Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 210

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Chapter 210

Chapter 210 – *SLICK* *SLICK*

"Shoot her! Shoot her!"

Misha attacked the party when they were in the middle of the hunt, and the roper that they were gunning was still alive .


One of the roper's tentacles transformed into a blade and swung at a player .

Because of the interruption, the tanking player was distracted and failed to dodge the last attack .

Critical Hit! 1,540!

Instant death!

Noticing that the roper killed their tank, other players pointed the muzzles at the roper .







Without Nemo, everyone shouted in a panic, ordering their friends to follow their instructions .

As many players yelled, nobody could understand what action they should do . As a result, they acted according to their judgment .

Half of the players tried to shoot Misha down from the sky while the others tried to kill the loose monster .



Another explosion occurred, and another player went down .


The loose roper had 20% HP left . As the focus fire did not kill it in time, the monster caught a player with a custom avatar, who looked like a young girl . However, his real identity was a grown man in the mid-30s .   

The monster sprayed white acid all over his body . Then, a tentacle with a large head entered his back door .


A horrifying scene occurred before the party . Even Misha froze mid-flight, terrified by the H-scene below .

*Mew* (Press F to pay respect . )


Although Misha was traumatized by the event, her trolling brain obtained an inspiration .


She escaped from the hail of bullets and flew toward another roper, which had not noticed the commotion .

Misha's pupils turned into heart images again .



Misha coyly smiled at the "Charmed" roper and pointed at INWTRUE players' direction .

"There are preys over there . "


The monster uprooted itself and rushed toward the players . Then, screams and gunshots followed .

Misha returned to the fight to see what it did to the men .

Surprisingly, trap-looking avatars were popular these days . Another male player was caught and violated .

*Mew* (You're cruel . )

"… What can I say? I'm a villain . "

They continued throwing fireballs at Nemo's friends, cleaning the island from all players .






Giles Corey wanted to protest to the game developers that this system was absurd .



Misha's fireball required only one or two hits to kill one player with low health . However, the party could only deal 10-15 damages in return by shooting at Misha .

Moreover, her barrier HP was too high!

Giles reevaluated their races and their classes as they were struggling against Misha .

'From the description, dragonewts specialize in both tanking and elemental magic . There is this skill with an elemental barrier that generates another HP bar by consuming all PF, so this might be why many pro-players said that this race is recommended even though their status growth rate is at the lowest . '


A fireball hit Giles Corey and killed him .

He embraced death as he was aware that they were no match for this top ranker .



Giles respawned in the human's Parthenon along with other INWTRUE human players . As for others who had changed their race to other races, they respawned inside their perspective temple .

Nemo was furious that Misha killed him again, and he had lost all dust and equipment .


Several colleagues of Nemo rolled their eyes .

'You started it . '

'You tried to mug her . '

'It's your fault . '

No one voiced their thoughts, but their expression gave it away .

Giles also had the same idea . Fortunately, he had stored his best equipment and most of his dust in the bank, so his loss was not significant .

However, Nemo bought the best armor and guns to battle to flex his status, but it backfired .

"How much did you lose, Nemo?" Asked Giles .

"… 200,000 Dust . "

"Including the guns and armor?"

"Yeah, you?"

Giles shrugged, "30k, no biggie . "

"Dafuq!? Didn't you bring your best equipment?"

"Most rifles and guns deal similar damage to stronger monsters . A pistol and 50 mags are enough for a party hunt . "


Nemo ranted and yelled at Giles at random while Giles ignored the fool .

As Nemo was dissing Giles, his body suddenly glowed in white light .



Nemo disappeared, and Giles received a weird game message .



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Giles frowned . He opened his friend list to check if Nemo had quit the game .

'The name isn't here . '

Nemo's name in his friend list disappeared, which was odd . He could add other INWTRUE members from different servers into his friend list, but he could not find Nemo's name anymore .

Giles tried to add Nemo as his friend again .



Baffled and confused, Giles searched Nemo's name in the level ranking on both universal ranking and server ranking .



Giles logged out of the game, so he could call Nemo by phone .

After getting out of the game capsule and dialed Nemo's number, no one picked up the phone .















Nemo found himself inside a ruined Parthenon of the human race .

Different from the casual server, all temples and statues had already been destroyed . The town had black and white smoke coming out, and rubble was everywhere .

The black cloud in the sky covered all the sunlight . Even though it was daytime, Nemo thought that the sun had already set . A fog of dust and dirt hindered Nemo from getting a good look at the carnage .

The Sanctuary Island, aka Newbie Island, looked like the aftermath of a bombarded town from a war movie . The desolate town was the opposite of the casual newbie city!


Even screams of monsters could be heard nearby, which spooked Nemo .




It did not take long for Misha to wipe out the INWTRUE party of 40 players since they were outclassed . Unfortunately, their dead bodies were eaten by the roper trees nearby, which had been attracted by the commotion .

