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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 194

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:30:53 AM

Chapter 194

Chapter 194 – 50 VS 1+1

While the 50 players let their guard down after they slaughtered all the players in the field, Misha drank one of her healing potions and restored her health to 241 .

"Hey, she's healed again!"

"Shoot her!"

All of them were on an open grassland without a cover . The only place that Misha could hide was the field of corpses .

Without a choice, she lay prone behind the nearest dead body and activated her life-saving skills .

Flame Field!

The flame shockwave did not harm any of the red-named players . However, a fire dome appeared around Misha as a protective barrier . Another health bar appeared below Misha's HP above her head, which was the shield's HP .

Since this was an emergency situation, Misha converted all 200 points of her psych force (PF) into barrier's HP, adding herself another 2,304 HP on top of the original 241 .







The difference in Misha's status points and the red players' power was between 400-500 points . Thus, the game gave Misha's defense buff in the calculation, reducing the damages from the guns .

Still, it added up as 50 players were concentrating their firing at one target .

Three shots from each player already reduced 1,800 HP from Misha's shield .

Between the second, when the red-named players fired their fourth shot, Misha sprayed back some bullets .



Head Shot! 2,950!


Head Shot! 2,050!

The bullets of a higher level player did not get a nerf from the game, and they displayed their full power potential .

The red-named players were at level 35 to 40 range, and their individual HP was less than 200 . Even a non-critical hit could kill them in one shot .

Although ten bullets were fired, four of the players went down, granting Misha 1 EXP each .

As her hands were busy controlling the recoil of the rifle, Tama dragged a yellow gel from her VIP inventory and shoved it in her mouth, replenishing her PF, just in case .


One of the red-named players used his skill . The power created an invisible force, which pushed Misha's body and her muzzle backward, disrupting her counter-attack .


Tama also unleashed her acid bullets . Five balls of her green digestive fluid flew and hit five players' faces .






The damages kill all of them in an instant!

Still, the other 42 players put up a fight . Also, Nemo had a better weapon than everyone else .






The fire barrier shattered after the INWTRUE gang continued shooting at Misha .





Red numbers began to appear on Misha's head . She began suffering real damages to her body now .

"HAHAHA! Your shield is no more! DIE!!"



Half of the players ran out of bullets as they spent most of them killing other players . They had to reload .



Misha reactivated her flame field after the shield was destroyed .

Another barrier dome appeared with another 2,304 HP!

Tama also knew her queue, she took another yellow gel and shoved it in Misha's mouth . Her PF was restored from 0 to 200 again!


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"What the fuck is this!?"

As the crowd stared at Misha's HP and her barrier HP bars in shock, the AK-47 continued the massacred .

Head Shot! 2,410!


Head Shot! 2,955!


Three-digit numbers, sometimes four, appeared on the head of sixteen red-named players, sending them to respawn in the game jail .


Soon, Misha, too, ran out of bullets .




Three of the players used this chance to disarm Misha by concentrating their psychic power to shove Misha's AK-47 away from her hand .

And it worked!

The rifle slipped out of Misha's grip when she was trying to change the magazine!


Nemo kept roaring at his men, commanding the other 24 players to finish Misha .

Ten of the players, who had learned the telekinesis skill, kept using it on her as they were trying to limit her movements .

From her initial prone position, Misha was pushed upward from the ground and shoved backward from the invisible force . Although it was harmless, it disarmed her and restricted her arms and legs .


From her inventory, Tama pulled two of Misha's spare AK-47s, which Misha had bought them for Sasha, Shurka, and others . Since they were pre-loaded, Tama's tentacles pulled the triggers .

The sudden appearance of Misha's spare guns shocked Nemo and everyone else .


A bullet went through Nemo's crotch, shattered his nuts, dealing 2,222 critical damage .

Then, the scary messages from the game astonished Nemo .






Nemo's conscience was blackened only a second before he found himself in a damp dungeon room with a plain rag cloth, a respawn clothing .

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He was locked inside an isolated underground prison .

