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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 24

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:52 AM

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Nature of Baby Eggs

Misha picked it up and looked at it .

"Are you a cat or an egg? Is there a kitty getting trapped in there?"

It faintly trembled in her hands .


"Oh, you're not a kitty . Well, an egg cat, I assume . "

Misha cut a piece of jelly and put it in the egg's little mouth . It guessed Misha's intention and chewed the jelly without a resistance . Then, it opened the flower mouth for more .

"You're spoiled with only a bite . "

Looking how cute the little egg mewed, she took it with her to the corner of the oval room, continuing feeding it like feeding a pet .

On the other side, the last two eggs bit and tore each other's tentacles . The victor had been decided .

Just like the little egg in Misha's hands, the other loser shrank to the size of a chicken egg, which was immediately eaten by the winner .

"So, the ecology here is similar to sharks . "

After sharks had been born, they ate their siblings while they were in their mother's womb until their mother released them to the ocean .

A similar phenomenon occurred here as these egg monsters ate each other within the oval room .

Misha looked around, contemplating and connecting puzzle pieces .

"Did those tentacles mistake me as one of them? They shoved me in here and fed me along with these babies? Or they toss me here as their food?"

A wry smile appeared on Misha's face as she gazed at her egg pet .

"Will you grow back to that size in the future again if I raise you?"


"Hahaha! Okay, I'll try to raise you . But first, we have to either kill this bastard or get out of here alive . "

Misha glanced at the last big baby egg in the room . It was eating its sibling and Misha's abandoned jelly in glee .

To weaken this egg monster, she had to yank the tentacle tongues out of its body, which would be difficult without tools and weapons .

Thinking back when she was tossed into this room, none of them reacted to her presence when she had first arrived here . Only when she sweated, they showed interest in her natural smell .

Glancing around the room, egg shells and puddles of green liquid were everywhere . Dead green tentacles and dried noodle-like dead tentacles were around as well, which showed traces of fighting and struggling .

"Tama, are you guys the last eggs standing when I arrive here?"

Misha named the little egg Tama .


Being wary of this big egg, Misha kept her distance from it and stopped her exercise routine for the moment .

11 . 30 AM .

Tama has its fill, and it fell silent, falling asleep . The other egg also withdrew the tongues back into its body, standing still like when Misha had arrived .

Seeing that all eggs fell asleep, Misha began her ambitious plan .

"Big guy . If you are gone, all jellies will be mine . "

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Misha licked her teeth for a few seconds, gathering her saliva . She then spat at the big egg to create an odd smell .

As she had planned, the big egg extended its tongues to investigate it .

Misha activated her [Pheromone] skill to avert its attention .

The tongues moved away from Misha to its shell, licking its surface to check the new smell .

As the big egg let its guard down, Misha reached her hands out and grabbed the tongues . She yanked it out while her legs kicked on the surface of the egg, pulling the tentacles with all of her might .

Though she could not grab all of the tentacles at once, she managed to wrap three of all five tentacles in her hands .


Misha kicked the body of the egg again with both feet, extending her body horizontally, while her hands with the tentacles dragged the tongues toward her chest .


Three of the tongues were pulled out!


In anger, the big egg bared its fangs and opened its flower-petals-like mouth, wanting to bite Misha . It extended the remaining two tongue to the side of Misha's head, planning to wrap around it . It also spat green acid fluid at Misha on her body .

By reflex, Misha held the remaining tongue with one hand each . She circled her hands around the tongues, locking it with her arms . However, she had to brace the digestive fluid as it landed on her body .

Misha activated her [Self Regeneration] to counter the damage . Her corroding body mended the burnt parts while the remaining green fluid continued to cook Misha's flesh .

"Ugh! Come here, little kitty . "

The one-meter-egg pulled itself using the tongue, flying toward Misha's head, planning to bite it .

Misha ducked down and pushed her feet up, kicking the egg's lower part and planting her feet on it . She pulled the tongues again .

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The last two tongues had been pulled out, and the egg wailed in pain . It spat its green fluid all over the place as its body size shrunk at a rapid rate .

When the size turned into a handful chicken egg size, she picked it up and placed it by Tama .

"It's revenge time, Tama . Can you do it?"

As if Tama understood Misha's word, it opened its mouth and bit the weakened egg, eating it alive . Even without a tongue, the flower fangs were enough to crush its surface and shells .


18 Hours remained until the quest ended .

Tama burped as it was full . It ate the entire weakened egg .

Misha giggled, "Now, it's just you and me . Will you try to kill me again?"

Tama did not react .

"Oho? So you still haven't given up, huh? How about I squeeze you in my hands right now . "


Tama trembled and cried in a soft voice .

"Just kidding . Say, let's share the jelly next time, okay? I'll continue my grinding . You can go to sleep now . "


Tama jumped and danced around Misha like a puppy .

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On the wasteland, the queen egg that ate Misha stood tall .

Tattoo Zombies were killed and eaten by the green zombies . After they were done with their new food, they turned around to eat the Queen Egg again .

At this moment, the body of some of the green zombies shook, unable to control their body . They collapsed on the ground as they leaked green liquid from their five orifices .

After the dead zombies collapsed, tiny green worms, smaller than human's pinky finger, dug themselves out from the chest of zombies . It opened the wound to make a path as several green oval objects competed to get out of the body .

Over a hundred thousands of tiny eggs gushed out of the zombie body as if they were small insects which broke out from their nest .

They were the baby green eggs .

Some of them rolled away from the zombie body .

Some of them remained inside the body, still eating the innards .

Others randomly bit their fellow eggs, eating their siblings .

A giant tongue of Queen Egg rolled the infested body of the zombies and pulled it into its mouth . The tentacles dragged the zombies and the eggs into an empty oval room, similar to the place that Misha was in .

As the tentacle went pass the digestive fluid, the majority of the baby eggs were dissolved and became the Queen's food . However, the survivors began drinking the digestive fluid and converting it into its own .

Meanwhile, stray zombies were attracted by Queen Egg's gas . They ran toward it and began eating it like the others .

As for the old zombies who had been eating the egg for a longer time, their skins and flesh turned green .

More tentacle tongues swoop down and dragged random hundreds of zombies into its mouth . The Queen sometimes needed additional nutrition for itself .