Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

Chapter 161 – Aftermath

Crystal observed the battle through her satellite feed with her mouth agape . The monster ants overrunning the battlefield astonished her .

It was not hard to connect everything to Maou Mia, who was relaxing on the back of the colossus hydra .

"Wow … really . "

Below Crystal's left hand, a red button was on her vehicle console . On the screen before her, she had locked on Aria's Prometheus, which was fleeing toward Mafdet City .

By pushing the button, she would activate the ion-cannon beam from the guardian satellite . A destruction beam would have killed Aria and everyone in the range of ten kilometers on the spot, which would massacre all allies as well .

Fortunately, Mia's children turned to tide before Crystal could have used their final trump card .

Crystal pulled her hand away from the button and deactivated the ion-cannon, returning it to auto-defense-mode, which the flying cannon on the orbit would automatically protect their colony from all enemy flying jets, ICBMs, or other long-range missiles .

She continued to stare at the hydra sisters .  

"How did Mia tame that hydra anyway!? Is he one of them?"



The battle concluded with both sides suffered heavy casualties .

The HAMR shot that fired at the ground mechs wiped out five teams out of all 19 . The other shots also took out over 500 blue ants .

As for the Mafdet forces, aside from Prayut, Aria, beta players, and Aria's teammate, the rest turned into food for the ants .

Although both sides lost many men, Shelter 88 emerged as the clear victor .

Sebastian secured six half-destroyed mechs to their base . With the repair kits, they could upgrade their forces with these machines .

Maou took all diamonds from the dead bodies since he gave all Prometheus to the base . He became 3,500 diamonds richer .

While he was cleaning the battlefield with the other worker ants, Maou and Banana had their little reunion after a few weeks of separation .

"Get your ass out of the game already . Did you see what they have brought? They're freaking HAMRs . One clean hit and you're dead, do you know what I mean?"

Misha pouted, "If I weren't here, they all would have died! Nobody would have told you that Mafdet has invaded, and Shelter 88 would have been annihilated . "

Mia sighed, Misha was right in this regard .

Although Sebastian had contacted Mia and exchanged their information about their situation, he was slower than Misha when it came to communication . Misha had a game messenger while Sebastian did not have the option, so the former could reach Mia in an instant in the case of an emergency .

"Grandma will complain again . How long have we been here after we have logged in? Half a month?"

Misha's face twitched, "I … forgot . "


Mia had a bad feeling about this .

They had forgotten how long they had been in the game . The next time they logged out, they might face the angry silver empress in her battle-mode, torturing them with her sermon and her pressure skills .

Mia was also curious if he could still log out of the game since his real body was given to Misha .

He opened his game menu to check .

Mia clenched his fists .

The log out button was still enabled .

'Should I log out to tell my grandma that I'm giving my body to Misha? Eh, maybe later . I need that moron to get out of this game first . '



After the battlefield clean-up had completed, Tiny and B sisters transformed into a human . These consorts followed after Mia to the shelter to celebrate their victory .

As they walked into the base with Mia, all mutants, male and female alike, gazed at them as they drooled .

There was a reason . All of the transformed monsters walked around naked, including Mia, with his scaleskin body .

Misha had already been aware of it since their reunion, but she chose to keep her mouth shut . This Banana Mia wanted to get back on Maou for his bullying in the past .

Still, Maou got used to living naked for two weeks . He was not even aware that he was the center of attention among all female mutants .

As for his consorts, they ignored all the stares . Unlike real humanoid creatures, they did not have a sense of shame since nakedness was their nature .

Soon, Crystal strode toward them with many clothes .


Mia frowned at first, but he recalled that he came back to a civilized society again .

"Ah, my bad . I got used to it . "

Crystal wanted to curse at Mia some more, but she glanced at Mia's asset one more time before she shoved all clothes at him and ran away to her office in embarrassment . Thorn glanced at Mia's consorts and gulped before he chased after Crystal .


While every worker and soldier were partying, it was time to work for administrative staff and captains .

In the meeting room, Mia, with clothes, told everyone about his relationship with the hydra sisters and Tiny . All captains stared at him in astonishment and jealousy since the inseminator class was a dream-come-true class for horny men .

