Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 253

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Chapter 253

Chapter 253 – Dow Dow Dow Dow

Oo Ee

Oo Ah Aah

Ting Tang

Walla Walla 

Bing Bang

A little girl's singing voice resounded in the outer city perimeter, where the kobold army had ransacked .

Amidst the ruined city, a little girl, 100cm tall, was skipping and singing in a good mood . Her colorful pink clean dress and her golden mini-twin tails could easily awake anyone's urge to take her away from this desolated town and raise her as their child – only if they did not know what hid behind her petit body .

The girl's face was similar to the golden generation sisters . Rather, she looked like Misha Bloominglily in a younger version . The only differences were her ears . Instead of having human ears, she had cat ears, the legendary nekomimi .

As if she were a felionian, a cat tail swung left and right . However, the tip of that fluffy cat tail sometimes split open, revealing a gaping mouth and its drool .


As the girl danced and skipped through the bloody ground, her shoes released a cute squeaking noise . Those shoes were luxurious footwear that parents usually bought for their spoiled children .

Even though this little girl stepped on several pools of blood, all brown soil or dark red fluid did not dirty her frilly clothes, skin, or fluffy shoes . Whenever a drop of blood touched her skin, it sunk into her flesh as if it was a sponge . On the contrary, dirt, rocks, and other substances were repelled by a mysterious force .

Dow Dow Dow Dow

I told banana Mish I want to merge with you

Dow Dow Dow Dow

But me, was too genius, I blew that catto Moo

Dow Dow Dow Dow

And then, I got pregnant, I asked Mish what to do

She told me

Oo Ee

Oo Ah Ahh

Ting Tang

Walla Walla

Bing Bang

The girl was Tama, the newborn hydra who was in her humanoid shapeshifting .

Hydras with two heads or more could detach their head and shapeshift into anything that they could imagine . B sisters, Mia's hydra wives, could also separate themselves from the others to get their freedom .

Tama did the same . Learning this skill by instinct, Tama detached herself from Misha when she fell unconscious .

As Tama was still addicted to the previous freedom, when she controlled Misha's body, she went out to play and find more food .

Also, she had a secret that she did not want to tell Misha since it was too embarrassing .

Moo's white fluid that Tama had eaten accidentally inseminated the little eggs inside her body . And now, she had to release them to the wild .

As Tama sang the remix song, both her arms transformed into ten long tentacles . The tip of each long limbs turned into a snakehead, opening their jaws and chowed onto random corpses along the way . Some sunk its head into a blood pool, drinking all liquid they found .

But Tama did not eat everything she gulped down . Once in a while, one of the tentacles spat out small black balls, each at the size of a chicken egg .

Those balls were not her feces . Instead, they were her children, which had been inseminated during the previous secret deal Tama had with Moo . Technically, they were Moo and Tama's children .

The eggs that Tama laid immediately rolled away as if they were alive . The small eggs acted as if they were queen eggs, moving toward a safe area or finding a dead body to reside .

Some of them hid inside a player's corpse . Some went into the flesh of a dead kobold . However, a few eggs hatched into a palm-sized mutated felionian kittens . They opened their mouths to meow, but their instinct urged them toward the nearest pool of blood or a corpse as they were the kitten's source of food .

Yet, Tama did not care about them . She just ditched them like an inconsiderate mother since those babies did not need her protection .

Those little monsters would naturally grow into alpha eggs and evolve into hydras later if they survived for a month or so . If not, they did not deserve to live since they were not strong enough .

The meowing song of Tama soon reached the ears of kobolds, who were resting at the first wall of Sanctuary Island . There, several black slime generals had already arrived, and the other Misha was also protecting the site .

As soon as the source of the voice was founded, a hundred kobolds and two generals rushed toward Tama .

The black slime generals, each with the strength of 100,000, stopped before the pink-dress girl right away .

These generals were different than the converted NPC, Akira . Instead of having a human-like figure, they were still kobolds, but they were bigger .

Each of them was 2 . 5 meters tall and weighed at least 500kg . Their thick muscles, burly legs, and strong arms were the same as professional bodybuilders .

The heads of kobold generals, which still resembled a Shiba Inu, retained the same size as regular kobolds . The imbalanced proportion of a small head and a massive body looked creepy, yet intimidating .

As their muscular body was too large for ordinary clothes, they bound rags around their private parts as if they were Japanese sumo wrestlers . Because of the lack of outer garments, their half-naked oily bodies glistered when they reflected the sunlight .

"Found the source of the noise . Kill all the players!"

The generals sneered at the little girl, but their face cramped when they noticed the power indicator above Tama's head .


And its color was glowing in rainbow color!

This was a world-boss class monster!

Meanwhile, the generals were nothing but field-boss class monsters . Even if their power was the same, the quality was in a different league .

The group hesitated if they should engage in this battle or report this intel to the shadow Misha . But when they noticed Tama's HP, these kobolds grinned .

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Tama only had 150 million HP, which was on the low side for a world-boss monster . Also, this girl was alone .

