Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 175

Published at 20th of November 2019 05:00:08 AM

Chapter 175

Chapter 175 – Vol 1 Epilogue

Mana, Sebastian, and Mia returned to the base .

Crystal was delighted when she saw Mana again . She hugged the little girl and sobbed .

Sebastian and Mia rested for the day as they changed shift with the others .

Mia was in a bad mood as one more otherworlder slipped through his grasp again .

'That annoying logout… is there something that I can prevent that?'

In frustration, Mia sent a ticket to Lilith to complain .

And he got a reply instantly .

[That's a bug that I forgot to fix . Usually, any attack should have canceled the logout sequence, and alpha testers have that feature . For some reason, the beta testers have that bug that allows them to log out after they are attacked . I'll look into it . ]

"I thought the game is completed since you have been charging money and diamonds . Hell, is this a game or a real-world? I thought it was a real-world in another dimension in the form of a game, then you used game jargon . "

[Both are correct . This is a game . At the same time, it's a real world . I have the dimension system that has to be taken care of . That's where the bugs are coming from . ]

"You're doing a bad job then . "

[This dimension is still in the close-beta . There are a lot of system bugs and performance inconsistencies since I'm testing various stuff . I'll compensate you once the beta test is over . ]

"How long will this last?"

[Not too long . I have enough data . We will move on to open-beta soon . ]

"Will there be changes? Can you let me know in advance?"

[I'll tell you when it's ready . By the way, I have a job offer for you . Would you like to work for me as an NPC?]


Lilith changed the subject . Also, her job offer came out of nowhere .

"I don't see a point working for you . "

[You don't care about your wives at all?]

"What does that have anything to do with my wives?"

[NPCs can't move to your dimension unless I grant them the permission, you know? Do you not want to bring your wives to your Milky Way?]

Mia had been worrying about this for a long time . He wanted to send Tiny and B sisters to his world, so they could attack the Milky Way Government together . However, he did not know if Lilith would let them or not .

Now that Lilith mentioned it . Mia confirmed his theories that he indeed had to get Lilith's permission .

"So, the catch is, I have to work for you?"

[Correct . How about it? Want to work for me? I'll let you pick any NPC in this world to your world when the contract is completed . ]

"Tell me about this contract . What's the job? I need to know the details before I jump into your bullshit . "

Lilith sent him the details in the form of a quest .






Currently, the system setting, dimension stability, and difficulty are unfavorable to players . To get the mass' attention, we should make the game appealing by making it easier and user-friendly .

To fix this, I've separated the game into two versions . One is a hardcore side, and the other is a casual side, just like how MWG used to do .

I have finished adjusting the difficulties in the casual server, and I can open the game to the public any time after I get all the bugs fixed . However, the server you are in is designed to be the hardcore server, the PVP server, or a prison, which the life of all players will be at stake, PK'ers and criminals from every dimension will be transferred here .

I'm lacking someone who understands the hypocrisy of the Milky Way Government and its people . I want someone that can kill them without batting an eye . I'm also looking for someone who can fill the role of the King of all monsters .

That's where you come in . Your job is to create an environment that monsters are the dominant species, while the humans are forced to work as one . Your first mission is world domination .


- Conquer Earth .

- Populate the world with 5 billion monsters .

- Kill at least 1 billion of hardcore players .


- All your wives can travel to your dimension .

- Racial upgrade to you, your wives, and your children .


- Until you complete your objectives, you cannot log out .

- You will retain all status attributes and skills when the game shifts to open-beta and commercial phrases .

- All players in the hardcore server cannot log out permanently .

- Your diamonds can still be used to buy items from VIP shops .

- The monster population can be either local monsters or your children .

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- You cannot communicate with others in your real dimension until the quest is completed .




<[yes] no]="">></[yes]>

Reading through the quest description, Mia frowned .

"You have another server?"

[Yeah . We have to separate psychopaths from innocent players, after all . You don't have to worry about the casual server since it's irrelevant to you . ]

"Then, you're treating PKers as criminals!? Making us killing each other!?"

[All of those silver-spoon doofuses are useless in societies anyway . Well, with a few exceptions . Killing you lots and replacing you with tamable androids is the right move . ]

Mia wanted to yell at Lilith and punch her in the face, but he had a second thought . He recalled something .

Milky Way Government was a combination government system between multi-planet police state and communism, which everyone with a private army was the law . Battleship captains held many privileges in the government, but their action was still limited by the five Fleet Admiral with archangel surnames, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Samael .

These families maintained the power balance of the Milky Way Galaxy, but each of them abused their authorities for their self-interest, including grandmother Min and Gabriel .

Because of their exploited authority, many wealthy merchants found a loophole and bought their way to the government, forming a hierarchy inside the government . Then, small forces spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, causing chaos in various star systems .

Although Mia had not experienced what these small forces did, the experiment that Gabriel did and the dragon's blood project was enough to prove that the MWG was full of crap .

Some of them had to die, so the galaxy could change for the better . This government system also had to change .

"Does this hardcore server population include the alpha-testers and beta-testers?"

[Well, I'll tell you the details if you accept my job . ]

"Another question . Are all the beta-testers nobles or children of MWG high ranking officer?"

