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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 172

Published at 20th of November 2019 05:00:11 AM

Chapter 172

Chapter 172 – Shelter 88 VS Nuclear Missiles



Six homing missiles from the jets hit the two esper robot's barrier .

Seth, as an elite helicopter pilot, reacted to the attack .

He aimed his custom rifle, which resembled an ancient AR-10, pointing at the oncoming jets .

As the cockpit OS had been tampered by Seth's crews, his mech assisted with the aiming calculation . His eggcat partner also coordinated as his spotter .

Unlike Tama, Kai, or others, Seth's eggcat had eight tentacle eyes, staring at different monitors to pinpoint targets for his partner .


Seth pulled the trigger .

The jet pilot did not expect a retaliation shot, and he failed to react . The long-range shell penetrated the plane .


Two jets remained, but Seth and Brim had not found the real missiles .

Shelter 87's jet pilots were shocked by the accuracy . They took a sharp turn and separated, trying to distract the two esper robots .

Brim left the fighter jets to Seth, while he flew forward, looking for the missiles within the crowd of hostile units in his radar .



15 Seconds were left before the missiles could hit the base .


The two satellites switched targets . One of them found one of the missiles, but the other locked on to the surviving F-35 .

Seth reloaded and aimed at the next plane, which got panicked by the reflex of this demi-human .



Another plane got shot down . Coincidentally, this was the plane that one of the satellites automatically locked on . Since the target was destroyed, the ion cannon switched to the next hostile unit among the crowd .


13 Seconds remaining


Brim finally spotted the missiles on his radar . At the moment, these missiles flew over the decoy AHMUs around Shelter 87 .

However, the missiles were not in his attack range . In his cockpit radar, they were over 60km away in high altitude .

"How many teleport buttons do we have, Sam?"

*Mowow* (Five . )

"Hold on to all of them . Once the missile detonates, press every button . "

*Meow!* (What are you trying to do?)

"… Have you heard about kamikaze?"

*Mowow* (Five buttons mean five kilometers . We won't escape the blast range . )

"Do you forget that I've learned a new skill from a red gel?"

Red gels rarely bestowed the consumers with their blood owner's skills, such as Mia's [Blast] . Mia and Misha had eaten over 500 gels to boost their max VIT, but they could only learn the ordinary [Blast] skill because of its rarity .

Brim had won the lottery . He learned the rarest of the rare skills, [Teleportation] .

It was the same skill that Joan, Aria, Gabriel, and grandmother Min had!


11 Seconds remaining




Seth took down the last decoy F-35 . He turned toward the sky where the oncoming missiles were on a distant away .

Brim also commanded his mech to fly upward, heading toward the missiles .

*Mowow!* (Be sure to teleport one or two seconds ahead of the impact! We won't survive if the blast reaches us)

"I know!"


10 Seconds


One of the ion cannons fired its laser .

The beam hit a missile and fried the components . No explosion happened, but it was enough to disable it .

However, the other missile was still armed .

50 Kilometers remained till it hit Shelter 88's base .


9 Seconds


Seth activated his communication device, connecting to Crystal .

"One missile remaining! What's the status of our satellites!?"

[I-It has logged on one of the decoys! I'm trying to switch its target!]


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8 Seconds


Crystal's hands left after images as she typed her keyboard to command the remaining pre-charged ion cannon manually .


7 Seconds


Crystal pressed Enter .



6 Seconds



Seeing the prompt message on her radar truck screen, Crystal pinpointed the remaining missile .


5 Seconds

25 Kilometers till the missile hit its target .




Crystal screamed in despair . She was too late by one second .

Even if she succeeded, the blast radius would still consume their base .


Meanwhile, Brim was 5 kilometers away from the missile .


Brim aligned his robot's course with the missile .

At that moment, he changed his mind . Instead of teleporting outside of his robot and let the missile hit his mech, Brim wanted to catch it .


4 Seconds


The missile arrived before Brim .

He glared at the warhead as he activated his power to the fullest .

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Telekinesis: Lessor Object Control!

It was a weaker version of Misha's skill, but Brim took the chance .

The missile's speed got slower . From the speed of 5,000m/s, it reduced to 1,000m/s .

It was enough for Brim to react .

Brim's Prometheus touched the missile as he activated his teleportation power .

