Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 246

Published at 18th of February 2020 01:50:12 PM

Chapter 246

Chapter 246 – There's a Cure!?

Had it been an ordinary fight between monsters and players, the latter would never complain or panic because of a few deaths .

However, the stake of this game was too high . Players played it seriously as if they were in a real war .

"Magnus is converted! Get away from him!"

"Watch your ally's PF! If it's zero, kill them before they get converted! Don't worry about the penalty!"

"A knight got on the wall! Concentrate fire on that guy!"

Chaotic shouting and commanding mixed in as players tried to communicate with their friends or their party members .

During the chaos, Tama controlled Misha's body to kick a converted player to the face and sunk her tentacles into his flesh .

The long tentacles were like parasite snakes, digging into his body and began drinking his blood .

Although he kept struggling to pull Tama's tentacles off himself, his strength could not fight against Misha and Tama's 8,960 STR .



Red numbers appeared on his head, while green numbers showed up on above Misha's avatar .



But once Tama's mouth found the victim's heart, the color changed to blue .


It only appeared once, but the precious psych force recovered . Misha's PF increased a bit to extend her life as she was too busy fighting against black slimes in her mind space .

Tama kept glancing at the converted player's HP . The moment it was lower than 2,000 HP, she released the knight and tossed it to a player with high PF remaining .




Players and NPC mercenaries were like hyenas whenever a boss' HP almost reached zero . All of them fought to get the last shot to obtain EXP and rewards .

Tama did not care about those anymore since Misha's life was more important .


The monster died and exploded all items that the converted player had, including a status orb and other goodies, such as upgrade stones, enhance stones, and the like .

The slime knight entered the mind space of the nearest player instantly, which stopped him from looting the items .

Tama heaved a sigh of relief that the knight did not invade Misha's mind . She glanced at Misha's remaining PF .

1,750 / 18,400

It dropped to a critical state . Within a few more minutes, Misha would have none remaining if this kept up .

Tama pulled another kobold and used the same trick, drinking its blood to the last drop to get the blue recovery number .


A normal kobold could only give 100 PF to Misha using this tactic, but Tama took 3-4 seconds to get it . On the other hand, Misha's PF dropped at a rate of 50 per second .

They were running out of time!

*Mew* (I can't push the fight anymore . I have to retreat!)

Tama piloted Misha's body away from the fight, retreating from the front line .



In the sky, Shurka and Mii encountered a similar situation . The girl's PF kept decreasing as she continued to kill black slimes in her mind space . Meanwhile, Mii tried her best to boost her master's psych force, but she could not keep up .

*Mii* (Shurka, hang in there . )


570 / 15,000


520 / 15,000

*Mii* (Not good! Retreating!)



Not only Shurka and Misha fled from the battle because of their low PF, Sasha, Natalie, Des, and Non retreated from the outer wall defense line toward the second city wall .

They panted as they sat on the ground, dying for air to breathe .

Their PF was in the red, almost hit zero .

Five thousand players were also in a similar condition as they ran away for their lives without caring about the loot or rewards, lying on the ground on the frontline .

It was not worth risking their lives for small gains like status points or upgrade stones . After all, they were aware that once the slime defeated them in their mind space, they might die for real .

Over 2,000 players were converted during the fight, and they joined forces with kobolds .

3,000 players were still struggling on the frontline, killing as many slimes as they could .

Remaining 10,000 kept running back and forth between the city and the battlefront . Some were killed during the fight against kobolds, so they ran back to rejoin the battle again . Some lifestyle players carried medical supplies to help others . Some players helped the local NPCs in the city, migrating elders and children away toward the inner city area as the outer walls were about to fall .

Everyone believed that the first layer of defense would fall soon despite the help of NPCs and mercenaries .

After all, they might be able to kill all kobolds, but they might not survive another wave of monsters, led by Calisto .

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Still, one felionian did not give up .



Moo's glaive cut through 10 Kobolds . After they were dead, the felionian only paused for a second before he resumed combat .  



20 Kobolds were killed this time .  



Moo swung his glaive around like a whirlwind, killing 30 more kobolds .

Amidst of the hopeless war, Moo was on a roll .

As a DPS specialist with an overall strength of 40,000, after he had allocated more points into his attributes, he became the third strongest player among all servers .

He was only weaker than Misha and Shurka at the moment, but he was free from all abnormal statuses .

His strength continued to grow as he kept killing black slimes .

But it did not last long .





Moo glanced at his remaining PF .

350 / 10,000

"Whoops . Fuck it, nya . Bad doggies, get lost!"

Like a cat, Moo leapt over the wall and ran away from the battlefield .



Without Moo, mercenaries and players got killed one after another . The mentor NPCs retreated from the outer wall the moment they saw too many players dying . Fortunately, they were in the Adept Tier, so their attributes were higher than average players .  

Still, one of them was converted as they were not familiar with soul combats like players .

