Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 198

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:30:48 AM

Chapter 198

Chapter 198 – High Risk, High Return

Ropers, one of the fantasy monsters that appeared a lot in pornography, were the major population of the abandoned island near Newbie Island . Because of these trees, they were called Roper Island .

Roper was a tree monster . Its appearance resembled a cactus, but it was without needles, leaves, or flowers . Branches, which was made of soft pink tentacles, extended from its main body . Usually, an adult roper was five to six meters tall, 2 meters in diameter, and had 20 to 30 limbs . Each was at least 10 meters long .

These tentacles were their greatest weapons against other monsters and humans as the tips of these tentacles could transform into various shapes, which could become their primary weapons . Also, they could spit white liquid, which could melt any material . Fortunately, they were harmless against living being's tissues and skin .

Still, those white liquid emit pink gas, which contained a strong aphrodisiacal effect on female creatures . Every victim that inhaled the gas would hallucinate, seeing the monster trees as someone from the opposite gender . Any direct consumption of the white fluid would increase the victim's vitality, but it will also drug the victim, influencing them into breeding with the monsters .

Researchers found that the roper hid their primary genital inside their main body . Any female creature that was captured by these trees would be imprisoned inside their trunk and become their seedbed for their children .

Female explorers are advised to stay away from these creatures .


Everything was explained on a large signboard on a beach of Roper Island . Beyond this point was a forest, filled with thousands of roper monsters .


Non and Misha read the warning sign with a smiley face .

Although they were smiling, they were crying internally .

"Can we go back, Nya?"

"I also want to go back . "

"Then, let's head home, Nya!"

Non turned around, but Tama's tentacles wrapped around her waist, and Misha's hand grabbed the catgirl's shoulder .

Crying bloody tears, Misha turned to Non . Her neck ticked clockwise, bit by bit with a sound of bone-cracking, and it turned 180 degrees .

With a dark, teary face and bloodshot eyes, Misha begged in a cracked voice, "For the sake of my guild and my meth factory, help me . "


Non did not know if she should be afraid of the ghostly appearance of Misha or the ropers . Her screaming voice reached the stratosphere .



A few minutes later





A pink roper crawled toward two girls on the clean white sand beach . Behind them, seawater, which was contaminated with white sticky liquid, blocked their escape route .

The girls, however, were covered in white juice . 50% of their clothes had been melted by the roper's spit attack, but their HP was still full .

Yet, the two girls ran away from the monster in a panic as Misha threw range-attacks at it .

"Don't come any closer, Nya!"

"Fireball, Fireball, Fireball!"







"Oh! You hit harder again, Nya!"

Despite her crying face, Non laughed .

*Mya!* (Contribute something, you useless banana cat! Misha has been the only one attacking!)

"My weapon is already ruined, Nya! What do you want me to do!?"

*Mew* (Go punch those tentacles or something!)

Non glanced at the chasing roper .


For some reason, she thought that the monster was smiling at her .

"Nyope, Nya! I'm not gonna get raped by that thing!"

Non and Misha regretted coming here . They had managed to bait one roper to test their skills against it, but they suffered a cloth-melting attack in an instant .

The catgirl's spear was melted by the white liquid, and a portion of the fluid got into Misha's mouth, which gave a debuff effect of [Estrus] . Afterward, they ran away from the roper by running around the beach .

A change occurred in one of Misha's status effects after she got the [Estrus] debuff . A new icon appeared .

It was an icon of a pink heart with a [LV . 1] tag .




This status displays your sexual desire level . The level goes up and down, depending on the time of the year and your season period . However, you get bonuses to your attributes and skills if the level is high .


Level 0: No bonus

Level 1: 1 free Status Attribute bonus for each level up .

Level 2: 2 free Status Attribute bonus for each level up .

Level 3: 3 free Status Attribute bonus for each level up .

Level 4: 5 free Status Attribute bonus for each level up .

Level 5: 10 free Status Attribute bonus for each level up .



It was a status effect, unique to only female mutant players . Because of the roper's characteristics, Misha's libido status increased temporarily .


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The chasing roper sprayed more liquid again .

As Misha was concentrating on killing the roper with her fireballs, she got too close to the monster . Rain of white sticky liquid covered her body, and all her clothes evaporated .


A warning that Misha did not pay attention flashed .

*MYA!* (Get away from us, banana Dicku!)

Tama counter-attacked with her green acid .



*Meh!?* (What the hell!?)

For the first time, Tama was also helpless .

