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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 132

Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:07 AM

Chapter 132

Chapter 132 – Revelation

Banana Mia was astonished from experience in the dream as he did not possess these memories .

"D-Did you dreamt what I dreamt?"

[This is my body . Obviously, I experienced what you experienced . ]


Mia was depressed every time that Maou reminded him that this body was not his .

"Then, what am I?"

[As I said before, it's too early for you to know . ]

"Please tell me! I want to know the truth!"

Mia could hear Maou's sigh from his soul space . Not only Maou, Sasha and all girls sighed as if they knew something that they did not want him to know .

He heard a warning from Maple, [Maou was right . Do not seek the truth if you still want to exist as Mia . ]


Although Mia was sometimes stupid, he was not clueless enough to put pieces of jigsaws together . He began recalling important events together .

- Misha Bloominglilly and Maou Mia merged as one .

- His existence and Maou connect, but they are different entities .

- His grandmother injected her memories into him to seal Maou from going berserk .

- The comment from the goddess, telling him that they were a phantom or other being putting in together as one .

Banana Mia gritted his teeth . He had a theory in his mind .

"Am I just a phantom created by my grandmother?"

Maou did not answer, which caused a heart pain to Mia . However, Maple answered it instead .

[No . You're not a phantom . ]

"Then, what am I?"

Maou sighed again, [Promise me that you won't hate me, blame me, or curse at me . ]

"That depends on your answer . "

[You're a stubborn one . Okay, here goes …]

Mia held his breath, waiting for the revelation .

One second passed .

Three seconds passed .

Ten seconds passed .




One minute later, a drop of sweat dripped from Mia's chin .

Mia heard Maou's sigh one more time .

[Fine . I'm your father . ]


Mia fell off his bed because of the unexpected answer .




[I splitted my soul into two when my grandmother injected her memories into me! You inherited most of my grandmother's memories . Then, you have a portion of my memories, creating your personality and your soul! My grandmother and I conceived you! There, happy now!?]

Mia could sense that Maou was so embarrassed that his voice cracked .

Still, Maou's explanation sounded so wrong for many reasons, and the girls laughed as they cried .

"Ugh, is that true, ladies?"

The girls laughed so hard that they could not answer, but Maple confirmed it with her poker face, [Yes . It was true . ]

Mia did not notice as he was not inside the soul space . Natalie and Sasha were gesturing Maple with their body language in a panic . At the same time, Maou in Misha Statue turned to them and continuously shook head .

"So, I'm not a phantom, but I'm a part of you?"

[Imagine a plankton's thought when it looks at its splitted copy, dumbass . ]

Hearing the flustered voice of Maou, Mia laughed, "AHAHAHA! Oh god! That's too silly!"

[No, you're silly! Why do you want to know something stupid!? Go back to sleep . Don't let me get out there and imprison you here in this statue . ]

"Okay, okay . I won't ask anymore . I'm sorry . "


Maou observed Mia from within his soul space .

Seeing that Mia had gone back to sleep, Maou rolled his eyes . He turned to the other girls, gesturing with the statue .

[That was close!]

Maple gestured back, [I'm sorry . It was on reflex . ]

[Don't give her a clue about her existence, please!]

[Okay . I'll keep that in mind . ]

Maou and the others half-lied to Banana Mia . His existence was not created from the splitting soul . Instead, Banana Mia was a remnant of Misha's soul that Mia separated from himself .

After the incident that Mia fought with Gabriel one last time, he lost control of his body to Misha Statue, which often went nuts . She caused a lot of troubles for Mia and his grandmother, which everyone believed that Mia in the real world became too aggressive as a result .

Mia tried his best to regain control, but Misha Statue kept imprisoned him inside and overpowered his psyche force . Each time Misha Statue went ballistic, Mia had to use a split second of his control to kill one of the boys and fed her with a soul to appease the statue's wrath .

All girls were afraid of Misha Statue as she always molested them had someone touched her . Also, Sasha, Natalie, and Maple worried that the statue might absorb Mia's soul and take over his real body .

During the memory implant surgery, grandmother Min's soul fragments entered Mia's soul space .

Maou used this chance to break free from the merging by sacrificing a portion of his soul to house the remnant memories of Misha Bloominglilly that he had not absorbed . Misha's remnant soul ejected from the statue and merged with his grandmother's fragments by accident .

Surprisingly, his grandmother's soul fragments contained unimaginable power that Mia had not known . His grandmother's soul healed Misha .

Misha's soul regenerated back to her former glory, but she could not recall her past . Instead, she inherited Mia and his grandmother's memories .

Mia and everyone else was shocked by the phenomenon .

By splitting Misha's soul out of the statue, Mia finally regained his control . Unfortunately, he could not exit the statue by himself .

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To get out of the statue, Mia had to use a replacement, which was Misha's soul .

Unfortunately, he was too exhausted because of the splitting . He went into a deep sleep afterward .

Misha's soul regained her sentience later . Because of the lack of explanation, her past memories, and the true understanding of circumstances, she believed that she was Mia .

Furthermore, her regenerated soul appearance was a clone of Mia, which caused further misunderstanding .

Everybody wanted to tell her the truth, but Sasha and Maple stopped them . As an act of respect to someone else's mentor, they thought that Mia should be the one to tell her about this .

Thus, it became their unspoken secret . Only the girls and Mia knew about Banana Mia's true self and origins .

