Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 134

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:39 AM

Chapter 134

Chapter 134 – Cleaning Wasteland

Next day, Banana Mia and others had a meeting to discuss their future plans .

Sebastian had dealt with the captives yesterday, and all surrendered soldiers agreed to join Shelter 88 . They got their eggcat partner and became pre-evolved demi-humans .

On the other hand, captive civilians were skeptical about mutants, so they declined the offer . Half of them were sent back to Mafdet City while the rest followed the surrendered soldiers' footsteps, joining the shelter as well .

This boosted Shelter 88's military personal from 1800 to 2500 .

Today, a new issue required Mia's attention .

"Are we running out of warehouse space?"

Sebastian nodded, "Yes . After the raid, we don't have enough rooms to store everything . We still don't have a suitable tank to store the fuel from the outpost . "

Sebastian reminded Mia that all 100,000 barrels of oil were still in Mia's space inventory .

"How about we give someone a VIP status, so he can administrate our alternate warehouse?"

Sebastian shook his head, "I don't agree with it . We have to spend 1,500 diamonds to get VIP5 status for one person . If the person turns rogue, we'll lose everything . The risk is too high . "

"Ugh, don't you trust your comrade at all? Crystal fits the job, right?"

"Putting all eggs in one basket is bad . If something happens to Crystal, we'll be in trouble . Also, she will be stuck in here 24/7, which is not an ideal work environment in the long run . "

"So, we can't rely on inventory?"

"To be honest, I also don't like the fact that we're storing all the fuel with you . In an emergency scenario that we have to use it, but you're not around, you can guess what kind of chaos we'll be facing . "


Mia sighed, "We have to expand our base . Is that what you want to propose?"

"Yes . We wish to live on the surface, so we can acquire more lands for our warehouses . "

"But there's going to be problems . Monsters, zombies, hydras, and humans will be targeting us . "

"Indeed . That comes to the agenda of today's meeting," Sebastian paused and looked at all captains, "To settle above the ground once more, first, we need a new base . "

Sebastian listed his objectives .

1 . Secure lands for a new base .

2 . Construct the base .

3 . Purge the monsters, hydras, and all hostile forces .

The first objective was easy . They had to secure the perimeters around the exits of Shelter 88, so the logistic and the migration would be easier to complete .

Construction was not a problem . There were many architects, engineers, and laborers idling inside the base .

However, the third objective required the military's help . As the base construction would not end within a day, the construction site would be at risk of getting attacked by zombie hordes or random monsters on the wasteland .

To prevent this, they had to purge all monsters in this vicinity .

The meeting came to a conclusion in the afternoon .

All platoons would be deployed . However, because of some difficulties and incompatibility of a few platoons, Mia offered a choice to them . They could act independently or group together in this clean-up operation . The reward would be the harvest and performance of their hunt .

This motivated all captains as it suited their lifestyle .


The next day, most of the mechs left the base in enthusiasm, planning to kill as many zombies, monsters, and green eggs .

There was a reason for their motivation, diamonds .

Currently, the exchange rate between gels and diamonds in Shelter 88 was two red gels for one diamond .

The diamond price inflated as many merchants and soldiers paid attention to the VIP system and the items in the game shop now . Many of the goods were so magical that it attracted them .

For example, the repair kits could revert a broken machine into a brand new one . Each cost 100 diamond if they buy it individually . However, it cost less if they had obtained VIP4 privilege or higher .

The locals here were not stupid . They could do mathematics and see the potentials of all these items . Just by having a VIP status, they could resell those game items as a retailer merchant . Then they would profit from the margins by selling it cheaper than the shop .

As a result, everyone sought for diamonds, which heightened its demand . Meanwhile, not many people were willing to sell their diamonds to others .

Naturally, the diamond price increased .

As for Mia, he did not join the bandwagon of the diamond trade . As he could journey to the wasteland and farm diamonds from monsters, he had no reason to waste his precious red gels . He instead saved it to increase his max STA and VIT, or when he would need a snack .

Today, Mia boarded his Prometheus and deployed on the wasteland as well . However, he journeyed alone for max efficiency .

As soon as Mia used his 3D sense, his face darkened . There was no monster remaining in the range of 500 meters . All living beings he found were allies .

"Sick . "

Mia wanted to call Crystal and request for her help . Unfortunately, she went out with Thorn and Tautog Platoon on their hunt .

"I wish I have a radar truck like Crystal . "

*Mrrr?* (Ask that cyka to build you one . Isn't she a mechanic?)

"She's not omnipotent, Tama . We just started playing for like half a month in-game time, so we can't access the end-game content yet . "

*Mew* (Isn't she from Russia? I heard Russian engineers are geniuses . This should be easy for her, right?)


Mia closed his eyes and bit his lower lips . Because of Tama's reminder about engineer and Russian, he could hear the meme song, Trust Me, I'm an Engineer, from the depth of his memory, and he could not get that catchy tune out of his head .




