Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: 166

Chapter 166 – Migration

Meanwhile, in Min Uriel's spaceship .

The fleet traveled through a hyperspace jump gate, which would bring them to the next destination, Aquila Star System, where Fleet Admiral Min and her exploration crews had surveyed and constructed a temporary base there .

Unfortunately, Min renamed it as BSS, aka Banana Star System, to suit her taste, and it would be better than having ASS as an abbreviation for their star system .

Misha, Shurka, Sasha, Natalie, and other sisters were resting in their living quarters .

After Misha closed her eyes for a while, she recalled that she still had all jet fuel in her game inventory .

"Crap . Mia is gonna get mad again . "

In a panic, Misha returned to her game capsule . As soon as she tried to enter the game, she got a warning from the capsule .



"Ugh . "

Misha visited Min afterward, asking when they would get out of hyperspace .

"We'll be out in half a day or so . Is there something wrong?"

"I have unfinished business in the game . I need to return something to Mia . "

"Inventory items?"

"Y-Yes . "

"Well, you have to wait a few hours . Is it urgent?"

"Sort of . Mia has been planning to invest in a tech tree, and the required fuel is with me . "

"Ah, I see . What are you researching again?"

"Stealth Ballistic Missiles . "

"Huh? Don't your base have any standard SBM from the 21st-century? Why are you researching it again?"

"The 21st-century ones can be instantly countered with satellite iron cannons from other bases . We need a new one that's immune to the automate iron cannon . Besides, most available stealth missiles are short-ranged ones that are fired from jets, subs, and ships . We're looking for an ICBM type that can be launched from a missile silo . "

"Ah, make sense . "


Ten hours later

Min's flagships got out of the hyperspace along with other battleships, transport ships, and colonies of her fleet . They entered Banana Star System as planned .

Although they had made the jump, everyone was still within the Milky Way Galaxy . And the fleet had to enter the hyperspace for a few more times to escape from this galaxy .

Misha immediately got back into the game .

Upon reentering the game, Misha found herself in her cottage bedroom . However, the smell of sex lingered in the air .

"Goddammit, Maou! What did you do to my bedroom!?"

*Mew* (It smells like sex . I think that bloody Mia had a heck of a party here . )

She forgot why she had come here and cleaned the room in frustration . While she was cleaning, a message came from Mia .

[You're finally back . Give me the oil, so I can start this research . ]

Misha texted back, "Is there any event when I was away?"

[Lots . For now, meet me at the surface office . ]


Misha got to the mutant's new headquarters on the surface later . The new base had been 90% constructed, only a few facilities had not been completed yet .

Similar to a human city, roads and two-story buildings were everywhere . However, when Misha got to the outer city district, many military structures, such as robot hangars, unfinished airfield, warehouses, and barracks, replaced the peaceful looking town .

As she had asked the locals for directions, Misha found the new office .

Sebastian, Seth, Brim, and Mia wore their new uniform, which was designed for the Prometheus Squad . They wore a blue airtight suit, similar to a drysuit for diving . With additional gloves, boots, and a flight helmet, each of them looked more professional than the older clothes .

However, Sebastian, Seth, and Brim looked odd to Misha since they had symbiosis eggcat partner's eye blinking on their chest, which had a transparent section for them to peek outside . Both Sebastian and Brim also shrunk their wings into their bodies, so they would not be in the way of their new pilot suit . However, there were sealable holes that the eggcats could extend their tentacle arms outside of the suit .

"Wow, you guys look awesome . Who made your uniform?"

Sebastian and everyone glanced at Mia, who pointed his thump behind him . Standing by Mia's side with an indifferent expression, Tiny nodded at Misha .

"Tiny-chan? I thought we hardly have enough materials . "

Tiny explained, "These are made by inferno ant's fibers . We extracted these from my dead babies and weaved them into our new uniform . The fibers and texture can protect wearers from heat and fire . "

"Wow . You've tailored all of these?"

