Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 145

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Chapter 145

Chapter 145 – Reinforcement from Milky Way Government

Fifty kilometer north of Mafdet City was another sanctuary for humans, Maat City .

Maat City located on top of former Thailand's Ayutthaya Province, which was an ancient city found in the 13th-century . However, it was rebuilt into a fortress, serving as Mafdet Federation's stronghold .

Here, Carlos had stored all of his tanks, robots, and weaponry inside . He cooperated with MWG agents and constructed a special hangar within the fort .

Today, a hundred tanks and ten robots were being transported south . Had Mia been here, he would have recognized these machines right away .

They were the Prometheus Series, which was the same mech model that Mia was using .

The leader of this transportation team was nobody else, but Joan . As she was sent back to dominate this dimension by MWG, she had to come back to settle everything with the local mutants and humans .

First, she planned to use the overmind, Prayut, to kill the surrounding mutants as in their historical timeline . Also, she was authorized to kill Mia Uriel, in the case if he obstructed their objectives . It was the direct order from Joan's father, which was the opposite of Gabriel, who did not want to harm Mia .

Afterward, Joan would send a specialist agent from MWG to get rid of Prayut .

The special agent was Lieutenant Colonel Aria King, an overmind who had consumed a hydra core, just like Dove . However, she was more matured and had more experience than the pro-gamer since Aria was also an alpha tester .

Nine overminds, Aria, Joan, ten 25-meter tall robots, and 100 tanks mobilized to Mafdet City .



At Mafdet City, a little girl with the same face as Mia wandered around inside the barrack gym .

She was another agent that infiltrated this game to obtain the hydra virus, Felia Blue . Unfortunately, Felia did not loyal to MWG as she had already been converted into a fairy overmind, another vessel of Misha Bloominglilly, whom MWG had used her blood to infect Felia .

Felia planned to meet up with Mia first . Since Felia had sensed that someone had destroyed many of her separated consciences, she had to hasten her body acquisition plan .

However, her status and her skills in this dimension were limited to a human's level . Without a stronger ability, Felia remained in the city, grinding her levels, status attributes, and skills .

As she was exercising in the middle of a military academy gym, a male player logged into the game and called her .

"Mia? Are you Mia Uriel?"

Felia turned around to see who misunderstood her as Mia . Upon seeing the man's name, her face distorted in disgust .

Lilith had not only merged every player's avatar in-game and their real body, but she also united their in-game name into their middle name .

As a result, the man's name became something hilarious .

Dawson "Big Crotch" Woompackar

'What kind of idiot name is that? Why does his last name sound like womb-pecker!?'

Felia glanced at BC up and down, looking at him from head to toes . For some reason, he looked refreshed, yet he walked like a crab as if he had hemorrhoids .

"You are mistaken . My name is Felia, not Mia . "

BC gazed at her avatar name in-game and laughed in embarrassment, "Ah, I'm sorry . You looked like one of my friends . Say, are you Mia's sister?"

Felia widened her eyes and stared at the man, "No . "

"Ah, I'm sorry, sapnu puas . Are you Mia's relative, then?"

"… Sort of . "

"I knew it! Say, you're not a trap like him, right?"

Felia frowned, "What do you want? Woo me? I'm busy working out here . Go chase someone else!"

"I-I'm sorry if I'm offending you . Because of Mia, my reality has been distorted, you see? I can't differentiate between a dude or a lady with your statue and your face . "

"FYI, I'm a lady … Come to think of it, do you know where Mia is?"

"Err, no . I haven't played this game for a day, and I've just come back . I don't know . "

"Okay . Fine . You can buzz off and be on your way . I need to grind my status . "

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Big Crotch sulked and walked away, feeling disappointed that his magic words failed again . However, he regained his enthusiasm when he recalled the sexy time yesterday with Tiffany .

Although Tiffany violated his backdoor by using her mysterious giant stick that came out of nowhere, he did the same to her as well . In a sense, he had explored a new world .

'I'm a butt man . '

BC had awoken to anal play, both offense game and defense game . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Once Big Crotch left, Felia resumed her status grinding . For hours, she kept running around in the gym, ignoring every NPC and player around her .

Her level one character could not initiate any tutorial quest from the locals anymore, so there was no point adventuring like other fantasy games .


On the evening of the same day, Joan, Aria, and other agents arrived at the academy, looking for recruiting more newbies as their helpers .

