Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 214

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Chapter 214

Chapter 214 – *SLICK* (Roper is MVP <>




Misha frowned as both the problematic sisters were entangled in some sort of event or combat . Since that was the case, Misha messaged Sasha first .

"Are you by chance leveling or fighting right now?"

Sasha answered in an instant with her voice message, [Yes . I'm protecting my city from the siege . Are you done creating a guild?]

"I'm also in trouble . I can't invite you to the guild . The game kept telling me that you two are in some sort of combat, and I can't teleport you to my server without you being a guild member . "

[WHAT!? Then, is there any other function!?]

Misha hurried and explored all menus in the guild taps .

"There is this [Reinforcement] menu that allows me to send guild members and NPC soldiers to another server…"

[Can you send yourself to server 10!? Send someone strong and yourself there ASAP! Natalie won't be able to hold much longer!]


From Sasha's tone, Natalie was in trouble, and she needed Misha's help .

Without hesitation, Misha operated her [Reinforcement] menu .



Misha could choose any casual server to send her reinforcement . However, there was a cooldown of 1 month, which limited her power .

"I can only send one batch of reinforcement to a server once a month . If I send help to Natalie, what about you?"

Misha did not forget that Sasha, too, had once told her that she might not last a week .

[Rescue Natalie and give her the cash to make another guild . Then, send Natalie and her guild members to help me later!]

As usual, Sasha was the brain of all sisters . She could come up with an alternate solution on the spot .

Misha followed after Sasha's suggestion and picked server 10 .


Now, Misha could select the troopers who would join her in this expedition .




1 . Misha Bloominglily

2 . Misha's Slave, Roper Emperor



There were only two members since Misha had not invited any friends into the guild yet .

Also, there was something wrong with her pet's name .

"Isn't Roper King the correct name? Why is it becoming Roper Emperor now?"

*Mew* (Check the status . Mish . )

Misha opened her slave's status menu .




Name: Apostle of Misha

Race: Roper Tree

Class: Roper Emperor

Level: 1

HP: 300,000

ST: -

Loyalty: 100


STR: 2,000

VIT: 10,000

AGI: 1,500

DEX: 1,500

Overall Strength: 15,000



Supreme Stamina

Inter-Species Breeding

Acid Bullet

Acid Shower

Lover Injection

Tentacle Manipulation

Lewd Zombie Manipulation

Lewd Gas



The eyes of Misha almost jumped out of the eye sockets .

The roper's status doubled!

With haste, Misha flew to the roper, who was busy mating with 20 zombies .

The roper's appearance was the same, but there was pink smoke coming out of its body . Also, the 20 zombies emitted a similar fog .

"Did I mutate my pet?"

*Mew* (Well, I know for sure that my species are compatible with all mammal lifeforms . Maybe the L-Virus has mutated the roper?)

Though Misha had many questions regarding the sudden evolution, she ignored it since the boost benefitted her . For now, she had to rescue Natalie .

She selected both of them as the participants to reinforce server 10 .



"Huh? I have to give a speech?"


It was too late for Misha to prepare as the game automatically proceed .

"Eh? Er… Testing, 1, 2, 3 . Hello, this is banana… I meant I'm Misha . Can you hear me, server 10? There's a hiccup on my part . For some reason, I can't summon anyone here even after I had finished building the headquarters of my guild, and I can't invite any player from this server . So, instead of getting you to my server, I decided to temporarily send my servant to that server, in case you're in the middle of combat . All female personal, please stay clear from my servant . He's a bit thirsty since I haven't satisfied him enough . "

When Misha stopped speaking, her body faded as she was teleported to the tenth server .


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As soon as Misha could see the light again, she was already standing on top of Roper Emperor .

100 Meter above the ground, the view below looked scary for someone afraid of heights . But to Misha, this was nothing .

The carnage on the ground could be seen .

*SLICK* (It's raping time <>

The roper activated the acid shower as there were too many targets . In the radius of one kilometer, white sticky juice rained upon the land, melting all materials, clothes, and weapons of the players .





The rain was hazardous to male monsters and players . Regardless of the sides they were on, each raindrop dealt 9999 fixed damage to everyone per hit .

Most mutated monsters were male, and their HP did not reach 50,000 . As a result, a few raindrops killed these mutants in an instant .

When the rain subsided, only female monsters and players remained in the 1km range . The lucky players who reacted fast managed to run away from harm, but the unlucky female players got stuck with 5 status effects at once .

The player side rushed to the paralyzed female players, bringing them back to the safety area as they were trained to do so .

One of the [Estrus] players looked at her rescuer with heart-shaped eyes .

