Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 158

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Chapter 158

Chapter 158 – Mafdet's Counter-Attack

Two weeks later, Mafdet completed their attack preparation .

Before WW III had even begun, Joan and Prayut took the initiative upon their own hands . They had to eliminate a force that had the backing of an otherworlder first!

Aria gazed at her new recruits with a pained expression . She was concerned if these people could display their full potential since their soul had not merged with the hydra core yet .

Aria managed to replace the dead overminds with a few rookies from MWG . However, they had been forcefully evolved into overminds by consuming a hydra core . As a result, they had not mastered all their newly learnt skills .

Overminds had to devour every piece of hydra's remnant soul to master every skill and inherit all hydra's potential . The evolvers had to either defeat the black slime hydra, in the case it was the original head, or they had to devour all statue pieces if they ate a core of a second head or later ones .

Unlike the fairies, these hydras could not take over the conscience of those who ate their core . However, the hydras' old personality would influence the consumers, which could potentially confuse their nature . Dove was an example of a victim of such influence .

Seven overminds, including Aria and Maple, boarded their Prometheus and got ready to move out .

Prayut also got in one of the left-over Prometheus as an observer of this battle . However, his dragonewts remained in Mafdet City to protect its citizens .

Big Crotch, Pioneer King, DaVinci, and Felia were also forced to join this battle . All of them got on the back of a transport truck .

Because of the recent rampage by Maou Mia, Mafdet Army was crippled and left with a few tanks and mechs . However, they did not care since they had seven giant robots on the front and Prayut on their back .

Joan, on the other hand, stood on the top of the Mafdet city wall and ordered everyone through the intercom, installed on the wall .

[Move out! Do not return unless you killed everyone in that shelter!]

Like a spoiled young mistress of a rich family, she always commanded everybody to do her bidding even though she did not have enough charisma and leadership .

Prayut glanced at Joan with a sneer .

'This is fun . It's always entertaining whenever I see those cocky type . It will be even more enjoyable after I stripped everything she has and enslaved her . What face will you make, I wonder?'

Prayut called someone with his smartwatch .



Llamador, the ex-Balam Squad Captain, was sleeping in a capsule slum inside the fallout shelter number 87 . Although he was still drowsy and lightheaded from the hangover last night, he picked the call .

"Yes, boss?"

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"I'm inside Shelter 87 . What can I do for you?"

[How is your current position? What's the situation inside?]

"They didn't trust me . All demi-hydras stole my mech and turned all of my men into hamburgers . I've managed to scrap my skin and live inside a slum here . "

[What about my agents? Have you located them?]

"Yes, but he refuses to talk to me . I think he's valuing his position over my safety, or he didn't want to risk exposing himself . "

[… Ah, too bad . Anyway, keep on living . Over . ]


Llamador paused for a whole minute, adjusting his thought about what had happened .

When he came back to his senses, he yelled in anger .


Llamador and Mr . PISS were working for Prayut for a long time . Both of them were assigned to Shelter 88, so they could sabotage Sebastian's base .

Before they could cause a scene or coaxed the locals that Sebastian was untrustworthy, Mia came in and stabilized the base, which ruined their plan .

Furthermore, Crystal was aware of Igor's spy status . Llamador could not handle pressure and the risks that he might also get caught, so he bailed out .

Unfortunately, his luck was not so good when he joined Shelter 87 . All demi-hydras here were unfriendly and did not trust strangers . Still, he survived because he contributed his mech to the base and sold out his comrades as their food .

As for the report just now, he lied . He would never tell his boss that he sold out his comrades to stay alive . However, the Intel about other Prayut's agent was real .

'I should have gone for Chonburi Base! This is a mistake!'

Llamador packed his wines and got out of the slum . He had to find a way to get out of this place without relying on the selfish agent .




The siren rang inside Shelter 88 again . This time, it was not a false alarm .

Crystal's intelligence unit picked up satellite footage that an army from Mafdet City had marched toward their colony . Their radar vans also detected eight giant units and fifty vehicles coming with them .

Crystal was familiar with this signal . All giant units were Prometheus .

Thorn and all mech captains activated their machines and got to the surface . Misha also had a new custom robot, but it was a standard AHMU that was built from scrap metals and a repair kit .

Sebastian, however, transformed into a black knight and chose to fight in his terra dragonewt form .

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On the surface, 30 artillery cannons aimed at the direction that Mafdet forces were coming . All cannon crew leaders coordinated with the radar unit to get the distance data .

In the next two minutes, crew leaders passed their calculations to their subordinates . The men and women took it and adjusted their cannons .





A salvo of 30 artillery cannons stunned everyone who did not protect their eardrums .

That round of volley was a signal that a battle had started .


One hour after Mafdet Army had mobilized, they could finally see metallic fences of Shelter 88 City, which was built on top of the military underground silo .



Artillery shells landed and destroyed fifteen of the infantry trucks as a greeting .

