Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 188

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:00 AM

Chapter 188

Chapter 188 – Everything Can Go Wrong

Misha received chemical boxes from Eva . As for Walter's money, she already transferred everything to his bank account . All that was left was that Misha had to bring these meth ingredients back to Walter, so he could cook more .

Before she returned to her master, Misha visited another place .

The Dragonewt Parthenon, the place where her character was first spawned . Also, it was a place that Misha had to scratch the god's toe .

Upon entering the temple, she found nobody inside .

Since Misha and Shurka were the only dragonewt players in this game, it would have been odd if other dragonewt players appeared here .

She got to the toe-itching god . Trolling the god, she scratched his toe again .

*Oh yeah*

A manly moan echoed throughout the temple .

Tama thought it was fun . She also used her tentacles to rub the toe .

*OH! OHO!*

*AH! YES!*


The moaning was getting out of hand . Several players heard the joyful cry, and they visited the temple to see if there were events .

Misha got embarrassed by the god's moaning . She stopped scratching .

"That's enough, pervert god! Now, can you tell me how I can donate or tribute you to increase my karma?"

The dragonewt statue sighed as if it wanted more .


Misha took out the dead corroding zombie and a half-eaten player's body on the floor .








Misha could see a pattern with the offering system .

First, her earning karma would always be 1% of the offering's total strength, rounded down .

Secondly, for monsters, the amount of dust reward was 1:1 ratio to the monster's strength . However, for players, Misha could obtain ten times more .

This game might encourage PKing, but at the same time, it did not .

Killing other players would decrease the killer's karma, and the killer might risk exposing his criminal deeds to the city guards if he got caught . Meanwhile, taking dead bodies of other players had many perks to choose, either selling them to the mafias or trading them for karma and dust .

Misha could see many ways to enjoy this game now . She could play a good guy in public while she worked for mafias when nobody was looking .

'This is fun . '

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Let's provoke all noobs in the zombie zone . Wait, let's attract more monsters to the crowded area, so we can loot dead bodies!)

"You're being a troll, Tama . "

*Meh-Heh Mew* (That's how mafia works!)


Meanwhile, the onlookers could see the notification of tributes and rewards when they were the same temple . As a result, they saw Misha's logs .

"1500 Power monster!? She took it down!?"

"That explains how she levels so fast!"

"Who is she?"

"That player is Misha! She's the first ranker!"


"Look at that AK-47! No wonder she grinds fast!"

"The game has hardly opened for a day, but she's level 29 already . "

"I'm only level 6 . . . " *Cries*

Misha ignored the rumors and the crowd of newbies . She asked the god, "I would like to buy skills for dragonewts . Do you sell it here?"



Misha realized the gravity of her negative karma now . Even though she had a lot of dust, she could not buy dragonewt skills to upgrade her character .

This might apply to other shops in the city, and it would hinder her growth .

*Mew* (Let's go shopping in the mafia mall . Maybe they sell skill books there . )

"Ah . For now, let's return the quest items first . I don't like keeping the time-limited quests . "

*Mew* (Yeah, like shelter 88's motto . )

"Everything can go wrong . "

*Mew* (Yup!)


Misha left the temple and walked toward the slum, heading toward the dark forest entrance .

Unfortunately, a dozen newbies with nothing to do followed her, wanting to discover her secrets or a place to grind their levels .

Misha wanted to lose them and proceed to Walter alone, but Tama asked her to let them tag along .

She wanted to lead them to their death in the forest, so Misha could loot their corpses!


As Misha was walking to the forest entrance, Sasha sent her a friend message .

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[I've found a place to register a guild, but it's too expensive . For a starter, a one-star guild requires 100,000 dust . Say, Misha . How much money do you have?]

Misha's feet stop . She opened her friend messenger interface and typed .

"About 5 million . How much do we need to create a guild? What's one-star? Are there other star levels?"

[WTF!? How did you get that so fast!?]

"I'm a 1337 haxxor!"


"Just kidding . I sold human organs to the mafias . "

[Be serious . ]

"I'm serious . "


Sasha did not reply for a minute .

[We need 10 million dust to create a five-star guild . Also, we have to buy land and construct a building for our guild headquarters . The fund we need is about 50 million . ]

"Hold it . You said one-star in the beginning . How the heck has it become 5-star!?"

[Shut it, banana girl! You are rich, so you should help other sisters! Find us 50 million dust, or else!]

"You're extorting me!"

[I'm being lenient here . Everyone is trying hard to gather the fund . Natalie and I only have like 30,000 dust after farming for almost a day . Since you know a way to make money but you didn't want to share with us, do us a favor, okay?]

