Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – I Believe Shit Can Fly

I believe eggs can fly,

I believe eggs can touch the sky,

I was eaten by the egg on the day,

At night, he shit me fly away,

Now woe me, shit can soar,

I see me cracking when I hit the floor,

I believe egg is high,

Egg eats me, shits me fly,

I believe shit can fly,


The Egg Queen had launched the entire oval room that Misha and Tama resided and another similar oval room that another winning egg was in .

Embracing her fate, Misha prayed in a remixed song in her mind as she hugged her knees, curling herself into a ball inside the tight space within the oval room . Around her, 300 jelly blobs turned into her cushion while Tama attached itself on Misha's breast .

She had not noticed the color of the current Tama yet . It had turned changed from green to yellow .


The sound of a large object flying through the sky scared Misha . Although she could not see anything outside, she understood the feeling of being inside a flying medium as she experienced it with her flight suit and her past experiences in the military school two years ago .

The egg shuttled through the cloud and reached the highest apex . It stopped in mid-air for a split of a second, which was eternal to Misha .

She did not know that she was at the height of 3,000 feet above the ground .

Then, it followed the law of physics, falling to earth .

Aside from the cramped environment, Misha's consciousness persisted as the pain from her chest kept her awake . If this had been in the real world, she would have been blacked out and died because of the lack of oxygens ever since she had been thrown into the oval room .

However, the feeling of free fall alarmed her that it would soon end .

"I'm not bailing . Free falling death is not that scary . "

Still smiling, Misha flickered her finger at Tama, teasing it .

"We're gonna die in less than a minute, and you're still sucking my breast?"



The ball landed on earth, sunk into the ground and created a crater .

As for Misha, who had been curling inside the ball, suffered from the impact as her back and her right shoulder hit the ground . Even though she had jellies as cushions, her innards and bones were crushed from the impact .

The liquid in her brain also shook, which stunned her .

Her heart stopped, yet her lung was still functional . The last bit of consciousness fought the pain and the dizziness to the very end .

'Come on, MBR! Heal the brain and the heart first!'

Misha's crushed body lied still, but her blood cells and her brain continued to function . Unfortunately, her vision went black .

The system message appeared in front of her .

<<You are half-death and crippled . Will you accept death and respawn?>>

<<Warning, if you accept death, you will fail your current quest . >>


'Screw you . If I'm half-death, that means I'm half-alive! I won't give up my extra status rewards!'

Misha picked [No] and persisted on living, spamming her MBR, aka [Self-Regeneration] skill .

Because there was no HP bar like other games for her to refer to, Misha could only rely on her instinct .

. . .

One hour later,

Misha recovered a part of her concussion damage and her heart, but she was far from the full rocovery .

<<You have chosen to struggle against death>>

<<You have fulfilled hidden quest criteria, will you challenge the hidden quest?>>

<<Warning, if you fail this quest, your character will be deleted!>>

<<Decline this quest if you don't want to gamble>>

<<Accept this quest at your own risk>>

<<Will you accept the quest?>>

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Misha was astonished and intimidated by the warning . Character deletion was something that she wanted to avoid .

Thinking back as she continued healing herself, she believed it was worth the risk .

'If I start over from day-one again, I can exploit the boot camp with extra workout exercises and status grinding . Well, I don't care . '

Misha was optimistic even when she was in a crippled state . Using her consciousness instead of moving her body, she chose [Yes] .

Her vision was still blackened . Nothing appeared even after she had picked [Yes] .

'That's it!? Nothing?'

Misha thought that she had been conned by the game . She continued healing herself and ignored the weird game quest as she believed it was a bug .

. . .


Surprisingly, Tama survived from the impact because it used Misha and the jelly as it life-saving cushion .


The egg continued nibbling on Misha's body, drinking her blood .

'Oi, I need my blood cells to heal myself . You stupid egg!'

3 AM

3 Hours remained until the quest ended .

Dove navigated through the dark night with his [Sage Eyes] . Because of the constant usage, the eyes of his character were bleeding . Though, he did not mind the small backlashes as this skill saved his life multiple times during the quest .

He managed to reach the crater where Misha and Tama fell by avoiding all monsters in the area . However, he could not prevent the stray zombies from approaching the hole .

Dove wiped his blood trails on his face as he stared into the darkness .

Several tattooed zombies wondered into the crater, carrying random sticks and pipes .

5 … 10 … 20, Dove continued to count them as he gazed at his ammo indicator at the back of his rifle .

25 Rounds .

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'Twenty zombies, 25 bullets . I will probably attract more monsters after I jump in there . '

Dove contemplated if he should save Misha . From the look of it, he might die if he risked his life for her .


Dove slapped his face with both hands, shaking off the selfish thought .

'A helpless girl is in peril, and I want to save my skin? Absurd! Am I a man or a sissy!?'

Self-motivated, Dove rested a bit to recover his stamina, adjusting his breathing and his psyche .

After ten deep breath, Dove calmed down . He activated his sage eyes to observe the surroundings once more .

Seeing that only 20 zombies were in this area, he made his move .

He slid down a slope of the crater, aiming his rifle with his eyes and his vision from his skill .


One bullet went through the head of one of the zombies .


They found Dove right away, and turned their attention from the green ball to him, dashing at Dove in full speed .

Undaunted and unperturbed, Dove aimed and fired, one shot at a time .






Five shots, five kills .

Fourteen remained .


All zombies got close to Dove and swung their weapons at him instead of biting .


Instead of running away, Dove ducked down and dashed forward horizontally as if he slithered like a snake, brushing past them, breaking through the encirclement and getting behind their back .

"Don't look down on an S-League player, punk!"




Dove turned around and fired more bullets, killing three more .




'It's getting noisy . Fight somewhere else, you fool!'

Misha, who was self-healing her damaged spines and ribcages, spat a curse in her mind . She recovered from the partial brain damage and her innards, but the fractured bones and external wounds had yet to be healed .

As for Tama, it fell asleep while its mouth still nibbled Misha's breast .

She looked at her hunger gauge in the game menu . It was at 95% .

'Time to eat . '

Misha wanted to use her hands, but she could not move . Her nerve system and spinal cord was not in the right condition at the moment .

Without hesitating, she extended her tongue and licked the jelly near her mouth, trying to pull it in .

Normally, her tongue would never go beyond the tip of her nose if she fully extended it . However, right now, it was long enough to touch her forehead .

Like a frog, Misha's tongue pulled a piece of crushed jelly into her mouth .

<<You have eaten [Egg Queen's Condense Milk]>>

<<You have gained 500 EXP>>

<<Your [Self Regeneration] have gained 10,000 EXP>>

<<Your [Self Regeneration] skill have increased to level 8>>

<<Your [Pheromone] have gained 10,000 EXP>>

<<Your [Pheromone] skill have increased to level 10>>

<<You are full>>

Reading all the message logs, Misha smiled . But her smile turned stiff when she concentrated her feeling on her tongue .

'It's longer? Wait a minute, I have . . . an extra tongue!?'