Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 165

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Chapter 165

Chapter 165 – New Pilots for Prometheus? - Part 3

Mia got to the office as usual, and he met with Brim and Sebastian .

Sebastian and Brim spent diamonds on buying the Psionic Link skill from the VIP shop . However, Sebastian was smarter since he had bought VIP10 first, then he purchased the skill book at half the price .

Although he spent a total of 30,000 diamonds, borrowed and loaned from others, he had opportunities to regain them by offering himself to be a middle man for others . After all, there were still many mutants who wished to buy daily packages, but they could not .

When Brim realized that he could have used someone with VIP10 status to buy the item with only 10,000 diamonds, he cried .

"I should have talked with you first … Boohoo . "

Sebastian snickered and patted Brim, consoling him .

"Look at it on the bright side . Now, many girls will be gunning for you to be their husband . "

"That's not it . I lost 10,000 diamonds for ignoring this face . Waa!"

Sam, Brim's eggcat partner, transformed one of his tentacles into a pan shape and smacked him on his head .

*Meowmow!* (Have some dignity! You got what you want, so you should be proud of it!)

"Ow, but that's the truth!"

*Meow Mow!* (Never regret if you invest into a permanent skill or knowledge! Education never fails!)

Looking at Brim and Sebastian, Mia was relieved . At least, there would be two Prometheus robots guarding this shelter . As for the other three, it would become a competition of who could gather enough diamonds first .

'Should I just give diamonds to Sebastian, and let him buy three more skill books?'

Mia did not have to wait long . Seth, the captain of this base's only air-force, came to Sebastian with 15,000 diamonds .

"Senior, can you buy me the skill book? I'll give you 5,000 diamonds as a commission fee . "

Sebastian laughed and bought it for Seth, "Are you buying it, so you can enhance your squad?"

"Indeed . My squad's firepower is lacking . If we can amplify our psychic powers using one of those mechs, my units will be safer in WW III . "

"Good, we're counting on you . "

Now, they got the third pilot, which was an elite demi-human captain .

Every free mech was taken, which disappointed all ambitious pilots . Still, many female pilots eyed at Brim and Seth with a desire, planning to seduce them later .

Also, on the same day, Mia received his long-awaited news .




[Dear Mr . Mia Uriel,

Thank you for the contribution of your blood samples . We have adjusted your character's privilege to VIP10 and transferred our payment to Fleet Admiral Min Uriel to fulfill our contract .

We hope that Uriel Family can continue to cooperate with our Milky Way's agents and protect our galaxy .

Sincerely, Fleet Admiral Biden Raphael]

Mia flinched when he read the name of the sender . It was the son of Fleet Admiral Raphael, who had attempted to help Mia when he was still being a test subject for Fluke and Gabriel .

There was also a postscript .

[PS: Don't worry about what happened in the Putinof Colony years ago . I know the truth . ]




At Mafdet City, there were changes .

All of the student players in Mafdet City, except Felia, gave up playing the game since betting their life in a war was not a good idea .

Felia, though, wanted to raise her power by consuming hydras and monsters . She remained in the game, playing along with MWG and Prayut .

Maple, Aria, and the other pilot regrouped in the city . Then logged out to report their failure to their bosses in a different dimension .

Before Maple had logged out, she noticed Felia's presence, which gave her a clue that the other conscience of hers was here as well . However, she did not contact the other fairy overlord as it might blow her cover .

Joan threw her tantrum as usual, threatening Prayut that they would excommunicate them and stop supplying their new robots .

As Prayut planned to drain MWG's supplies, he pretended to be her subordinate, bowing to her whimsical will without showing his temper .

However, his torturing days would soon be over soon . As Prayut pretended to serve Joan, he sent his psionic link message to one of his sons .


Shelter 87, the underground hideout of demi-hydras .

The mole that Prayut had planted here was his second son, Anutin N . Cha . Unlike the local demi-hydras, the major population of this base, he was a special dragonewt, just like Misha, Sebastian, and Shurka .

He was a gale dragonewt, which specialized in quick movements, wind manipulation, and air compression . Not only he had the toughness of a dragonewt, but Anutin's agility was on par with regular demi-hydras .

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His prowess alone won the trust of the castellan of Shelter 87 . Anutin had the authority to use the base's missile silo or mobilize the base's air force at will .

Shelter 87 was different than Sebastian's colony since it stored two ICBMs, which could potentially wipe a couple of cities from the world map . Because of their nuclear warhead existence, Crystal became obstinate to not turning their anti-nuke iron cannon satellite offline .

In the missile silo of Shelter 87, Anutin burnt the paper, which held secret messages from Llamador .