Joan grumbled, "Will there be anyone left? MWG hasn't published this game to the mass yet, right?"

Annoyed by the spoiled lady, Aria clicked her tongue, "We haven't released the game to the public, but we should still have straggling students and other opportunist agents in this city . We don't want them to join Prayut, or it'll be troublesome after the WW III . "

As an overmind, Aria was aware of the threat of psionic possession and the psionic puppeteer, a unique skill that the overmind race had .

With psionic puppeteer skills, a local overmind could control any agent or student with ease . Thus, had they not prepared for the worse, one of their close friends could have been converted and hid in their ranks as a deep mole for Prayut .

To prevent this scenario, they had to separate all players from Prayut, the historical figure overmind .

When all agents got to the barracks, they found Big Crotch and Felia . Most of the students and players had already graduated and enlisted into the local military .

Joan summoned BC and Felia to meet them and evaluate their character .

Big Crotch was familiar with Joan since she was one of his instructors . He saluted to her .

Felia did not know this group of people, but she guessed that they were big-shots, judging from BC's manner . She also saluted .

"At ease, trainees," Joan waved her hand, "Where are the others, small dick?"

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"I don't know, ma'am . I was offline for a day in the real world, and everyone left me behind . "

Joan turned to Felia and flinched . As Felia had the same face as Mia's, for a couple of seconds, Joan thought that it was him .

She glanced at her indicator name above Felia's head and read it twice, so she did not mistake Felia for the child of Uriel Household .

"What about you, newbie? Did you join after Lilith had blockaded the game? Are you a new agent?"

Felia had a smug expression on her face, "Colonel Dullahan Wildcat sent me here to obtain the hydra virus, using Mia Uriel's method . "

"Ah, Dullahan, I see . So, you are the second generation of the child soldier project?"

"Yes, ma'am . "

"Good . It's good that you can talk, unlike your predecessors . How long have you been here?"

"A few days . No one gave me a tutorial quest, so I figure out the game by myself . "

"How about both of you work for us from now on? The local government is in anarchy, and every NPC is running amok . You should stick together with the adults, so you won't die prematurely . "

Big Crotch was in a frantic as he nodded, "Yes . I'll go with you . "

Felia shook her head, "No, thanks . I'm good on my own . "

Joan frowned, "You entered the game late . Don't you know that if you die in-game, you'll die for real?"

"I'm not afraid of dying, ma'am . "

Felia snorted . She lost counts of how many times her other souls in various bodies had died, so death meant nothing to her .

Even if a thousand soul fragments of hers died, as long as she hid a living body and one main core, the fairy overlord could continue multiplying and switching her primary conscience .

Joan shrugged, "If you say so . Make sure to stay clear from Prayut . We'll kill him and his followers after he dealt with Shelter 87 and 88 . "

"Yes, ma'am . "

Joan gestured to BC, ordering him to follow after her . All agents also left, ignoring the little girl Felia .

But one agent turned around to glance at the fairy .

Aria glared at the girl as she sensed a strong vibe from Felia's psyche force . As the leader of MWG overminds, she was sensitive to psionic power .

'I've heard that Golden Generations had similar abilities with overminds, but they can use strong psychic powers . I guess the rumor is true . That brainwave I sensed is a trace of psionic force . '

Aria grew cautious toward Felia, but she kept her feeling a secret . As both of them were on a different mission, Aria might get into trouble if she had dwelled into Felia's businesses .

'None of my business . '

Aria turned around and disregarded Felia .

On the other hand, Felia inspected all agents from afar .

'So many lowly overminds . Ah, I want their bodies so bad . These greedy humans look so delicious, it hurts . '

While thinking, she glanced at her status menu and grimaced .

'Had most of my abilities not been sealed, none of you can act high and mighty before me . Eh, once other me in other bodies devoured all of those children's souls, I should have a force to take over the Milky Way . Also …'

Felia turned to the south, where she sensed an approaching comrade's soul, Maple .

'I need to rescue my other self from Mia . Once I can get his body, everything should be easier . I wonder if I can fool that dragon . '


While Joan and Felia had the conversation, Mia piloted Prometheus to Mafdet City . The pilot skated to the destroyed wall section where the battle between Amro and the local force used to fight .

The breached wall was being repaired, but the traces of the fight was still around .

*Mew* (Will you kill them all, Mia?)

"Depends . "

*Mrrr?* (Depends? On what?)

"If Prayut is too strong, I'll kill everybody here . I also need diamonds . "