Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 189

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:30:58 AM

Chapter 189

Chapter 189 – Vultures

Misha kept her flame field on as a defensive barrier while she armed herself with an AK-47 .  


Without waiting for the vultures to reach her, she sprayed bullets at them .  





The bullets did not cause significant damage to them . Their buffed defense was too strong .  



Name – Misha Bloominglilly

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Class – None

Sub Class - None

Level: 29/200

EXP: 859/2900

HP: 165/165

ST: 75/79

PF: 50/50

Hunger: 248/300


Free Attribute – 30

STR: 90

VIT: 165

STM: 79

AGI: 50

DEX: 50

INT: 50

WIS: 50

Luck: 21

Overall Strength: 564

Karma: -190



Inferno Mastery: Lv1

Auto Regeneration: Lv1

Pyrokinesis: Flame Field: Lv1

Science Cooking: Lv1

Bribery Mastery: Lv1

Mating Season: Lv0 (No Partner)



Misha had a total strength of 564, while each vulture had 2500 . The 1936% status buff from the power-difference penalty made these vultures almost invincible to AK-47's shells .  

Fortunately, these vultures did not have high HP, and the game did not buff their original HP in the damage calculation . Each of them had 500 HP by default .  


The attacked vulture was enraged by the peanut shots . It rushed at Misha, diving forward to stab her with its long peak .

Tama and Misha were not used to maneuvering the jetpack . They could not dodge!


Its beak hit the flame field!




The damage was so overwhelming that the flame field shield could not defend against it . Misha's psych force (PF) reduced to zero in an instant, and the barrier was destroyed .  

Still, it was enough to defend against a sudden fatal blow, and it gave enough time for Misha and Tama to react .  

Tama spat acid juice at the vulture during the split second that the shield was destroyed . Green liquid got into its eyes .


A red number "10" floated from its head . Tama had dealt 10 damages on it .  

Misha also emptied her clip at the close range .


20 Shells in her clip were gone, along with 20 of the Vulture's HP .  

The moment the clip was emptied, Tama pushed the jetpack controllers, forcing Misha's body to fly backward and descending at full speed .

The direction they were heading was the group of Nemo and the others!

The sounds of gunshots and the vulture's scream attracted other vultures in the sky . All 19 other vultures in the surrounding area rushed at Misha!

Misha shoved a green gel into her mouth to recover her PF . She reactivated her flame field once more .  

At the same time, another hand ejected the emptied clip from her AK-47 . The hand that had been just free from the green gel pulled another magazine from her game inventory and reloaded the gun .  

The injured vulture regained its momentum and rushed at Misha again with the same attack pattern .  

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However, Misha had already landed on the ground in the middle of the confused Nemo's friends .  

"That bitch has returned! Kill her!"

The gang turned around and took out their weapons, getting ready to attack .  

Before they could charge at her, Misha leapt backward with full power . Tama also pressed the jetpack's boost button, propelling her body to the sky .  

The injured vulture's beak pierced the ground where Misha had stood, along with the shockwave of its impact .  

Nemo and his friends were shocked by the sudden appearance of a monster with 2500 power . Their legs moved backward, preparing to run away .  

However, one of them noticed an opportunity as the vulture's beak got stuck into the ground because of the impact .  

"Hey, it's stuck!"

He rushed at it and hit the vulture with a crowbar .



The guy jammed Misha's monster .  

The vulture glared at the player as it tried to pull its beak from the ground, but it could not .  

Sensing the golden opportunity, the player disregarded Misha and kept attacking the monster .  

"Hahaha! How many EXP do you think we can get if we kill a 2500-power monster!?"

Nemo turned to the player in astonishment . Even though he wanted to kill Misha, killing the vulture was more tempting .  

"That should be no less than 20,000 EXP without VIP privilege!"

"Forget Misha, kill this monster first! We are a party of 50 men . Everyone can get EXP!"

The group ganged on the vulture while Misha flew back into the slum area, escaping from the battle zone .  

As the group was beating the injured vulture, the other 19 vultures descended to check their friend .  

Upon seeing players beating up their comrade, they screamed .


All monsters rushed to the players!




With one beak attack, each player's head was stabbed by the vulture's sharp beak . Four digits of damages floated on their heads, along with their death .  

All 19 vultures moved on and attacked every player in the vicinity .  

