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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 250

Published at 18th of February 2020 01:50:09 PM

Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – WTF Did I Do? – Part 2

Misha woke up again and found themselves lying on a clean bed .

A severe headache hit Misha . She tried to open her eyes, but her instinct wanted her to keep them shut .  

She surrendered herself to the pillow and the soft bed . It took a while before she could open her eyelids .  

Looking around, Misha found a white plaster ceiling and a pair of long LED lights . Buzzing sound of random people talking entered her ears, but she failed to comprehend them .

Someone also had changed their clothes to clean blue hospital patient outfits, but Misha recalled that she never had this set of clothes with them in their inventory .

"Ugh, the world is spinning…"

Misha's right hand rubbed her eyes and swept her hair out of her face . Peaking the outside world by narrowing her eyes, Misha's sight slowly restored .

Then, she felt the presence of a man she knew .

"Finally, wake up, you idiot . "

"Oh, hi, Walter . "

It was Walter Black, Misha's mentor .

"Don't "HI" me," Walter yanked Misha's mouth open and poured vitamin drink from a small cup into her mouth, "I taught you to cook it, but I've never taught you to smoke it! Why the fuck did you smoke your own crystals anyway!?"

Misha coughed as she got caught unprepared . Still, her vision got brighter than before .

Upon getting her sight back, Misha could see everything around herself .

Wet Banana guild members gathered around her bed, including her mentors, Walter and Arthur . Many players outside of Misha's ward also seemed to cause some commotion because of her awakening .

Innocently, Misha blinked many times and looked around, "What's up, guys?"


Nobody replied . They stared at Misha as if they were getting ready to draw their weapons or activate their skills at any moment .

Then, Walter snorted and stood up from his chair next to Misha's bed .

"She's fine . She won't turn into that monster again as long as she doesn't touch the meth . "

Misha looked at Walter, confused, "Monster? Meth? What?"

Walter clicked his tongue, "You probably don't remember anything after you puffed the smoke, right?"

Misha nodded .

"You got high to the point that you transformed into a giant monster . Well, fortunately, you slaughtered half of the kobolds and repelled the invasion for us before you reverted back to your human form . Or else, these friends of yours would have killed you a thousand times over . "


"Remember, kid . You can sell as many crystals you want, but don't you smoke your own crystals!"

Said the warning, Walter stormed out of the hospital ward, leaving the group of curious players .

Still looking around in confusion, Misha turned to another familiar face among the observing crowd, Sasha .

"Err… Explanation?"

Sasha sighed and operated her game menu . She sent a video clip to Misha via a friend messenger .

The clip revealed the appearance of a hydra monster, rampaging and eating kobolds and players nearby, destroying everything in its path .

It could summon the same blade cyclone that Akira had once used .

It could also cast firestorm like Shurka .

The figure above the sandworm-like head of the hydra also used fireballs, blasts, fire sword waves, and other range attacks randomly .  

When mentor NPCs went to subjugate the hydra, the latter summoned a barrier dome, a dragonewt's signature move, Flame Field . Moreover, its barrier HP was on the level of a world boss' HP .

150,000,000 HP

And the hydra's HP was another 150,000,000 .

What made it worse, the hydra could recover its HP by eating a dead body . Every second, it recovered 2,000,000 HP and 100,000 PF .

Then, whenever it had gathered enough food, it recast Flame Field, renewing its barrier HP .

Nobody could harm this monster, including the mentor NPCs!

In the end, all players and NPCs withdrew from the second line of defensive walls to the castle wall, the last line of defense . As for the monster hydra, it kept killing the kobolds without sparing anyone .

At first, Misha thought that another world boss landed on the field and killed the players, but the name of the hydra shocked Misha more .

[Wet Banana Guild], Misha Bloominglily

"… That thing was … me?"

There was also another name .


For the first time, Tama revealed her identity to the world, using her transformed hydra body . However, her name was overlapping with Misha's name, so not many people had noticed it .

Sasha nodded, "You were the Godzilla . Did you have fun?"

"That's impossible! My strength is only 55,000 the last time I checked it . How come I had 150 million HP!? That doesn't make any sense!"

"Recheck your status . And do me a favor, don't scream in a hospital . "






Name: Misha Bloominglilly

Race: Fairy Overlord

Class: Journeyman Cook



Adept Assassin

Adept Gunner

Adept Knifeman

Adept Mafioso

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Adept Rogue

Adept Scavenger

Adept Sharpshooter

Adept Thief

Journeyman Arms Dealer

Journeyman Bodyguard

Journeyman Clown

Journeyman Hitman

Journeyman Looter

Journeyman Miner

Journeyman Seductress

Journeyman Soldier

Journeyman Soul Hunter

Journeyman Spearman

Journeyman Swordsman

Journeyman Tracker

Journeyman Trapper

Journeyman Valkyrie

Journeyman Villainess


Level: 1

HP: 30,000

ST: 30,000

PF: 30,000



Allocable Attributes: 10,000

STR: 10,000

VIT: 10,000

STM: 10,000

AGI: 10,000

DEX: 10,000

INT: 10,000

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WIS: 10,000

CHA: 10,000

LEA: 10,000

Luck: 40

Overall Strength: 100,000

Karma: 430,280





Misha had a poker face when she read the details of her current progress . Several things were not right about her growth as she did not remember advancing her main class or subclasses .