'Shit, 270 minutes in real-life? That is almost 5 days in-game . I'd better log out and reported this to Roman . '

Nemo opened his game menu option, searching for a logout button .

He pushed the logout button right away .



Nemo Whale wanted to get out of the game and sue the game company for confining him right away . He opened his game recording option to acquire all footages a few minutes ago that he and his friends tried to kill Misha .

Although it was humiliating to publish their failed attempt, he planned to expose the game's illegal confinement action, so his relatives and his lawyer could use the footage to sue the game company .

Upon opening the universe net browser, he received another obnoxious notification .





Nemo was infuriated . He turned around and kicked the stone wall to vent his anger, but it hurt his foot instead .


He bit his lower lip as he crouched, holding his hurting foot .


After Misha and Tama killed Nemo, all red-named players lost their direction and acted independently .

As Tama added more firepower to Misha, the psychics could not keep up with their PF and Hunger spending, running out of their power first .

Without the telekinesis restraint, Tama and Misha did a quick work out of the players .

In the end, all 50 players, including Nemo, were forced to respawn in prison .

A few minutes after the battle ended, the 100 dead players, who were killed by Nemo's gang, returned with their white respawn clothes to recover their body and their items .

The field was in a mess as some of Nemo's friends looted their bodies into their inventories . Moreover, Misha killed them and caused all of their items to explode outside, mixing all items together .

Misha watched the mixture of human blood, items, and dead bodies with a wry smile . When she saw a loaf of blood-soaked bread, Misha got nauseous, imagining herself eating it .

*Nom-Nom?* (Can I eat that bread? That sauce looks delicious . )

"Please, don't . I'll feed you a red gel instead . "

*Meh* (I'm bored of red gels . Can I eat humans, please?)

Misha sobbed in tears .

'Do it in secret, please . Pick one of the PKers and mark it as your food or something . '

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (YAY! THANKS!)

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While Misha and Tama were having their internal cannibalism dilemma, the respawned players fought for their perspective items from the mixed piles . Some of them took advantage of the others by looting everything they found, which caused a scene .

"Hey, give my dead body back!"

"Who are you!? Scram . Don't bother me!"

"Hey, you looted my items!"

"Those are mine . Get lost . "

"That's it . Die!"

Several PVP battles happened here and there as their interests conflicted .

Misha stayed out of the chaos as she picked a corpse of a red-named player into her inventory . As long as she did not loot any green-named player's body, she should be out of trouble .



A few opportunists stole Misha's loots and Nemo's dead body . Even a few random players, who had no part of this mess, jammed in and looted everything they could .

'What a bunch of hyenas . '

She cussed them inwardly as she picked another dead body of a felionian girl . However, it was a green-named one .

"Oh, wrong one . "

At that moment, the owner of that body noticed Misha .

"Ah, that's my body . Can I have it back, Nya?"

Misha was surprised, "Oh, sure . "

Upon receiving her corpse, she beamed Misha with a bright smile .

Misha also helped her getting her nearby items back and added a pistol from a red-name corpse for her trouble . After they finished looting, the aftermath of Misha's battle was already cleaned .

"Wow, those hyenas worked fast . That is my loot . "

Frustrated, Misha complained .

"That's right, Nya! You were the one who killed them all, yet, those shameless people looted everything . "

Although many looters profited from this chaos, there were a few sad players .

Many weak-willed female humans cried as they lost all of their items and their dead bodies . The other male players cursed the thieves as they returned to the town, trying to regain their dust and equipment from the beginning .

"Poor them . "

"Yeah, they are pitiful, Nya . "

Misha gazed at the female felionian . Upon closer inspection, she remembered this cat girl .

It was the cat girl that pleaded for help when they first exited their Parthenon .

'Ah, the world is small . Haha,' Misha felt it was funny .

The catgirl looked at Misha, "Say, Nya . Do you have any unused items for them?"

"I do . Do you need it?"

"No, Nya . Can you donate some to those poor souls? They look so pitiful, Nya . "