Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 202

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:30:44 AM

Chapter 202

Chapter 0202 – Other's Progress

In the end, Misha noticed that Moo had already reached level 200 long ago . She stopped hunting and distributed their loot .

Moo got to keep 90% the roper corpses, so he could make some money . However, Misha asked for all roper acid, since she had a use for it .

The catto did not mind it since he obtained many lewd expression clips for his night research activities . He gave Misha a thumbs up with a nosebleed .

Also, Moo obtained his quest items when he was looting one of the ropers . One of the mature monsters dropped a roper ore that his master was looking for .

"I'll submit my quest, and I'll take a break now, Nya . See you at school!"

The felionian decided to rest, so he could get a good sleep for the next 2 hours in real life .

Meanwhile, Misha got used to the long gaming session . She went back to the island to farm some more roper acid and wipe out all monsters on the island .

When she returned, all ropers Misha had killed already respawned .

*Mew* (This is not good . It will take forever to kill everything again . )

"Say, should we hurry and kill everything, or should we farm the acid?"

They glanced at their collected roper's juices .

One roper gave Misha 2 to 3 litres of white fluid, and Misha had slaughtered about 700 of them already .

Currently, she had stocked 2,000 litres of the white juices, which could be sold for 20 million dust .

Misha had enough funds to start a five-star guild!

Still, the land had not been cleansed . She had to eliminate all monsters from the territory first .

*Mew?* (Should we find the boss and get rid of it? Maybe we can stop them from spawning if we kill a field boss . )

"Yeah, I think so . But first …"

Misha turned to the polluted sea, which roper's liquid mixed with the blue seawater .

"Let's research this seawater . Maybe we can filter the roper juice from the sea …"

Last time, Misha could not gather the contaminated seawater as she did not have the right container . Now, she brought many bottles, buckets, and canteens .

Without hesitation, she scooped a bucket worth of polluted seawater .





This seawater has been polluted by the semen of ropers . Unless processed, it cannot be used .

Unsellable .

Can be used as a material .



"Now, how do I cleanse this water?"

Misha took out her cooking tools and utensils, planning to experiment by boiling them .

"Science 101 . When in doubt, boil it and watch it explode!"

*Mya!?* (In what world are you filtering seawater by boiling? Are you trying to create a roper's salt or something!?)

Misha grinned, "As I said, experiment . "


10 Minutes later, all seawater evaporated and left behind a white cube of sand at the size of a pinky fingertip .



Tama and Misha were speechless .

"It actually worked . . . "

*Mew* (I don't understand this world anymore . )




This mysterious cooking seasoning salt can be used and replaced with regular salt in any recipe . May add an aphrodisiac effect in the food .

Market Price: 50 dust per unit .



One litre of polluted seawater could be converted to a unit of roper salt, which was baffling to Misha and Tama .

"Okay . We got ourselves a gold mine . "

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*Mew* (And do you want to spend the rest of your life boiling seawater?)

"Of course not! I think we should recruit NPCs and make a roper salt factory . We should also start planning about keeping a portion of those ropers as pets or livestock . We can make a farm of ropers, so they can continue producing semen for eternity . Well, maybe we can cooperate with the mafia to explore the potential of this semen . "

*Mrrr* (That sounds very wrong on many levels . But I like it . )

Misha and Tama continued experimenting on the seawater by using filters, mixing with chemical substances in lab tubes, or distilling raw roper acid .

As they were busy playing, a stray roper was attracted by the odd smell of their burnt semen . It crawled over to the group and noticed Misha .


It thought that it met a beautiful prey . The roper rushed at Misha with full speed .

In reflex, Misha took off all her clothes to avoid the clothing damage .


As expected, the roper's fluid covered her entire body and raised her libido to level 5 in an instant .

Misha glanced at it with heart-shape purple pupils .

She activated her only seductress skill .

"Allure . "

Her purple eyes flashed and shot a heart beam at the monster .




Next Level: 39

Activation Cost: 100 PF

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Effect Duration: 30 Seconds .


Allure is a unique skill of a seductress that turns any hostile men or male creatures into an ally . If the target has been allured, an abnormal status, [Charm], will appear on the target . Success chance depends on the user's CHA, skill level, libido level, and the target's resistance .





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Misha grinned . She placed her inventory screen in front of the roper, "Pour all of your juices to the screen . "


Twenty pink tentacles aimed their tips at the arranged game interface . White liquid gushed out and entered the space .

After 50 litres had entered the inventory, the roper looked exhausted .