Aria ordered her units, "Spread out and protect the infantry! Cast barrier and your element field!"

Seven Prometheus activated their power, and seven dome barriers covered the ground forces .



More shells hit the shields, but none of them could get through the transparent walls .

Felia, Big Crotch, DaVinci, and Pioneer King got out of their vehicle and followed after their squad leader .

Inwardly, DaVinci cursed at Joan and MWG officers when he saw the entire situation . All infantries had not done anything yet, but they had already been bombarded by the mutants .

'Did they learn strategies and military warfare from the fifth century!? Why didn't they use air force or arty to soften the enemy first!? Why are they marching at them head-on? Are they really professional soldiers?'

Big Crotch and Pioneer King had the same idea as DaVinci . They doubted the army if they were inept or did not understand basic warfare .

However, they understood the reason soon .


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Twenty of the infantry trucks did not carry soldiers . However, they hid several strange-looking cannons .

Everybody widened their eyes in shock .

In the 24th-century, one of the military technology breakthroughs was a HAMR, which stood for Homing Anti-Mutant Railgun .

These railguns were built to fight against creatures with high speed or tricky mutants, such as overminds and dragonewts . During the time when this technology was founded, overminds and dragonewts were hostile against each other, but it was humans who came up with this weaponry .

After this weapon had been mass-produced, overminds had been slaughtered one after another, which had driven them to extinction, until the MWG found their ways to resurrect this race from Lilith's game worlds .

The key of these railguns came from the core of a corpse of a fairy dragon . Mankind found them as they tracked down the origins of the hydra creatures from the nearby asteroid belt, which they found a hundred dead bodies floating around .

The remnant power inside these cores could project electricity-like energy that proved harmful to mutants and hydra-related creatures . They called them the thunder spirits since they seemed alive .

Once combined with human technologies, they built these railguns that could use this anti-hydra thunderbolt, and the HAMR was born .

These smart railguns could shoot sentience thunderbolts, which would track down every target in the general direction of this railgun like homing projectiles . As it might sound dangerous, these weapons would not be effective against humans since the projected thunder never struck on humans .

However, to mutants, these cannons were their kryptonite . One zap from this cannon and their regenerative abilities would be rendered unusable . Also, sentience thunders hated the symbiosis creatures with a passion . All eggcats would be killed by the power of this lightning if they were hit even once .

Even if the targeted overminds or dragonewts polymorphed themselves into humans, the lightning would still fine them .

Now, these railguns were presented in front of the beta testers .

Felia glared at these weapons with anger .

'Weapons that used my kins as slaves? I don't know how they got that here, but I'll be taking those cores with me after this . '

Felia attempted to feel the cores inside the railguns with her psionic link . However, she got an interesting response .

These cores were not fairy overmind's cores or fairy dragon's cores . Instead, they were counterfeits . Similar to the psionic reactor's cores, they were fake!

'Right, Lilith would never allow anyone to use a futuristic weapon here without her permission . None of them has unlocked the technology yet, so they must have cheated by using other materials . '

Felia was relieved . She snickered and observed how these humans would fight the mutants with these fake HAMRs .

Meanwhile, the other students did not know the background of these weapons . Believing that they were real, they joined the crews, which they were assigned to charge the cannons .

"Input all of your psychic forces into the core! We'll immediately shoot when it's ready!"

All psychic soldiers used their abilities to fill the glowing blue cores .


While seven Prometheus was blocking the cannon shells from the defense forces, Zeris One and Tautog Platoon robots flanked to the right side of the troops .

They aimed their rifles at Mafdet forces as they were flying toward the groups .





Prayut appeared in front of Mafdet's cannon crews and stopped the shells with his barrier power . At the same time, he snapped his fingers .


The air in front of Zeris one distorted, and a monster's screech came out of nowhere . A shockwave appeared from the center of warped space and stunned Thorn, Dolphin, and other pilots .

All robots suddenly lost their balance and crashed on the ground .

Misha and other mechs followed after them from behind . Since they did not fly like the others, she was unaffected by the shockwave .

Seeing the collapsed teammates, Misha aimed her cannon and sniped Prayut's Prometheus from afar .


The bullet hit Prayut's shield .

Misha did not give up . As she obtained experience and memory from Mia, she knew about the psychic barrier's weakness .

The durability of the barrier layer was limited, and it would be weaker if it were hit on the same spot repeatedly .




She aimed at the location that the psychic barrier was hit by her first bullet . Two out of three shells hit the same spot!



The third bullet penetrated through Prayut's shield and hit the head of Prometheus, where the second pilot located .

The face shield plate deflected the 155mm AP shell . Although it did not penetrate the robot's head, the impact was enough to destroy the modules inside the head cockpit .

Prayut recast his barrier again and glared at Misha's direction . He could sense a glimpse of Mia's former body's power .

'… A dragonewt . An inferno at that . '

He licked his lips, 'A good slave . '