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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 126

Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:12 AM

Chapter 126

Chapter 126 – Misha Statue and Mia – Part 3

Mia finally woke up after the long sleep . He found himself in an infirmary ward within the colony along with his friends .

"Good morning, sleeping beauty! Fortunately, I'm not gay, or I would have kissed you!"

"Hahaha! Be honest, Frank . You almost kissed everyone after you woke up . "

"Hah! Had I not stopped by the staffs, your butthole would have been loosed by me!"

"Frank, you just confessed that you're gay . "

"I ain't gay! I'm a man of culture who interest in traps!"

"That is still gay . "

Bickering and rowdy noises of a few boys reminded Mia that he was still in the Putinof Colony, and he was still a military student .

Still, the experience in his mind space and the fight against over a hundred black slimes ruined Mia's mood . To soothe his heart, he turned to his friends, planning to catch up with the latest news .

Then, he found something strange . Everyone had the same look .

All of them were short-hair girls with the same face!

However, their voice just now was not the girls' voices .

As if Mia's friends could guess what he was thinking, they laughed at him .

"Ah, how nostalgia . "

"Nostalgia my foot . You were the same when you woke up . "

"Everyone was shocked . You can't blame Mia . "

Mia frowned . It seemed he woke up last, so he asked them, "How long have I been sleeping?"

"Five days, maybe?"

"Eh, I was in comatose for two days, and I woke up the third day . Yeah, you're a day five . "

Mia's frown deepened . He only felt that only a day had passed inside his space room, but the reality was different .

"Why do you guys have the same face?"

The face and appearance of all boys in the room resembled the fairies that Mia had seen in the fragment's memory . They were the youthful body of the fairy overlords .

"Who knows?"

"Maybe it was because we killed and devoured the soul fragments?"

"Possible . They fed us that stupid poison, so maybe the higher-ups are interested in traps?"

"Stop that . That's not funny anymore . "

Mia questioned them again, "Have you fought with black slimes in your mind space?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Yeah, we did . "

"All of us did . "

Mia widened his eyes, "How many have you killed?"

Everybody paused . Among ten boys in this ward, some of them had a sad expression, but a few of them grinned .

"I killed 19!"

"15 . "


"You are all noobs . I slaughtered 50!"

Mia was surprised, "Everybody is not the same?"

"Eh, we asked each other before . All of us had been guided by a dragon, but she left after we killed a certain amount . After that, we woke up . "

"Was that dragon's name Misha Bloominglilly!?"

They looked at each other in confusion, "We don't know . She never told us . "

Everyone buzzed as it was their interested topic .

"She's sadistic, though . She wanted us dead!"

"Right, the moment I asked her if I can use her power in real life, she left . "

"She left me when she asked me if the fairies were a threat to humans . I haven't answered her yet . "

Mia was surprised . It seemed that Misha had her standard .

"Those slimes' memory fragments were incomplete, too . I can't learn their gravity manipulation . "

The latter demonstrated his thunder manipulation skill . Branches of electricity extended from his fingertips .

"Yeah, I can use it, too . "

Everyone displayed their thunder controlling technique, which left Mia astonished .

Mia was confident that he could also use it, but he chose not to show it . Instead, he lied down on his back and closed his eyes, pretending to continue sleeping .

In reality, Mia used his psionic manipulation to sink into his mind space .

Inside his mind space, Misha Statue and the orb of his core remained in the center of his empty room . The statue was lifeless, yet Mia had a heartache every time he gazed at her .

As he kept staring at the statue, a piece of her fingers crumbled into small fragments and entered his soul body .

Then, a fragmented memory of the fairy overlord Misha flashed before him .

They were memories of her personal training and skill usage . However, it was different than the usual . This vision was tailored for Mia as Misha explained everything in details as if Misha was teaching her apprentice .

"Psionic Possession is a double-edged sword . You can use it to instantly cripple your enemies, but you can also be destroyed instantly as well . Each time you use it, a portion of your memories will be erased as a price of this skill, so do not use it recklessly or you'll become an idiot!"

