dragon paused and reminisced her past . She shed a tear, and her body began to melt .

[Ah, I think I also reach my limit, too . ]

"What happen!?"

[This is what happens when I can't find a suitable body to be a new host . ]

"You have to power to invade my brain . Can't you take any random human body?"

[Impossible . We abide by the iron oaths . We shall not kill or steal a body from other beings!]

"What's the point of following the oaths if you're dying! Just take over any soldier from MWG, and you'll get your revenge!"

[Child, don't be vengeful . I never seek vengeance against humans from the very beginning . ]

" . . . You dragons are too prideful and stupid! Can't you just value your life over your stupid oath!?"

[True . We're stupid . But I'm willing to be stupid . ]

From the majestic glowing white body of a dragon, she slowly melted into a similar puddle of a black slime .

Before Mia could understand what had happened, more slimes entered his mind space again .

[Kill everything, including me, hurry! My soul is dying because of the corrosion! Kill me before I lose myself!]

Over 50 slimes invaded Mia's room, and they transformed into humanoid slimes in an instant .

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These creatures also had the appearance of Mia's friends!

[Those guys have devoured the souls of your friends . They are the cursed souls the broke the oaths . Kill them and set them free!]

"Argh! You all are driving me nuts!"


For five hours, Mia clashed against these slimes with every knowledge he obtained from the fragments . While he was fighting, one of the slimes attacked the dragon as well, but Mia used his power to protect her .

Mia also did not come out unscratched . He lost two limbs and was left with one right arm and left leg . His orb cracked, and his entire soul had fractured, revealing lines of damaged parts all over his body .

The dragon, however, survived with only a floating head . The rest of her body had already turned into a mass of black slime .

[You've got guts, child . Now, eat me . ]

"Can we talk this out? Aren't there other ways?"

[Unless you eat me, you'll die, too! Even if you survive, the others will try to kill you! Hurry, and do it!]

"… I'm sorry, and thank you . "

[Don't be sad, child . You've earned it . ]

"At least, tell me your name . Do you have a name?"

[… I'm Misha . Misha Bloominglilly . ]

"That's a nice name . I can see that you're as pretty as lilies . "

[Thanks . Too bad, you're not my type . ]

" . . . You are . . . really . Thank you . I'm sorry, Misha . "

Mia shed tears as he pointed his palm at Misha and used his psionic command .

Misha's soul shattered as she was smiling, and her fragments entered Mia's soul .

All injuries that Mia had was healed, but his heart pain worsened .

All tragic memories about the doom of these fairies collected in Mia's brain . He wailed and screamed as he could not take it anymore .

The Milky Way Government sent a fleet to kill these peace-loving fairies to take their blood, and Mia drank it! Within those blood, they contained souls of these beautiful overlords .

Mia recalled their memories before their death to find the face of their murderers .

Mia managed to find it, and he swore out loud .

"I remember your face . Death is not enough for someone like you!"

While Mia was dwelling into hatred and sadness, a change occurred to his orb, his core .

The core's damaged had recovered, but it leaked a smoke . The smoke compressed into a white statue, which became a fairy appearance of Misha Bloominglilly .

The Misha Statue had been born this day!

More slimes entered Mia's space, but there were less than the previous wave .

"Misha, master . I'll make a vow to you . I'll find that asshole that destroyed you and I'll make him pay!"