Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 200

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Chapter 200

Chapter 0200 – Class Change

"Master, can you tell me what's different between these five classes I can choose?"

Without a way to inspect these new classes, Misha asked the NPCs .

Walter gave Misha a summary .

"A cook is as its name . A cook's proficiency in producing food and drugs is higher than in other classes, and they require fewer ingredients to cook items from the same recipe . Of course, this includes our [Science Cooking] . We produce more meth and better quality than knockoff products that are made from other classes . "

"A clown is Arthur's specialty . He can go around and kill somebody in daylight and walk away with a minimal penalty . This class has high INT and WIS growth, and they get bonuses in conning arts, bribery mastery, puppeteer mastery, and snake tongue . You will get to learn these skills if you take a clown class . "

"The mafioso path is a jack-of-all-trades class . You can learn everything from us without a penalty, but you don't have any specialized skills or a unique skill like the others . However, your affinity with Silkroad and other mafia's family will increase, so you can strike many deals with them in the future . "

"As for the seductress, I don't want to say it, but I'll be frank . It's a combination of an escort and an assassin . You get a similar trait as mafioso class, minus the affinity bonus . However, all men can be easily manipulated by you, and you can exploit them as you wish . All of your skills will be stronger if you use it against bewitched men . At the same time, your attack and defense against all men and male creatures increases . You will also unlock a new status attribute, Charm . "

"For the villain path, it's a tough class . Taking this class, and you will never be able to buy anything from any Parthenon again since they will immediately excommunicate you . They also won't accept your tribute, and you won't be able to increase your karma permanently . However, all mafia organization will respect you and won't cause any trouble to you ever again . Moreover, they will do everything to please you, so they can stay away from you . Similar to mafioso, you can learn every underworld crafts with this class, including their unique skills and their specialties . This is one strong class with a heavy negative trait . Unless you're ready for some hardcore underworld life, don't pick this class . "

Listened to Walter, Misha obtained a hint of all these classes . Each of them had different pros and cons, which was to be expected .

Still, the villainess class was tempting, but the karma issue was troublesome .

"Say, if we stockpile karma points before we change class to a villain, can we keep our current karma?"

Arthur sneered, "Yes, you do . But how are you going to trade with Silkroad and others in the future? You know, as you continue this business line, your karma will keep going down . Sooner or later, you will reach a bottleneck that you can't do business anymore . "

Misha was horrified . Recalling the past when her karma had almost reached the bottom limit, she suffered from many downsides of the negative karmic points .

*Mew* (Let's not pick the villainess class . Let's be smart and choose a specialist class . A cook is an excellent choice . )

"I think we should make use of my avatar's gender . A new attribute should be better than the others, right?"

*Mrrr?* (Seductress route? Do you want to be a whore?)

"Hey! That's rude! Seductress is a female assassin class!"

*Meh* (That's technically the same . I like the cooking class more . At least we can cook special food or something . )

Misha frowned . Although she wanted to pick the seductress class for the new charm status attribute, a cook with bonus crafting effect is too tempting to overlook .

Then, Misha recalled that there was a subclass for a reason .

"Master, after I picked a primary class, and I pick one or two of these as my subclasses?"

Walter nodded, "You can . You can have one subclass without a penalty . However, for every additional subclass you added, the required EXP for each level up will multiply . For example, a level 1 cook requires 10,000 EXP to become a level 2 cook . However, if that cook has two subclasses, the needed EXP becomes 20,000 instead . If that cook has three, it becomes 30,000, and so on . "

Arthur added, "Also, you can only pick your subclass when you're changing your primary class . You can't add them later on until you meet the class upgrade requirement . And … several penalties are less severe in some classes . Hahaha!"

The clown master revealed his class status . His primary class was Master Clown, while his subclass was Master Villain .

Misha was astonished, "Wait, Master Arthur, your subclass is a villain!?"

"Hahaha! That's right!"

"Don't you get into trouble with your karma?"

Arthur snickered, "Here is the deal, the bonuses and penalties of the subclasses are halved . For example, instead of getting 2 extra bonus attributes per one level up, you only get one . Vice-Versa, instead of getting excommunicated by all Parthenon gods, you can still trade with them, but they will charge you double-price . Also, tributes yield 50% karma . "


"And lastly, only your primary class will be revealed to the public . Unless you show it to others, no one can learn about your subclasses .

Misha was surprised . She did not expect that there was this kind of strategy .

Now, she had an idea of what she should do .

"I've decided . "

Misha picked her class . The moment she touched her game interface, Tama celebrated .

