Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

Chapter 130 – Birth of Maou Mia - Part 3

For days, Mia was electrocuted by the torture devices . He never uttered a word or cried in pain . Instead, he laughed it off as if the zapping current was nothing .

During the process, the prison wardens broke Mia's choker without realizing it because of the electric currents . They fried the device, which freed Mia from the restraint . Then, Mia disabled the bomb with his telekinesis .

He could have killed the prison guards at any time, but he chose not to do it yet . Mia persisted on staying, waiting for his grandmother and her fleet to come .

Once his grandmother arrived, everything should be easier .

Inside Mia's mind space, everyone worried about his condition and their future .

[How long are we going to live here, Mia?]

'Sisters, please be patient . Once we escaped from here, I'll ask my grandmother to create new clone bodies, and I'll transfer your soul there . '

[What about our real body!?]

'If we're lucky, maybe we can take them back . Your mentor is protecting your real body, so they should be fine . None of you has turned into a black slime yet, right?'

Everyone stayed positive as they knew that Mia's grandmother would arrive . Still, getting stuck in a white room without anything to do bored them .

Mia also sensed their mood . He created a pool within his space, hoping that it could relieve their depression for the time being . Mia altered the temporary shacks into bungalows, so it would look like a resort . Unfortunately, he could not create trees or add color into his room, so it looked bland .

The girls appreciated it nonetheless . It relieved their stress, and they enjoyed it .

Mia reminded them, giving them hope .

'As long as our soul is still here, you are technically alive . None of you will turn into black slime . '


A week later, the prison wardens grew impatience . They wanted results .

"Talk! Where is Lady Lana's soul!?"


As usual, Mia kept his silence .

The interrogation shifted from his abilities and the conditions of all girls to Lana's whereabouts . Mia guessed that they had discarded the girls, or something had happened to them . Since everyone did not turn into a black slime, it meant that their real body and their core was still okay .

All guards glared at Mia with frustration . Seeing that all their attempts failed, a guard behind the interrogator had another idea .

"Let's slowly chop off his limbs . "

"Won't he die from that?"

"He won't . This bastard can use MBR, so he's similar to a lizard now . "

While the two workaholic guards consulted about how he could squeeze the info from Mia, another one had a risky thought .

"Hey, can I have the boy?"

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"Isn't that obvious? He has a girl's look, so can't I use the other method? A way to ruin a boy's pride is THAT, right?"

"Are you an idiot? Once you reveal your skin, won't he be able to possess you?"

"No, you're a fool . Possessors can only jump when the helmet is off . As long as it's on, we will still be fine even if you're butt naked . "

Everyone glanced at each other . The guards came to an agreement that the pervert guard would be their guinea pig . If he succeeded in violating Mia without being harmed, they would do it, too .

"Go . Take the first dip . "

"Hehe, thanks . "

Mia could hear everything that the guards had said . He had planned to stay idle, but the situation changed . For the sake of his pride as a man, no one could enter his backdoor!


Chain lightning jumped from Mia's body to all guards the moment that the pervert guard pulled his pants down, frying everyone on the spot .

Mia stopped hiding his strength and melted the restraints with his flame field . Unfortunately, his psychic skill burnt his prison clothes .

He glanced at every guard's uniform . Then, he revealed a faint smile .


Mia stole the uniform from one of the guards and put it on . His clothes were loose, but it was better than nothing . He also put on the anti-psionic helmet to cover his face, so he could disguise himself as a guard .

[Bad idea, Mia . They will know . ]

"Why? My disguise should be perfect!"

[You're short, and the helmet is too big . It's awkward no matter how I look at it . ]


The warning from Sasha reminded Mia that his height was only 140cm, which was too short for a guard .

Still, Mia persisted on his idea and put the suit on .

Mia walked out of prison with the helmet and the loose uniform . As the girls warned him, the oddness of Mia's height and the baggy suit attracted the attention of all guards .

Soon, one of the prison guards approached Mia, "You over there! Why is your uniform like that?"

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Mia did not answer . He walked away from the man, which aroused suspicion .

"Stop that shorty . Something is funny about this guy . "

Several guards approached Mia with their weapons aiming at him, yet Mia did not stop . He unleashed his chain lightning again, which fried the prison guards .

Ten minutes later, Mia broke out of the prison facility . Siren and alarms rang, which was annoying to Mia . He had to plug his ears as he flew outside .

His freedom did not last even a second as combat drones and combat androids surrounded Mia in the air .

Several more drones approached Mia, but they did not try to harm him . Instead, they had a monitor on it .

The drones flashed the image of someone with Mia's appearance in a restraint . She was tied on a chair, Mia could see the background of his previous training academy .

Maple had been captured!

Looking closer, Maple mumbled without a sound, but Mia could read her lips .

[Your grandma will be here today!]

It was a piece of good news that Mia had been waiting . However, he frowned when he tried to recall his parents and grandmother's face . Moreover, there was a question in his mind .

'Do I even have a parent? Why can't I recall my prior memory before I came to this colony!?'

Mia could not even remember his grandmother's name and surname . He just knew that he had a grandmother and his parents were alive, but his memory became hazy lately .

