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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 248

Published at 18th of February 2020 01:50:10 PM

Chapter 248

Chapter 248 – Meth, Hammered, Confused, Genetic Boosted, WTF Am I Reading?

The rampage of a 100,000-power slime general destroyed the defensive formation of the players . A hundred garrison soldiers, who had died, warned their friends about the new emergence of a new threat .

Upon receiving the emergency calls from respawned players, Shurka and Moo rushed toward the scene .

When they arrived, they found a transparent silhouette moving within the player's formation . Blood gushed out from the wounds of ambushed players, whom the figure passed by .

Shurka, who specialized in AOE skills, could not attack . Akira's speed was too fast, and he always hid within the formation of players . Had she attacked, friendly-fire was guaranteed .

"Sasha, the slime general is hiding within our ranks!" Reported Shurka to Sasha .

[Do you have a debuff skill?]

"Aside from DPS skills, no . "

[Ignore that guy . Go and kill other slime knights . ]


Shurka flew away from Akira .

Meanwhile, Moo had a better sense than Shurka and other girls . He tracked the camouflaging thief and found him .

Without hesitation, Moo activated his combat skills . His feet kicked the ground, and his 3-Star glaive glowed in bright light .

Vertical Slash!

As if the attack was a homing missile, Moo's glaive pinpointed Akira as he hacked down .


Akira parried the glaive with two knives . No damage inflicted on both sides .

However, Akira's stealth effect was worn out, and his appearance revealed .

Unlike the usual cheerful, happy-go-lucky felionian, Moo glared into the eyes of Akira, "Your rampage ends here!"

"A hero's disciple? Too bad, you're no match for me!" Akira scoffed and shoved Moo backward .

Realized that this boss monster's speed surpassed his, Moo allocated all his remaining free attributes into both AGI and DEX, making them 10,000!

Afterward, the duel between the two champions could no longer be seen by ordinary players .

Both sides exchanged their strikes at speed beyond human logic . For every second passed, 20 sounds of metal hitting each other resounded, followed by sparks and afterimages .

Shadows of a catman and a human swirled in circles . One shadow left a trail of silver light while the other contained dark aura .




Wounds kept appearing on Moo's flesh as his speed could not keep up with Akira's raw attributes .

The difference between an apprentice class player and an adept class NPC was too vast .

Even though Moo's overall strength was that of a journeyman elite, the battle result was the same as having a peak of journeyman class fighter fighting against a high ranking adept class player .

"Hoo," Moo exhaled . He increased his pace by another notch by activating a racial skill, [Overdrive] .

The overdrive skill combined with a trait of apprentice hero subclass . Moo's eyes contained silver flame as all his attributes temporarily increased by 50% for one minute .

Moreover, Moo replaced his weapon with two long knives like Akira since the glaive's attack speed was much slower than short weapons .

From 40,000 strength, Moo's overall stats became 60,000, and his speed reached 15,000 .

The sudden burst in speed caught Akira off guard . One of Moo's knives found its way into his chest .

Armor Break! Penetration! Poison! 344,320!

Moo's weapons were not ordinary knives but a pair of 4-Star weapons, which contained a poison effect . He had acquired this from one of the dead players during the siege battle, but he had not returned them to the righteous owner yet .

The power of the weapon and Moo's status caused significant damage to Akira .

However, a boss-class monster with 100,000 power also had an absurd amount of HP .

29,655,680 / 30,000,000 HP!

The attack just now only decreased Akira's HP by a bit over 1%, which was not enough to finish him .

Akira sneered as he caught Moo's arm, which held on to the knife that entered the former's chest .

"Impressive for a rookie hero . But you are 10 years too early to be my opponent!"

The slime general released his dark aura with his eyes, creating a dome shockwave, concentrating on only the felionian .

Moo received the shockwave attack head-on!


As usual, all attacks from a boss-class monster were ridiculous . Any ordinary player's HP would not last more than one hit .

But Moo was special .


Moo screamed as he activated his plot-armor skill, [Comeback], recovering his HP from 0 to 1 . Moreover, his status attributes increased for another 10 seconds, and they stacked with Moo's previous [Overdrive] .

Now, his overall strength temporarily became 80,000 .

Using the gap after Akira had activated his skill, Moo twisted his knife inside the former's body and yanked it out sideways . At the same time, another knife, on the other hand, stabbed Akira's right side, entering his liver . Again, Moo did not forget to twist it and caused more damage to this general's inner organs .


Poison! 100,000!


Poison! 200,000!


Poison! 300,000!

3 Attacks got in, leaving Akira with 94% HP .

Noticeably, every attack that inflicted on Akira would cause additional poison damage of 100,000 for every hit that Moo caused by these knives, which was the effect of the abnormal status of these 4-Star weapons .


Akira was infuriated by the humiliation . He ignored his defense and attempted to slash Moo one more time .

But Moo opened his inventory and poured roper acid onto his face .


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The acid was from a Slicky, which was more potent than jellyfish ropers . A hundred of damage numbers floated above Akira's head .  

Because of this liquid, Akira's footing slipped, and his body lost balance .

Moo did not let this chance go away . He thrust his knives 4 more times within a second .


Poison! 400,000!


Poison! 500,000!


Poison! 600,000!


Poison! 700,000!

This felionian's combination of ignoring defense and poison continued to stack damages onto the boss monster .

14,201,000 HP remained .

Akira gritted his teeth and activated his fury mode with less than 50% HP . Ten thousands of small knives manifested and flew around in random like a tornado .

Nearby players in the range of 100 meters, including Moo, got shredded to pieces because of this blade cyclone .

All dead players and Moo's items in their inventory exploded, but no player dared to loot anything on the ground .