"Destruction of the soul of a higher species will activate an automatic defense mechanism . Look out for the color of your opponent's mental space . Once it flashes red, get out of there ASAP!"

"The red room can devour all intruder souls within the space to repair their lost core . Even if a soul has been destroyed but a body remains intact, the destroyed soul can still be resurrected if you feed the core enough nutritious soul fragments . "

"However, a soul without a core and a real body will corrode and become tainted . They will transform into black slimes, and it will devour anything it touches . If you see this, kill it on sight! Do it for the lost soul and yourself . "

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"Also, about the soul space . A host always has an advantage over any invader . Your mind space is under your absolute control . As long as you do not lose your heart and courage, no one should be able to match you inside your room . That's why it's ideal to snatch an enemy's soul into your soul space, so you can control the pace of the battle if you have to resort soul attack method . "

"It sounds risky since your core is also there . But trust me, never fight someone with a similar soul strength in their mental space . Keep this in mind, and you'll thank me later . "

The coaching went on for an hour, and Mia watched it with his face full of tears . He felt that these messages were crafted for him .

"Lastly, be appreciated and grateful to your benefactors . This is one of my dragon oaths, so even if you are a human, you should follow it! Most importantly, be kind to women!"

Mia laughed, "I understand, master!"

Misha, in her fairy form, smiled, and the vision faded .

Mia woke up again in his real world .

"Oi, pussy! Stop going back to sleep and weep for your mama! That was pathetic, Hahaha!"

Mia touched his face and found traces of tears . It seemed that he cried in the real world, too .

Instead of getting ashamed and embarrassed, Mia glared at the mocker, "None of your business . "

"What did you say!?"

"What I do is none of your business . "

"Oh yeah!?"

The mockers sent an electric current and zapped Mia with it, but he was unaffected .

As he had devoured more souls than the others and possessed Misha Statue, he had firmer foundation than the rest .

"Fuck off!"

Mia countered with his fireball instead of using Electrokinesis . Since he was aware that everyone inherited thunder base power, his zap might not be effective against the mocking boy .


The fireball was larger than the usual ball Mia could create in the past . It was at the size of a volleyball, which detonated upon contacting the boy .

The result was disastrous . The boy was killed by the explosion while the others received the collateral damages .

Instructors and staffs from the colony rushed into the infirmary and put Mia into their custody right away . In the end, Mia was arrested and separated from his friends .


Mia was released after a month of isolation imprisonment . During this month, Mia spent times in his mind space, learning many things from Misha Statue .

However, he stopped entering his soul space when he found that the statue had missing parts . Each time he learned something from Misha, a crack would spread on it, or she would lose another piece of her body .

Mia did not want to part from Misha, so he stopped learning from her . Still, he had mastered many skills already .

When he returned, everyone kept a distance from Mia .

"Fucking murderer . "

"How did they release this psychopath here!?"

"They should have killed him . "


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All of them did not bother hiding their thought as they glanced at Mia with disgust .

Instead of getting intimidated, Mia scoffed at these people .

For a week, Mia spent times with his former friends, but they often got into a fight .

At first, there were 40 surviving boys including Mia . However, Mia killed another boy during a brawl again .

Mia became moody and aggressive over time . Soon, he realized that he had become a troublemaker for others .

Instructors separated Mia from the rest of the boys and placed him with a pair of girls as his training buddies . They told him that he could do whatever he wanted with the girls, which angered Mia .

When Mia met his new roommates, his mood got better .

The two girls were Sasha and Natalie!

The two innocent girls greeted Mia with hesitation on their face . Natalie was hiding behind Sasha while the latter tried to hide her fear, but her legs gave it away .

"H-Hi . "

Mia's expression softened from seeing the two comedic duos .

"Hello . "

From that day, Mia got closer to the two girls . Although both knew about Mia's deeds, they slowly got rid of their fear and became friendly with him within half a week .