He teleported his robot along with the missile . Instead of moving away from Shelter 88, he teleported to alter the missile direction .

"I'm a fucking genius, Sam . I got an enlightenment just now . "

The missile regained its speed as it launched itself forward .



The warning siren stopped as the defense system calculated that they were out of danger .

The last missile did not move toward their base . On the contrary, it was heading west to the direction of Shelter 87 .

Crystal stared at the updated radar screen in shock . She did not understand what had happened .

Seth had a better understanding of the situation as he saw Brim flying toward the missiles . He laughed as he liked this youth .

"Goddammit, Brim . You're a fucking hero . "

Seth's voice was broadcasted through the public channel intercom . Everyone in the base heard it and connected the situation together .

"What happened!?"

"Did Brim do something?"

"That Brim? That idiot from the Tautog Team that had been once captured?"

News spread along with assumptions and rumor . Still, Brim benefited from it as his popularity rose .




Anutin and Newin stared at their radar in shock .

The countdown had reached zero, yet none of the missiles detonated . However, one of them was flying toward their direction .

Its speed was much slower than before, but the warhead became a threat to their base .

Newin screamed, "Tell all teams to shoot down the missile!"

Anutin shook his head, "Tell them to get away from its range . We're living in a fallout shelter and a missile silo . We can withstand a nuclear missile . "

"Fool! How long do you think the radiation will last!? Even if we can live 200 years, the poison air will still there!"

"That's not the point . Radiation or not, it doesn't matter . What matters is the blast radius . We won't be harmed if we stay inside the shelter . "

As the two executives were bickering, the missile lost its power and landed on the ground .

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The location it landed was in between Shelter 88 and their missile silo . However, the decoy mechs were in the area .


All flying mechs and helicopters were devoured by the explosion . A mushroom cloud appeared to show the world that someone used a taboo weapon .

The tremor hit Shelter 87, which was the closest base from the explosion site .

All demi-hydras in the base was in an uproar as they knew what hit them .

When the tremor subsided, Newin was infuriated . He grabbed Anutin's neck and blamed him, "This was your idea! We're doing well up until you came up with that missile attack . Now, we don't have a missile in our silo! Sebastian will definitely attack us next!"

Venting his anger, Newin punched Anutin several times until his face transformed from red to blue . The gale dragonewt was imprisoned afterward .

Newin gathered his demi-hydras, planning their next move and a countermeasure against future attack from Shelter 88 .




Mia, Tiny, and their ant army could see the mushroom cloud and the loud explosion from miles away .

Sebastian's mech had already reached Mafdet City, but he came for nothing . Mia and his children had already finished the work .

All surviving humans were guided to the underground passageways . They would be converted into demi-humans later to reinforce Shelter 88 .

Although the humans were in despair, some of them showed enthusiasm when they had heard that they could mutate and live longer .

The anime fanatic groups that Misha had encountered before were also among the people, and they approved this transformation project . After all, their minds had already escaped from reality, and they sought something to fulfill their life .

Mia and Sebastian stayed behind in the ruin of Mafdet City, looting diamonds and other supplies for their people . They found other treasure troves, such as canned food, green gels, yellow gels, fairy railguns, broken mechs, tanks, fuel, vegetable gardens, and the food factory, which stored several tons of provision for the civilians .

While Mia was enjoying the loot, Sebastian asked him .

"Prayut is dead, and the otherworlders seem to withdraw from this region . What do we do next?"

Mia shrugged, "Maat Fortress . That's the last human settlement in this region . "

"What about Shelter 87 and Chonburi Base? Should we hit them, too?"

"Let's get rid of human cities first . Without humans, the otherworlders won't have the balls to come back . After all, most of them are human . "

"… Okay . By the way, I want to ask you this for some time now . "


"Will you go back to your world one day? Or will you stay here forever . "


Mia had not thought about it yet . Now that Sebastian had mentioned it, he had a dilemma .

If he wanted to return to his dimension, he had to leave Tiny and B sisters here . After being with them for a while, the bonds between them became something like a treasure to Mia .

However, Mia was not done with Gabriel and the Milky Way Government . Someone had to get rid of this government and that fleet commander, or they would spread the fairy viruses .

Too many things were in his mind .

"I haven't decided that yet . Once I finish dealing with our enemies, I'll think about it . "

"… Alright . "