Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 205

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:30:41 AM

Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – Apostle of Callisto, the Blood Tree

Misha flew back to the 100,000 HP boss with all the accessories equipped .

When she reached the destination, she sent a fireball at the boss monster right away .

The boss was a giant red tree with human limbs as branches and human flesh as its trunk . The fireball hit it and exploded, creating a bloody gore scene .


It was significant damage even though it was not a critical attack .

Misha tested her skill again by unequipped all items and put them back in her inventory .



The damage difference was noticeable . The boosts from 5-Star artifacts were OP, as Misha had expected .

At this moment, the boss monster noticed Misha in the sky . It sent two long human arms to catch Misha .

She juked right and dodged the hands as she re-equipped all items .

"Let's test a suit-up option!"

*Mew* (Henshin!)

By activating the suit-up artifact, Misha's bare body silhouette shone in bright light .

A 2-meter tall red battle suit manifested and covered every part of her body, including her tail and her horns .

When all parts were completed, Misha transformed into a mech humanoid dragon .

Also, her body automatically made a post, mimicking Randy Orton .


Misha did not understand what had happened . Her body froze when the post finished .


The monster was also speechless . It looked at Misha as if it was questioning, "WTF is this doofus doing?"

*Mew* (Are you going to give the monster an RKO, Mish?)


In embarrassment, Misha threw a baseball-size fireball at the boss monster .


The ball did not explode .


The damage increased a little, but it reminded the monster that Misha was attacking it .


An AOE shockwave came from the tree as the center of its power .

"F-Flame Field!"

Misha got panicked and activated her fire barrier and converted all 500 PF into shield HP by instinct .

The wave hit Misha and everything in the radius of one kilometer, and its scream could be heard from further away from the attack radius .


Misha's barrier shattered as she was sent flying backward . Her shield HP reduced from 15,222 to 5,223 in one hit! Combined with her real HP, which was only 361, with another hit, she might have died!

"T-Too scary!"

*Mew* (Banana Mish! That thing is a field boss for a reason! Why are you attacking it!?)

"But, we agreed that we'll hunt all boss!"

*Mew* (But I didn't say that it has to be this one!)

10 Seconds later after Misha had been knocked away from the shockwave, the aura of the field boss changed again .

The air distorted as if it was gathering its strength .


Misha flew away at full speed, trying to get away from the boss .


Another shockwave appeared . However, this time, Misha got out of the radius .

The boss did not pursue Misha . It retracted its arms and legs, returning its roots into the ground .

Misha and Tama were horrified by the sheer power and the attack skill of the boss .

"I forgot that monster can sometimes use skills, too . "

*Mew* (It fucking spammed the shockwave attack! That's cheating!)

"Shouldn't there be a weakness that we can exploit? Normally, bosses in online games have weaknesses . "

*Meh Mew Mya!* (I don't think this guy has one . Did you notice how quick it was!? I think it was something between 10 to 15 seconds per shockwave! How the hell are you going to fight that if it spams a shockwave attack every 10 seconds!?)

They were helpless, even though they had high attacks and flying perks .


As Misha and Tama were busy blaming each other, the server chat got active .

"Something just killed me with 9999 damages!"

"I was farming mutated bears with my party . We got wiped out, too . "

"Who dafuq has provoked that stupid boss!?"

It was not their first time getting killed by the field boss, as Misha was not the first one that had challenged it .

"PSA! Someone has provoked the tree boss . Avoid farming the mutated bear deep in the forest . "


In the end, Misha returned to the field boss again . This time, she had a plan .

After witnessing the shockwave skill, Misha was on the verge of quitting the hunt .

However, she noticed something odd about the surrounding .

"Tama . The boss hit us with a shockwave, right?"

*Mew* (Hmm? So what?)

"It hurts, right?"

*Mew* (Indeed . So what?)

"It sent us flying backward, right?"

*Meh* (So?)

Misha pointed at the forest around the field boss .

"What about those trees?"

*Meh* (They're just trees . What about them?)

"The trees also got hit by the shockwaves, but how are they standing?"



Tama and Misha stared at each other's eyes .

Tama's eyes glittered, "Trees in-game are always invincible!?"

"Let's test it . "

Instead of flying and fighting the tree, Misha landed on the field and hid behind a pine tree . Misha kept creeping closer until she reached her attack range .

100 meter

In silence, Misha pointed her index finger at the boss while her body hid behind another large pine tree .

'Flame Field, Fireball . '

After Misha had activated her skills without chanting, the baseball-size fireball hit the bloody tree again .

Explosion! 7,009!

A critical appeared, but its HP had not yet decreased by 1% .

Misha did not follow up . She held her breath and hid her presence .



A shockwave appeared, which enveloped the pine tree that was covering Misha .


Despite her plan, Misha still suffered fixed damage . Her flame field dropped to 5,000 HP again .

