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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 150

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:20 AM

Chapter 150

Chapter 150 – Where is Mia?

"Oh, about our deal, can you wait until I sorted out your seeds first?"

"Go ahead . I'm too tired to move anyway . "

"Thank you . I'll be back in a few hours . "

Tiny transformed back into her queen ant form . She lay down on her ant abdomen and meditated while her humanoid parts on her thorax sat up straight .

Her blue abdomen shone in blue light, and her ant stomach moved . In the next minute, an oval blue egg at the size of ten centimeters came out of her bottom part .

After the first white egg came out, several dozens of eggs slowly exited Tiny-Chan's ant bottom .

Mia gazed at how the queen giving birth with a stiff smile .

"I'm the father of all those!?"

*Mew* (Yup . Congratulations . )

Banana Mia was also impressed, [Wow, she doesn't waste any time . She's an efficient mother, right?]





Mia fell asleep for another 6 hours . When he woke up, Tiny had already finished giving birth to her first batch of eggs, and she was sleeping next to Mia in her human form .

Sensing that Mia had woken up, Tiny opened her eyes .

She sat up, "Do you need food? I have plenty . "

Tama helped Mia into a sitting position . Mia's face turned solemn as she looked at Tiny .

"No . I'm good for a few days . I only eat when I need to regenerate or when I'm exhausted . "

*Nom-Nom Mew* (I'll take two pieces of croissants, two sunny side up eggs, a medium-rare ribeye steak, and a bowl of salad with two red gels . Thank you . )



In the end, Mia ate another red gel while Tama took two at once . As for Tiny, she ate a sausage of mysterious meat at the size of a bowling ball . They were from her collected food in the cave .

As they were having their breakfast, Tiny explained about her past and this base .

This colony was close to Chonburi Base, and fire ants of this colony encountered humans and mutants many times in the past . Conflict and wars between them and the base were frequent .

One day, the former queen of this colony evolved from fire ant queen into an inferno ant queen . After the race change, she could imitate human and mutant forms . Her intelligence also drastically increased, which allowed them to communicate and negotiate with the Chonburi Base .

The queen's traits and her abilities also passed down to her next generation children . All newborn ants became inferno ants instead of the lower tier, fire ants .

As for Tiny, she was born two years ago as an inferno nurse ant . She spent all her life assisting her mother by being at her side, treating the newborn children .

Once they could talk, the queen sent her young queen ant to negotiate a truce with the mutants in Chonburi Base and traded with them .

However, a few months ago, an alpha egg invaded their colony . It killed everybody and collected all ants as its food .

The former queen tried to rally her soldiers to drive back the alpha egg . Unfortunately, the alpha consumed so many dead ants that it evolved into a hydra . Now, it had three heads, and its real body size was beyond 20 meters in height without measuring any head or their neck .

The ant army was no match to a hydra with many heads . Almost the entire population in the colony became its food .

As for Tiny, she managed to escape with several eggs of her unborn siblings . As luck was not on her side, the hydra pursued her and destroyed all eggs .

Tiny persisted on living and escaped from the ordeal . She fled to this room, which all worker ants had used it as back-up food storage . As nurse ants were smaller than worker ants and soldier ants, she slipped through the hole that Mia used to get in .

From that day, she prayed that someone could come and help her . She tried to dig the room to escape, but her mandibles were not suitable for digging like the worker ants .

Still, Tiny did not give up . As she kept on living and expanding the room, she evolved into a queen ant .

And then, Mia appeared out of nowhere, which gave her hope .

Listened to the story, Mia pitied her, "That must have been rough . "

"It has already passed . I have you and my babies now .

"By the way, back to our business, how do you know that you can help me?"

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"When I evolved, my mother's memories passed down to me . I learned about souls and mind room from her, too . "

"Wait, your mother is that strong? She knew about psionic possession?"

"Queen Ants can steal memories from their victims . We can also leave our memories to our next generation or a successor, so what we had learned will never be forgotten . We continue to evolve this way without the symbiosis' help like you . "

Tiny grinned and pointed at the mountain of her eggs .

"Husband, those are our children . Do you like them?"

Mia sighed . He never thought that he would have children so soon . Still, he inquired about his primary business, "It's time for you to complete our deal . Help me with my problem . "

"Oh, sure . But I have to wait for one of these children to be born first . "

"Does this have anything to do with the children?"

"I'll use one of them as a sacrifice to create a new body for the other soul in your body . "

Mia's face paled while Misha screamed in shock . They thought that Tiny planned to use one of her children to be their second body for Misha's soul .


Mia asked to confirm his theory, "Does one of my souls have to transfer into a new body?"

"Yes . "

This development horrified both Mia and Misha . None of them hoped for a monster body .

