Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 219

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Chapter 219

Chapter 219 – Bringing Everyone to Server 1

Since the guild required many people to manage and assist and Misha wanted Slicky back, she allowed Natalie to disband her guild .

Unfortunately, there was a penalty for leaving the old guild . Natalie and all members had to wait for 24 hours in-game before they could move to Wet Banana Guild .

Misha was not in a rush, so she could wait .

When Misha returned to her town center, 3 NPC workers were already walking back and forth, bringing buckets of polluted seawater to the building warehouse .

She inspected the warehouse .




Buckets of Polluted Seawater: 650

Empty Space: 350


Food Value: 9,994

Consumption per day in-game: 3



The seawater gathering was going nicely, but Misha had a problem processing them .

She was not free to deal with this seawater, and directly selling them was wasteful .

However, she had other ideas for taking care of these items .

"Keep gathering seawater . I'll be right back," Misha flew back to the town .



Misha came back to the guild an hour later, but she did not come empty-handed as she bought many new toys for her business . Also, Misha sold the roper acid that she had gathered from the river and got another 20 million dust to spend .

Without hesitation, she upgraded her guild to level 6 . Now, Misha could have 6,000 players in her guild .

That was not all . She arranged the new toys, 20 moonshine distillers, in rows to set up an alcohol factory next to the town center .



Can be used to produce homebrew alcohol . It's illegal, so you'd better not let the authorities see it .



For other players, this action might look odd, but Misha knew what she was doing .

As in the past, Misha drank plenty of roper acid to boost her libido level, so she knew what they tasted like . The white juice was bitter, yet it was sweet as if she was drinking milk tea .

As long as it was sweet, Misha believed that she could make alcohol out of this .

She set up one distiller with polluted seawater while the other one was for roper acid .

Unfortunately, an accident happened . The distiller, which contained the roper acid, melted . It seemed that the acid was so potent that it could not contain the liquid .

Still, the distiller with polluted seawater was working well . After an hour, the distillery produced a bottle-worth of transparent liquer .




Misha laughed . As long as the game confirmed that it was moonshine, she could capitalize on this item and the recipe . All that was left was to ferment the product and stored them at a place with room temperature .  

She operated all 19 distillers to brew moonshines out of polluted seawater even though she did not know if the end-product would fail or not .







It took Misha another entire day to get rid of the 650 buckets worth of polluted seawater and converted them into the unidentified moonshine . Bottles of unfermented alcohol were stored in the warehouse, waiting for nature to take its course .

As Misha was busy in her underworld business, Natalie sent her a message .

[It's been 24 hours . You can invite us now . ]

"Oh? Already?" Misha looked at the game clock . Time flew fast when she enjoyed working .

"I'll get all of you here . Give me some time . "





It took Misha 3 hours to invite over 5,000 players from server 10 to her server .




All players were summoned to the roper island while Slicky appeared in the shallow ocean .

*Slick* (Salty! It burns, but I like!)

He splashed his juices in the water as if he were a kid peeing in a swimming pool . The transparent seawater whitened by his fluid .

Meanwhile, the players who had not been to Roper Island were shocked by the sight of roper forest . Many looked at the guild hotel in awe, while the rowdy ones recognized Misha's moonshine distillers .


"As expected of our heroine . "

"Misha is love! Misha is life!"

"But the island kinda smells like … semen . "

They celebrated and admired how Misha established the guild here .

Natalie walked to Misha, "Take your Slicky back . I can't handle him anymore . "

Misha was surprised, "What happened?"

"He wanted to enter my body . "

"That's … his characteristic . "

"He asked me every hour . "

"… His nature requires it… Maybe . "

"And he even showed me how he did it with Katia and Meimei! And said that I'll like it!"


"That bastard also licked me whenever he had a chance!"

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Misha did not say anything . She hugged the traumatized teary-faced girl to soothe her .

"It's over . You won't have to deal with him again . "

She used the slave trade feature again to buy back Slicky . However, Natalie did not press the accept button .

"Pay me 1,000 diamonds for traumatizing this innocent maiden, or I won't give him back!"

Misha froze as she was taken aback .

"Do you want him back, or do you want to ransom him? Make up your mind!"

"It's a compensation for keeping that perverted monster . "


Misha canceled the trade menu and shouted, "SLICKY!!"

*Slick?* (Yes, my beautiful former master?)

"Do you want to violate your master?"






"Hieeee!!" Natalie had goosebumps and shrunk in fear .

Misha turned around with a wicked smile . Her eyes curved upward, revealing her evil thoughts of a villainess .

"Now, will you obediently give him back to me, or will you give your purity to him?"

With the threatening, Natalie yielded and gave Slicky back to Misha .

Upon getting Slicky back as her pet, she rechecked his status if he grew up or evolved again .




Name: Slicky

Race: Roper Tree

Class: Roper Emperor

Level: 3

HP: 360,000

Loyalty: 80


STR: 2,500

VIT: 12,000

AGI: 2,000

DEX: 2,000

Overall Strength: 18,500



Supreme Stamina

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Inter-Species Breeding

Acid Bullet

Acid Shower

Lover Injection

Tentacle Manipulation

Lewd Zombie Manipulation

Lewd Gas



He did not evolve, but his level increased by 2 after she lasted checked him . As for the factors, Misha could guess by looking at his inner trunk, which he revealed to everyone what inside was .

