Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 217

Published at 31st of December 2019 08:25:10 AM

Chapter 217

Chapter 217 – To Server 6

"So, I have to create a new guild and send reinforcements to Sasha?"

Misha explained her plan to solve this crisis in server 6, where Sasha was having trouble dealing with another invasion .

Because of the reinforcement option 1-month cooldown, Misha could not visit server 6 . However, if Natalie found a guild on this server, they could gather all players here to help Sasha .

After Sasha and others in server 6 were rescued, Natalie could disband her guild to join Misha's, so the latter could summon every player in the guild to server 1 .

Although currently, Misha's guild capacity was limited to 1,000 members as it was still a level 1 guild, she could fund the guild and upgrade to a higher level . The maximum guild level was 10, which could house 10,000 members . If there were not enough room for other players, they could find another sub-guild to take in more players, or they could release the summoned players and invite the new ones .

Natalie, Des, and everyone's response were positive .

"I'll join Natalie's guild!"

"Me, too! I want to help server 6!"

"Count me in!"

"I'll be a part of the reinforcement!"

Now they knew that all players in the event, including reinforcements from other servers, could get the reward, Orb of Binding . They had no reason not to participate in another event as a reinforcement .

All present players volunteered, including the victims of Slicky, who were affected by his debuff . Though some of the girls were pissed because they lost their pride, the reward was enough for them to forgive Misha and Slicky .

After all, losing a bit of pride in exchange for obtaining billions of dollars or 100,000 diamonds was worth it . Besides, they scored new boyfriends in-game while their purity in real life was unaffected .

Some of them even had a boyfriend or a husband in real life!

*Mew* (The thotness level is over 9,000 . 10/10, will tentacle-rape again . )


Misha concluded her plan and turned to Natalie .

"I'll fund your guild creation budget, and I'll lend you this perverted tree over here . "

Misha pointed at Slicky, who was still enjoying Katia's body .



Des and Natalie did not know what to do with this pervert tentacle tree . As girls, they did not want to associate with this kind of monsters .

Still, his power and skills were useful in group battles, especially acid rain .

It would be a lie if they said they were not jealous of Misha and did not want Slicky to carry them . Getting carried by Slicky and obtaining all the EXP from over 10,000 strong monsters was tempting .

Contemplated for a few minutes, Natalie's weighed Sasha more than her pride in the end .

"I'll borrow your monster, but how do we trade it, and how can I control it?"

Misha showed Natalie her new [Slave Trade] feature . She explained that she could use this to sell Slicky to Natalie for now . After they rescued Sasha and players in server 6, Natalie could meet up with Misha and return him .

She also taught Natalie about Slicky's favorite food and how she could raise its loyalty . Also, Misha hinted at her that it should be able to command Katia and other ropers in nearby in the future, so Natalie had many ways to use Slicky .

"I'm not sure if this is a good idea . If I didn't imagine it, I think that thing just asked me if it can violate me…"

Misha patted Natalie's shoulder, "Don't worry . He said that all the time, but he didn't mean it . He's a good boy . "

*Slick* (If you allow it, I'll do it . I'm serious . )




Misha gave Natalie 50 million dust to establish a proxy guild, which Natalie named it as "Temporary Reinforcement," and upgrade it to level 5, which could accept 5,000 members . All current online players in the server entered Natalie's guild, including Des .

Slick was sold to Natalie for 1 dust, using Misha's new feature, slave trade . Katia, as Slick's love slave, was also tagged along with them .

As the master, Natalie could now command both Slick and Katia .

"Alright, boys and girls, you have 30 minutes to prepare! We're going to server 6 at the designated time . Don't be later, or you'll miss the bus!"


The server 10 players got fired up and dispersed, heading back to prepare their gear for the next battlefield .

During this 30 minutes, many players, who did not participate in the defensive battle, heard the news about the event prizes . Envious, they rejoined the game and begged Natalie to join her guild, too .

"Miss Arc, I'm sorry that I was too busy and didn't join the event . Can I join your guild, too? I'll contribute to the next battle . "

"Master Arc . I have a healer mentor, but he is already dead . But I have skills that can be of use . Can I join you?"

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"Natalie, we're both girls, right? Girls should help each other . Let me join your guild . "

"Des, can I join the guild? I want to participate in the next war . "

"I'm a level 200 gunner . My bullets can ignore defense! Take me with you, and you won't be disappointed!"

