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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 164

Published at 17th of November 2019 03:50:07 AM

Chapter 164

Chapter 164 – New Pilots for Prometheus? - Part 2

Mia visited his former cottage inside the base so that he could take all jet fuel from Misha . Unfortunately, Misha and Shurka had already logged out .

He froze on the spot when he realized that they forgot to take their oil from them .

"Ah, I'll have to drag them in-game after this . How did I forget?"

Without the jet fuel that he looted from Mafdet Outpost, Shelter 88 could not begin their research .

Mia checked his virtual clock in his game interface . It was showing 2 . 40 AM in real-world time . Also, it was already 10 PM in-game . Going back right now was not ideal since everyone should still be sleeping .

He looked to Tiny and all hydra sisters, "Let's call it a day . I'm tired . "

B1 was delighted, "Do you need my night service, my lord? We haven't gotten our rewards from our game, haven't we?"

During the war, Mia had allowed them to compete for his prizes . In the end, B3 had the most kills as she could use more skills than the other sisters, and she focused her targets on ordinary soldiers rather than the mechs . However, both B1 and B2 took out one mech each, so they were tied in second place .

From their agreement, B3 got five days to hog Mia for herself . B1 and B2 got four days, but Tiny had the right to be with Mia any day by default as she was the main wife .

"No . Today is still my rest day . Let me sleep in peace once in a while . "

"Ah, too bad . Sleep well, my lord!"



11 PM .


Mia groaned in annoyance because of the game warning . Since he had just managed to fall asleep thirty minutes ago, Mia found it difficult to open his eyes to check his game message .

When Mia could see the game interface, he was surprised .

It was from Crystal .

[Can we meet?]

Mia texted back as he was still sleepy, "Now?"

[Yes . My cottage is next to you, so you can jump into my opened window . ]


Mia looked through the window from his second floor, and he could see a cottage with an opened window . He sighed and jumped into his neighbor's residence .

Upon getting into the cottage, he found Crystal sitting on a couch in her night lingerie . However, there was something different .

Crystal's dragonewt form was incomplete . She did not have wings and tail, but her horns and her scales remained .

Moreover, she did not have an eye on her chest as usual . Elvis, her eggcat, was nowhere in sight .

"What happened to Elvis?"

Crystal wiped her tears, "He left me . "


"He … is a possessive symbiosis . He doesn't want me to date anyone but himself . We got into a fight because I want to date someone, but he was against it . "


"In the end, I chose my life and my dream . He ejected from my body and ran away . "

"Do you want me to find him? I still have my 3D sense and game HUD map . I should be able to get that runaway child back in a day or two . "

Crystal gritted her teeth and clenched her fists . She looked hesitate while she stared into Mia's compound eyes .

Then, she noticed that Maou did not have Tama with him .

"Is your Tama still with Misha?"

"Yeah . She tags along with her . "

"Are you lonely without Tama?"

"A little, but Misha is still there with her, so I don't feel bad . "

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"… Do you think Elvis can survive on his own?"

"Let's not speculate . He's too weak right now, so he might get killed by those diamond hunters . I'm going to find him . "

Mia expanded his sense while his eyes scanned through his VIP HUD Map .



 - EXP acquired from monsters increase by 20%

 - EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 10%

 - Items in privilege shops are 20% cheaper .  

 - Access to the HUD map .  

 - You can buy a daily VIP4 gift box from the shop .

 - Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .


One of the VIP4's benefits was the regional HUD map, which displayed the map of Bangkok Region . However, it would only show friendly people whom Mia had met, and their relationship level was at [Friendly] or higher . As for the rest, the map hid everything .

Mia checked his relationship menu and the map, hoping to find Elvis among the names .

Unfortunately, Elvis's name was not on the list .

The HUD map was useless on this occasion . Mia had to rely on his sense .

Scanning through the underground shelter, he found the runaway eggcat . It seemed he went to the military hangar on the surface where Thorn usually hung out with his meowjuana-addicted demi-hydras .

"I found him . He's still alive, and he is with Thorn and his gang . "

Crystal sighed in relief . She wiped her tears with tissues and smiled at Mia .

"Thank you . "

"You're welcome . I'll go back to sleep now . "

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Before Mia could return to the opened window to leave, Crystal stood up and hugged Mia from behind .

He paused and frowned . At first, Mia wanted to reprimand Crystal for the untimely prank . Sensing the trembling body of Crystal, Mia swallowed his words .

Mia could also feel the temperature in Crystal's body rising, especially her face . Her heart raced as if she was excited or had been through a workout routine .

Crystal stuttered, "C-C-Can you stay with me for tonight?"

Mia's frown deepened . He turned around to look at Crystal, whose face was as red as tomatoes . Her eyes were still teary, but they did not look as sad as before . Her teeth were also clattering, revealing her fear and uncertainty .

The left hand of Mia touched the back of Crystal while his right hand patted her head .

Her body shook as she was surprised . She looked into Mia's eyes and begged .

"I-I-I need Psionic Link skill, but I can't spend diamonds on it . C-Can you help me?"

Mia sighed, "If you're asking for my baby, then my answer is a no . "


Crystal looked down, feeling guilty . Her temperature dropped, and her shaking stopped .

Although Mia verbally refused, he was still embracing Crystal, consoling her .

"Aren't you dating Thorn?"

"… Yeah . "

"From what I heard, that Mating Season skill only works with your first partner . Once your virginity is taken, that skill won't work on others . "

"… That's right . "

"If I give you a baby, you won't be able to have children with Thorn . You'll get stuck with this curse for eternity . "


"Do you think that saving 20,000 diamonds worth breaking your future and Thorn's heart?"

Crystal began to sob . She regretted her decision .

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Mia smiled and tightened his embrace, allowing Crystal to borrow his chest to cry .


One hour later, Crystal recovered from her regret . However, she still refused to let Mia go . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"You got your release . You can let me go now, okay?"

Crystal looked up, so she could see his expression .

"You're quite a gentleman . A virgin maiden had offered her first time, yet you refused . "

"If I were single, I might have ravished you senseless . "

The tailless dragonewt laughed, "You know, you're not bad even if you already have four wives . Your new body is dreamy . Your personality is gold, and I heard that you're rich back in your world, right?"

Mia chuckled, "What are you, a gold digger?"

"That's rude . I'm a businesswoman . I have a high standard when I'm looking for a man . "

"Yeah, high standard . "

Mia wanted to retort or sarcasm about the drug-addicted Thorn . However, he controlled his words .

Crystal released him .

"I'll go back now . "

"Thanks, Mia . "

"Yeah . "

Mia jumped back to his room .


Edit: Revising the entire plotline because of the complaints . Normally, I don't give a fuck about plot critics, but I'll agree with them on this one .

I will edit this once I'm done rewriting .

PS . Because of the rewriting, there will be no chapter tomorrow .