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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 159

Published at 17th of November 2019 03:50:15 AM

Chapter 159

Chapter 159 – Prayut's Power

After the two weeks of grinding, Mia ran out of his healing potion . Fortunately, the inherited [Auto Regeneration] and his MBR relieved the lack of potion problem .


When Tiny learned about the Inseminator class from Mia, she offered herself to be Mia's consort for the sake of strengthening the antlings population .

Mia was unwilling to corrupt Tiny at first . Since doing so was equal to a brainwash, he did not want to tamper the conscience of his wife to get her love .

Unfortunately, Tiny threatened to kill the hydra sisters and foil Mia's hydra taming plan had he not enhanced her future children .

In the end, Mia complied with Tiny's request . He gave her an oath that he would do whatever necessary to make her nest thrive, and she would always be his number one .


Today, Mia took a break, so he could sort and restock his items in his inventory .

97,315 Diamonds flashed inside the space .

They were the loots from the dead bounty hunters and the B sisters' stash . Thankfully due to the charm effect of the Inseminator class, all the girls handed everything to Mia in exchange for his love .

He gazed at the system shop and VIP privileges, contemplating if he should wait for his grandmother to give him VIP10 status, should he donate 20,000 diamonds to get the VIP10 .



 - EXP acquired from monsters increase by 30%

 - EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 20%

 - Items in privilege shops are 30% cheaper .

 - Unlock Auto Looter .

 - You can buy daily VIP6 gift boxes from the shop .

 - Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .



 - EXP acquired from monsters increase by 35%

 - EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 25%

 - Items in privilege shops are 35% cheaper .

 - Access to LHO VIP Auction House .

 - You can buy daily VIP7 gift boxes from the shop .

 - Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .



 - EXP acquired from monsters increase by 40%

 - EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 30%

 - Items in privilege shops are 40% cheaper .

 - Access to VIP Arms Dealer .

 - You can buy daily VIP8 gift boxes from the shop .

 - Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .



 - EXP acquired from monsters increase by 45%

 - EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 40%

 - Items in privilege shops are 45% cheaper .

 - Access VIP Heavy Armory Shop .

 - You can buy daily VIP9 gift boxes from the shop .

 - Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .



 - EXP acquired from monsters increase by 50%

 - EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 50%

 - Items in privilege shops are 50% cheaper .

 - Access to Multiverse Auction House .

 - You can buy daily VIP10 gift boxes from the shop .

 - Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .


The pay-to-win VIP privileges were still there even after Lilith had revealed the truth to all gamers .

'The Armory Shop and Arms Dealer can come in handy . The Multiverse Auction House looks useful, but I'll need many diamonds for that . '

The VIP Arms Dealer was another form of VIP shop . However, they specialized in firearms, such as guns, grenades, and rockets . These supplies were also being sold in the VIP shop, but they were more expensive and low on supplies . On the contrary, the Arms Dealer had an option for players to buy in bulk and had many discounts .

The Heavy Armor Shop was for heavy-duty units, such as vehicles, tanks, even mechs, which was not sold in the typical shop . Unfortunately, they would only sell players the 23rd-century units . To get a more advanced tank or weaponry, players had to unlock the corresponsive tech tree of that unit before they could access to the gooddies .

As for the Multiverse Auction House, Mia could guess what it would sell .

'There are two auction houses . One is for this game, but the other might link to other games . '

Mia had obtained all the information about these shops from Shurka . However, the Multiverse Auction House had appeared and replaced the LHO-Reality Auction House, which connected his real world with this dimension after Lilith had changed her rules .

'Now, the question . Should I unlock it now, or should I wait for my grandmother? I need VIP10 to buy more potions for my grinding . '

After an hour of deep contemplation, he smacked his forehead .

'Didn't MWG refunded me when I bought VIP3? I can invest 20,000 diamonds first and wait for the refund later, can't I?'

As soon as Mia got enlightenment, he allocated 18,500 diamonds, planning to donate to Lilith to get the VIP10 .

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A friend's message interrupted him . It was from Misha .

[Maou, Mafdet forces have attacked us . Can you help?]

Mia replied, "Is it that bad?"

[They sent eight Prometheus . I don't think our mechs can stand against them . ]

Mia's heart skipped a beat . He knew that ordinary AHMU would not stand a chance against one Prometheus . But now, they were facing eight of them . He regretted that he did not kill all overminds a month ago .

Moreover, he believed that he lost Maple to the overminds during the chaos .

"It has been two weeks . Why are you sticking around in the game? Have you returned Shurka to our world?"

[Shurka refuses to go without me . I also want to get everyone through WW III first before I leave . ]

"You freaking moron! You're supposed to get back home and leave everything to me!"

[I'm sorry . I can't leave anyone behind . They're real people, Maou . ]

Maou Mia went ballistic when he realized that Banana Misha was too stubborn to follow his instructions .  

'I gave you the chance to get out of this mess, but you didn't appreciate it! Fine, don't blame me if I accidentally release my pheromone gas on you!'




At the battlefield, Thorn and Tautog pilots had been crippled by the shockwave . Just like Mia had experienced, they lost their body balance . The dizziness blurred their vision, and some of the weak ones vomited .

