Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: 254

Chapter 254 – Tama, the Forever Hungry Hydra

Mama, just kill the man


Put a gun against his head


Pull my trigger, now he's dead


As usual, Tama kept singing . However, her small tentacle mouths were chewing a corpse's bones in glee, replenishing the lost calcium after giving birth of a hundred eggcats .

Her figure also changed . At first, Tama's appearance was that of a grade-schooler . However, she now looked like Sasha and Natalie with the addition of cat ears and a cat tail .

The more she ate, the faster her growth .

Unfortunately, Tama emptied Misha's red gels in the latter's inventory . The most nutritious source of viruses and vitamins was no more .


Even though Tama kept eating, her stomach cried . The hunger stopped Misha from singing .

"Mew… Growing up is hard . I need food . "

Tama wiped her tears with her bloody fingertips . They were not her blood, though .



Name: Tama

Race: Gluttony Hydra

Class: Journeyman World Boss



Adept Assassin

Adept Gunner

Adept Knifeman

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Level: 1

HP: 150,000,000

ST: 50,000,000

PF: 50,000,000

Hunger: 992,210/50,000,000



Tama's max hunger point was 50 million, but she hardly filled a million . It would take her a long time before she sated .

Also, after Tama had detached herself from Misha, she received her own status menu and new information .

Noticeably, her race was a hydra, but her main class became something different from Misha .

A world boss, a journeyman at that!

The major upgrade was her total HP, stamina, and psyche force, which was not something that a player could have . Still, Tama inherited all Misha's subclasses, including her skills and masteries .

Moreover, Tama copied Moo's main class, subclasses, and his skills from the previous sexual relationship .




Level: 1

Partner: Moo Moomoon

Children: 100



Apprentice Sculptor

Apprentice Hero

Apprentice Spearman

Apprentice Miner

Apprentice Summoner



Tama had this little secret . It was a skill that Misha did not have as she had not had a partner yet .

At level 1, Tama could copy his primary class, all subclasses, and skills Moo had .

At level 2, Tama could obtain EXP through obtaining more Moo's seed .   

At level 3, Tama could increase status attributes by digesting Moo's seed .

At level 4, Tama could steal all EXP, skills, attributes, that her partner had . However, Moo's abilities and skills would be reset to 0 .

At level 5, the max level, Tama could convert Moo into another hydra and reset her mating season skill . Then, she could find another spouse .

This skill effect was different than Misha's original skill because of the unique trait of hydras . This race originated from a symbiosis species . Thus, they relied on leeching, mimicking, and stealing power from their hosts and others .

Yet, this hydra girl did not show it in public . She only sang and acted as if she was a cheerful silly girl, just like her partner Misha .


Frustrated and angered by her hunger, Tama screamed and cried like an innocent baby . Though, she would have looked adorable without the blood on her mouth and a piece of intestine on the nose .   


A figure flew and landed before Tama .

It was another Misha!

The 750,000-power Misha stared into Tama's innocent eyes .

"Who are you?"

"Mew?" Tama was shocked that she found someone looking like her partner, "I'm the genius, glorious, invincible, and fabulous eggcat in history!"


"Who are you anyway? Why is your strength indicator question marks?"

Tama could not see the stranger's strength since the game showed it as [??????] . This little girl's power was still too weak to identify the shadow Misha's overall attribute .

"When were you born, little girl?"

"Me, mew?"

"Yes, you . "

"Less than a day, perhaps . "

Tama was smart . At this point, she already figured that this stranger was Misha's enemy . Therefore, she only gave limited and vague information instead of revealing everything .

Dark Misha nodded, "I see . Were you spawned by Lilith?"

Tama tilted her head to the side, "Mew? Who is Lilith?"

"Never mind, then . What are you doing here?"

"Looking for food . I'm hungry . "

"Did you kill a few of dogmen earlier?"

"They are tasty looking food . I ate them . "

Dark Misha raised her eyebrows, amused, "I'll give you food . Work for me . "

Tama's eyes brightened, "Food? Nom-Nom Mew?"

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"Yes . Food . "

"Give me a thousand of those big doggies, and we'll talk!"


Tama referred to the black slime generals . Since she could get items and status points from killing these monsters, Tama demanded more of these field bosses .

Dark Misha hesitated if she should just kill Tama here or sacrifice her goons to obtain a capable world boss monster as her follower .

"I'll give you 10,000 dead kobolds . Those big dogs are my men . I can't give you that . "

"Not enough, mew! Those little puppies won't fill my stomach! I want at least 50,000, and I want the living ones! Dead doggies stink!"

"20,000 of dead kobolds and 50,000 random dead monsters . I can't give you more than that . "

"No deal! I want the living kobolds! No deal, mew!"