[Correct . Rich sons and daughters of selfish merchants, spoiled brats from military families, and a bunch of rotten children from crooked politicians . None of them deserves to live . Don't you think so?]


[Your government has been doing whatever they want for millennia . I'm doing you a favor by cleaning the messes they made . Also, I've placed several traps in your dimension, as well . Wanna know the details?]

"… Tell me everything . "




A week later, in-game .

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Hewett repaired the missile and the nuclear warhead, turning it into their thump card . However, it was not that necessary anymore .

Thorn never returned to the base, but his five comrades came back . They explained everything to Sebastian and Mia that Thorn went out in secret to rescue his brother, Anutin, but they got separated .

Crystal's personality became more aggressive after she had lost Elvis and Thorn went missing . In frustration, she charged her ion cannons and blasted Maat Fortress without caring for the consequences or permission from Mia .

As a result of her satellite attack, the blast radius dug a 5km wide and 10km deep hole, causing a magnetic field anomaly in the area . No mech could get close to the hole as they would be jammed by mysterious magnetic signals . All electronic devices were destroyed when they wandered in the range of ten kilometers of the cliff .

The responsible satellite also got overheated by the firing sequence . It was no longer usable, leaving only one surveillance satellite and one last ion cannon for Crystal's future usage .

Newin got scared by the ion cannon's power . He sent an envoy, telling them that they were willing to surrender . However, when Mia and Sebastian took their Prometheus to clean Shelter 87, the majority of demi-hydras and Newin had fled, leaving only ruins and leftover prisoners .

All prisoners had been rescued and converted into Shelter 88's population . All humans were forcefully mutated into demi-humans by Mia .

They also found the remains of Llamador, who was once one of their pilot captains . His dismembered body indicated that he was eaten by the locals .

With all surrounding bases destroyed or surrendered, Mia's civilians enjoyed their peaceful period .

The tranquility did not last long . As soon as their stealth missile research had been completed, Mia told them about his future plan .

Changes were coming .




A month had passed since Min had dropped Misha and Shurka off on a new habitable planet to attend a new school .

Grandmother Min's fleet was still patrolling on the Dual-Eye Star System and the Cathulu Planet, mining heat energy and gas from the two suns to trade with local civilizations with inferior technologies .

As for the two teenagers, they blended well with the local civilization .

The planet was filled with humans with cat ears and a cat tail, the Felionian Race . As its name implied, they were catwomen and catmen .

Surprisingly, they could also understand Tama and Mii's language . However, they sometimes meowed instead of talking, but Misha and Shurka understood them since they got used to Tama and Mii's mewing .

However, their daily activities were as short as 10 hours a day, which lasted 24 hours as the Earth . As for the rest of the time, they slept, like a cat .

Today, a pair of dragonewts attended school as usual .

It was a P . E . class, in which all students had to run around a track field with weight restraint tools on their wrists and angles .


The P . E . teacher blew her whistle, ordering her students to run a 2km mini-marathon race .

Misha, using Mia's old body, took the lead, followed by Shurka .

An athletic catman chased after Shurka . He passed her by running on two legs and two hands .

"Meh! You're cheating, Moo!"

"Running on four isn't cheating! It's a running technique, NYA!"

Ten seconds later, the catman, Moo, caught up to Misha .

"Mia, you're slow! Catto kicku!"

Moo leaped at Mia from behind to give Misha a dropkick .

In Felionian's culture, runners were allowed to interrupt their competitors in a standard race . They could use punches, kicks, and psychic skills, but they could not directly wound the opponent with weapons, sharp claws, or bites . Anyone that caused a serious injury on a competitor would get a foul and get ejected from the race .

Misha cast a barrier dome .


Moo's dropkick hit the barrier, and his body lost his balance in mid-air .

*Mew!* (Tama's whippu!)


Misha's wings transformed into tentacles and whipped Moo's body, sending him flying to the side field .

"DAAAAHH!! Don't use your tentacles, you stupid tentacle cat!"

Moo screamed in frustration as his position dropped to the last place because of his fall . He got up and ran back into the running track .


After the running session, Moo, Misha, and Shurka rested on the side while the other students ran on the track . Moo did not mind the previous race's action as it was just a sports competition . Besides, they were friends .

Misha and Shurka enjoyed the peaceful environment on this planet . They forgot about the experience in Lilim Heritage Online's death game .

"Nya, Mia, Shurka . Have you heard about the new game?" Moo asked in enthusiasm .

"What game?"

Misha had not touched a game for months or interest in the gaming community anymore . She did not know what Moo was talking about .

"A game company has imported a VRMMO game from the aliens to our planet recently . I think they said the game was still in the closed-beta state, but it will launch to the public soon . Are you interested?"

"Nah, I'm tired of gaming . I'm a realist, so I'll pass . "

"Are you sure? The game setting is a semi-fantasy and sci-fi! There are robots and monsters . "

Hearing the sci-fi setting and robots, Misha recalled her bitter experience in LHO . She also missed Maou Mia .

"What game, Moo?" Shurka was interested .

"Eh, it's an odd name . Let me check … Lilim … Heritage Online . "