Natalie could read what Mia thought . She reminded him, [Each time you used psionic possession, you lost a portion of your memories . You overused it during your rampage . ]

Mia wanted to give himself a punch in the face . He had made an irreversible mistake! He reminded himself not to use the psionic power again for the time being .

Soon, Gabriel showed up on the camera . His constitution looked different as if he switched body, but his face was still the same .

Mia had to stop to see what they wanted to do with him .

"Brat . Come back to the academy, or I'll kill her . "

Mia smirked . It seemed that Gabriel did not know that his daughter's soul was with Maple .

Since his grandmother would be here today, he only needed to buy times . Therefore, he followed Gabriel's instruction, so he could save Maple .


An hour later, Mia arrived at the half-ruined academy . He felt the nostalgia of this place since he had stayed here for over a year, but Mia could hardly remember all important events and many memories he had with this place now .

On the middle of the academy square, Gabriel and his vice admirals were there with Maple . Oddly enough, no soldier escorted them but 30 boys of Mia's former friends and a hundred of scientists, watching from the upper floor balcony .

Mia walked toward Maple, but both vice admirals blocked Mia's path . They created ten ice lances and a hundred of black spikes, which floated around Mia .

Had he moved an inch, he would have been killed by these psychic powers of these vice admirals .

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Gabriel glared at Mia, "Where is my daughter's soul?"

Mia grinned, "Why don't you come to my soul space again?"

"Psionic possession causes Alzheimer . I'm not stupid enough to abuse it like you . I doubt you can even remember your childhood memories now . "

Gabriel's remark was accurate . Mia had lost the majority of his childhood memories .

Still, Mia was unperturbed .

"Your soul is also not human . What are you?"

"A higher being than you humans . "

Mia was surprised by Gabriel's frankness . Looking at his admirals and the others, none of them flinched by his answer .

It seemed they knew something they Mia did not know . The two admirals also seemed to excel in this psionic power as well since they could make their soul space red .

As for the other 30 boys, Mia believed that these guys were either brainwashed or mind-controlled . Some of them had injuries on their body, but they did not bother using MBR to heal it .

Mia inspected the boys a bit further, and he found that they were restraints by chains and bomb chokers . A few of them had foam and drool from the corner of their mouth as if they could not control their body .

One of them attempted to break free from the chains or tried to bite the others, but the choker of his neck flashed . He paused and returned to his position as nothing had happened .

Natalie and Lilia felt pity for these boys .

[Poor these guys . MWG must have experimented on them . Look at that robotic reaction and those restraints . ]

[Can you rescue them, too, Mia?]

'… I'll try if they behave . '

Mia stopped thinking about the boys and turned to Gabriel .

"I'm surprised that you care for your daughter . Heck, I don't know how you even have one since you aren't even a human . "

"That's none of your business . Where is Lana's soul!? Don't test my patience!"

Mia touched his temple with his fingertip twice, "Come and get her . "


Gabriel paused . He hesitated .

His two vice admirals also did not move . They did not use their psionic possession to attack Mia either .

Sasha whispered Mia in his mind, [It looks like something is wrong with Gabriel . It's not that he doesn't want to invade your soul space, but it's more like he can't . We heard that Gabriel had suffered a near-death injury, but this SOB shows up here with a fully recovered condition . I think he has just switched bodies to his back-up clone or something, and he can't use his power . He is bluffing about not wanting to use his psionic possession against you, or else, he would have found Lana in Maple's soul space already . ] 

Sasha's deduction made sense . That day when Raphael was found dead, everyone knew that he fought with Gabriel . The senior admiral might have crippled Gabriel to the point that he was not in a condition to fight .

'Should I jump him?'

[No . Buy times and wait for your grandmother . You already made too many mistakes for breaking out of that prison . Had you stayed there and masked the death of those men, we wouldn't have come to this . ]

'Haiz, I'm sorry . '

[Don't be reckless . Try to negotiate with Gabriel . You have a better card in your sleeves . ]

'Okay . '

After a minute of thinking, Gabriel clicked his tongue . His grimaced expression reverted into a cold smile later .

Gabriel turned around to the boys, but he did not say anything .

In the next second, something entered Mia's brain as his conscience was pulled into his mind space against his will .

Upon getting back into his soul space, he found all 30 boys inside his room .

"What the fuck are you doing in my conscience space!? Get out!"

All boys had a different expression than before . They did not gaze into a distance in a daze like a mental patient anymore .

[Is this where you are keeping your harem?]

[Too bad, we want their souls back!]

[No harsh feeling . We are following their orders . ]

All of them spread out and jumped, point their palm at Mia .




Ten of the boys had their body shattered by the girls inside Mia's space, which caused panic to the invaders .



Mia sacrificed another portion of Misha Statue, and a giant cage appeared . The ceiling of his mind-space became red in the next second . Afterward, red tentacle extended from the ceiling and captured all boys .

As for the shattered fragments, Mia poured them into Misha Statue to repair it .

Misha Statue recovered her lost parts once more . However, her eyes and her white body flashed in red .

The statue came to life, and it jumped at Mia . Both bodies merged into one!