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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 23

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:53 AM

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Eggs and Jelly

7 AM .

23 Hours remaining until the end of the quest,

With nothing to do, Misha planked inside the oval room . Because of the boredom, she decided to grind her attribute status EXP a bit .

Since she would not gain any more EXP from the daily workout after the quest ended, this was the last chance to grind .

<<You have maintained the plank position for one hour>>

<<VIT EXP has increased by 1,000>>

<<Your VIT has increased to 152>>

<<STA EXP has increased by 1,000>>

<<Your STA has increased to 152>>



Name – Misha

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 25

EXP – 0/3,000

Free Attribute – 18


STR – 150/1,002 (68 . 58%)

VIT – 152/1,002 (0%)

AGI – 197/1,000 (41 . 43%)

DEX – 165/1,000 (85 . 00%)

INT – 500/1,000 (0%)

WIS – 375/1,000 (31 . 61%)

Luck – 18/100

STM - 152/1000 (0%)


Self Regeneration – 3/100 (0%)

Pheromone – 5/100 (10%)


Misha collapsed on the ground on her tumble . She panted as the exhaustion of the one-hour long planking was killing her back and her core .


Meanwhile, her roommates, the three green eggs at the size of one-meter each, stuck out their tentacle tongues and licked her sweaty body as they detected the odd smell of sweat .

"Stop, I'm not your food!"

Misha activated her [Pheromone] again, and all the tongues retreated .

For the past hours, these three eggs attempted to attack her whenever her [Pheromone] smell subsided . As a result, Misha had to keep releasing the green gas once every 10 minutes, which she leveled up this skill to five unintentionally .

Getting trapped in the oval room with monsters was stressing .


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8 . 30 AM

A gap opened on the wall, and several human-head-size tentacles dragged a hundred of blobs of green jelly inside . They threw the jelly to the eggs and Misha as if they were giving it to them .

The three eggs opened their mouth like baby chicks and scrambled for the jellies while Misha was dumbfounded by the event .

One of the jelly pieces landed on her lap . She picked it and smelled it .

"Still smell like a dead fish . Well, a cooked dead fish . "

Misha checked her hunger status, it was already at 30% . Once it dropped to zero, she would begin starving and would die in a few in-game hours if she could not find something to eat .

Seeing how desperate her roommates competed for these pieces of blob objects, she put it in her mouth .

If ones did not mind the saltiness and rotting taste, the jelly texture was the same as puddings .

After eating a handful of jelly, Misha rechecked her hunger status .


"Eating one of these increases my hunger bar?"

<<You have eaten [Egg Queen's Condense Milk]>>

<<You have gained 500 EXP>>

<<Your [Self Regeneration] have gained 10,000 EXP>>

<<Your [Self Regeneration] skill have increased to level 4>>

<<Your [Pheromone] have gained 10,000 EXP>>

<<Your [Pheromone] skill have increased to level 6>>


After seeing the result of the jelly, it took Misha a split of a second to know what she should do next . She rushed toward the scattering blobs of jelly, scrambling to collect as many jells as possible .

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Fortunately, the tentacles tossed in several hundreds of jelly blobs, which Misha managed to secure twenty of them in her bosom and one in her mouth . The rest was collected and eaten by the glutton three baby eggs .

Misha retreated to the corner of the room as she chewed the jelly in her mouth . She looked around for a place to dig and hide her properties like a puppy with a bone .

One of the eggs noticed that Misha was collecting food . It expanded the tentacle outward to steal Misha's collection .

"They're mine . Scram!"

She ignored the noodle-like tentacles and kicked the greedy egg like a soccer ball . It was sent and hit to oval room wall and screeched in pain .

The other two wanted to take Misha's food, too . They snuck on of their tentacle tongue toward Misha in a snail pace, thinking that they would not be noticed .

Misha stomped her feet on the tongues as she patted her hands . The jelly in her mouth was already in her stomach .

<<You have eaten [Egg Queen's Condense Milk]>>

<<You have gained 500 EXP>>

<<Your [Self Regeneration] have gained 10,000 EXP>>

<<Your [Self Regeneration] skill have increased to level 5>>

<<Your [Pheromone] have gained 10,000 EXP>>

<<Your [Pheromone] skill have increased to level 7>>

Her hand took another jelly into her mouth as Misha planned to finish them as soon as possible .

<<You are full . You can't eat anymore>>


Misha rechecked her hunger status .


The number was in red instead of the usual white color, and it had a warning of overeating .

<<You can't eat any food when the hunger meter is over 100%>>

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Misha wanted to cry . She had 20 jellies that might increase her skills by another 20 levels, yet she could not eat it .


The three baby eggs stick their tentacle tongues at Misha's direction, wanting to fight her to steal the jelly .

Seeing their reaction, Misha cracked her knuckles .

"Fine . Exercise time after a meal . "


The eggs opened their flower mouth, revealing their fangs and barbed tongue . They were serious .

"Okay, maybe not . You can have them . "

Misha took one jelly and stuffed it in her mouth as she stepped aside for the eggs . She did not want to risk her life with these monster in their serious mode .

The three eggs rolled toward the last jelly pile, but their shell collided with each other .


Sibling-fight happened . They spat their acid fluid and tried to bite at each other .

Meanwhile, Misha sat in the corner as she enjoyed watching them struggling for the last pile of food .

As she continued to watch, Misha noticed their weakness .

Two of the eggs coiled one of its tongue around all tentacle tongues of its other sibling . Meanwhile, the other tentacles pushed the shell of the coiled tongue egg outward, yanking the slimy tentacles out of its innards .

It pulled the tentacles out, which the victim screamed and rolled around in pain . The crying egg size shrank as the liquid inside the egg spilled outside, which it stopped shrinking when its size reduced to a chicken egg .

Misha raised her eyebrows, "Is this what I ate at the base? But why did they burn my hand before they let me eat it?"

The chicken-size egg had not died yet . It trembled and wailed as it was crying for help from its mother .

Instead of crying in a strange monster scream, it sounded like a kitten .


" . . . "