Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 21

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:55 AM

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – No Tentacle Porn!

Misha stepped on the brake and shifted the gear, as well as spinning the wheel to the right and the tabbed the accelerator .

The APC turned to the right, drifting as if it wanted a compliment of "Kansei Drifto!"

The vehicle regained its momentum and accelerated its speed, rushing away from the giant egg and the pursuing zombies .



The black-tattooed zombies and the green zombies did not chase after Misha . Instead, they jumped and attacked the other . However, the green egg continued to roll and follow after the APC .

The speed of the egg increased as the rumbling sound got closer . Misha's eyes swelled with tears as she looked at the speed gauge on the console .

220 KPH

It was the max speed the APC could reach already, yet she could not get away .

Misha glanced at the shotgun seat . Her rifle, grenades, and bullets were there, but she had no confidence that she could defeat the 10-meter egg with these puny-size weapons .

She took a deep breath, trying a come to a term with the possible death in this survival test .

"Well, at best I have to spend another month in-game . That's only 30 hours in real life . "

Misha gazed at her status panel, thinking of what she should do . Her eyes stopped at the new skill that she had .


"I hope I won't turn the zombies into heat . I don't want to get raped!"

Out of desperation, Misha activated her skill to test it .

Her body exuded green gas, which smelled like a rotten fish's odor, the same smell that Misha had tasted when she ate the egg .

At the first few seconds, Misha thought she might throw up from the smell . Strangely, her nose got used to it, and the gas fragrant was pleasant to her .

"I must have been mad! I'm thinking that the rotten fishes smell good!"

Misha laughed in tears of sarcasm . What a useless skill .


The green egg extended one of its green slime tentacles . It wrapped the APC and pulled it upward .

The wheels of the vehicle rotated without traction from the ground as the entire car was grabbed into the air .

Misha packed her weapons and everything else, giving up thinking that she would survive . Yet, at the very least, she would try to damage or kill as many zombies as possible in this last dance .

She unlocked her seat belt and looked for an exit . The green slime tentacle had already covered the entire APC side doors .

Misha slipped to the back of the vehicle while she balanced herself, trying to get out of the car using to rear exit .

Outside of the APC, the giant egg splitted open and revealed its inner green liquid . It tossed the car inside the eggshell, which it pulled back the tentacle and closed its surface .

The vehicle tumbled upside down, shaking Misha, making her losing balance . Yet, she crawled and grabbed the hinge of the back door and kicked it open .

Misha found herself inside of the egg, and she was about to be digested by the green fluid .

The digestive fluid began dissolving the metallic object of the APC while she had yet to jump off the vehicle .

Out of desperation, she tossed several grenades into the pool of green digestive liquid and the nearest wall of its stomach .


They neither even exploded nor worked . A dozen of grenade simply corroded and disappeared into the pool .


One of the grenades exploded, creating a small gap on the wall . Yet, two of the tentacles appeared from the wound as if they were parasites . They splashed green fluid on it, which healed the surface in a couple of seconds .

At this moment, the APC was half-sinking into the pool, and Misha had a few seconds left before she fell into it .

"Well, stupid me . "

With a wry smile, Misha took another deep breath . Somehow, the smell of the gas and the air inside the egg was similar to her odor when she activated her [Pheromone] .

"Yeah, I must have been crazy . It smells so good in here . "

Misha activated her [Pheromone] again for a laugh and pulled the trigger of her rifle, shooting at everything .

The sound muffled and echoed within the egg as bullets went through the outer shell and several tentacle slimes . Alas, the damaged shell healed mended itself, negating the threat of Misha's weapons .

"GG, government . Well, RIP me . "

She pointed her pistol at the left temple of her head, getting ready to shoot herself to escape the pain of being digested alive .


A tentacle grabbed her pistol and changed its muzzle direction, making it missed . Meanwhile, the other slimy tentacles swarmed at Misha and coiled around her .

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"Oh, come on! Let me die in peace, will you!? Can you smell this!? This is my fart, asshole!"

Misha activated her [Pheromone] again and taunted the tentacle slimes .

In response, they dipped Misha into the pool for a total of 10 seconds and pulled her up . The green digestive liquid dissolved her clothes, weapons, outer skin, and her hair .

The burning pain sensation overwhelmed her . By instinct, she activated [Self Regeneration] to ease the pain . Her burnt and dissolved skins slowly recovered, and her hair regrew, just like how the egg repaired its shell .

The tentacle stopped moving, waiting for Misha to regenerate for half an hour, but they were still coiling around Misha's naked body .

"Just kill me, you bastard . This is a PG genre game . This game is for the educational purpose, right? Don't give me tentacle porn, you jerk!"

A tentacle with a double-head-size eye glared at Misha . Five more tentacles with mouth licked her skin and body as if they were checking something .

"I said no tentacle porn! Now taste my fishy fart!"

Misha released her [Pheromone] again .

The five tentacle mouths stopped, and the giant eye flickered .

After a minute of staring contest, they withdrew, and the coiling tentacles pulled her into the pool once again . However, they did not release her inside the digestive fluid, but they dragged her into a cave within the green pool .

Inside the cave, no green liquid was present . However, it looked like the inside of a living being intestine with green blood vessels . The air and the smell were more intense as the green gas covered everything .

The tentacles tossed her into an oval room, and the cave room entrance closed itself, isolating Misha from the outside world .

The naked girl regenerated her lost skins and hair again . She looked left and right, checking everything around her .

The green blood vessels were glowing in dim light, which gave enough light for Misha to see .

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At the moment, the room contained three human-size eggs . They looked the same with the 10-meter egg which ate Misha .

In shock, Misha sat still and stared at her surrounding in a daze .

"I'm alive? Wait, I can still breathe?"

Another 10 minutes passed, she regained her logic thinking and her sense . Misha looked at her wrist, planning to use the wristwatch to contact the outside world .

She paused as she discovered a crisis .

Nothing was on her at the moment .

No cloth .

No weapon .

No wristwatch .

Misha opened her game menu, checking if she could log out in this situation .

The log out button was still disabled . There was also a notification that as long as the quest timer had not yet turned zero, she could not escape from the game .

There was also a new [Emergency Suicide] button, which Misha was tempted to push it right away . Description of the button also showed on the menu .

[Should you lose your wristwatch or fall into an undesirable predicament, players can push this button to self-respawn on a safe location . However, the players will still receive the same EXP and status attribute reduction penalty, the same as the penalty upon death . If a quest or more than one quest is ongoing when the player pushes this button, the player will fail the quest(s) . ]

She lied down on the intestine-like floor in exhaustion . The repeated use of her regeneration and pheromone tired her more than the entire month of boot camp training .

"I'm alive, but I'm screwed . "

As Misha was resting, she stared at the [Emergency Suicide] button, contemplating if she should push it now .