Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

Chapter 135 – Big Haul

Wasteland, one Kilometer north of Mafdet City


Prayut turned around and examined an empty floor . Just now, the two-headed hydra, his pet, was lazing here, yet it disappeared right in front of his eyes .

'Is there someone who can use a summon skill or a teleport skill? Or maybe, it teleported away?'

Prayut was familiar with teleportation and puppeteer skills . Using his guts, he thought that someone or something might have probed his abilities by stealing his pet .

'The only ones that can sense other hydras are matured hydras . Is it that big guy?'

Prayut gazed to the east, staring at the direction of the colossus hydra in the area .

'Is he trying to gain allies, or is he trying to grow more heads?'

The overmind turned to his 100 subordinates, "I need someone to scout the big guy for me . Check if he grows another head or is he collecting allies . "

A squad of ten dragonewts saluted to the general . They spread their wings and flew toward the east .


Meanwhile, a young girl with Mia's face logged in the game for the first time after she paid 100 diamonds to the goddess .

Lilith greeted her at her character creation screen .


The girl snickered, "I don't need to alter my appearance anyway . Say, will I inherit all my skills if I get into your universe like this?"


"Will I lose anything?"






"Both worlds are the same anyway . Send me in there . "


"Where did Uriel Mia choose? Can I choose the same place as him?"

for visiting .

After the two-headed pteranodon arrived, the battle between Prometheus and the two monsters became chaotic .

Both alpha egg and the hydra were not allies . Instead, they tried to eat the other while they wanted to destroy the giant robot .

It became a three-way battle .

One of the hydra heads kept materializing dark spears, shooting at the alpha egg . On the other hand, the pteranodon head blasted its laser at Prometheus .

Prometheus kept its distance from the giant bird as Mia did not want it to teleport again . He planned to arrange a trap .

While Prometheus was dodging the beams, it pierced thunder swords into the ground . 50 Thunder balls floated around them, creating an array of a dome . Mia used these swords and electric balls as an array dome to seal everyone inside .

*Mew* (Won't it just teleport away?)

"It can, but I need to take chances . Just pray that it won't notice it . "

Banana Mia put all of his concentration on manipulating all thunder skills . Tama had to exert her strength to pilot the robot, dodging all the incoming beams .

Soon, a dark spear pierced through the alpha egg and killed it . The pteranodon hydra rushed to the corpse right away with opened mouth .

Had it succeeded in eating the alpha egg, it would have grown the third head!


All thunder balls and thunder sword transformed into a field on chain lightning . Thousands of electric branches covered everywhere inside the dome and the orchestra of lightning sound echoed through the wasteland .




Prometheus did not get out of this unscratched . It suffered all kinds of lightning bolts, and the heat fried the cockpit modules .

The temperature inside the cockpit increased to over 100 degrees Celsius, but Mia and Tama were unharmed . However, chain lightning still electrocuted them .  









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The torture was worth it as many of Mia's passive skills increased by many levels .

After half an hour, the chain lightning ended, and the robot was on fire . However, Mia disregarded the burning cockpit and bathed in the flame .

Inferno dragonewt's traits displayed its perk . As long as an inferno dragonewt was in a burning area or an arid region, he would be almost invincible as all wounds regenerated faster than the usual . All numbness inside Mia's body disappeared, replaced with the refreshed feeling .

Tama also danced in joy from the increased of Mia's body temperature .


Once Mia recovered from his numbness, he used his 3D sense to check the status of the hydra .

Outside of the cockpit, the pteranodon was caught off guard . It was struck and cooked by the lightning .

However, the two-headed hydra had not died yet . The vitality of this monster was high, and it was recovering from the injuries .

As Prometheus could not move, Mia could not use the robot to finish off the hydra .

[Let me . ]

Maou Mia wanted to switch in .

"No, I want to try . "

Banana Mia opened the hatch and got out of the mech . He tried to manipulate the psionic cores inside Prometheus' psionic engines, ordering them to amplify his power .

It did not work . As the engines required the thorough instruction and process from the programmed modules, it could not be used to increase Mia's strength directly .

*Mew!* (Use the lightsaber! Use your telekinesis to slash that bird brain!)

"I'll try!"