These black slime generals were smart . They glanced at their followers, the kobolds .

Then, the two generals activated their psionic link to hatch a scheme .

[We can flood this boss with our black slime minions to tire her psyche force . Then, we can take over her body . ]

[A few hundred slimes might not be able to defeat this girl in her mind space . Let's call some backup . ]

[Nah, sacrifice one kobold at a time and stun this girl . We will continue to reduce her HP while she's busy fighting the slimes . ]

[Well, we can do that, but safety first! I'll contact the queen, so we can have more backups . ]

[Fine . I'll begin the operation alone . ]

One of the generals pulled his great sword from the sheath behind his back, preparing to engage against Tama . One the other hand, the other one stepped back and concentrated on communicating with shadow Misha .

"Mew? I meant, are you going to hurt this little girl?"

The slime general did not say anything . He swung his sword and used his regular attack skill, the sword wave .

Tama grinned as she activated Misha's favorite skill .

Flame Field


All of a sudden, a fire-dome shockwave deflected the sword wave and pushed all kobolds backward .




As if Tama were a world boss herself, this skill slaughtered all one hundred kobold minions right away .

All one hundred souls immediately invaded Tama's soul space, but they only lasted two seconds .

When Tama regained her sense, Tama scoffed, "Mew! Banana Mish should have learned . One shouldn't use all PF for casting flame field . Good thing that I saved some of PF for soul space battles!"

The two slime generals managed to get up a few seconds later after they were shoved by the strong shockwave . Their 30 million HP dropped by 100,000, but the number was neglectable .

When they were aware of their surroundings, they looked around in shock .

All of their soldiers were dead . Also, Tama already finished her mind space fight .

Moreover, Tama's strength changed .


All dead slimes boosted her strength!

"Not good! Retreat and inform our queen!"

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The two generals turned around and attempted to run away .



But their feet could not move . Something coiled around their ankles and stopped their legs .

Upon looking down, they found a dozen tentacles binding their legs to the ground . This red snake-like flesh protruded from the earth and squeezed their ankles, pulling them into the soil .

Tama did not move either . She wanted to, but she could not . Since she had transformed her legs into tentacles, digging into the ground and binding these generals, moving toward her prey was unnecessary .

The hydra girl exerted a bit more power and pulled them into the earth .

The two victims sunk into the ground . Only their heads were still on the surface .



The two field bosses cursed Tama as they could not move their bodies . At this moment, Tama's tentacles already crept onto their upper torso and squeezed them like a python locking its prey .

Tama sneered, "I want to play a game . "

The two generals did not listen . They kept barking and swearing .

Tama ignored it and continued, "Use your psionic possession on me . If you can defeat me in my home game, I'll let you live . If you refuse, your bodies will be a nest for my babies . "

These generals did not understand Tama's words . As usual, they barked like angry dogs . They also attempted to use their skills and psychic power to free themselves, but Tama's binding was too tight for them to utilize even 50% of their potential .

Tama's HP kept decreasing, but she did not care . She picked her ears in annoyance .

"Noisy doggies . Die then . "

Two red eggs came out of Tama's hand tentacle mouths . As if they understood Tama's intentions, they rolled toward the two kobold generals .

The dogs opened their mouth, revealing their fangs, attempting to bite these little creatures .

But the two eggs also opened their mouths and spat acid at their eyes .



The two dogs cried in pain and closed their eyes .

As the children saw an opening, each egg jumped and latched themselves at the eye of their targeted dog . They opened their mouths and began chewing the victim's ball in the eye socket .

It took them a couple of minutes to eat the eyeball of their victim .

Once the eyeball was no more, the two eggs continued to dig into the eye socket . Their tentacles rushed into the brains of these dogs .





Countless numbers appeared above the two generals as they were eaten by hydra eggs alive .

But a massive one appeared when one of the eggs crushed the inner brain of a kobold general .

Instant Death! 30,000,000!

Tama observed the development as she waited for the game to release drop items . She was assaulted by the slime general in her soul space, but that was no longer a threat .



Tama obtained no EXP since her child got the last shot .

Once the general dropped lootable items, Tama pulled it into the ground and buried it, keeping this dead body as a nest for the little egg that just entered its brain .

Instant Death! 30,000,000!

The other one died as well . Tama repeated the process and buried the general .

"Meh-Heh Mew! Big harvest!"

She pulled back her tentacles into her body and scoured for dropped items .

As Tama was collecting all precious status orbs, upgrade stones, gacha tickets, and other goodies into a backpack that she found on one of the dead bodies, she continued to hum .

Oo Ee

Oo Ah Aah

Ting Tang

Walla Walla 

Bing Bang




10 Minutes after Tama killed both slime generals, shadow Misha arrived at the scene . However, she did not find anyone but the voice of a little girl from afar .

The shadow knew that two of her generals were killed over here . She glared at the direction of the singing Tama .

"A player? No, that's something else . . . "

Shadow Misha turned around and told all of her slime generals to go back . However, she flew and chased after Tama .