It was a mentor NPC, who taught the art of thievery . He became a new boss monster with a strength of whooping 100,000 .

Slime General Akira Kuro, the Adapt Thief .

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The game separated players into several stages and tiers, depending on their main classes and levels . Every 200 levels, they could upgrade their career to a higher level .

At level 1, players started from a non-existent novice,

At level 201, they became Apprentice,

Then 401, Journeyman,






And the Mythical Tier .  

At the beginning of the Apprentice Tier, level 201, average players had the strength between 1,500 and 2,000 .

The game designed that at the peak of apprentice classes, the weakest players should have 5 subclasses and the overall power of 20,000, while the hardworking players could get up to 30,000 because of boss items, quest rewards, and cash shop .

The Journeyman Tier, which was the next stage of their career advancement, was another stage in which the player could raise their power to 50,000 - 75,000, and their status cap would be higher than 10,000 .

The Adapt Tier, which belonged to all mentor NPCs, would double the stats that players could have . They could become a superman with at least 100,000 status points if they were good enough .

Now, a monster, which was designed to be the Adapt Tier players' opponent, appeared . As everyone still had apprentice main class and their level was lower than 400, they were no match for this kind of monster .

This was the reason for the downfall of servers 6 and 10, where Sasha and Natalie had struggled to survive . Had it not been for other mentor NPCs took them down at the cost of their lives, both Sasha and Natalie would have been sent to the hardcore server .

"GAHAHAHA!! What's the point fighting so hard for these stupid players!? LET'S KILL THEM ALL!!"

Akira, the thief, disappeared from where he was standing as he activated three of the thief skills at the same time, Hide, Stealth, and Camouflage .




The thief slashed the remaining players and left a trail of blood on his path . However, he never revealed himself as if he was invisible, even when he was attacking .

In the end, the outer wall was overrun after Akira got converted .





A server announcement warned all server 1 players that their first layer of city walls was lost for real . Now, they had two remaining defensive lines as their lifelines . Had they lost the last two, everyone would be sent to the hardcore server, where none of them could predict their future .

Misha, who was resting, kept looking at the guild's mercenary menu as it displayed the map, where their soldiers were currently at .

She could see that the reinforcement was coming from three directions .

In the west, roper soldiers and Slicky were rushing here at full speed .

On the north, jellyfish ropers had already landed on the north shore and entered the city from the north gate, making their way toward their location . They were the first group to arrive first .

Miles behind the jellyfish ropers, the weak roper trees were swimming across the ocean . It might take a long while before they could reach Sanctuary Island . Or rather, not many of them might survive since there were other monsters .

Since the latter group might not make it, Misha gave a new command to these roper trees . She allowed it to start hunting or attacking sea creatures at will, so their strength could grow like the others .

A commotion occurred behind Misha as the monster army of jellyfish ropers entered the city . With their green name, no one stopped their marching . Instead, they cheered as more help arrived .

Fortunately, they did not attack any local NPC or player . Or else, these cheering players would have cursed Misha and her guild .

*Slick <>

Still, their vulgar appearance intimidated all female players . They kept a distance from these obscene ropers since the tips of their tentacles resembled male genitals .

On the contrary, male players were looking forward to seeing these pink creatures in action . Their eyes burned in determination, and many of them regained their combat spirit .

Truth to be told, they did not mind it if they started violating fellow female players now .

Misha commanded all jellyfish ropers to station on the city wall and prepare for the monster waves .

800 weak-looking jellyfish ropers climbed the wall and stood tall in front of all players .

When these monsters stood together with players, everyone could finally compare how tall they were . Each of these pink creatures was at least 3 meters tall, and they possessed at least 50 tentacles . They used these arms to walk on land, while the transparent heads were used for swimming . On the ground, the jellyfish heads looked like dried pink mushrooms .

As they stood, they emitted pink gas, which contained mild aphrodisiac .

At first, players were skeptical of standing near these creatures since these aphrodisiac gas might do something to them .

However, the lunatic perverted, Moo, who almost died in the previous battle, walked up to one of them and patted the juicy tentacles .

"Could you donate some of those juice to this poor catto? I need roper acid for my research, nya . "

The roper looked at Moo in confusion . It complied with Moo's request anyway since they were from the same guild .

As soon as the roper acid came out of its tentacle tip, pink gas enveloped Moo and surrounding players in the range of 10 meters .

Everyone panicked and tried to get away from the gas radius, but a weird phenomenon occurred .




Male players, who had been inflicted with a new debuff, looked at each other, who also had the new debuff .

Everyone paused for a whole minute, staring at the others with poker faces .

"Hey, do you think what I'm thinking?"

"Ahuh . "

Without the exhausted status effect, they drank PF potions, recovering their psych forces .

And it worked . Their PF recovered to the fullest .

After seeing the effect, a chain reaction happened . More male players walked up to these ropers and began inhaling the gas .