Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 224

Published at 14th of January 2020 08:10:12 AM

Chapter 224

Chapter 224 – Party Quest – Part 4

The party cleaned the battlefield and shared the loot .

Des asked for kobold blood, but she did not take any corpse or dropped items . Everyone also gave the dropped equipment to Moo and Non, since they relied on selling these items to obtain more dust .

For the dead bodies, Shurka, Natalie, and Sasha gave up all of them to Misha, so she could cook or dissect them to her heart's content .

Although the three did not obtain any solid item from this raid, they got their fair share of EXP .




1 . LV . 302 (S1) Misha Bloominglilly (Apprentice Cook)

2 . LV . 300 (S1) Sasha Hummingbird (Apprentice Consigliere)

3 . LV . 299 (S1) Natalie Arc (Apprentice Mafioso)

4 . LV . 291 (S1) Des Aitsuji (Apprentice Marauder)

5 . LV . 287 (S3) MWG Dove Donovan (Apprentice Lumberjack)

6 . LV . 282 (S3) MWG Maple Rockingheart (Apprentice Hunter)

7 . LV . 282 (S6) ACE Ellie Elleneth (Apprentice Vigilante)

8 . LV . 280 (S6) ACE Shadow Hobbs (Apprentice Mafioso)

9 . LV . 274 (S3) MWG Felia Blue (Apprentice Mayor)

10 . LV . 274 (S6) ACE Skim Putnam (Apprentice Psychic)



Moo, Non, and Shurka were no longer in the global ranking, but their level was 240, 235, and 234 .

A lot had changed in these past days . Many of the server 6's players made their appearance on the leaderboard after the raid event .

Several people that Misha, Sasha, and others marked as threats, Dove, Maple, and Felia, seemed to have formed a guild under MWG's banners and moved to server 3 as their name changed .

Des, who tagged along with Natalie in server 10, got the boons and shot up to the top 5 .

Misha held on to her top ranker as usual, but the gap got closer .

"Let's proceed to the altar, nya," Moo was eager to lead the party .

Everyone packed their belongings and restored their stamina . With Natalie's fireballs around, everyone could see through the dark cave and followed after Moo .

It was a long walk with nothing but a humid rocky cavern . Although there were many intersections and mysterious holes, distracting them like mazes, Misha, Sasha, and Natalie worked together, picking the right direction to reach Moo's altar that he had talked about .

Upon getting closer, the expression of the three golden generation members changed as their 3D sense detected too many life signatures .

As they got closer to the altar that Moo found the slime boss, everyone could smell the scent of several wet dirty dogs .

Misha and Natalie disabled their fireballs . They turned around and whispered to the others .

"Beside us, anyone else can see through the dark?"

Moo, Non, Des, Natalie, and Sasha raised their hand .

"Wait a minute . All of you can see through the dark, but you made us use our fireballs as torches after all this time?" Misha was bemused .

"No, Misha . Both of you volunteered to use it, so we thought that dragonewts can't see in the dark . "


*Mew* (Banana Mish . )

*Mii* (Banana Shurka . )

The party of seven sneaked closer, hiding behind tall rocks . Everyone peeked through the gaps of the stones to check what was ahead .

Before them, a battalion of kobold knights and mages with the strength of 20,000 lined up in arrays in front of the white altar .

On top of the altar, Lucien placed Moo's statue on top and decorated it with clothes and jewelry . No torch or light presented in the area, but the eyes of slime knights and kobolds glowed in the darkness .

A red number was glittering on top of Lucien's head .


Natalie and Shurka frowned .

"When I fought this guy, he was only 10,000 . "

"Same . Why is this guy getting stronger? Shouldn't they be the same boss?"

Moo's sight locked on to the statue that he had sculpted . Upon seeing the decoration and jewelry, he turned to Misha and gulped .

"Mia, you should wear something pretty like that statue, nya . You would have been gorgeous in those . "

Misha had the urge to beat this catto, but she kept her cool . Getting angry and hitting Moo right now might expose their location .

Shurka noticed the statue . She was curious why a statue of Misha was doing here .

"Say, why is your statue here?"

Moo puffed his chest, "I sculpted it, nya!"

Everyone turned to the perverted cat . Sasha asked, "Why did you make that? Is Misha your crush?"

"Nyaha, it was the first part of my chain quest . My mentor asked me to craft a female statue, so I modeled it after Mia's avatar . "

Misha frowned, "Naked?"

"Yup, naked . It's an art . "


As everyone was eyeing Moo with disgust, Natalie noticed a different pattern in 3 servers .