"Tiny, will they be born as an ant or something else?"

"Parents can modify the feature of their children . You can adjust whatever you like for your new body . "

Mia and Misha heaved a sigh of relief . For a moment, they thought that one of them had to become a monster so that the other can continue their life . As long as they could alter the new body's appearance, they did not mind switching to a half-man-half-monster .

When Mia and Tiny finished their breakfast, Tiny sat on Mia's laps and hugged him . She nibbled his ear and started licking .

"Erm, didn't we have enough?"

"Mating increases my VIT and STM . I can also copy some of the skills that I don't have . "

"What about me? I rarely get anything in return . I already wasted two potions to last our sessions . "

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"A thousand children is not enough to maintain a colony . I need more . "

Mia had a bad feeling about this, "… How many more do you need?"

"At least a hundred thousand . "


*Mew* (RIP, Mia . You're dead . )

Misha prayed, [Don't die on us, Maou . ]

One of the girls in his mind space also shouted, [If you can't handle it, let us control your body for a round or two! We want to feel what it's like to be a man!]





Meanwhile, the region of Mafdet and Chonburi was in chaos after Mia was branded a wanted person . Lilith flashed his current location every hour as promised, but nobody managed to locate or find him .

Several demi-hydras followed the mini-map on the screen in the sky . Trucks and tanks parked on a grassland while many drivers kept checking their map .

The update location flashed again, which Mia was still staying in his current position .

The boss of demi-hydras, Papabear, looked around in frustration . No matter he expanded his sense, he could not detect any dragonewt other than his subordinates and other random bounty hunters in the area .


Behind the demi-hydra, a little demi-human girl sneered at him . She was Mana, the girl that Mia met in the capsule slum . She was also an elite undercover agent, working for Crystal and Sebastian .

Next to Mana, Mr . PISS, aka Igor, a mysterious spy from an overmind, advised Papabear .

"Boss . I believe the boy is underground . "

The demi-hydra boss stopped and turned to Igor, "What!? How is that possible!?"

"If I remember correctly, there's a fire ant nest around the area . An ant's lair is usually five to six kilometers deep, so it's not surprising if he's hiding underground . "

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The boss pondered . In the past, they used to wage war with these ants, competing for the territories at first . However, the ants got smarter overtimes .

One day, a young queen ant visited Chonburi Base to trade their dead siblings' carcass in exchange for sea monsters, humans, or slaves . The former boss of Chonburi Base was fond of them and agreed to form a friendly relationship with these monsters .

Ever since then, the borders of their territory had been at peace . The base flourished as ant meat increased the status attributes of mutants . In addition, many young queen ants could transform into a humanoid form, and they even opened a brothel in the city . During that time, Papabear was their regular customer .

Unfortunately, a few months ago, a hydra emerged in the area, and all ants disappeared without a trace, including the young queens in the brothel . Their former boss and most elites of Chonburi Base sortied and tried to slay the hydra, but they went missing as well .

Now, Papabear took over the base and tried to gain a fortune by hunting Mia .

"Underground, huh? That makes sense . Do you know an entrance, newbie?"

Igor shook his head, "I'm merely a newbie . This question should be directed to the locals," Igor glanced at other demi-hydras and dragonewts, gesturing that they should know the areas better than him .

Papabear turned to his men, "All of you scums! Does anybody know the entrance!?"

One of them raised his hand, "I know, sir!"

"Lead the way! We'll find that brat underground!"

"But sir, I think we might encounter the giant hydra instead . "

Everybody froze when the guy mentioned the giant hydra .

The boss bellowed, "Where is this hydra coming from!?"

"We used one of our resource maps to locate red gels, and the largest location is around this area, sir . I think the hydra might also live underground in the ant nest or something . "

"That's bullshit! What kind of hydra lives underground!? All of red eggs and hydras we found up until now swagged on earth like they're some hot shit . They're arrogant by nature! Do you think they're smart enough to hide underground!?"

"S-Sir, the historical records said a hydra can speak human languages …"

"Bullshit! I've been around for 150 years, and I haven't seen a single talking alpha! Aside from our partners, do you think those fools can talk!?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

*Gologolo* (That's right . Hydra can't talk shit! We're the smart ones!)

"You hear that!? Even my partner said that they are the only ones that can talk!"


Igor clicked his tongue in disappointment . This Papabear was so ignorant to the point that it disgusted him .

'Fool! All alphas, hydras, and our symbiosis partners have the same roots! They were born from queen eggs, and they are smart creatures . All of you are going to die . '

Igor patted Mana, gesturing her to follow him . The two spies left the group in secret while the frantic Papabear searched for the nest entrance .