Misha turned around to run away from the roper .

Running on a beach was simple at first glance, but it consumed a lot of stamina in reality . After Misha had run for a few minutes, her stamina was depleted, and her character became sluggish .

Meanwhile, the roper's pace was always at 30km/hour, which was a bit slower than an adult's max running speed . However, keeping the pace for a long time was impossible for Misha at her current state .

A long pink tentacle caught Misha's leg and pulled her into the air .

Misha's face paled .

"Dammit! How many HP does it still have left!?"

A 3000-power roper had 2,000 HP . Currently, Misha had reduced 80% of its HP bar after fighting for a long time .

"Burn, you pervert! Fireball!"

Misha spammed her skills again .



Explosion! 164!

An explosion critical appeared . Less than 10% of the roper's HP remaining .

Unfortunately, a dozen tentacles wrapped Misha's body . One of them spit the white liquid at her face .

Because Misha was in a panic, she chanted her skill name to activate her skill . As a result, her mouth was not close .

The concentrated white juice entered her mouth again .



Misha panted as her mind spun .


Tama used her tentacles to parry all pervert sticks, which tried to ruin her avatar's purity . Even though Misha had plenty of sex with Shurka with her male form, her female body was still a virgin .


In Misha's eyes, she saw the roper tree as someone else .

Before her, the tentacle monster turned into Mia in his monster form .

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Upon seeing an illusion of Mia, unexplainable anger swelled in Misha's heart . Somehow, she wanted to tear him to pieces .

While Misha was seeing the monster as Mia, the roper tree opened its trunk, which revealed a room where it kept its seedbed .

"Because of you, I end up playing this perverted game . Go to Hell, Maou!!"

Misha activated flame field!


A DOT damage appeared, and a flame shield covered Misha's body .

The tree panicked as its body was burning .



With two more ticks, the roper's HP reached zero .











By killing the tree, Misha regained her sense, and her [Estrus] status effect disappeared . However, her libido was still at level five, which could reactivate that previous debuff at any time .

However, killing monsters when she had a high libido level gave her an additional 10 permanent status points!

While Misha was shocked by the rewards she got by killing the roper, Non, whose legs were trembling, staggered to Misha .

"Let's go back, Nya . I don't want to hunt here . "

Misha turned around to look at Non .

"Yeah, I think so," Misha escaped from the pink tentacle binding before she stored the corpse into her inventory .

Upon transforming the corpse into an item, she found an additional icon beside the dead body . It was a white pond icon with a description .




This white liquid can be used as crafting material to create an aphrodisiac drug, roper viagra, material dissolver, or monster baits .

Can be consumed directly .

Can be sold for 10 dust per gram .


Increase the consumer's sexual desire .



The amount of white acid that she got in her inventory was 2kg, which translated to 20,000 dust .   

Misha turned around and looked at the aftermath of their battle . She gathered a handful of white juice on her body and put it in her inventory .

2,011 gram .


*Meh-Heh Mew* (Oho? I smell money!)

Tama understood what Misha was doing . She extended her tentacles and wrapped around Non's body .


The innocent Non did not know what Tama was trying to do . She struggled as if her life was on the line .

However, Tama gathered white juice on Non's body and put them in Misha's inventory .

2,549 gram .

Misha scooped a handful of white sand, which was mixed with the white juice into her inventory, testing something .

A pile of ordinary white sand icon appeared in her inventory menu . However, the white liquid was filtered and included in her pool of roper's juice icon .

2,590 gram .

They increased!

A faint smile appeared on Misha's face . She walked toward the sea, which had a white foam, a mixture of seawater and roper's liquid . She attempted to draw the contaminated seawater in her inventory .


The game did not allow her to absorb the roper acid from the sea directly .

'What a pity . ' 

Had the game a lenient, Misha could have obtained millions of dust by filtering the seawater from the roper juice .

"Yeah, we're done here . Let's get back and find a spot to hunt some bears . After th-", Misha's body shook mid-speech .



The wicked status effect appeared again .

"Are you okay, Nya?"

Non looked at Misha with a terrified expression, afraid that Misha might violate her .

"It's okay . Let's return to Newbie Island . "

Misha spread her wings and carried Non back home .

However, she glanced back at the Roper Island in secret .

'A treasure island! I'll be back after my fireball level increased a bit more! Also …'

She glanced at her libido level and the recent report about her 10 bonus attributes .

'High risk, high return!'Insert Jojo's COCOCO here .