Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 203

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Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – Items

"Mia, how did you create a female avatar?"

"Mia, can you buy me a cheap weapon in-game? I'm also in server 1 . "

"Mia, when will you start a guild? Can I join you?"

"Mia …"

"Mia . "

After class, 20 students surrounded Misha, asking about the new game .

Because Misha was ranked first in all servers, she became popular among the gamers . Unfortunately, only a few people knew about her real identity, so they still called her by her official name in school .

"Why did you name yourself, Misha?"

As Misha was answering every question as she could, a difficult one showed up .

"Err," Misha could not give the correct answer or dodge this . She did not know what to do .

"Mia . The game's villain is also named Mia, right? Is this why you named your character Misha? Are you avoiding using the same name?"

The question did not come from a random classmate . Instead, they came from Sasha .

Sasha winked at Misha, hinting the latter that she should follow her lead .

Misha widened her eyes as she nodded, "Yeah . Using Mia as an avatar name will make me look bad . Others are going to think that I'm some kind of pushover or a wannabe . "

Although Misha managed to dodge a thorny question, players from other classes surrounded Misha .

From 20 people, 50 gamers surrounded the dragonewt .

"Mia . "

"Mia . "

"Mia . "


It took an hour to ditch all curious classmates and go home .

On the way home, Misha complained, "I'm exhausted . Why are they so interested in me after all this time?"

Shurka snickered, "Well, you're the top ranker, and you're the first one that changed class . Since this game is hard, everyone is looking up to you . "

"But isn't this game too popular? There are too many players, and too many servers . Even if they know me, they can't play with me in the same server anyway . "

"That's true . Well, who knows? Maybe after guilds started to appear, the servers might merge . We can also invite other people from other servers into the same guild and switch the channels, right?"


At home, grandmother Min transferred diamonds that Misha had asked her to buy . The average diamond price that Min had purchased was 100k apiece, so Misha gained 406,080 diamonds to use .

Combined with what she had before the open-beta, 411,080 diamonds sit in her VIP inventory .

Misha did not plan to buy any EXP book since it was wasteful . Instead, a daily VIP10 gift box should be the only thing that she should buy .



VIP10 Gift Box – 20,000 Diamonds .

- 1,000 Healing Potions (Heal 9,999 HP)

- 1,000 Sports Drinks (Heal 9,999 ST)

- 1,000 Vitamin Drinks (Heal 9,999 PF)

- 1,000 Lunch Boxes (Heal 9,999 HP, ST, PF) (Only usable outside combat)

- 500 Repair Kits

- 500 Resource Detectors

- 200 Random Teleportation Button

- 100 Jetpacks

- 100 Guild Treasure Chests (Only usable at guild hall)

- 100 Event Gacha Tickets .

- One Random 5-star Artifact .   



Two things were new in this open-beta version .

Guild Treasure Chests were self-explanatory since many games had it . They were the chests that could only be open after Misha had joined a guild .

As for the artifact, it was a new system in the game .

In Misha's game menu, there was a gacha option, which players could use dust, diamonds, or tickets to roll for a random artifact .

Dust Gacha cost 1 million dust, and players could roll for a 1-star to 3-star artifact, weapon, armor, or components .

Diamond Gacha cost 100 Diamond . Rolling with diamonds could yield a 3-star to a 5-star artifact, weapon, armor, or component . Rolling 10 at once cost 900 diamonds, and a 4-star item or higher was guaranteed .

As for the tickets, it depended on the season and events . Currently, it was an artifact event, so only items from this gacha were 3-star to 5-star artifacts .

Misha set her goal of buying one gift box, and she should be good for the rest of the game .

By the time Misha reentered the game, it was 4 PM .

For the sake of all-night gaming, Misha had stuffed snacks and random food as much as she could before she entered the game . Even Tama approved of this action .

*Nom-Nom Mew* (Eating is never wrong . )


When Misha reappeared in the game, she found herself on the roper island .

As usual, the ropers here had fully spawned .

However, Misha was not the only player here anymore .

On the beach, a party of 10 players with level 115 to 120 gathered . Behind them, a fishing boat dropped the anchor on the shallow water area .

As soon as Misha saw one of their names, she frowned .

INWTRUE Nemo Whale

'These guys are still around? I thought they were a goner . '

The party of Nemo noticed Misha as well . Unlike the last time, they did not attack her .

All of them smiled as they ogled her body .

"I bet she's gonna get raped by those monsters . "

"Indeed . She won't have a chance here . "

"We can hardly grind this area . I doubt she can solo them . "

Misha ignored all insults and rude remarks . She operated her game menu to display the level of server 1 players .