Misha did not care about their mutilated corpses since they were worthless in the black market . She turned her attention to all monsters on this island .

"Sasha said we shouldn't rush to kill all bosses, but we have to kill one on this island, or we won't be able to clear a place for our guild construction project . "

*Mew* (It's going to be nasty if we kill it today . Can we level up to 10, so we can upgrade our equipment? We have 5 upgrade stones left . )

"Yeah, let's do that . "


Although Misha and Tama aimed for only 2 levels, they ended up killing every roper they found .

Each roper netted Misha 4,455 EXP per at first, but it slowly dwindled .  

At level 9, each monster yielded 3,255 EXP .

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At level 10, 2,055 EXP .

At level 11, 855 EXP .

By the time that the 850th roper went down, Misha reached level 12 .

However, Misha's overall status went over 3,000, which was higher than the ropers . Therefore, she could only get 100 EXP per kill .



Name: Misha Bloominglilly

Race: Inferno Dragonewt

Class: Apprentice Cook

Sub Class: Apprentice Clown, Apprentice Mafioso, Apprentice Seductress, Apprentice Villainess

Level: 7 > 12

EXP: 2,027/480,000

HP: 371

ST: 271

PF: 555

Hunger: 300


STR: 193 > 208

VIT: 361 > 371

STM: 261 > 271

AGI: 206 > 211

DEX: 230 > 255

INT: 740 > 1140 (+560)

WIS: 530 > 555

CHA: 12 > 22 (+240)

Luck: 30

Overall Strength: 2,533 > 3,033 (+800)

Karma: 6,120 > 357,120



Misha allocated all her free attributes into INT to increase her fireball and flame field damage .

And now, with her +2 equipment, which increased the level requirement to 10 as they had predicted, her fireball level 20 could deal significant damage to the monsters .



That was normal damage without a critical, which reduced a roper's HP by a third in one shot .

Once an explosion chance triggered…


Explosion! 14,990!

A basketball-sized fireball detonation became an AOE attack, which inflicted fire damage to the radius of 5 meters .

*Mew* (Let try the boss now . I think we're at the stage that normal mobs can't give us enough EXP . )

Misha calculated . From level 12 to 13, she had to kill 4,800 ropers, and the monsters on the island were not enough . Since they could not find any stronger monster on Newbie Island, they decided to invite trouble by hunting the field boss .

Before them, Apostle of Callisto, the Roper King, stood tall as if it were a world tree .

With its 100m in height, all INWTRUE players, including Misha, could see it from a mile away, and they had been avoiding this field boss since they had stepped their feet here .

Now, Misha had to kill it .

She flew closer to get a clear look and examine this boss .

It looked different than other bosses that Natalie and Sasha told her as its power scale was at 7,500, and the HP bar showed a number [150,000] .

The Roper King was not as grotesque as the blood tree, but its appearance was more obscene .

Long pink tentacles circled around the tree as if a million male genitals had transformed into snakes, living on the tree trunk . In other words, they were a world tree made of juicy tentacles .

Misha imagined that had a girl leaped at the tree, all those pink things would have drowned the girl in an instant .  

"This is going to be another uphill battle . "

Misha knew that this [7,500] indicator should be a lie . The field boss's real strength should be something about 75,000 or so since its name was flashing in orange . It was a common sense in the gaming world that unique bosses were much stronger than its counterpart mobs .

*Mew* (What are you going to do? We have no info about this boss . )

"… Tame it?"

*Meh!* (Grow some common sense! In what world that you can tame field bosses!? Are your 1k INT for decorations!?)

Misha ignored Tama and cast her seductress skill, Allure, at the boss .




Activation Cost: 100 PF

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Effect Duration: 40 Seconds .


Allure is a unique skill of a seductress that turns any hostile men or male creatures into an ally . If the target has been allured, an abnormal status, [Charm], will appear on the target . Success chance depends on the user's CHA, skill level, libido level, and the target's resistance .






Tama was speechless that Misha's banana idea actually worked .

*Mew?* (What now? It only lasts 40 seconds…)

Misha revealed a seductive smile as her libido level kept trying to inject an abnormal status to her . Misha's heart pupils and her pink aura enveloped her body .

The Roper King wiggled as it noticed Misha . Many tentacles waved at her, waiting for her instruction .

"Pour all of your juices into my inventory . "

Tama widened her eyes . If a regular roper with a height of 5 to 10 meters could give Misha 20 litres of roper acid, what could this boss give Misha?


The field boss aimed its tentacle mouths at Misha's inventory panel and sprayed its white juice .

As if those tentacles were fire hoses, white water gushed out and entered the space inventory at high speed .

100 Litres…

200 Litres…

300 Litres…

The stream of acid kept coming .

Unfortunately, it stopped at 400 litres . It was not like that the Roper King went out of gas, but the [Charm] abnormal status had expired .


The Roper King screamed in anger as it realized that it was fooled . The obscene tree uprooted by pulling all its murky slippery Thousands of tentacles rushed at Misha .