"Indeed . There are spares if you need one . "

"No, thanks . I'll leave after I transfer the oil to Mia . "

Misha gave Mia the promised jet fuel .

Received everything, Mia nodded, "Okay . We're cool . Is everything alright in our world?"

Misha told everything that happened, about Gabriel's deal, Min's fleet status, their sisters, and Maple's sleeping body .

"Maple hasn't gone berserk? Are you sure?"

"Yes . She's sleeping in her medic capsule ATM . Do you know anything?"

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"Have you examined her soul space? Is her core is still there? Is her room white or red? What about her statue?"

Misha scratched her head, "I'm sorry . I forgot . "

Mia flickered her forehead, "Ah, you freaking banana . "

"Sowwy . "

"Go home and check her . If her mind space is not red, destroy her body immediately!"

Misha was taken aback, "What!?"

"You said that Gabriel killed all hidden fairy overlords, right?"

"Yes . "

"Then, all the girls didn't have a statue but a core and a white room when you returned them, right?"

"Yes . "

"Go check Maple . Her soul went missing during the enemy's raid, and she should have died in that incident . Normally, her real body should have mutated into a monster after her soul had died . Since her body remains a human, she must have run away for a reason, and I think she had been converted into a fairy overmind!"

"… I thought so as well . "

Misha did not want to accept it, but Maple was likely to be their enemy now . Although she inherited half of Mia's memory, she did not want to harm the former friend .

Mia chased Misha away, "Go back and protect everyone in my stead . Get rid of Maple ASAP . "

"What if she was kidnapped when we weren't looking?"

"Impossible . I marked all of them when we fought them that day . Unless she sneaked out by herself, I would have noticed it . "



Misha logged out of the game after she talked to everyone for an hour .

When she got back, she visited Maple's soulless body, as Mia had asked . Misha used psionic possession on her, investigating about her condition .

As Mia had guessed, Maple's room was still white . There was no residual soul of a fairy overlord or her core, just an empty room .

'I can't believe she's converted . I should tell everybody about this . '

For the sake of their safety, Misha consulted this with other Sasha, Natalie, grandma Min, and other sisters . They were surprised by the discovery .

However, not everyone agreed to dispose of Maple's real body . She had been one of their friends for a long time, and they could not accept the fact that she was converted .

Everyone split into two sides . One wanted to kill off Maple while the other hoped for the opposite .

The quarrel went on for hours . It irked grandmother Min to the point that she had to stop all girls from talking .

She also came up with a solution .

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"For now, I'll plant something into her mind space . Then, I'll seal her body in an isolated prison ship . Is that alright with you all?"

All girls and Misha agreed . As they could not bear to kill their friends, they would leave her body alone for now .


The fleet resupplied at the Banana Star System . At the same time, they evacuated all workers and their personals from the star system as they had planned to migrate from the Milky Way Galaxy .

It took them two days to finish everything .

While the adults were busy, Prof Luckyaf became all GG members and Misha's teacher . They learned a bit more about common sense what they should conduct in the future . After all, the galaxy that they planned to move into had a different culture .


Meanwhile, at Solar Star System, MWG fleets under the supreme commander of the MWG primary fleet, John Samael, the grandfather of Joan, arrived . They came here with Fleet Admiral Michael and Gabriel's fleet .

Three fleets of 3,000 battleships cruised through space as if they had prepared for war .

Gabriel and Lana had already returned to their home fleet . The daughter-con admiral was relaxed, paying no effort or trying to hunt for the Uriel Family .

On the other hand, Supreme Commander Samael wanted a piece of Min Uriel since Mia and the banana grandmother had done a number on their colonies and spaceships .

As for Michael, he did not care about the incidents as he only followed the orders from the bigwigs .

Joan, who had logged out of the game, was with her grandfather, pestering him to rush to search .

"Grandpa, I think they have escaped from this star system . Can you search the surrounding systems? Please?"