"Trust me, I'm an engineer . I think we put this thing right here . "

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"Trust me, I'm an engineer . What the fuck did just happen here?"

"Trust me, I'm an engineer, with epic skill and epic gear . "

Since Mia could not get the song out of his head, he sang it to plague Tama . As an old saying, "You should not be haunted alone," Mia wanted Tama to suffer as well .

For thirty minutes during the search for monsters, Mia did not stop singing the song .

*MYA!!* (STAHP!!)

Tama's eye on Mia's chest wet as she cried from the torture . Mia's female voice was pleasant to hear at first, but the lyrics were killing Tama . It was too catchy that it became annoying .

Fortunately, Banana Mia stopped singing later . He finally found something to kill, and it was also a big game .

He found a hiding alpha egg with his sense . It camouflaged itself as a rock in the middle of the wasteland . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Had Mia not had the 3D sense, he would not notice it as it blended its color well . However, the life signature and its threatening presence gave enough clue for Mia to detect it .

"Oh yeah! I don't get many diamonds, but give me those precious jellies!"

Without further ado, Prometheus released a branch of chain lightning zap at it .


The alpha screamed . The egg splitted open and revealed its eye inside the egg .

As Mia gained more experiences dealing with alpha eggs and baby hydras, he realized that the alpha was activating his skill .

Prometheus leaped aside . On the ground that Prometheus had jumped away, it erupted, forming a crater as if it was hit by a meteorite .

On the center of the crater, another red alpha egg appeared! Combined with the skill-caster, there were now two eggs!

Mia widened his eyes in shock, "WTF is that skill!? Did it just create a red egg out of thin air!?"


A transmission from Crystal came from her radar truck . A facecam overlay of Crystal appeared in Mia's cockpit monitor .

[Mish! My resource map has updated just now . I detected two alphas near your location!]

"Oh, you're late . I found an alpha, and it just summoned another friend out of the blue . "


"Can you check that the number of alpha eggs around our area is the same or it increases?"

[O-Okay … Err, we have a giant hydra, three baby hydras, and eight alphas . ]


The last time they checked, there were 12 alpha eggs and a giant hydra . However, there were now three baby hydras, one giant, and eight eggs .

One of the eggs died a couple of days ago in the night invasion, so the total creatures were 12 .

An egg appeared out of nowhere, but the total number of eggs were still 12, not 13 .

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While Mia was confused, he commanded Prometheus to dodge another skill attack from the alpha . Now, another alpha egg appeared .

"Crystal, check the number of alpha eggs and hydras again!"

[… One giant, three babies, and eight eggs . Wait a minute, there are three alphas at your location!?]


Mia had a theory in his mind . He believed he figured out what the alpha egg Mia had encountered used .

"That bastard summons his friends!?"

*Mew* (Hey Mish . Let's kill its friends first and let it keep summoning . )

"Yeah, I have the same idea!"

Tama and Mia grinned with their eyes . Both synchronized their movements, concentrating on piloting the mech .

Meanwhile, the summoned alpha eggs looked around in confusion, not knowing what had happened to itself .

Upon noticing other eggs and a giant mech, they screeched and opened their eye, trying to attack Prometheus .

Both eggs released their 'Blast' skill, which was the same skill that Mia had .


Two invisible cannons hit a dome of barrier shield from Prometheus . Using Mia's lightning manipulation and lightning blade skill, the robot created five weak plasma lightning swords .

Two swords flew at the summoned eggs right away .



One of the swords missed, but one hit the target . One of the three eggs eliminated .




[Not bad for a banana . ]

Maou praised Banana Mia's execution . He adapted to his new skills and Maou's experiences very well .

However, Banana Mia paid no heed to Maou . Using his instinct, he converted the two fired lightning swords into chain lightning, attacking the dodged egg .


The chain lightning scorched the egg while the third lightning sword flew at its direction, piercing through its body .

The second alpha went down .






The summoner egg roared as it ran toward the dead eggs, planning to devour their core .

Seeing its action and thought, Mia laughed, "Oh neat . Trying to stealing my loots? Dream on!"

*MYA!* (Don't kill it! Let it summon more eggs!)

"Haha, I know . "

Prometheus used its speed, skating toward the dead eggs first . The robot grabbed the dead eggs and stored them in Mia's VIP inventory .







All dead corpses were converted into red gels and diamonds, while their real body disappeared .

Seeing the loots were stolen, the summoner alpha was enraged .


The egg widened its bloodshot eye . It seemed to exert all of its power this time .

Prometheus dodged its summoning attack again by leaping backward .


The size of the summoned creature was different this time . Instead of a typical three to five-meter tall egg, it brought something bigger than the usual .


"Oho? You dare approach me yourself?"

The summoned thing was not an alpha . Instead, it was the pteranodon that fought against Mia a few nights ago .

*Mew* (You think you can handle it this time?)

"Trust me, I'm an engineer <>

* . . . *