Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Dove

6 AM .

Misha received a pop-up message on her game menu .

<<You have completed the [Milky Way Government Education Lesson One]>>

<<Quest Rewards: 20 Additional Free Status Attribute>>

<<Additional Quest Rewards will be calculated after you come back to base with your loots>>

She did not pay attention to the message . Instead, Misha closed her eyes and maintained her MBR routines .

Her damaged spinal cord, broken ribcages, and many fractured bones had been healed . The rest of the innards still had traces of ruptured blood vessels, but they could be treated faster than the bones .


Misha tongue flickered and took in another jelly into her mouth . The intensive use of Self-Regen skill depleted a lot of her hunger bar, which was down to 10% from 145% in the past two hours .

Despite the fact that the quest warned her that the jellies contained viruses, she ate them anyway .

Two blobs of jelly got into her stomach and raised her hunger bar to 110% again .

<<Warning, viruses in your system has increased>>

'I don't give a damn . My precious jellies are my life!'

<<Your [Desperate Struggle Quest] time limit has been decreased by two hours>>

'Doesn't matter . Extra skill level up is still worth it!'

<<The next time you eat consume another jelly, the quest time limit will decrease by four hours>>


Misha cried a bloody tear, 'But I want to eat more jellies!'

She closed her eyes and continued healing the remaining injuries . From her observation, she needed at least two more hours .

Dove's real name was Donovan, a student in the same school as Mia .

When Donovan was twelve, he played another VRMMO shooting game with a similar setting as this current game . Through a year of grinding and practicing, he became good at shooter games .

Because of his performance, a professional e-sport S-League team offered him a contract so he could play for their team, which he signed . For another two years, he had earned his reputation in hundreds of e-sport tournaments as an elite sniper and sharpshooter .

Although he could not earn a title of a champion, Donovan was skilled enough to maintain his status in the league and satisfied his company's sponsors .

Unfortunately, his parents did not agree with his career path . In the eyes of billionaire parents, earning a few million a year from a game was pathetic, comparing to them who made hundreds of million a year .

Since Donovan also had potential as a young esper, they forced him to enroll in Chula High and terminated the pro-league contract .

Though Donovan spent most of his youth in-game, he was still one of the genii in his generation, and he managed to squeeze into the school in the 10th class with the lowest score in the school .

And now, he was in a game that he was good at . Donovan wished that he could return to the league as a professional gamer by using this game and graduate from this school at the same time .


A pop-up window also appeared before Dove .

<<You have completed the [Milky Way Government Education Lesson One]>>

<<Quest Rewards: 20 Additional Free Status Attributes>>

<<Additional Quest Rewards will be calculated after you come back to base with your loots>>

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Dove, who was patrolling on the edge of the crater, sighed a relief as he watched the sunrise . He did not forget to put all free status points into his AGI and DEX .



Name – Dove

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 38

EXP – 1,000/4,000

Free Attribute – 0


STR – 110/1,000 (82 . 05%)

VIT – 106/1,000 (70 . 19%)

AGI – 300/1,000 (41 . 43%)

DEX – 300/1,000 (85 . 00%)

INT – 489/1,000 (0%)

WIS – 320/1,000 (31 . 61%)

Luck – 12/100

STM - 120/1000 (0%)


Sage Eyes – 15/100 (10 . 40%)

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Unlike Misha, who had been stuck in the Queen Egg's womb, Dove had been fighting everything that came into his way to scavage for food and weapon supplies .

With the addition of occasionally loot from dead bodies of other players, Dove secured enough ammo and supplies to survive .

Ordinary players would have died a hundred times over, but Dove made it through using his past experiences in shooter games . Combining with his AGI-DEX-built strategy, he could handle a hundred tattooed zombies by himself with limited resources .

Thus, his character level skyrocketed .

In the level ranking of all combat classes at the moment, he was in the lead, followed by Misha who was still at level 26 .


Dove checked his status with a bitter smile .

"I did it the last game, and I'll be successful in this game, too!"


His stomach cried as his hunger bar had reached 0% . A timer appeared under the hunger bar, telling him that he did not have much time left until his character would die from hunger .

Dove looked up . Before him, remaining of two hundred tattooed zombies scattered on the ground . Dove's black short hair and his face were covered in black blood, and his clothes were soaked from his sweat and mixed fluid of monsters .

The last two hours were rough, but Dove made it through . None of the monsters managed to slip to Misha's side .

Black blood also covered a hand-made pickaxe, made of steel pipes and a long knife tying together, which Dove held it in his hand .


A transmission sounded from Dove's wristwatch .

[Misha, Dove, if you hear this, response]

Dove tapped the speaker button, "This is Dove . I'm alive . Misha is with me, but she's in a critical condition . We need help!"

[Affirmative! Stay where you are . We'll pick you up shortly!]


The transmission was cut off, but Dove relaxed . He sat at the edge of the crater, continue watching the sunrise .

As he regained his breath from the long night fights, Dove saw something from the horizon .

A moving red tree with human limps as branches!

'Another monster!? Wait, is that the tree that keeps tracking me the second day?'

Dove did not know . It was the very same tree that killed Pioneer King in his resting tent .

This tree also traced every player in the game that night, following them around to drain their blood, even from the corpses . It crossed path with Dove the second day on this wasteland and chased after him ever since .

The speed of the tree accelerated from a turtle pace into a running man pace .

'Damn it! If I hadn't used my grenades on that snake . . . '

Dove regretted challenging the giant snake he encountered the first day . Because of it, he had wasted so many ammunition and grenades .


The ground shook as the tree was approaching Dove at a high speed . Within the next 10 seconds, it would reach him .


As if the joke was on him, the very same snake he had challenged also appeared in another direction, rushing at the crater as well .


A green egg at the size of two meters rolled to this direction as well . It was the other egg that was launched along with Misha's oval room .

Dove had a wry smile on his face . Seeing the situation, he thought that he should have expected it .

"Last minute rush? Well, I thought so . "

Dove stood up with his pickaxe, getting ready for another bout .

"Bring it, punk!"