John Samael, whose appearance was a withered elder with skinny limbs, gazed at his granddaughter with a smile .

"Sure . We'll hunt them down . No matter where they are hiding, we'll find them for you . "

His eyelids were too heavy for him to open, so his eyes looked as if they were closed . His eyebrows and long silver goatee made his outward character as a kind and defenseless old man . However, he was known to be the strongest fleet commander among all MWG's ranks, aside from Gabriel and Min .

"Thank you, grandpa! I love you!"


The MWG hunting fleet spent three days setting up the hyperspace jump gate and collecting information about Holy Saber Fleet's routes .

When they found that the fleet went to Banana Star System, all 3,000 battleships chased her fleet there .

Unfortunately, Min took her fleet away and escaped to another star system two days ago, and MWG missed her .

Again, they had to spend five days to trace Min and set up for another hyperspace jump . On the other hand, Min only needed two to three days of preparation to relocate to another location .

The game of cat and mouse continued, which lasted for a month . In the end, the Holy Saber Fleet collected all of their people and escaped from the Milky Way Galaxy without fighting back against MWG's three fleets .

While the Holy Saber Fleet got into deep space, Misha received a piece of bad news from Lilith's automatic message system .



"Oh, no . "

Misha, Sasha, Natalie, and everyone panicked . They reported to Min about the changes .

Min looked at the nervous children with a wry smile, "That green banana should be okay on his own . Didn't you say that he has many wives there? With women around, he won't have issues . "

"But, what if he wants to log out? Will he be able to appear on our spaceship?"

Min's expression changed . She sent an inquiry to Lilith right away, asking what Misha had told her .

And their nightmare became a reality .

[Ah, I'm afraid that he will reappear on earth if he logs out of the game . You see, currently, my service only applies to people of the Milky Way . If you're migrating to other galaxies, I can't teleport a player there . ]

Grandmother Min begged for a favor, "Can you help? How many diamonds do you need?"

[It's not about diamonds . You are out of my jurisdiction area . You see, you will have to ask the administrator of the perspective galaxy . I suggest you should try visiting Xian Tong's Galaxy . He's a kind administrator, I can guarantee you . Oh, he's a bit perverted like Mia, though . ]

Min gazed at her space map . The said galaxy was too far away, and they were on the opposite side of their direction .

"What about Old Heaven Galaxy? Do you know the admin there?"

[OHG? Eh, that's Medusa's jurisdiction, but I'm not familiar with her, so you should try to get on her good side first if you want to ask for a favor . From my experience, she's sensible and fair with her customers . ]

"You can't help at all?"

[As I said, try to get on admin Medusa's good side . It's not my jurisdiction . Besides, she doesn't like me . You see, I had a bit of an issue with her in the past . We're not on good terms . ]

"… Fine . "




It took another month for the Holy Saber Fleet to reach the Old Heaven Galaxy .

This galaxy was similar to the Milky Way in terms of star structures as they had rotating branches, but OHG only had three wings . As a result, they looked like an old turbine of a plane engine with three blades, bending in anti-clockwise .

The fleet made their way to a star system, the Two-Eyes Star System .

They named it this way because there were two white suns in this solar system . One was the center of this star system, while the other orbited around the central sun . When they looked at the suns from a planet, they would think that they were watching the glowing white eyes of a creature .

Fortunately, Min Uriel's exploration team had visited this place and confirmed that humans could survive in one of the planets in this system, the Cathulu Planet .

The planet already had an intelligent species, the Felionians .

These Felionians were a humanoid race that had cat ears, a tail, and the cat's behavior . In other words, they were the race of catmen and catwomen .

The population was only half a million people, not counting all humans and labor androids . Still, it was a sanctuary for Min's subordinates to start over a new life here .

Misha observed the planet and listened to Min's explanation .

"I'll leave all of you to attend a school here . At this place, you won't have to worry about your race anymore since there will be other aliens in your class . "