Thorn and Dolphin were stronger than the rest . They glared at their cockpit monitor, which was displaying the image of Prayut's Prometheus .

"Kai, can you move?"

*Ong!* (I'm fine . You?)

"Not so good . I can at least use my legs to handle our footwork, but I'll have to leave all aiming and triggers to you . "

*Hehe Ong!* (Roger that! I'll spam this motherlicker with our rockets!)

Kai aimed Zeris One's rockets at Prayut's Prometheus, which was looking at Misha's robot .

Locked on!


Twenty rockets fired from Zeris One's missile launchers on its shoulders . All of them made their way toward Prayut .



15 of the rockets exploded upon hitting Prayut's barrier . Because the explosive power spread across a wide area, Prayut's shield only fluctuated .




Misha fired her cannons three times in a row, which penetrated Prayut's shield again .

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Because of the broken shield, five remaining rockets got through!


Prayut's mech got hit on the chest for the first time, which made the giant robot staggered backward .


Misha's fourth came for the head of Prometheus .


The 155mm AP shell penetrated the head part, destroying the secondary cockpit .

Prayut glanced at the damage reports on his monitors . Despite the critical hit, he was unperturbed .


Prayut recast his barrier again . He cracked his knuckles and his neck as if he had done warming up .

Because of the damaged head, most of the camera images before him were blackened . However, Prayut had mastered his psionic abilities to the extent that he could use a similar skill as Mia's 3D sense .

Prayut could feel his surroundings without relying on sound or vision .

"Time to get serious, I guess . Oh boy, they have really overworked me even though I'm supposed to be an observer . "

He activated the Psionic Reactor in his Prometheus . The engines roared, and the robot leaped toward Misha .


Dolphin reacted first and turned toward Prayut . He also fired his shoulder rockets .

Prayut ignored all rocket bombardment . The right palm of Prometheus pointed at Misha's mech .

Sensing a bad omen, Misha controlled her mech to leap aside .


It was a blast skill from Prayut, which was a common ability of most hydras .

The invisible cannonball missed Misha, but there was not only one skill that was released from Prometheus .

Five more blasts rained upon Misha .


Two of the cannons destroyed Misha's mech right away . Fortunately, the skills took out her robot's legs and right arm, where she was holding her 155mm barrel cannon .

Looking at the crisis, Misha planned to bail out with her teleportation button .

Misha took out a random button and was about to press it .

Prayut sneered and used his telekinesis, restraining Misha and not allowing her to move .

Banana Misha, who was still in Mia form, could feel the crisis .

"Tama! Press the button!"

*MYA!* (AYE!)

Tama's tentacle reached out to press the button for her .

Prayut laughed, "Not a chance . "

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He used his force, sending the button away .

Misha screamed . However, her words from the girly boy body sounded corny, "Oh noes! We were captured . "


Prayut frowned . He attempted to pull Misha out of the ruined robot .

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Psyche!)

Behind Banana Mia's, Tama operated another game interface and pulled a teleport button behind her back . She pressed it, and both of them disappeared .

Prayut stared at the direction of vanishing Misha, surprised . Then, he recalled that there were many miraculous items from the VIP shop that defied logic and physics .

"I see . Capturing them is impossible then . "

Prayut turned to Thorn and Dolphin, who was struggling to bombard him with their missiles and rifles .

Many ground mech units tried to disable Prayut's Prometheus, but they could not penetrate his shield like Misha .

Meanwhile, Mafdet's soldiers had finished charging the railguns . With a few console button smashing, these railguns' chain lightning would massacre all mutants inside Shelter 88 .

One of the HAMR pointed at the robots that came after Misha .


The cannon released the homing lightning, which struck all robots inside the machines .

No explosion occurred, but all mechs froze in its place .

A second later, they collapsed on the ground .

All pilots fell along with their eggcat partners inside the cockpit .

This was the power of the counterfeit HAMR!

Prayut admired these weapons . Now, the other HAMRs should finish Shelter 88 with ease .

He turned to Dolphin, Thorn, and Tautog Platoons that could still not get up on their feet .

"Die then . "

Prayut pointed his palms at the struggling robots .

Everyone's face paled as they could not find a way to crack his barrier .


A loud explosion came from Aria Unit's direction, which caused a shockwave that blasted many Mafdet units on the ground .

By instinct, Prayut activated his robot's back boosters and flew upward, dodging a mysterious power that might come for him .




As if someone had dropped several napalm bombs, the ground erupted in flame . Most of MWG cannon crews were swallowed in the sea of fire . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Felia, Big Crotch, DaVinci, and Pioneer gathered at the far back . Upon seeing the eruption, they equipped their jetpacks and deserted the troops .

Thorn and Dolphin's crews were out of the killing zone since they were 300 meters away from the cannon site . They gazed at the explosion with astonishment, confusion, and awe .

30% of MWG's railguns were destroyed with the napalm run . The survivors turned to the sky, which was the direction where the bomb came from .

A giant shadow slowly descended upon them . It looked like a giant flying dragon with three long heads .