'Dumb spy . He's getting too active that it's too easy to notice . Sooner or later, these hungry hydras will turn you into livestock . '

As Anutin was complaining in his mind, he received a telepathic call from his father . Since Anutin utilized this method to report his job, his facial expression remained indifferent .

[Son, I need you to provoke your base against Shelter88 into an all-out-war . ]

'Why, all of a sudden?'

[A change of plans . I think shelter 88 had a deal with a three-headed hydra and a queen ant monster . Sebastian worked with them and stole the otherworlder's robots from us . I need you to get rid of these threats before they can use the robots . ]

'That's a tall order . We'll have to launch our nukes if we engage a three-headed hydra . We will also suffer major losses if we go toe to toe with an ant monster colony . '

[I'll disable their satellite from here . Can you do it?]

'They have 3 satellites, pops . One surveillance sat, and two iron cannons . Can you hack all of them at once?'

[At best, we'll disable one iron cannon . The other one might disable one of your missiles, but the other will connect if you shoot two at the same time . ]

'Alright . Then, the hydra issue is settled . What about the robots? From what I heard, aren't those things esper robots? They can amplify pilots' power, right? It's possible that one of the robots can negate our ICBMs . '

[Don't worry about those mechs . I doubt Sebastian can use the psionic link . I'm only concerned about the otherworlder brat that he will obstruct us again . Last time, he killed my pet and devastated the city . I need him out of the picture . ]

'Tell me everything about Shelter 88's manpower and their forces . '

Chonburi Base .

This base used to be lively and populated with outlaws, criminals, and mutants . However, this place became a ghost town after one man stepped his feet into the city .

A serial killer wandered through a desolate street, looking for prey . He stopped walking when he reached a nightclub .

Red neon light blinked, illuminating a path to Dove, who could not see in the dark .

Dove kicked the door open, revealing the inside of the nightclub .

It was abandoned .

Dove treaded the deserted building as he scanned through the interior .

The tables and chairs were clean and arranged in order as if the bar had operated recently . The bar counter was also filled with various home-made liquors and remnants of the peaceful-day products .

While Dove was admiring the old civilization, a demi-hydra jumped at Dove from behind .

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An ice spike extended from the ground, impaling the attacker's chest as he was still in mid-air .

The demi-hydra glared at Dove in resentment .

'Fucking … psycho!'

Dove turned around . His right hand manifested an ice blade .

He beheaded the victim, "No harsh feeling . I'm trying to survive here . "






Dove sighed, 'It's getting hard to find someone to kill . It took me a whole day to find one mutant . '

He turned off all game notification and looked at his VIP4 HUD map, checking the layout of this building .

Upon seeing the underground warehouse, Dove made his way to the hidden room .

As he got inside, a mountain of dried food and canned food were stored there, along with a trembling pair of two people .

One was a daoist in a black t-shirt and jeans while the other one was a young mutant girl with short hair .

They were Mr . PISS and Mana .

"P-Please spare us, sir . You can have everything here, including the girl . Please spare me!"

Mana did not say anything . She gulped and prepared for the worse .

At worst, she might be violated and killed . At best, she would die quickly .

Dove glanced between the two . He tapped his feet on the floor, and an ice spear extended from the ground, piercing through Igor's butt and exited through his head .

The eggcat inside Igor jumped off his body, but Dove impaled it with another ice spear .





He turned toward the little girl .

"It's been a while since I last saw a girl at your age . "


Mana stared back at Dove, waiting for her turn .

*Nya* (I'm scared, Mana . )

"… I'm sorry, Manee . It's the end of the road . "

*Nyaa!* (I don't want to die! This spy job sucks!)

"I know . "

Mana shed her tears for the first time in a decade .

Meanwhile, Dove glanced at Mana and Manee's tentacle eye . Then, he turned toward food storage .

Dove muttered, "I need an assistant . "

Mana widened her eyes .

"Work for me or die . Pick one . "

Mana wiped her tears, "I'll work for you!"

Dove nodded . He tossed a healing potion and a loaf of bread to Mana .

"This is your pay . I'll give you ten of these plus daily food each month . Help me locate food storages or warehouses like this one . "


*Nya!* (Yes, sir!)

Mana stood up, trying to find a bag or a container to gather all the food in this storage room . However, Dove already opened his VIP5 inventory and collected everything .

She stared at the space inventory in astonishment .

"Wow . "

*Nyow!* (Wow!)

Dove raised his eyebrows after he had noticed Mana's stare .

"This is space inventory . All food and necessary items are with me . Help me collect more, okay?"