She looked at Sasha and others in with her usual (・_・) expression, but the latter shook their head .

Sasha summarized it for Misha, "You're currently the only person on all servers that has the main class as a journeyman . Everyone is still struggling in level 350-360, but your total level is 401 . It seems that your total attributes are maxed out for the apprentice class before the upgrade . "


"Also, the event is not over yet . The kobolds only temporarily retreated back to the first city wall, and Calisto is approaching the city as we speak . We also can't rely on the second walls because of the breached section you've made . "

"Eh? But what about everybody here?"

"We're assuming that you'll go berserk again after you wake up . Since that's not the case, let's head back to the city wall before the kobolds come back . "




Upon Misha returning to the inner wall area, she found a huge site of ruined wall, caused by Tama's transformation .

At the site, lifestyle class players and free players were repairing the wall by pouring mixed cement into the cracked sections . As for the parts that were destroyed by kobold's skills, labor NPCs brought in bricks, stones, and lumbers to fill the holes .

The collapsed section took time to rebuild . Because it was a grand project and the defenders were short on time, everyone stacked sandbags, making a make-shift barricade instead of repairing it .

Misha felt guilty for making these people cleaning up the mess she had made .

A few players who had been killed by Misha in her hydra form looked at her in contempt . Sasha had compensated them with some items and money, but their lost opportunity to acquire status orbs or other loot was too painful for them .  

Thus, they still held a grudge for Misha's deed .  

Still, the majority of the players appreciated what Misha did, even though the friendly-fire incident had occurred . After all, she repelled the invasion .  

When people noticed her arrival, they raised their thumb at her .

"Good job, Misha!"

"You're cool, Wet Banana guild leader!"

"Misha, you were so hot in that monster form!"

"Teach me, senpai!"

The warm reception from the players and friendly NPCs relieved Misha from her worries . Everybody's morale was still good .

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Misha scratched her cheek, embarrassed .

She turned to Sasha, "How long have I slept?"

"Not too long, only an hour of a short nap . I have to admit . A fairy overlord's recovery strength is enviable . I still can't believe that you got sober after all you had smoked . "

Sasha referred to the crude meth that Misha digested .

"Don't do that again . We don't want an addicted as a guild leader . "




Misha continued to ask around for what happened after she had passed out .   

The kobolds retreated after Misha had transformed and started killing . About less than a million of kobolds managed to survive and was maintaining their posts on the outer wall areas .

Scout players spied on the kobold's activities later, and they found out that the other "Misha" regrouped with these minions along with her new subordinates, the black slime generals .

Their power was the same as Akira, whom Moo and Misha killed .

Oddly enough, they did not follow through with their invasion and momentum . Instead of continuing pushing against the player army, the other Misha arranged her troops to face against the northwest direction .

All clues that other players found ended here .

However, Misha, Sasha, and executive members in Wet Banana Guild knew the reason why this army stopped attacking their city .

At the northwest, where the kobolds and the other Misha were paying attention, Slicky and his ropers were approaching . The giant pervert tree also appeared in Misha's mini-map since Slicky was her bewitched slave .

'Should I wait for them to attack us again? But that Misha's strength is 6 digits . I don't know how strong she is…'

Misha hesitated if she should fight this self-proclaimed Misha Bloominglily .

Not knowing what to do, she scanned through the list of her new skills and items that Tama had looted throughout the previous game session .

Upgrade stones and precious status orbs were plenty . It surprised and baffled Misha how or when they had obtained these items .

Then, her eyes stopped at a particular item .

The memory orb number 2

It was hinted to be one of 7 memory orbs that Misha could use to obtain her past memory . She had already digested one and aware that it might be more harmful than good had she used it .

Still, Misha's mental strength grew a bit stronger after her main class changed to the journeyman tier . Though fear and doubt still lingered in her mind, Misha's self-confidence dominated over her pessimistic thoughts .

She had not realized this yet . Her sheer confidence came from all the soul fragments and the memory of the dead players, whom Misha consumed .

Had it been an ordinary human who consumed those past memory fragments of black slimes and converted players, they would have lost their sanity from the repeated reincarnation experience-like process . The emotion, sentience shift, and change of perspective would throw them off, and they might mistake their identity as the dead players .

Fortunately, Misha had been dealing with this kind of problem since Min and Mia's mixed memory created her new persona . She might have lost the recollection of her past self, but Min and Mia's invaluable experience kept her sanity in check for a long time .

It confused her identity sometimes, but all those life experiences taught her many things .

As if Misha had lived thought a thousand lives, she believed that she would not lose herself to her past identity .

"Show me what I did…"

Misha took out the quest item, the memory orb number two, and activated it .