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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 14

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:05:02 AM

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Class Change Requirement

While Mia and Shurka were chatting, Dawson noticed both of them talking .

'That's the famous [Mia, the Trap], and the other one is …'

A gorgeous girl!

Because he successfully got the SSN from Misha in-game, his confidence as a man increased . He even received messages from [Miss Tiffany] who he thought to be Misha this morning . As a result, Dawson believed that he might be able to score another girl in real life as well .

Dawson puffed his chest and walked toward the two .

"How did you do that? My father … I meant the professor hasn't taught us this far yet!"

"I-It was a fluke . Ahaha . "

"Psychic abilities aren't a fluke! Where have you learned this?"

"Just kidding . It was from my middle school . I attended the reserve training program . "

Shurka blinked as she could not remember that there was a reserve training program in her middle school . However, she recalled that, a few years ago, her parents talked about the military and the government's child soldier project which they refused to send Shurka there .

"The reserve program … Right! They must have taught you there!"

"Ahaha, yes . I learned a lot over there . "

"Can you teach me about it? Please?"

"Err, you will have to master the telepathy and blood cell manipulation . Also … Hmm?"

At this moment, Dawson approached them and coughed, "Sapnu puas, hello . You are Shurka, right? I'm Dawson from the same class . This is the first time I'm talking to you . "

Mia cringed when he heard the old meme words "sapnu puas" again in the real world .

'Small Dick?'

Mia recognized Dawson right away . Even though his body physic and height was the opposite of his character in-game, the "sapnu puas" was not a lie .

Meanwhile, Shurka's face distorted, yet she was on the verge of laughing . Had she not been in the middle of the psychic practice class right now, she would have died from the laughter .

'Did he realize that he just said [Send Nudes] upside down? Wait a minute, is he trying to pick me up by chance?'

Dawson continued talking, "Well, since we're in the same class, let's exchange our SSN so we can get to know each other better . I've also master today's practice already . If you have any trouble with the lesson, you can always ask me . "

Shurka grinned, "Thanks for the offer, but I already have my personal teacher . "


Shurka sat beside Mia on the bench and hugged his arm, "He's my private teacher . He even attended the reserve training in the middle school, you know? If you want to compare the experience, he is the expert here . "

"Sapnu puas, is he? Then, I won't embarrass myself any further . Good day, then . "

"Kekeke, good day to you, too . "

Dawson walked away from the two, dejected from the failed attempt .

On the other hand, Shurka stuck out her tongue after Dawson had turned around . She whispered to Mia while she still hugged his arm .

"Did you hear that? He just said [Send Nudes]?"

Mia did not know if he should enjoy the soft sensation from his arm, or he should laugh at [Small Dick] .

"He's … probably in the middle of a punishment game or something . "

"Forget about that pervert . Let's continue! Can you give me the tips?"

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"Err, okay . "

Until the class was over, Mia spent his time teaching the technique he learned to Shurka, who enjoyed listening to his voice .

The bell rang as the school was over . Mia rushed home to play the game as soon as possible .

Mia hummed as he stared at the floating monitor before him while he was flying in his jet suit . It was the details of Shurka's contact SSN and their private chat room .

'I've made a normal friend! Woooooo!'

Seven days passed in-game .

It was 4 AM, the final day of the boot camp for Misha .

Joan looked at Misha with a proud smile .




Name – Misha

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 12

EXP – 1,242/2,000

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Free Attribute - 55


STR – 136/1,002 (68 . 58%)

VIT – 108/1,002 (93 . 59%)

AGI – 197/1,000 (41 . 43%)

DEX – 165/1,000 (47 . 70%)

INT – 500/1,000 (0%)

WIS – 375/1,000 (31 . 61%)

Luck – 18/100

STM - 104/1000 (85 . 07%)



"I'm glad that I was harsh on you . Well, it's your last day, so I'll tell you a secret . You can't raise your INT within the boot camp!"


"What's with that expression!? It's the super-secret that I risked my career telling you!"

"I can tell from looking at my EXP, ma'am . "

"Pfft! You are no fun . Well, here's the real secret . After the boot camp, you can't gain EXP from any type of workout so the trick that you used before you went to bed won't be effective anymore . I hope that you have gained enough physical attributes before the time is over . "

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Misha smiled back . She had earned them through her hard work and the torturous drills . Thus, she was confident that she could pick the pilot class after graduation .

Joan's smile disappeared, "But here's the bubble breaking bad news, all Air-Force combat classes have many branches . Only those with enough status can pick the right route . For example, your dreamt pilot class has a strict requirement of physical attributes and high INT and WIS . If you don't have enough stats, you will be forced to pick another career . "

Misha's face fell, "Do you know the exact amount that they require?"

"250 INT, 250 WIS, and the rest must be over 150 . "

Misha rechecked her status again . She did not have enough status even if she were to distribute all free attributes to the STR, VIT, and STA .

Realizing that she could not meet the requirement, her heart stuck at her throat .

"You don't have enough stats, aren't you?"

"Yes, ma'am . "

"Well, the last day event is designed for all combat class players . We will give you a free day of hunting, and we'll give you a package of supplies . For the entire day, you can volunteer to be dispatched on the wasteland with your platoon or solo . Well, because we're giving you bullets, weapons, and all the supplies you need, we'll take whatever the loot you get when you return . Will you take the chance?"


<<Sgt . Joan has given you a challenge>>


Quest Objective:

- Experience what lies outside of the city wall .

- Survive until the time limit exceeded .

Time Limit: Until 12 AM .

Reward: Additional free attributes, the quantity depends on the loots you provide to the military base .

Note: If you fail the quest, Sgt . Joan will force a desk job career on you .