The frenzy mode was still active . The cyclone of knives kept rotating around Akira as if they were alive .


As players were retreating from Akira, many mentor NPCs took arms and prepared to end this slime general, but one girl stopped them .

"Can you leave him to me, please?"

The elite NPCs turned around and gazed at this broad .

It was a charming dragonewt in a bikini armor set . However, she had weird tentacles wiggling behind her back . In her mouth, she was smoking a pipe, but the smell of the thing she was inhaling was not ordinary tobacco .

They were a dreadful substance, which was considered illegal .

They glanced above her head, and their eyes paused when they noticed four abnormal statuses above her avatar .

[Meth], [Hammered], [Confused], [Genetic Boosted]

Those status effects were the evidence that this dragonewt was smoking something inappropriate during the battle .

Misha's eyes were moist, and her expression was erotic . Her heart pupils and her smile aroused these old men to the point that these infertile men got an erection .

Still, not everyone was attracted to Misha .

"No . You go back and get rest . You don't belong here . "

Despite the warning, Misha giggled . She lightly moved her feet, but her body teleported behind the NPC who spoke . She touched his tights and slowly moved upward before she blew his ear, sending shiver running down his spine .

She coyly turned around and adjusted her bikini armors, "It's alright . I'll be playing with you later . Let this sister enjoy the taste of this cherry boy first, then I'll eat you next . "

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Strangely enough, Misha's voice contained an alluring vibe, which rejuvenated these NPCs' youthful desires . They gulped and nodded without saying anything .

Misha waved her butt and dragonewt tail as she walked .

As for Tama's tentacles, they danced and fluttered . While Misha was strolling forward, the slippery arms touched the crotches of the nearby men .

*Meow!* (I'll suck you dry later, boys . )

Everyone bent forward as they hid their crotch area, gawking and drooling at Misha .

As for nearby female players, they did not pay attention to Misha's weird behavior . They looked at her overall power, stunned, astonished, shocked, and speechless .

55,000 + 55,000 + 110,000

They understood that the first number should be Misha's current strength, and the "plus value" should be a buff that increased her status attributes or so .

However, the third value was the anomaly . From everyone's gaming experience, this number should not exist . Had the buff stacked with the others, it should have been added to the second value .

Des also paid attention to Misha's current behavior and her new power, especially the 4th status effect above Misha's avatar, [Genetic Boosted] .

"That's not a buff . That's a freaking OP buff!"

As everyone was looking at the seducing banana girl, Misha suddenly increased her speed, moving into Akira's blade hurricane and appeared before him unharmed .

Even the berserking slime general was shocked .


Misha giggled and covered her mouth with the converted NPC's mouth, sticking her tongue in .

But instead of kissing, her tongue transformed into a barbed drill and entered his mouth . It punctured through his throat and exited the back of his head .

Stunned! 220,000!

Moreover, the tip of her tongue split into a 4-arm hook, latching on the back of Akira's neck .

Akira's body jolted in pain . Before he could activate a skill or resist, something entered his body from the front .

In front of Misha's body, Tama's 20 tentacles exited from her stomach and chest, penetrating into Akira's flesh .

Penetration! 89,000!

Penetration! 89,000!

. . .

Penetration! 89,000!

20 notification appeared as each Tama's tentacle dealt significant damages that ignored Akira's defense, which was the same as Moo's racial skill .  

Moreover, Tama's mouths were as fast as Moo's speed previously . The 20 mouths ate everything they found and drained Akira's blood into Misha's body .  


Life Drain! 220,000!

+220,000 HP!

+10,000 PF!


Life Drain! 220,000!

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+220,000 HP!

+10,000 PF!


Endless numbers of Tama's life-draining suction depleted Akira's remaining HP in an instant . That was not all, Misha's front torso split in half, revealing the grotesque fangs, made of her rib cages and bones .



Overkill! 220,000!

+220,000 HP!

+10,000 PF!



Overkill! 220,000!

+220,000 HP!

+10,000 PF!



Overkill! 220,000!

+220,000 HP!

+10,000 PF!


The dragonewt entire torso turned into a giant mouth, eating the converted NPC while his eyes were staring into Misha's heart pupils . As for Akira's HP, it had long been zero the moment Tama's tentacles entered his chest and drained his blood .

After Akira's corpse was entirely devoured by Misha's transformed torso mouth, a new change occurred to her avatar .

Akira's slime soul invaded Misha's mind space during the process, but it was no match to Misha's home game .

During the soul battle, Misha's real body jerked, twitched, and bent forward as if she had an orgasm . She even moaned without restraining her voice, which attracted more spectators from a distance, including Sasha, Natalie, Moo, Non, and kobolds .

Tama also meowed in pleasure while she transformed Misha's entire lower torso down .

Misha's legs and lower torso increased its mass at a rapid rate . They merged and bloated like a balloon before Tama's mass and blood filled the blob flesh . From a figure of an alluring woman, Misha's lower body expanded into a 5-meter tall meat monster .

The 5-meter meat slowly took shape into a reptile body . A new head emerged from the front while four legs and a long barbed tail extended from the long red meat .

The reptile head did not look like a gecko's head or any other reptile species, but a sandworm's long neck and a mouth .

Tama, the mouth of the reptile body, released her glorious, majestic voice in this body for the first time .

*Mew!* (The god of all eggcats is here! Worship me, you banana heathens!)

On top of Tama's head, Misha's humanoid torso was still there with her erotic expression . Her soul already made quick work on Akira's soul and devoured every memory fragments in joy .

Misha and Tama had transformed into a hydra!

"Boys, my mouth is kinda dry, and I need your juices . Drop your pants and surrender yourself to me . Let me milk your juicy meat <>