The greedy players never stopped bugging Natalie and Des, who were in charge of the guild . Both of them were angry that they never showed up when the entire server was in crisis . Yet, when they learned about the rewards of participants, they rushed here and shamelessly requested to join them, too .


Natalie snapped .

15,000 Players, who came back with hope and dream to become a billionaire by a shortcut, was infuriated .

"Who do you think you are!?"

"Do you think you're some hot shit because you're a guild master!?"

"Do you think we need you!?"

"Guys, let's create our own guild and go to other servers with this event!"

The mob of greedy players left in anger, heading toward the real estate agency to buy a guild deed .

Soon, they found the horror of the guild requirement .

"SON OF A $#@!"

"We need 10 million dust!?"

Only 5-Star guilds could use the reinforcement feature . Lower class guilds were merely a band for players to socialize with fewer options .

"Let's pool our money! I have 100,000 dust!"

"I'll convert my potions into cash!"

Some stubborn players decided to invest in the game and bought diamonds from the trade market .

Natalie did not care about these players . She waited for 30 minutes and gathered her guild members .

Misha bid farewell to Natalie and others as she had to return to her server .

"Good luck . Save Sasha for me . "

Natalie nodded, "Wait for the good news . By the way, are you sure that this monster won't rape us?"

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They turned to Slicky for the ninth time .

"Don't worry . It's only a game . You won't lose your virginity here . "





Meanwhile, at server 6, Sasha was in a similar situation as Natalie, but it was not as bad . Different from server 10, 15,000 players united and fought against the invaders as one .

Because of a powerhouse faction in this server, which was a group of professional gamers from many teams banding together, they could withstand the monster forces .

Ellie Elleneth, a human player from Milky Way Galaxy who evolved into leporian, was leading the forces against the monsters . Another 15 professional players worked as her assistants, coordinating with other casual players .

Sasha, despite being the top player in this server, only had a small role as she had crowd control skills . Ellie asked her to only stun the monster with her chain lightning, but Sasha was not allowed to kill the monsters . She had to spare them, so low-level players could increase their level .

It seemed like oppression, but it was for the bigger picture of this server .

Because of such a policy, the average level in this server was 200, which was the cap pre-class-change .

Ellie and all players were enjoying their game, facing the incoming horde of 10,000 corroding zombies .

"Way too easy!"

"Free EXP!"


Sasha clicked her tongue . The only reason that they had it easy because of her AOE crowd control skill . Without her, the city would have already fallen ages ago .

She turned around and sat on one of the inner battlements, so she could chat with her other sisters and update the situation in this server .

"Misha, how is server 10 . Can you update?"

[It's done . We're establishing a temporary guild on this server . Everyone is preparing for the transfer . ]

"That was quick . How did you defeat the 50,000-power boss?"

[My new pet got her . BTW, I lend Slicky to Natalie, so you'll know when they get there . ]


[My pet's name . ]

"Okay, so, what happened after you got the boss?"

[Lots of rewards . I say, have you contributed or killed many monsters?]

"Err… Not really . "

[Kill as many monsters as you can . There is this MVP and kill count prizes . Also, the top 3 MVPs get a unique subclass . You should get as many as you can since this is probably a hit-or-miss event . ]

Sasha's expression turned solemn . She glanced at the battlefield .

On the opposite side of the wall, she could see several battalions of other monsters, numbered over 50,000, waiting for the instruction from their shadow boss, Meimei .

Then, she looked at Ellie, who was commanding all players . Also, she inspected her server level-ranking .




1 . LV . 275 (S6) Sasha Hummingbird (Apprentice Consigliere)

2 . LV . 262 (S6) Ellie Elleneth (Apprentice Vigilante)

3 . LV . 260 (S6) Shadow Hobbs (Apprentice Sheriff)

4 . LV . 254 (S6) Skim Putnam (Apprentice Psychic)

5 . LV . 250 (S6) Rep Corwin (Apprentice Crusader)

6 . LV . 244 (S6) Pipe Warren (Apprentice Executioner)



'I've allowed them long enough to catch up with me . It's time for me to get serious . '

Sasha sent a message to Natalie and Misha .

"Delay your reinforcement until I give you the signal . I have to clean up the battlefield . "