"Hey, since when you have gotten plastic surgery? You look handsome…"

"… I've never had surgery . "

"Go out with me after this, kay? I'll break up with my bf in real life . "

"… I, err…"

 "I'm also wet . Take me to a secluded place, please?"


Chaos happened among the rescuers and the rescued . However, that was a story for another time .


Natalie watched the carnage from afar as she fled behind the wall, escaped from the acid range on time . Des also stood by her side, gazing at the new field boss that came out of nowhere .

"Isn't that your helper?"

Natalie had a wry smile on her face, "Maybe… Yeah, I think so . "

It was a shocking sight . The threatening army had been wiped out with only one attack from this mysterious field boss, which was unprecedented for a strong monster like this to kill normal mobs .

Still, the name of this monster explained the situation .

"How the hell did she tame this monster?"

Then, Natalie recalled that Misha had been leveling her skills for days .

"H-Had she been preparing for this?"

Realized her misunderstanding, Natalie's face flushed in embarrassment .



Roper Emperor captured many female mutated bears . With [Charm], [Estrus], [Weak], [Paralysis], and [Hyper Sensitivity] debuff, all these monsters were helpless against this field boss .

It collected everyone inside its large tentacle trunk . Although he was not interested in mating with these monsters, he could give them to his underlings, so they could experience sex and grow into stronger ropers .

As he was busy hoarding all the captives, Katia and Amro, the Apostle Captain, glared at the pink tree .


Katia had teleported and escaped from the acid rain . However, Amro was slower and got hit many several drops of the sudden attack .

Amro was the manifestation of an alpha egg, which had fought against Mia in the close-beta . It had the same skill set, and its strength was the same as Roper Emperor .


Amro screamed in anger . Because of the roper, its HP dropped from 300,000 to 200,000 .

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A large eye appeared in a slit of the red egg, glaring at the roper tree . The eye shone in red light as it activated the hydra's signature skill .


An invisible cannonball slammed onto the roper tree .


Roper Emperor's body shook as he felt a sharp pain on the abdomen .


He glared back at Amro before he retaliated .

Acid Shower!




Acid raindrops melted Amro's shell .


Both monsters attacked each other, turning the war into a battle between titans .

Katia also made her move . Utilizing her speed, she left several afterimages as she dodged all acid rain, blinking and teleporting forward .

When she got close to the roper tree, a red ball came in her direction .



The fireball detonated, but Katia blinked and reappeared 10 meters away . She glanced at the source of the fireball .

Misha still stood on top of the pink tree . Her drool and awkward smile ruined her image of a cool entrance .

Her eyes did not look at Katia . Instead, she was skimming all the log messages in elation .












Shocked, astonished, awed, and delighted, Misha laughed as she released her fireballs at Katia's general direction without caring about the world . She understood why her level suddenly jumped from 12 to 96 .

The answer lay in Roper Emperor, who slaughtered the army of 30,000 monsters with the strength between 10,000 and 25,000 . As the pink tree killed all the monsters, the EXP rewards went to her character, too!

*Mew* (What a broken way to grind your level . Much wow . )

"Meh-Heh-Heh-Heh Mew!"




Name: Misha Bloominglilly

Race: Inferno Dragonewt

Class: Apprentice Cook

Sub Class: Apprentice Clown, Apprentice Mafioso, Apprentice Seductress, Apprentice Villainess

Level: 12 > 96

EXP: 625/3,840,000

HP: 539

ST: 439

PF: 975


Allocatable Attributes: 0 > 4,536

STR: 208 > 460

VIT: 361 > 539

STM: 271 > 439

AGI: 211 > 295

DEX: 255 > 675

INT: 1140 > 1644

WIS: 555 > 975

CHA: 322 > 490

Luck: 30 > 34

Overall Strength: 3,333 > 10,053

Karma: 357,120



The status jump was so insane to the point that Misha believed that bewitch skill was too broken in this game .

Before she could admire more of her skill and her slave's performance, Katia teleported and appeared behind Misha .

Misha's combat mode and her fighting instinct kicked in . She activated her flame field in retaliation .



The shockwave hit Roper Emperor by an accident as she was still standing on top of it .

Meanwhile, Katia, as always, managed to retreat from the shockwave without injury . At that moment, Misha could see Katia's strength for the first time .

"50,000 POWER!! HOLY CATTO!"


Katia blinked again . This time, she appeared before Misha at point-blank range .

*MYA!* (MISHA!!)




*MOEW* (Tarnation 16-bit integer!)

Although the damage was otherworldly strong, Katia's attack did not go through the shield . Or else, Misha would have been dead .

The destroyed barrier was not in vain as Misha used the millisecond gap to grab Katia's arm .

For the first time, Katia had been touched .