A [Weaken] debuff icon appeared above its head .

"Go and attack your friends in the forest . Once you killed all of them, you can have me . "


The weakened roper rushed back to the forest with double speed .

A minute later, it was killed by its friends .

*Mew* (You're walking the wrong path, Mish . You're not supposed to become a thot . )

"What thot? This is how you use your beauty at your advantage . "

*Mew?* (Aren't you a dude IRL? Are you joining the LGBT club?)

"… My real soul is originally a girl, though . "

*Mrrr?* (But you have a girlfriend, and your real body has a dicku?)


Both of them got confused . Misha did not know if she should call herself a man or a girl anymore .

"Screw this . I'll just be myself!"


Misha got distracted by the experiment and her greed . Every five minutes, she lured a roper out and used her allure skill at it .

Sometimes, she failed, and she had to kill the monster on the spot .

But when the charm was a success, Misha would get 50 litre of roper acid instead of 2 .

The circle between the seawater experiment and the juice farming went on until the designated logout time . They had to go to school now .




Misha, Sasha, Natalie, and Shurka formed a group of four and went to school together . Moreover, they were in the same class .

Other sisters also attended the same school, but they were not that close to Misha, so they had their own clicks and went to school separately .

The four talked about their progress and their finding in the game .

Hearing about the roper acid and the libido level exploitation, Sasha and Natalie had an odd expression since they never touched a male's fluid in their life .   

Shurka had already experienced sex with Misha (in Mia's body) many times already, so she was indifferent to the under-the-belly topic .

Sasha changed the topic, "I think I get the picture of how the game works now . As long as a field boss is still alive, all other related monsters around the area will keep respawning . "

Natalie nodded, "In my server, I killed a zombie king field boss, and all zombies in the area have stopped reappearing since . I think it's an ecology system that allows the players to influence them . "

The other servers had different social, powerhouses, and players .

Shurka had the same race as Misha, so she used the latter's experience and guided her to progress through the game . Her eggcat partner, Mii, did a wonderful job carrying Shurka through difficult monsters in the 7777th server . Fortunately, her server consisted mostly of FTP players, so she did not encounter many rivals or troublemakers . Still, she ran into a few nonetheless, and they bit the dust .

Surprisingly, Shurka found a mechanic master, and she got to walk the path of a lifestyle player, which suited her more .

Natalie's 10th server did not have many monsters to kill as she prematurely ended many field bosses, which resulted in a shortage of monsters to hunt . However, she obtained unique loot, such as C-Virus from the corroding zombie king, that could increase a player's status permanently by 100 points randomly . Other items were skill books, soul points, and privileged access to advance skill shops in the Parthenon .

The reason for Natalie's rampage was her master, who happened to be a master assassin . As her master demanded her to be proficient and efficient at her job, she did not have much time grinding but doing non-stop mini-quests .

Though her level had not reached 100, her total stats had already risen above the 2000s, which was higher than Misha, Non, and Moo at the same level .

Sasha's 6th server had many players taking mafia members as their masters . PKers consisted of 10% of the server's population, but they slowly disappeared by themselves without Sasha's interference .

Her master was a consigliere of a powerhouse mafia family . Similar to Arthur, Sasha's master taught her underworld supporting skills, such as item appraisal, blackmailing, and head-hunting . They were so valuable in the underworld mall as many mafias commissioned her to do many quests . Thus, her reputation among the mobs was high . Even without a villain class, everyone respected her as if she were a godfather .

As for her progress, she did not have trouble advancing her levels since Sasha started off as a demi-fairy race, like Natalie and other sisters .

Demi-fairies are similar to the overminds . However, they specialized in electrokinesis or thunder psychic abilities, just like Mia . Their thunder skills did not deal with fixed damages like Misha's fire element, but they could inflict abnormal statuses, such as [Stun], [Shock], and [Paralysis] . Also, most of the demi-fairy's skills are AOE attacks, which served as crowd control skills rather than pure attack skills like Misha's .

Natalie, Sasha, and others had a hard time getting through the stronger mobs, but they were smart enough to form parties with other colleagues, who were also attending the same class as theirs .

As the four were chatting in the classroom, a group of leporians and felionians called for them .



They were the party members that carried both of them through tough monsters, consisted of tatus, leporians, and felionians .

Before the gangs could introduce themselves, the homeroom teacher arrived .

Surprisingly, it was Shurka's father, Professor Fortune Luckyaf, who had sought shelter under Min .

He was now working as a full-time teacher in this high school .

"Get to your seat . We'll begin our class . "