Dark Misha closed her eyes to hide her killing intent . If it were not because of Slicky's threat, she would not spare a glance at this fledgling world boss .

However, the shadow required additional firepower against the threatening Slicky, the roper world tree .

The previous fight between a million kobolds that Misha and Lucian led them to Slicky taught the shadow about this world tree's characteristics and how he fought .

Upon learning that this tree could tame female monsters with a single touch of his acid, the shadow Misha was afraid of this monster . Her power alone could easily overwhelm Slicky and his ropers, but she believed that she might even lose to the inferior creature .

The power of Estrus and Charm were too deadly!

Using the field bosses to attack Slicky would not work either . First, the shadow was aware of the two world bosses, Katia and Meimei, Slicky's slaves . These two continued to get stronger over time, and they might prove to be a hindrance to Dark Misha's plan .

And second, female kobolds might be tamed during the battle, and they would release their pheromone, which could arouse the other kobolds into heat . Afterward, the entire army of the shadow Misha would collapse like the million soldiers that Slicky decimated .

'I need a quality bait to distract that pervert tree while I kill those two slaves . Those mutts won't last very long, but this world boss should be able to resist the abnormal statuses for a minute or two . Then, I should be able to take him down during that period . '

She wanted to use Tama as a distraction . Once Slicky was too preoccupied with this girl, the shadow Misha would unleash for power to finish off the world tree from a safe distance .

"Fine . 50,000 living kobolds . "

"Mew! I want the big guys too . Their meat is chewy . I like!"

"… I'll add a hundred of them on top of that . "

"Not enough! I want 10,000 of them!"


Dark Misha was on the verge of killing this stupid world boss . She only had less than 20,000 generals under her command, but Tama demanded half of them .

'Those useless dogs will die anyway . What's the difference?'

She inhaled a few breathes to calm herself, "Fine . 50,000 minion kobolds and 10,000 generals . Now, will you work for me?"

"Of course, mew! Let me nom-nom them first . Also, I want all of their dropped items . "

"Can you even use those? I thought NPCs here can't use players' items . "

"Don't lump me with those brainless NPCs! I even have inventory slots, a status menu, and my own VIP shop! Hell, I can even see my droppable items after I died!"

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The first part was real, but the last part was utterly BS that Tama came up with .

Dark Misha squinted her eyes in suspicion . This was the first time she heard that NPCs could use the same features that players could do .

'Well, I can't say that I'm not an NPC after Lilith trapped me inside this lower dimension . I need to absorb the other Misha's memory fragments first and use her physical body to get back to the higher dimension world . '


'What was I trying to do before my memory shattered into 7 pieces?'

She could not remember why, when, or how her memory separated into 7 portions . Still, she was aware of her sentience and the deal she had with the humans .

'I'll know once I get all the memory fragments! First, I get rid of that pervert tree . Next, I get rid of the imposter, and then, I'll find the other fragments in the upper dimension!'




The shadow Misha guided Tama to the outer wall of Sanctuary Island .

By the time that Misha and Tama arrived at the ruined walls, they found the world tree approaching from the horizon .

The pink tree, Slicky, looked majestic as ever . As he was crawling toward Sanctuary City, he left a trail of white liquid behind .

The corrosive liquid killed all plants and insects that it touched . When the acid evaporated, they transformed into pink gas, which contained strong aphrodisiac for all humanoid creatures .

Humanoid ropers stood erected, watching the army of kobolds as they drooled . Although their number could not match the kobold army, they were confident with abilities .

Furthermore, the two slaves of Slicky, Katia and Meimei, were world bosses . These two could handle the mobs of 10,000-power kobolds without breaking a sweat .

Dark Misha observed Slicky with a grim expression, "Do you think you can handle that tree monster, little girl?"

Tama's eyes curved upward, sneering at this other Misha . She continued to extort for more food .

"I can! But first, I want mew payment upfront! I need food! Without nom-nom, I can't fight!"

Hearing the demand, the dark Misha clicked her tongue . She waved her hand, and the sacrificial kobolds floated toward Tama .

The humanoid eggcat showed no reserve . Tama transformed her entire body into a hydra, which had appeared during the previous battle, and began swallowing ten thousand kobolds into her long neck .

A sound of crunching bones followed along with the kobolds' death throes .

As Tama was chewing the kobold minions and their generals in glee, she secretly typed into her chat menu to send a private message to her partner .

[Misha, are you there?]




[Took you ages to contact me!! Where are you!? Why did you separate from me!? What did we do when we were high!? How did we become a hydra!? And hell, why is Moo showing up as my mating season partner in my fucking skill menu!? WTF is going on, Tama!?]


Tama stared at her message window in a daze . It seemed that the deed that time affected Misha's detached body as well .

'Whoops . She doesn't get pregnant like me, does she?'