Mia controlled the giant lightsaber handle with his telekinesis . Unfortunately, its size was three-meter tall and over a meter in bulkiness . His psych force could not lift it as it was too heavy for Mia .

[Haiz . A bunch of bananas . ]

Mia forcefully took over the control of his body and sent Banana Mia back into the statue . He took out a laser pen, the repair kits, from his inventory . All repair kits were supposed to be for the shelter, but Maou took one with himself, just in case of emergency .

He flashed the laser pen at Prometheus and repaired the mech in an instant .

*Mew* (Woo! You're a genius!)


Banana Mia wanted to slap his forehead . He did not think of this tool .

Maou closed the hatch and piloted the mech . Prometheus regained its functions again .

However, the hesitation and delay gave enough time for the hydra to recover . The pteranodon could move its head, but it could not use its power or fly away from here yet .

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Five lightning sword flew at the hydra . Four of the swords targeted its sides, blocking the monster's escape route, while the other aimed at its second head's core .

The monster did not dodge it . As the first head believed that he would not die as long as his core remained, it sacrificed its second head to survive .

"Big mistake, birdbrain . "

Mia transited his sword attack into chain lightning . All lightning swords emitted branches of lightning bolts, frying the hydra again .

Another lightning sword manifested, and it pierced the pteranodon's core while the chain lightning had not subsided yet .

Prometheus strolled to the hydra . It pulled the embedded sword and sliced off all heads, ending its struggling .











It was another big harvest from one dead alpha egg and the two-headed pteranodon at the cost of one repair kits .

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Take that, stupid vulture . Mehaha!)

"Three alphas and one hydra . Not bad at all . "

Maou had enough from the hunt for now as he had already earned 8,322 from killing four monsters . Combined with all red gels in his inventory, Mia had 10,835!

With this amount of red gels, eating all of them would be overkill since he could not even increase his actual status points to the caps now .

Maou believed he should exchange it to green gels to increase his skill caps or use it as a currency to buy some diamonds from the others .


Late afternoon, Prometheus returned to the base . Upon arrival, he could see several vehicles from the logistic division parking around the cargo entrance, waiting for their queue to enter the base .

Many trucks were carrying carcass and dead bodies of various monsters, green eggs, giant snakes, scorpions, and even a 10-meter tall queen egg .

A new truck also arrived . When Mia turned to the direction of a newcomer, he found Crystal's vehicle .

They were from Zeris and Tautog platoons .

Four ten-meter tall mech units from Tautog were carrying a 5-meter red egg with them . It seemed that they, too, had fought an alpha egg .

Maou Mia jumped off his mech to greet Crystal, Thorn, and her friends .

"A big haul, I assume . "

Thorn laughed, "One alpha, 5,000 diamonds from zombies, and 15 random beasts . Yeah, we're rich now . "

Crystal coughed, "I doubt that we can match with you, Mish . Did you kill those alphas and a hydra?"

Mia nodded, "Three alphas, one two-headed hydra . No small fry, though . "

The bystander who heard Mia's words stopped their feet on their track . They turned to Crystal and Mia with round eyes .

Hearing that Mia killed many alphas, she rechecked her resource map . From their kill counts, there should be five alphas, two hydras, and colossus hydra remaining .

However, the map revealed four alphas, two hydras, and one colossus . One of the monsters seemed to have been killed by other platoons .

Mia chuckled, "You're not the only one with an alpha corpse, it seems . "


Near Mafdet City, three kilometers to the northwest

Dove spat blood and knelt on the ground . His body had seven ice needles embedded into his body as traces of a battle .

His right arm was missing, and his jaw and chin were dangling under his half-frozen face .

Before him, ice spikes penetrated a two-meter alpha egg corpse . Its core rolled on the ground, while the red blood of the egg condensed into gels .

'Come on . Regen!'

Dove placed his jaw back to its original position to heal it first . As soon as he recovered his mouth, Dove grabbed the alpha core and ate it .


He crew it like it was candy .






Dove's right arm regenerated and all holes in his body closed . He breathed a sigh of relief .

'I've survived another battle!'

Dove laughed and lay down on his back, looking at the cloudy sky at dusk .

'15 More levels . It's a long way to go until I can catch up with Misha . '