1 . LV . 207 (S1) Misha Bloominglilly (Apprentice Cook)

2 . LV . 201 (S1) Moo Moomoon (Apprentice Sculptor)

3 . LV . 165 (S1) Non Nongnon

4 . LV . 120 (S1) INWTRUE Nemo Whale

5 . LV . 119 (S1) INWTRUE Giles Corey

6 . LV . 119 (S1) INWTRUE Giles Carry

7 . LV . 118 (S1) INWTRUE Giles Chlorine

8 . LV . 117 (S1) INWTRUE Giles Career

9 . LV . 116 (S1) INWTRUE Giles Corny

10 . LV . 116 (S1) INWTRUE Giles Kinky



While Misha went to school, these players seemed to either skip school or work to play the game all day . Everyone raised their level to the point that they almost caught the multi-server rankers .

On the other hand, all other rankers were level 140 and higher at the moment . These small fries were not a threat to Misha .

Still, Misha found their names funny .

'Why do they have the same fucking name?'

Misha knew that they could use an alias in the game, but making their avatars with the guild and the first name the same was weird .

Looking at the party members of Nemo, aside from the whale bastard, everyone had "Giles" as their name .

'Mother of Giles . '

While Misha was astonished by their names, another fishing boat arrived at the island .

This time, 10 more INWTRUE members got on the island .

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And they also brought a horse with them .

*Mew* (A horse?)

'Why are they using a horse?'

Nemo ignored Misha as he knew that they were not her match .

"Alright, men . Tie the horse and throw its piss at the monster . Bait one here!"

Misha's ears perked up . It seemed that it was their way to hunt .

'Interesting . '

She stopped what she planned to do and observed their way of hunting .

Soon, Nemo's friends baited a roper tree with the female horse .

The roper, as expected, spat white acid at the tied horse .

The animal became flustered, and the roper tied it with the tentacles and dragged the horse to its main body, planning to keep it inside its large trunk as a seedbed .

At that moment, Nemo and others aimed their guns at the tree .








The damages were minuscule, but they stacked as 20 players ganged on it . Within less than 10 seconds, the 2000 HP of the roper became zero .

"Okay . The plans worked . Toss the horse piss at another roper!"

Misha understood how they leveled up, and she lost interest . It was boring to see a bunch of gunmen ganging on a single target .

For now, Misha had something else to do .

Field Boss hunting!

From Natalie's experience, field boss always dropped unique items, which could permanently increase attributes . Moreover, once killed, they stopped respawning the minion monsters .

Although Natalie did not know if the field boss would respawn or not, Misha planned to capitalize on them before other players took them down .

'I hope other players haven't caught them yet . '

Misha spread her wings and flew away from the island .

In a few minutes, she returned to Newbie Island .

'For a starter, I have to search for high-level bosses . Is the 5000-power haunted tree still around?'

Misha remembered that there was a boss monster in the forest near Walter's trailer area . Thus, she searched around the dark forest first .

Upon arrival, she found many players hunting mutated bears .

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Misha ignored the players as she continued flying, scanning for the area where she had spotted the boss .

Sure enough, she found it . Furthermore, no one dared to get close to this field boss .

It was a grotesque red tree, which had human intestines as its body . As for its branches, they were human's arms and legs . A gap hid inside the main body as its eye was close, sleeping soundly .

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Lucky!)

"Yeah, lucky … not . "

Misha understood why everyone did not bother fighting this haunted tree .

It had 100,000 HP!

"What kind of [5,000-power] is this!? Isn't this too much!?"

Screamed in horror, even with the OP skills, Misha had no confidence soloing this boss alone . As such, she backed away to find another boss .

But Tama reminded Misha .

*Mew* (Hey, are you forgetting something? Buy the VIP10 pack already . )

Misha facepalmed and opened the VIP shop . Since she had the 50% discount privilege from the VIP10, the cost of the gift box became 10,000 instead of 20,000 .

Her diamond was left with 401,080, but she obtained many items .

Then, she stared at one item with her sparkling eyes .

The Random 5-star Artifact Ticket .

So far, Misha had only used common items, weaponry, and armor that she could find in typical shops . She had not seen anything special in this game yet .

"Let's see what it can give me . "

*Meh-Heh Mew* (Pay-to-win time!)

Misha operated her game screen and used the ticket .

Before her, a bright portal appeared . Its light was too intense that Misha and Tama had to close their eyes .

When the light faded, a pair of earrings was in her palm .



> (5 Stars)

Level Requirement: 1

Increase all fire skill damage by 50% .

Upgradable .


Summon a battle suit and transform the wearer .  

10% Increase in all status attributes in suit-up mode .

Transform Duration: 1 Hour .

Cooldown: 24 Hours .