Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Esper Class at School

Mia, Dawson, and all the students arrived at school in the morning .

Looking around in the school, Mia noticed that fewer students were walking around .

'Did they log out? Has something happened to them?'

Mia also heard some gossips .

"Why is half of the 402 class missing?"

"Those guys picked a combat class, right? Did they log out during combat?"

"Shit! I'm glad I have chosen a lifestyle class . "

"Have anyone tried to contact them?"

"I did, but there is no answer . "

"What about the parents?"

"No answer, either!"

The atmosphere gloomed as they believed that misfortune had happened to the absence of friends of theirs .

Mia entered the classroom number 406 and sat alone, looking around him and counting the people in the room .

Including him, nine people were here . One had not arrived yet, or he was a part of the missing people .

The bell rang while Mia was sitting in her classroom .

Professor Luckyaf arrived on time . He glanced around to count the number of students .

Instead of showing sad or sullen expression, he laughed .

"So, one of you chose a combat class and got eliminated . That's too bad . I was expecting at least two or three . "

The face of the students paled as they thought that Luckyaf wanted to harm them using the game .

"Just kidding! I have good news for you . First, although I have warned you, one of your friends logged out during the combat . Currently, he has been taken away by the local hospital . I have received the contact from the hospital that he's healthy and he should be returning to school tomorrow . Well, all of the [Missing People] will be back . "

Luckyaf raised his hands to the side and wiggled his index and middle fingers when he stressed [Missing People], gesturing a sarcasm .

"Secondly, there is also another change of our curriculum courses due to the uniqueness of the game and the nature of the players . All students and classes will be readjusted according to the job class that you have chosen to play in the game . It won't take effect right now, but the new class adjustment will be announced after the game opens to the public . "

Mia felt it was odd for an elite school to adjust its management and courses according to an online game .

'Did the government rig something? Well, Luckyaf said yesterday that they can tamper with the game with our privilege, but it's still weird . '

"And lastly …"

For a second, Luckyaf sent Mia a meaningful glance and a grin before he turned his eyes toward other students .

"Those that still want to quit playing as a combat class, come see me ASAP after the homeroom . This is your last chance to get yourself out of the hell-hole . "

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10 AM .

Mia and all students of the year changed into white shirts and blue pants .

It was time for the psychic class of this school .

As it took times for all students to gather on the field, Luckyaf had not arrived to teach the students yet .

Mia took this free-time gap to sneak away to a secluded alley . He came here to test something .

He looked back and forth . Seeing that nobody was looking, he exerted a bit of his force .

"Force Field!"

Rings of red electric current enveloped Mia's body . The spark of this electricity contained enough power to fry a living being into charcoal within five seconds .

Mia frowned . He dispelled his power and tried another technique . He picked a rock and put it on his palm .


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The rock shuttled toward the sky as if it was shot by a cannon .

'I can use my psychic here, but I can't use it in the game . '

Mia did not like it when he was trapped with zombies with a powerless character . He could barely kill a few of them in a close-combat back then . However, Mia in the real world could have annihilated even a thousand zombies with ease .

"Gather up!"

The bellow of Luckyaf woke Mia from his trace . He dashed toward the group of students and joined them .

As all students from all ten classes gathered together, Luckyaf began his lesson .

"There should have been a hundred students, but only 80 of you here . But that doesn't matter, we will begin our class without them . First, we will begin with the basic blood circulation …"

Luckyaf began explaining the general knowledge about the body enhancement and the manipulation of the inner organs, which was the basis of the advance regeneration and body transformation .

The class went on as Mia was bored out of his mind as he had learned about it three years ago .

The practice was also awkward for the students as they had to cut their finger to draw blood and tried to link their conscience with the blood cells .

While everyone was practicing, Mia ignored the drill and gazed into a distance in a daze, thinking about the status, the quest deadline, and the mech units in-game .

A girl from class 401 noticed the slacking Mia, who sat alone on the bench and pretended to fiddle his fingers while his eyes were on something else . She squinted her eyes for a moment before she could recognize him .


The girl was Santa Murderer who sat beside Mia on the bus when they had started out . Her real name was Shurka Luckyaf, one of the top ten students of this school and the daughter of Professor Fortune Luckyaf .

Shurka was a Half-Caucasian-Asian . Her brown hair, unique face, and smooth white skin had a unique charm that attracted many boys on the field .

Furthermore, her body was more mature than the other girls of her age, and the gym suit revealed her body curve . Because of that, a couple of boys had to cover their crotch with their hands and walk with their butt pointing to the back if they had to move to hide their erection .

Shurka was not sure if the feminine looking boy was Misha . She walked to him .

"Excuse me, are you Misha in the game?"

Mia jolted and looked back at Shurka . He rubbed his eyes and tilted his head in confusion .

'Wait, I can finally make friends?' Mia reminded himself that he had been alone since the day he enrolled in this school .

'But, can I confess that I'm Misha!? I'm a guy!'

"I'm sorry . You might have mistaken me for someone else . "

Mia kept his secret as he did not want to get bullied for playing a female character in-game .

"Oopsie! I think I mistook you for someone I know . By the way, you have a lovely voice . Are you a singer?"

"Err . No . "

"Are you sure? You can make it big if you try a few auditions at the colony . Oh, hey! You are indeed slacking! You haven't even taken the knife from the professor! How are you going to cut yourself to train?"

"Hmm? There's no need for that . "

Mia stabbed his right index finger into the palm of his hand, which went through it .

When she saw the dripping blood, Shurka's face paled . Before she could scream or call her father for help, Mia pulled his finger out . The open wound, which Shurka could see through to the other side, healed itself within a few seconds .

Shurka's mouth turned into an O .