*Meh-Heh Mew! Nom-Nom!* (That's right, Mish! Now, cook me food!)


That was not all .







Misha added all four classes as her subclasses . She braced the EXP penalties, so her character could get more bonuses and perks .

Her future leveling might be slower than others from now on . Yet, her character's growth potential heightened .  

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This was a part of her plan . Since Misha might get into trouble with other players in the future, she disguised her main occupation as a lifestyle class to create a false image of a weak player .




Never treat this class as an ordinary chef, or you'll be in for some pain . Now . . . say my name .

As a novice, your skills are limited, but you're still better than average Joes in the street . Take pride in your occupation, and cook some crystals for the good community!


Increase STR permanently by 2 upon each level up

Increase DEX permanently by 4 upon each level up .

Increase INT permanently by 2 upon each level up .

Increase WIS permanently by 2 upon each level up .

Unlock a new crafting skill, [Cooking]

Unlock a new crafting skill, [Dissection]

Cooking drugs and food yields 50% more items .

Cooking and Science Cooking consumes 10% fewer ingredients .





An ordinary clown brings people joy, laughter, and happiness . A mental clown brings society chaos, agony, and despair . Well, we're not some average clowns, aren't we?

A novice clown of the underworld is a seed of chaos in society . This occupation gives you advantages in getting into somebody's head . Manipulating, conning, deceiving, and sowing chaos while getting away from the authority is the weapon of this class .

> (Status Perks has been decreased by half of the original)

Increase INT permanently by 3 upon each level up .

Increase WIS permanently by 2 upon each level up .

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Unlock a new passive skill, [Puppeteer Mastery]

Unlock a new passive skill, [Disguise Mastery]

Don't get penalized when assaulted or killed someone with less karma .





An authentic gangster is not some kind of wannabe on the street with loose clothes that hangs around with their friends in a loud, modified, cheap car . They wear expensive suits, own a couple of Rolls-Royces, have a chauffeur, and walk on the street with everyone bowing at him without having to bother trying to get the attention . Well, before you get to that point, you will have to earn some respect .

A novice mafioso is the handyman of the underworld . They look like some small fries, but they are skilled enough to get the acknowledgment of their superiors . After all, mafia henchmen must be able to do everything . Otherwise, someone else will replace them in an instant .

> (Status Perks has been decreased by half of the original)

Increase free allocable attributes by 5 upon each level up .

Unlock a new passive skill, [Firearm Mastery]

Unlock a new passive skill, [Blunt Weapon Mastery]

Increase affinity with all mafia families .

Can take all quests from mafia members .





Never mistake a seductress for an escort or a prostitute, or else, you'll die before you realize what hit you . A seductress is a femme fatale, a beauty assassin who can manipulate men to achieve her goals .

A novice seductress may not be able to destroy the world of men like the grandmasters . However, their raw skills are enough to flip a city upside down with their cunning nature, their alluring body, and their enchanting voice . All seductresses can enjoy their new CHA, aka charm status attribute, which will add to their total strength .

CHA is a hidden attribute that cannot be increased in other classes . However, you can increase this status now, and it will bring surprises on many occasions in the late future, such as trading, combats, quests, and relationship .

Note: Only female characters can change into this class .

> (Status Perks has been decreased by half of the original)

Increase free allocable attributes by 4 upon each level up .

Increase CHA permanently by 1 upon each level up .

Unlock a new status attribute, Charm .

Unlock a new active skill, [Allure] .

Unlock a new passive skill, [Estrous Resistance] .

Libido Level is set to 1 at the minimum by default and automatically increases if [Allure] is used .





The ones who shine the most in every story aside from the protagonists are the antagonists . Without villains, there won't be a hero!

Unfortunately, a villain aspirer will have to walk a thorny road as all god avatars despise you . You can fool ordinary town citizens and other players, but you can't escape their eyes and ears .

However, being in the spotlight gives enough pressure, even for a novice villainess, to grow exponentially rivaling a hero class .

> (Status Perks has been decreased by half of the original)

Increase free allocable attributes by 10 upon each level up .

Increase all status attributes, excluding LUC, by 1 upon each level up .

Unlock a new active skill, [Villain Escape] .

Can learn all skills from all crafts, including unique skills .   

All relationships of underworld personal are permanently set to [Respect] .

All relationships of god avatars are permanently set to [Hate] .

Obtain 50% less karma when tributes to a god's avatar in a Parthenon .

The item price in all gods' stores is double .