Katia, the former server 10's boss, and Meimei, the former boss from server 6, were trapped there, being violated by countless of Slicky's tentacles .

Several abnormal status icons could be seen above their characters . With [Brainwashed] abnormal status on them, Misha did not have to guess what kind of fate they had gone through .

*Slick?* (Oh, I'm back with my master again?)

"Welcome back, you perverted banana . "


"Nope . Didn't I give you enough toys to play with?"

*Slick* (They're too weak . All of them are broken after giving birth to 200 babies . )


Misha stopped talking to Slicky, afraid that she might discover something that might traumatize her for life . She turned toward the new members of the guild .

"Guys, I need help . Can all players with your level higher than 200 reports to me what class and subclasses you have? I need several managers in many fields in our guild . "



After Misha had finished dealing with Slicky and rescuing issues, another problem followed .

Players wanted to return to their mentors, but they did not have any means to cross the ocean . Moreover, several sea monsters with 10,000 power could be seen once in a while, which scared the players .

*Mew* (Can't they leave their items here and commit suicide? Then, you can just transport their belongings to the other side . )

"No one wants to lose levels, Tama . It's not that simple . "

The solutions were there, but the players refused to take it . They wanted to return in one piece, not respawning at their pantheons .

Misha had to fly to Sanctuary Island and hired a few ferry boats to transport these restless players .

With the ferries running back and forth, a travel route between her island and Newbie Island had been established . Although there were risks of getting into combat with ocean monsters, the ferry captains and their crews repelled them for the players .

Misha returned to the guild again after the last ferry took the last batch of players home . When she got to the town center building, she found Natalie, Sasha, Des, and a few players loitering around .

"What are you guys doing here?"

Sasha shrugged, "I'm interested in the guild management, so I've been playing around with the guild menus for a bit . "

Misha had assigned Sasha as her vice guild leader, so she could do everything that Misha could .

Upon rechecking the guild menu, Misha found that Sasha had donated 30 million dust as the guild fund and spent some of them on guild infrastructures . Roads became more refined as concrete roads connected the beach, guild hotel, and the town center .

Sasha also constructed an additional warehouse to increase the storage space from 1,000 to 6,000 units, not including the weird bonus of +1 from the manager, which Misha did not understand where this came from .

Also, there was another building next to the warehouse, a distillery factory .

"I found those distillers around the corner, so I thought you are into some sort of illegal brewery . We don't have anybody to manage the distillery right now since all players didn't have LEA status, but you should be able to allocate workers to get your moonshine factory going if we can find someone with the stats in the future . "

Misha was surprised by Sasha's efficiency . Also, she seemed to be aware of everyone's status in detail .

Sasha could read Misha's expression . She grinned .

"That's my consigliere perks . I can see everyone's status, skills, and hidden traits of your classes . I can also identify items . Check your guild bonuses . I have unlocked it for you . "

Misha had to recheck the guild organization chart .



> LV . 6


Guild Leader: Misha Bloominglily 

Apprentice Cook: Cooking +3, Science Cooking +2, Unlocked All Cooking-Related Facilities .

Apprentice Clown: Illegal Business +1, Military +1

Apprentice Mafioso: Illegal Business +1, Military +1

Apprentice Seductress: Brothel +2

Apprentice Villainess: Illegal Business +3, Military +2

Apprentice Valkyrie: Order +2, Military +3


Vice Guild Leader: Sasha Hummingbird

Apprentice Consigliere: Management +3, Illegal Business +2, Revealed All Hidden Bonuses .

Apprentice Mafioso: Illegal Business +1, Military +1

Apprentice Villainess: Illegal Business +3, Military +2

Apprentice Sniper: Military +1, Assassin +1

Apprentice Hitman: Assassin +2

Apprentice Valkyrie: Order +2, Military +3


Mayor: Natalie Arc

Apprentice Mafioso: Illegal Business +3, Military +2, Illegal Businesses are Legal in Town .

Apprentice Valkyrie: Order +2, Military +3


Warehouse Manager: Des Aitsuji (Incompatible Position)

Apprentice Marauder: Military +4, Assassin +1, (No Bonus)

Apprentice Banker: Warehouse +1, Finance +1


Distillery Manager: None



Misha could see the odd structure and bonuses from each player .

With the Guild Hotel, they could assign someone to be their guild leader and vice leader .

With the Town Center, the Mayor position was unlocked .

Warehouse and Distillery were the same . Each structure unlocked a new position that they could put a player in charge to get more bonuses .

The main classes of each player gave more bonuses than the subclasses, including the perks of being in the related title . Also, only the guild leader and the vice guild leader could provide all bonuses from all their subclasses, while the other positions provided their main class bonus and their related subclass' perks .

But, Sasha's organization had flaws .

"Why doesn't Des have any bonus like the others? If we place another person in, won't we get a better boost?"

Sasha shook her head, "We don't have anyone else with management class or related job . For now, we need to use everyone with leadership stats, so we can assign our workers to each building . By the way…"

Sasha pointed at the order bonuses .

"After we've assigned Natalie as the mayor, we can finally apply the order bonus to the town center, and we will get new 7 NPC workers a day instead of 1 . You should start securing this island for more spaces to build worker's lodgings, or we won't get more workers the day after tomorrow . "