In server 6 and 10, Lucien appeared with kobold soldiers with 10,000 strength . Upon killing the kobolds, the black slimes manifested and possessed NPCs, killing them in their mind space .

In this server, it appeared that Moo's quest could interfere with the invasion plan, and they might have changed something that did not happen in the other servers .

Misha statue was one of the changes!

'Did Moo's quest trigger the changes? Then, we should be able to prevent the city raid and save all the NPCs . Afterward, our server can be the true sanctuary . '

Natalie already connected the dots while the others had not paid attention to the difference .

"So, what's the plan?" Des asked Misha, the guild leader .

Sasha turned to Misha, "The skill that tamed Slicky, you have that taming skill, right? Can you tame the slime boss?"

Misha shook her head, "It's still in cooldown . It has a one-month cooldown, and I'm stuck with… well, almost a month . "

Sasha sighed, "Then, that can't be helped . Let's summon slicky here to help us . We won't be able to deal with this . "

"Why? We should be able to deal with these guys, right?"

"No," Sasha glanced at kobold mages, "There are too many variables . We don't know everything about the mages and the knights . Also, if they are the same with the guys we fought in other servers, black slimes will appear after we killed those kobolds, and they will attack our mind . "

Misha flinched, "We should be able to fend them off, right? We fought a lot of these guys at the colony . "

"But our real body won't be able to move at that time . What will happen if all of us are under mind-attack, but the boss makes a move on us?"


Misha realized now that these guys might be too dangerous for them to handle with only 7 members . They turned to Moo .

"What kind of fuck-up quest are you taking?"

Moo giggled, "What can I say? I have a hero class, nya . "


While the gang was brainstorming for an attack plan, their voice got louder, and Lucien could hear it .


The slime knight within a black gas drew a sword and slashed . Then, a sword wave appeared and hit the boulder that the gang was hiding .

The six girls and one horny catto jumped backward to dodge the sword wave . But that exposed their position .


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All dog-head kobolds howled and charged at the group .


"Shitto, nya!"

Misha spat out a disappointed groan as she summoned a fireball, planning to gather her firepower for the boss whenever she could .

As Misha was collecting the fireballs, she also roared .


It was a new skill to boost her party's firepower, which she had saved for the emergency .




All party members but Misha obtained a boost for 10 minutes, which equaled to Misha's leadership status .

Natalie and Sasha glanced at each other . After fighting together for a while, they began to understand their roles and learned a few techniques .

"You go first . Five seconds later, your turn, and we repeat . "

"Gotcha! Chain Lightning!"

Both demi-fairy's chain lightning had 10 seconds cooldown, so they took turns when they cast their skills .

The lightning stunned the first wave of 30 kobolds, but others slipped through the net .

Moo and Non rushed forward to take care of the chargers, but Des, who was observing the change in the rear of kobold battalion, shouted .


Behind the kobold knights, the mages conjured their spells .

50 Dark energy balls appeared from all 50 mages .

"Not good!"

Shurka followed after the damage dealers and activated her barrier skill to cover them .

Flame Field!

At the same time, all mages launched their energy balls at the melee fighters .



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Those were not the usual fire damage! All energy ball hit Shurka's fire shield, but the HP bar dropped to zero in an instant .








Shurka, Moo, and Non were caught off-guard by the magic attacks . Without a fire barrier from Shurka, the magic killed the three players and sent them back to their respawn point .

"RETREAT!" Des shouted as she dodged the dark magic balls .

Sasha and Natalie turned around to run, but Misha chose to stand still as she glared at the oncoming monster horde .

Her eyes flared in red color . She activated a new skill to fend off the oncoming kobold knights .



The invisible cannonball knocked two nearest kobold backward and slammed onto the other monsters .

Tama could read Misha's mind . She extended three long tentacles to drag Non, Moo, and Shurka's dead bodies into Misha's inventory .

As Tama was reeling in the corpses, more kobolds rushed at Misha .

Flame Field!

Misha calculated the shockwave range and used it to shove all kobolds backward .

Ignited! 6,536!

Ignited! 6,536!

Ten more kobolds in her shockwave range was hit and ignited in flames . They suffered damage-over-time, which they would only last 4 ticks, aka 8 seconds .

With only 20,000 HP, this skill was deadly to kobold knights .

Misha began backpedaling, running backward as she continued to collect more fireballs around her . At this moment, 7 fireballs rotated around her body as if they were planets, orbiting around the sun .

Lucien glared at Misha . Upon looking at her face, he recognized her .

"My queen…"