And now, Maou Mia regained his power, but he still could not get out of the statue . They could only wait until Maou find a solution other than putting Misha back to her statue to switch places .


In the morning, Banana Mia, under the control of Misha Bloominglilly, woke up because he heard odd noises from the eggcats .

Opening his eyes and looking around, Mii's tentacles and Tama's arms were having a boxing spar match . It seemed that Mii tried to violate Tama again .

*PA* *PA* *PA*

*PA* *PA* *PA*



Observing the exchanges, Mia was confused .

'Huh? Why are they fighting again?'

The half-sleeping Mia paused as he felt something below his belly . Under his blanket, Shurka lay on top of Mia's legs while her hands held his morning wood .

"Good morning, darling . Can I have some morning sugar?"


"What's wrong? Don't like it?"

After a long night of past memory dream, Banana Mia grew a conscience about their relationship . He worried about Maou, who seemed to love Shurka as well .

He did not like this love-triangle situation, so Mia consulted Maou with his psionic link .

'Are you alright with this?'

[With what?]

'With me having sex with someone you love . '

[Oh, that? I feel what you feel anyway . It's also my body, so I don't mind . Go ahead . ]

'But, don't you want to connect with her yourself?'

[A good father doesn't NTR his son . ]

'But I'm NTRing you . '

[Nah, it's more like I'm using a sex android while I'm watching two lesbia-nevermind that! If you worry too much, switch back to me . ]


In the end, the clueless Misha had sexy times with Shurka using Mia's body . At the same time, Maou Mia could feel everything while he was inside the statue .

Sasha and others gossiped as they glanced at the statue .

[This is a 3P, right?]

[Yeah, it's a 3P . The girl doesn't realize it, though . ]

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[It's still 2P to me . Physically, Shurka doesn't get another D, right?]

[Then, is it 2 . 5P?]

[Say, if Mia links the physical sense with all of us, won't it be 75P?]


[That's a gangbang . ]

[… That's disturbing . ]

[But I want to try being a man too! Let's go ask Maou!]

Several girls in their puberty rushed to Mia, asking him to share his body sense to them . Unfortunately, Misha Statue's auto-mode activated and molested them as usual . None of them brought up this matter to Mia again in the future .


Meanwhile, Goddess Lilith had fun observing Mia and his soul harem .

She glanced at the status of each soul inside Mia's soul space with a smile .

Name: Mia Uriel

Race in LHO: Inferno Dragonewt

Race in CGO: Dragonewt Overlord (Sealed)

Name: Misha Bloominglilly

Race in LHO: Phantom

Race in CGO: Fairy Dragon (Sealed)

Name: Sasha Hummingbird

Race in LHO: N/A

Race in CGO: Demi-Fairy (Sealed)

Name: Natalie Arc

Race in LHO: N/A

Race in CGO: Demi-Fairy (Sealed)

Name: Maple Rockingheart

Race in LHO: N/A

Race in CGO: Fairy Overlord (Sealed)

Name: Lana Gabriel

Race in LHO: N/A

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Race in CGO: Demi-Overlord (Sealed)

There were others, but most of the girls had the same [Demi-Fairy (Sealed)] as their [Race in CGO] .

Looking at brief statuses of everybody, Lilith rubbed her hands in excitement .

It was as if she was watching a reality show . She wondered what Mia and Misha would do in the future .


Her system phone rang, which foiled her mood . Looking at the caller, it was Gabriel Lobmak .

Lilith picked up the call anyway, "Yeah?"

[Can you help me bring back a soul?]

"No deal, goodbye . "

[I'll give you 100,000 diamonds! Just find me one soul!]

"You reap what you sow . Bye Bye!"

Lilith cut the call . Still, she could guess who Gabriel wanted anyway . Since she also peeked into Mia's past, she understood the enmity between Mia and Gabriel .


Another call came from CGO world . However, the caller this time revealed the name of Uriel Min .

Lilith smiled . As the grandmother of her favorite character, she wanted to see what Min had to offer .

"Yes, Lilith here . "

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[This is Uriel, can I open a deal with you?]

"Normally, yes . However, if you want to twist the laws of any universe, I can't help you . "

[Good . Can I pay diamonds to bring someone to my universe?]

"Of course! Still, the person has to consent about the transfer . "

[I don't mind . How much does it cost to bring Uriel Mia to my side?]

"He possesses … let me count, eh, he has over 70 souls, ma'am . This is a unique case, so I have to charge more than 100 diamonds per soul . "

[How much?]

"I'll give you a discount since you're not like the other assholes . How about 100,000 diamonds sounds?"

[Isn't that more expensive than the usual? AFAIK, Mia hid 72 girls and about a dozen boys in his soul space . The cost shouldn't get to that . ]

"He has a family in LHO universe, ma'am . She's also a dragonewt like him . Their soul quality is different . "

[Huh? That green banana got a hooker!?]

"Hooker is a rude vocab, ma'am . From what I see, she's just a curious teen . "

[Bring me both of them, and I'll pay 10,000 . This is my final offer . ]

"You are bankrupting me . I can't give you an exception even if you're a fucking dragon, ma'am . "

[Then, transfer my 10,000 diamonds to Mia, and deliver me a message!]

"Oh, I can do that, but I'll take 10% as a service charge . "

[ . . . Fine . ]