When Mia revealed the condition of getting this class, everyone but Sebastian and women had a strange glint in their eyes .

Crystal ignored all horny men and asked Maou, "Are you sure that they won't attack us?"

B1 laughed, "Don't worry, Miss . As long as my lord doesn't want you dead, we won't do anything to the weakling you . "

B3 frowned at B1 . She clasped her hands and pointed her index fingers upward before she shoved the [Thousand Years of Pain] into B1's butt as a punishment .

B1 jumped and sat on the floor, holding her butt in pain .

B3 pulled out her fingers and wiped her hands with B2's skirts, who was standing next to her .

B2, however, did not mind B3's actions . She was too busy eating raw tunas that she bought from the market with Mia's red gels .

Tiny was the most reserved monster among the four . She stood behind Mia as if she was his aide or secretary .

B3 bowed, "I'm sorry for what my sister has said . She's a bit fanatic and undereducated, so she doesn't know manners . "

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Everyone sweated as they stared at these sisters with their poker faces .

Crystal coughed, "Anyway . We understand your good intention . Thank you very much for helping us here . You are welcome here any time, as long as you don't give us troubles . "

Tiny inserted, "We also wish to establish a trade route from my colony to this base . We have red gels from the sisters here, and I hope to buy food products from this base . I don't mind if it's fruits or vegetables . My ants can eat anything . "

B2 also raised her hands, "I'll buy your fishes too!"

Crystal's eyes sparkled as she entered her housewife mode . She, Tiny, and B sisters negotiated for their trade agreements .

Mia sighed and turned to Sebastian, "How is my other self doing here?"

The butler knight nodded, "Misha is a hard worker . She kept wandering around in the base with her male form, though . "

"Are the workers alright? Is her aura giving you trouble?"

"Actually, their mentality got stronger because of her oppressive aura . It trained them, so I appreciate that . BTW, will you stay in this base, or will you return with your wives?"

"I'll have to return and repopulate . Lots of my children died because of those railguns . "

"Can you tell me about the railguns? That thing is too deadly . "

Mia told Sebastian about the HAMR technology and the potential threat to all mutants .

The meeting continued as all girls separated from the conference as they negotiated for the trade terms . Meanwhile, all boys had weaponry discussion .




While everyone was busy, Misha returned to Shurka . She mustered her courage to give Shurka the 10,000 diamonds to log out of the game .

"Let's go home . I meant, go to my place . My grandma will protect you from MWG . "

Shurka's eyes were wet, thinking of what Banana Mia had been through to get these diamonds . Combined with the recent war and Mia's wanted status a few weeks ago, she was afraid that her boyfriend would not make it home one day .

She hugged Banana as she sobbed .

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"Thank you . "

Both of them logged out together . As they had paid the teleportation fee, Lilith also fulfilled her promised by sending Shurka to Min Uriel's spaceship . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

When Misha opened her eyes again, she found herself in Mia's game capsule .

Dana, the android maid, was watching him .

"Welcome home, young master Mia . "

"It's been a while, Dana . "

Shurka also opened her eyes . Since she had been teleported, Shurka did not reappear in this world in her game capsule . Instead, her body manifested from thin air next to Mia's game capsule .

"Welcome, young miss . Our master, your father, and your uncle are expecting you . "

Shurka blinked in confusion, "What?"

"Prof . Fortune Luckyaf and Dr . Fluke Luckyaf have visited us when both of you are still in-game . Please rest here until they wake up . It's still night time at the moment . "

Dana pointed at the digital clock above the door . It was at 2 AM .

Shurka got nervous as her father and her uncle were here .

Misha noticed her nervousness . She hugged Shurka to sooth the scaredy girlfriend .

"I'm here . My grandma is here . Nothing to worry about . "


Dana had not finished, "Young master Mia, Fleet Admiral Gabriel is also here to meet you . He wishes to inquire about his daughter's status, and he has brought all of your sisters . Please meet him and your grandmother at 8 AM . "


Misha's brain stopped functioning for two minutes .

"H-He's here!?"

"Yes . Your grandmother also said to follow their instructions and do not resist . "