"Eh, you want to know the way? I knew a few ways to make quick money, but you'll lose your karma, though . It's a risky method . "

[Yes . Tell me, so everyone can help . ]

"Okay . Be patient and listen to the end …"

Misha looked back and saw several players stalking her . Since they might saw what she was texting, Misha thought that she should get rid of these followers first .

Then, she spotted a patrolling guard in the slum area . He was smoking as he was harassing a thug .

Misha had an idea . She looked into her inventory and took out a marble, which worth 1000 dust .

Then, she walked toward the patrol guard .

"Excuse me, sir . "

The guard turned to Misha in annoyance, "What? Oh, great . A fucking sinner . What the fuck do you want from me?"

Misha was taken aback by the guard's reaction, but she figured that it might be because of her negative karma .

Undaunted, Misha flashed her emblem, so the guard could see it . Then, she gave the 1000 dust marble to the guard .

"I'm being stalked by a bunch of troublemakers . Can you chase them away for me, please? This is a gift from me, so it will be worth the trouble . "





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The guard coughed and took the dust marble into his pocket, "Ahem, since you're a troubled citizen, then I have no choice . "

He walked toward the stalkers and yelled at them, giving them threatening game notification that he was going to attack the players had they not left his sight .

All stalkers ran away in confusion and panic .

*Meh-Heh Mew* (Now, that's how mafia works!)

"Indeed . "

It felt satisfying acting like a gangster for once .

Since nobody was looking anymore, she told Sasha about the mafia organizations and the location of the mafia center .


When Sasha learned about the mafia's existence, she was excited . Without hesitation, she passed on this news to Natalie and Shurka, including other sisters who had just joined the game after Sasha .

Misha did not know what they were planning, but she did everything she could for now .

It also took a while to explain everything to her sister . When Misha was done, an hour had already passed, and Misha had 16 hours remaining to complete the quest .

Getting the items was not hard . The time-consuming part was the sneaking and avoiding the high-level monsters in the forest .

'I should hurry . '

When Misha reached the forest entrance, she found a large group of players gathering .

50 Players were standing idly without hunting monsters while newbie players were chased away from the hunting area .

One of them was someone she knew .

INWTRUE Nemo Whale, who had respawned from death .

Since Misha had read many cliché VRMMO novels, she knew where her life was heading .

"Well, shit . Here we go again . "

Nemo also spotted Misha .

"That's her! She killed me and looted our weapons! Kill her and take her guns!"

Misha had expected this, but she was cool-headed enough not to attack them first . By letting them attacking Misha first, they would get the penalty of lawless aggression .

But Misha forgot one fact .

"Hey, her name is already greyed . We can attack her without penalties!"

That was when Misha realized her mistake .

"Crap! Dammit, karma!"

One of the nearest Nemo's friends got close to Misha from behind while he was holding a steel pipe . He swung it at Misha, aiming to smash the back of her head .

Sensing the danger, Misha ducked, dodging the swing .



*MYA* (WTF!?)

Misha and Tama were frustrated . With these messages and the treatment, Misha might not be able to fight back .

Two more melee fighter dashed at her with melee weapons . They swung their baseball bats at Misha, but she dodged them again .

Yet, the same game messages appeared, telling her that they were doing the right thing .

Getting impatient from being on the defense, Misha unleashed her dragonewt's skill for the first time .

Flame Field!

The three players' body was lit on fire by the fire burst . However, the flame disappeared by itself, and their HP had not been depleted .




"This is not fair!"

Misha wanted to curse at Lilith to the face now . By having negative karma, she could not even retaliate against these players .

*MEW* (Run!)

As Misha did not want to risk lowering her karma further, she decided not to fight back and run away into the dark forest .

The group of 50 people chased after her . Some of them had AGI built character, and their speed was superior to Misha .

They caught up and attacked her again .

Tama pulled out a VIP item, a jetpack, out of Misha's VIP inventory and helped her equip it while she dodged all the attacks from the pursuers .

The moment she had equipped the jetpack, Tama activated it for her .


Misha flew to the sky!




By flying with the jetpack, Misha and Tama managed to lose the pursuers .

However, the danger was not over yet .

Before them, a pack of vultures was looking at them .

"Tama, do vultures hunt live prey?"

*Mew* (If they're uninfected animals, I doubt it . )

"But what if they're mutated vultures?"

*Mew* (Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong . )


Soon, ten mutated vultures with 2500 power flew toward Misha .

"Welp . Everything can go wrong!"