Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 20

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:56 AM

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Well, Shit .

7 PM .

35 Hours Remaining,

After hours of attempting to fix the shield, she failed . It was not that the shield was busted, but the energy cell was used up . Misha had to look for the replacement to activate it again .

Misha ate her ration and lied down within the APC, which she shut down the engine and all light .

The sun had set, and the darkness arrived . Everything outside was pitched black and quiet .

"I wonder what he was thinking, giving away this APC . "

Misha snickered . She felt like she had conned Pioneer .

As she closed her eyes, planning to rest and skip the night in-game . However, the usual night-skip, which she had experienced in the boot camp, did not occur . Instead, the feeling of trying to fall asleep was real .

2 Hours later,



Various screaming noise of monsters on the wasteland could be heard from within the vehicle, which gave Misha goosebumps .

"Eep! Please don't be like the usual [Monster gets stronger at night] setting . I don't want this game to turn into a horror game!"

Misha did not mind playing a horror game, but playing it within a virtual reality console was different .

By instinct, she placed her rifle in her arms as she tried to sleep .



1 AM .

The noises got louder as the night slowly passed . Because of the nervousness and the unusual sounds, Misha could not sleep . She opened her eyes a bit and raising her head to see what was outside through the front windshield of the vehicle .

The moonlight was dim, but Misha's eyesight got used to the night . Several shadow figures were wandering near the APC .

Misha held her breath . She picked up the goggles and equipped it .

The goggles had the night-sight feather, which she turned it on .


Misha was speechless .

Another zombie horde!

And each of them was carrying a weapon!

Wait, zombies could carry weapons!?

Misha held her breathe and observed the zombies . The weapons in their hands were clubs, steel pipes, blades, or hand-held weapons .

Their look also differed from the previous zombies that Misha killed in the crater . Their bodies did not have any noticeable wound or rotten flesh, but they had black veins all over their body as if they were tattoos . All of them were bald and looked the same, which Misha could not even identify their gender by looking .

The APC was surrounded by a zombie horde, but they failed to notice Misha's presence .

Misha minimized her movements and her breath, waiting for the undead beings to pass .

1 Minute

3 Minutes

5 Minutes

Each minute was like an hour, yet the zombies staggered forward at a slow pace, torturing Misha inside the vehicle .

One of them sudden jumped on top of the APC . It sniffed around as if it were a dog .

10 Minutes

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Another zombie with one eye, which size was half of its head, peeked through the front windshield . At this moment, Misha was already hiding under the console .

15 Minutes

The horde walked away from the APC, yet the sniffing zombie and the big eye stayed .

The last zombie with a steel pipe staggered, passing the side of the armored car .


The steel pipe hit the surface of the vehicle, which the tube created an echoing sound with the metal armor .

The horde stopped and turned toward the direction of the sound .

Misha's heart was at her throat .

The zombies walked back toward the APC's direction, and the nearest zombies began inspecting it by smelling it .

'No, no, no, no! Go away! I took a bath, I don't smell!'



More zombies surrounded the car and sniffed it .

While the zombies were sniffing, the odor of their bodies got into the vehicle as the APC had small areas of air ventilation . Misha had modded it so she could sleep in the car .

The rotten air got into the nose of Misha .


She sneezed in a muffled voice .


A zombie screamed and began swinging its pipe at the vehicle .

It detected Misha inside the APC!

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More zombies screeched and copied the first zombie's action .

"Fuck me!"

Misha started the engine, which the APC opened its spotlight by itself . The blinding light attracted more zombies .



The surface of the car dented from the strikes . Meanwhile, Misha stomped on the accelerator .


The two zombies on top of the vehicle fell off as it suddenly moved . The APC dashed forward while the zombies ran after it .

The speed of the car jumped from 0 KPH to 100 KPH (Kilometer Per Hour) in two seconds, yet the zombies still caught up with the armored vehicle . Some of them even attempted to leap to get on top of the car!

One of them managed to get onto the front of the windshield . Its head splitted open, and the parts that used to be its head turned into a flower-like mouth with hundreds of finger-size fangs . At the center, three wiggling barbed tongues extended as if it wanted to catch Misha, who was driving the car .


The extended tongues hit the reinforced windshield, which had been covered by a metal plate armor .


It kept slamming its tongue at the windshield even though the attacks were not effective . However, it made Misha panicked .


Misha made a turn, hoping the shake the zombie off the front hood, yet its hands and claws stuck onto the vehicle .

"Fine! You're coming with me!"

Misha shifted the gear again, and the speed kept climbing . The red KPH counter in the console showed 160, 165, 170, and maintained at 200 KPH after a minute .

"Am I driving a race car or an APC!?"

She managed to gain a distance from the horde, but the guy on top of the front hood was still there . Misha put on the seat belt as she planned her next move .

Her gas-pedaling foot pulled up while the other foot stomped onto the brake .

The sudden kinetic-force pulled Misha forward, but the safety belt pulled her back to her seat . The zombie was caught off guard, and the force ejected it out of the front hood .

However, the impact of the seat made Misha's innards shook, and her collar bone cracked .


Despite the pain and the dizziness, Misha shifted the gear and stepped on the gas pedal again, planning to run over the zombie .


The stumbling zombie was hit by the front armor and was sent flying to the side as the vehicle went pass it .

At this moment, the horde also caught up with the APC and the previous zombie . They charged mindlessly at Misha .

The girl exhaled as her trembling hands stopped shaking . Her mind reverted back to her normal state as she managed to get through her panic .

The APC dashed forward again, trying to get away from the zombies .

Though the crisis was averted for now, Misha had worries .

First, the gas in the tank was limited .

Second, the zombies were still chasing .

Third, she did not know how far she had driven through the wasteland . She did not even remember where she was .

And lastly …


There were a rolling 10-meter green egg and another horde of several hundred green zombies, which was coming at her direction from the front .

"Well … shit . "