Nemo screamed in shock . He tried to run away .


One of the vultures reached him and pecked at the back of his head, drilling into his skull .  

9,999 Damage!!

The killing spree lasted less than two minutes . All 19 vultures dragged a dead player's body each back to their nest to be their dinner .  

However, the injured vulture's beak was still stuck in the ground .  

Unfortunately for the vulture, its friends came from bird's family species, so they were prone to having a short memory . They seemed to have forgotten about him after they got prey .  

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It was angered and helpless .  

A minute later, Misha returned to see the aftermath .  

"Wow . There are so many bodies!"

Misha skipped as she looted all dead players and their bodies into her inventory . A total of 31 corpses and 20,000 dust entered her pockets . As for the clothes and random items, she piled them at the bottom of her inventory slots for now . Once she had time, she would sort them later .  

Once the bodies were cleaned, she turned to the struggling vulture .  

At the moment, it had 20 HP left .  

*Meh-Heh Mew* (Free kill!)

"Yup . Free EXP . "

For the sake of efficiency, Tama spat acid at the vulture twice . Two 10 damage floated, and the vulture was defeated .  








Misha's level jumped once again by another big harvest . Now, she had collected 75 unassigned attributes .  

*Mew* (Let's raise your INT a bit . Your PF is a bit too low . We need to increase that . )

"Will it affect our PF? What about WIS?"

*Mrrr?* (I don't know . Let's test it . How about you put 10 into WIS first?)

Misha did so to test the game system .  


Their WIS changed from 50 to 60, and their max PF increased from 50 to 60 .  

As they had thought, WIS affected their maximum psych force they could have .  

"Let's balance our status . Our INT and WIS affected our flame field skill . "

During the combat, they noticed a particular log message .  



The flame field reflected some damages back to the vulture, which could be useful in the future against strong monsters .  

Still, there was a risk factor . Had that monster possessed a shield piercing attribute, Misha would have been dead in one strike .  

*Mew* (I think we were just lucky there . I saw that its beak went through our shield when it had pecked us . But it seemed to have aimed at the shield, not us . )

"Did it have a shield-piercing attribute?"

*Mew* (I'm sure it had . Wanna test on another stupid bird?)

"Err, let's complete the quest first . "

Walter's Trailer Site

Arthur and Walter smiled at Misha, who had come back to report her duties .  




Arthur laughed, "Good job . Did you have fun fighting the monsters in the forest?"

Misha sighed, "No, I mostly avoided them . "

"Well, you should start picking a fight with them now . Also, we have homework for you . "


"Right now, your constitution is too weak, and I don't think I can pass down my combat skills to you at the moment . Get your level to 200, then we'll talk . "

"Ugh . "

All of a sudden, Arthur wanted Misha to max her level before she could get another chain quest .  

Misha turned to Walter, who shook his head .  

"I'll give you a bit of pocket money . Arm yourself using the arms dealer shop that Arthur has introduced you . Get stronger, and we'll pass you some skills . "

Walter handed Misha a bag of dust marbles and a box of chemical ingredients .  

"I've written a detailed note about the cooking recipe and what tools you will need . You can ask the mafia mall to provide a suitable place for your cooking yard to start a business . When you reach level 50 in science cooking mastery, come see me again . "

Both of them chased Misha away and ended the questline . Now, Misha had to grind by herself .  

Despite that, Misha rejoiced .

'Great . I'm free!'

She took Walter's gifts and was about to bid her farewell .  







Colored dust is marked money that can't be used in town . Usually, these dust are stored in a bank's dummy safes . In the case that robbers took them, they would not be able to use it . Furthermore, there are trackers on the money, which will lead the police after your butthole!

Fortunately, mafias are good at cleaning the tracers, so the tracking devices on these money has been cleaned . Still, using this money in the town will alert the police and will result in the arrest of the player . However, you can clean this money at the mafia center or exchange them for clean money .  

Although they have been cleaned from the tracker devices, police can still track you if you take this money into the town . Try not to get caught .  

Exchange Price: 100 Colored Dust to 1 Dust


Misha's face twitched . She turned to Walter, who smirked at her .

"I completed my promise . "


Misha wanted to curse this black dragonewt, but she could not . Instead of getting 1,000,000 Dust, she got only 10,000 Dust for her trouble instead .