The threes exchanged their information about the dragon and their experiences in their mind space .

Sasha, Natalie, and all girls had a different version of dragons that Mia encountered . All of them only killed ten slimes, and the dragon merged with their soul .

Each of them had a statue of a fairy overlord in their space!

"Have they tried to teach you anything with the cost of their statue fragments?"

"Yes . Every time we met our master, they will teach us many things about our power . "

"Sasha ate half of her statue before she stops, though . I stop when I found that I have to eat my mentor to get power . I can't stand it . "

The three was the same . None of them could bear the pain that they had to completely kill their mentor to get ahead .

Mia, Natalie, and Sasha were arranged in the same living quarter .

During night time, Mia asked them about Psionic Possession skill .

"What's that?"

"Our mentor hasn't taught that to me yet . "

The answers were surprising as none of them were bestowed with this skill or learned from the memory fragments .

Mia decided to demonstrate and test his skill on them .

"I'll show you . "

He entered Natalie's mind space first . As soon as he got inside, he found the naked Natalie's soul, her core, and her mentor's statue .

Natalie's mentor was in her fairy overlord form . She was similar to Misha, but she had lines of cracks and damages all over her body . The fairy wings on her back and her tail were also missing .

Mia gazed at the statue in awe that he forgot that the naked soul Natalie was hiding behind her dragon figure .

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"Hey! Get out of my soul space and wear some clothes! I can see your pee-pee from here!"

Mia looked down and realized that he was also naked, and he lightly knocked his head . Mia recalled that he was not even aware of it when he was with Misha .

'My grandmother will call me a banana again if she knew about this . Hahaha!'

Mia left Natalie's space and entered Sasha's mind later .

Opposite from Natalie, Sasha was not even flinched when Mia saw her naked body . Instead, her eyes glued at Mia's belonging .

"Yours is cute . It's so small . "

Mia suffered 9999 damages from that comment . In retaliation, Mia glared at Sasha and approached her, planning to prank Sasha .

"Do you know what happens when a man and a woman get stuck in a small room?"

Sasha grinned, "The woman rapes the man, and he dies by snu snu, of course . "

"Wait, what?"

Sasha used her psionic command to freeze Mia's soul as she started tickling him . Mia laughed to tears from the tickling torture to the point that he did not notice Sasha's nimble hands .

She secretly felt his asset in curiosity before she moved her hands away when the pole erected . She kicked Mia out after that .


The next day, the government staffs gathered all students on a square .

Usually, they separated all boys from the girls . Today, they united everyone in the same place for the first time .

72 Girls and 38 boys stood in lines and rows . Both genders stood on a different side .

Again, Mia was grouped with Sasha and Natalie, which attracted the attention of the hormone-driven boys .

Mia could even hear their voices from afar .

"Hey, do you want to take a peek?"

"Peaking at girls with the same faces as ours? What's the fun of that?"

"Didn't you learn the psionic possession from the fragments? Let's invade the girls' mind and play with them . "

"Oho? Right, no sperm, no evidence!"

Several girls could also hear what the boys gossiped . They glared at them with disgust and wary .

Before the boys could put their thoughts to action, two men came on a stage before them and introduced themselves .

"Congratulations, all trainees . I'm Dr . Fluke Luckyaf, and this is Fleet Admiral Gabriel Lobmak . We'll be your new supervisors from now on . As you should have been aware, everybody here is the chosen one . You have obtained great powers while the others failed . As of today, we shall do our utmost best to boost your power . Once you graduate from our academy, we will guarantee a rank of major for each of you, and you can choose which branch you will serve the Milky Way Government . "

The boys cheered, but Mia and the girls glared at Fleet Admiral Gabriel with hatred .

All of them remembered the face of this fleet admiral .

He was the one who led the fleet and slaughtered their mentors, the fairy overlords!

Mia clenched his fists as he revealed his cold smile .

'I found you!'