Seeing the damage number, Tama cried .

*Mew* (Let's bail! We've failed!)

"Wait . I want to test if we're detected . "

Misha stood firm behind the pine tree with a random teleport button in her hand .

If the boss gathered strength to attack again, she would push the teleport button and quit hunting this boss .

However, if it did not attack or detect Misha, she would prove her theory and learn a way to solo this monster .

Clock ticked .

9 Second later,

10 Seconds later,

The boss did not move or tried to cast another shockwave .

15 Seconds later,

The boss was still quiet .

30 Seconds later,

The boss did not move .

Misha and Tama sighed in relief .

'It works!'

*Mew* (So, what's next?)

'It will take time and effort, but we can take it down . First, you've got to stop meowing, or we'll be detected . '


'I'll explain . '


A few minutes later

'Flame Field, Fireball!'

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A fireball hit the field boss .



The boss spread its branches around, searching for the assailant .

As it could not find the attacker, the air around the blood tree distorted .

In retaliation for a mysterious attack, the boss released the shockwave .



Misha received the full damage, but she had not been found yet .

For the next ten seconds, Misha kept hiding behind the same tree . At the same time, Tama shoved a yellow gel in her mouth to replenish her PF and fill her hunger bar .

15th second after the boss had released its attack, Misha's finger pointed at the boss again in secret .

'Flame Field, Fireball!'

She reactivated her flame field to increase her shield HP . Also, the fireball hit the boss again .



The boss repeated the process and looked around . When it could not find Misha, it released a shockwave attack .


Misha repeated the peek-a-boo attack . For every minute, she got 3 hits in .

Still, the blood tree's HP regenerated by 10 every second . Thus, it would get 600 HP back each minute .

Therefore, Misha and Tama could deal 714 damage at the minimum every minute .

To get this boss down to zero HP, they required 141 minutes or 421 attacks in . Of course, this did not include Misha's critical chance or her skill level up .

Tama glanced at Misha's VIP inventory, where they had stored gels from the close-beta .

19,957 Yellow Gels .

Each attack consumed one yellow gel, which was costly . Yet, Tama and Misha did not worry .

Tama acted as Misha's mathematician, while the dragonewt focused on the clock .

Every second had to be precise!



For one and a half hours, the server chat was flooded with raging comments and curses from the victims of shockwave AOE attacks .

Even though many people warned the players not to get close, many opportunists, who wanted to loot the corpses of the dead, went to seek fortune and ended up adding themselves in the victim's list .

As for the previous dead players, they tried to return to their corpses to get their items back . However, the shockwave killed them again, adding more bodies on the field .

The 1km radius in the deep forest became a forbidden zone that attracted many fortune seekers .

"Can someone use a drone to peek at what is happening inside!?"

"Someone is definitely fighting with that field boss!"

"^If so, how the hell can they survive those shockwaves! That's a fixed damage skill, right!?"

Everyone was clueless about what had happened in the forest . All players stood outside of the blast range, waiting for the shockwave to stop .

Once it stopped, they would rush into the forest and loot everything in there .


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Tama counted the damages and compared them with the HP bar of the boss .

Less than 30,000 HP remained!

'Flame Field, Fireball!'


Explosion! 7,527!

After the explosion happened, the blood tree uprooted itself and screamed .

Tree roots came out of the surface one-by-one . Instead of revealing the roots of a plant, they were wiggling snakes, flickering their tongues to sense the surroundings .

Misha's stomach churned when the boss changed its attacking pattern . In reflex, she took out a teleport button on stand-by .

Her decision was a correct one as the palms of the hands of its limbs revealed several eyes, which glared to the pine tree where Misha was using as a cover .


Hundreds of long human arm branches reached out to the pine tree!

*Mew* (Mission abort! Teleport, banana!)

Misha pressed the random teleport button and got away from the boss . She reappeared among the crowd, which was waiting for the boss to stop releasing shockwaves .

The players were surprised that Misha suddenly appeared out of nowhere .



"Huh? Misha?"

"Why is Misha here?"

Before they could react, the blood tree's loud scream pierced their eardrums . All of them had to cover their ears in panic .



Misha's vision blurred, and she could not move her body . Everyone else in the area was also stunned by the blood tree .

While no one could utter a word or could see anything, the field boss destroyed every tree around itself . It also released a thick mist, which instantly covered everything in the radius of 1500 meters .

Misha and all onlookers got stuck in the bloody mist!


Another attack came!

Below Misha and every player's feet, tree roots emerged, digging through the ground and pierced into everyone's body!





Various numbers appeared above all players' heads!

As for Misha,


The sharp tree root hit her flame field barrier!


The barrier never deflected any magic or a ranged attack, but it activated on every close-ranged attack .

By receiving the fire damage in a close-combat, the tree found Misha .