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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 43

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:32 AM

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – WTF happened!?

When Misha received the encrypted memo, she did not read it or activated it right away . Since it was encrypted, it was better to read it later when she was alone .

Now that she opened the message, it confirmed that it was the right decision .

The sudden white light blinded Misha for a whole minute . After she managed to adjust her eyes to the environment, she looked around .

It was an empty space when Misha first created her character .


In front of her, a hologram of a silver hair mature woman stood there . She wore a white one-piece dress that revealed her cleavage and the sides of her long legs, but her bare shoulder was covered by a white coat with the shoulder emblems of fleet admiral on her shoulder . Her hands, which had white long sleeve gloves on, were holding a grey cane, made of human bones in silver color .

Her sharp red eyes and her face was so gorgeous that could make all idols and celebrities hide in shame . Some envious women could even make an excuse that she had plastic surgery or had her gene modified to get that look .

However, Misha knew that this person's beauty was natural . It was her grandmother that she remembered .

"She never ages, isn't she?"

Even Misha sometimes compared her grandmother with other girls he met . Because he had been around her grandmother for years when she was a child, Misha always compared her beauty with all girls that Misha came across . As a result, Mia, in the real world, could never find the right girlfriend because his standard was too high .

While Misha was admiring the beauty of her ancestor, the hologram spoke .

"Mia, you've possessed something that the military desire . Do not sign any contract or you'll be their guinea pig for the project that we're doing . I didn't send you back to earth, so you can become a slave for the military . Abandon your current game character and commit suicide in-game right now!"


"Commit suicide and fail the quest, so you can create a new character before you log out . That's my advice as your grandmother . If you insist on playing with that Misha character, your entire life will be very complicated when you successfully log out of the game . "

"Grandma, what happened with this game? What do you mean by complicated?"

Although Misha asked the hologram, her grandmother did not respond to her question . Obviously, it was a recorded message .

"Do not be afraid of starting over . Actually, you will progress faster than your false avatar . Here is the secret info that the military is hiding from everyone . If you configure your in-game character outlook and your name to be the same as your real life, you can import the psychic abilities that you've learned in real-life into the character starting skills . By now, you should have seen the agents from the military inside the game . All of them are using their real face and real name in there, and they are exploiting this feature, including Tiffany . Well, they can't import their military ranks in there, and they have to grind it from scratch like normal players . "

Listening to her grandmother up to this part, Misha recalled the scene where Krastel displayed the power of a coronel inside the game . A portion of puzzle pieces began to click .

The hologram message continued, "Well, unless you want to live a complicated life, I won't stop you . Actually, I also have another option for you . "

Her sadistic grin was still as scary as ever . Misha had goosebumps from seeing her grandmother's crescent smiling face and her glowing red eyes .

"Another option for you if you want to keep that body . When you complete the chain quests, you will be prompt with a list of skills that you can learn as a reward . There's a special skill that can get you out of this mess, but a certain aspect of your real life will be a lot more complicated than the first option . In exchange for that, I will have a legit reason to intervene with the government's affair . . . "

. . .

. . .

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11 Hours later after Misha opened the memo .

It was a 6 AM of a new day, which had been a whole day since Misha had been locked inside the underground base .

Inside the warden office where Tiffany was assigned .

Ten MWG staffs gathered in the warden office as they confronted Tiffany . From the log conversation between Misha and Tiffany that they were listening, they found that Tiffany was not forceful enough .

Joan was in front of the entourage, yelling at Tiffany .

"Why did you give him times to decide? You could have forced him into making a decision right away! And why did you point out about the undisclosed terms about the contract duration? It was supposed to be a secret term to bind him with us!"

"My dear Joan, if you want to make him join you willingly, you must not trick him . In businesses, honesty and trust are the keys for smooth cooperation . If you hide this term and he finds out about it later, you can expect backlashes from him and his grandmother . Will you risk your career facing that Silver Empress?"

Joan snorted, "I don't give a damn about that ancient old hag! As long as we get that tamed parasite, we don't care who we have to offend . "

"A newborn calf doesn't afraid of the veteran tigress . Well, I've warned you . "

"A tigress? Hah, I want to see her try . Now, get that stupid brat out here, so we can force him to sign the contract . "

"That's impossible . "

"Are you defying the direct order of my father?"

"Even if your father is the Supreme Commander, I can't help you in this case, my dear . He's not in the isolated chamber anymore . "

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"Check your tracking devices . His character disappeared from the game, yet his ID is still in the game . You should also double-check with the administrators in the real world, too . "

Joan's face turned pale when she opened her game system window and selected the administration menu .

The list of all players and their location presented in the screen, yet Misha's name disappeared .

"What did you do, Vice Admiral!?"

Tiffany shrugged, "Nothing . I only pass him a memo message from the tigress, and he's gone . "

"This is serious! If you don't answer my question, I'll put you on the court-martial . "

"Go ahead . I'm stating the truth . As I said before . You'd better check with the administrators of the game for the backlogs . "

Joan glared into the eyes of Tiffany while her mouth still issued her command to her followers .

"Check the admins . "

30 Minutes later . A subordinate, who had logged out of the game, got back into the game . He bit his lower lips and reported with a pale face .

"Ma'am, we have several bad news . "

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"Player Misha's character teleported outside of the base . Our last report from the admins shows that she activated an encrypted memo from the silver empress . After that, she just simply teleported away from our prison . "

"What about her game console!? It should have sent a feedback tracking IP and the tracking data . Trace her current location and bring her back!"

"T-That's impossible, ma'am . "


"Player Misha logged out of the game and shut down the console . She has completed the three-part quest . "

Sweat drops appeared on the face of Joan, "H-Have we sent anyone to the player's resident?"

"We had, ma'am . But the silver empress and her soldiers arrested all of our men . "


"She has returned to earth, ma'am . "

Joan turned around to glare at Tiffany once more .

Tiffany laughed, "I've never said that I've returned to earth alone . Hohoho!"

"You . . . your entire fleet returned to earth!?"

Tiffany grinned, "Don't underestimate a doting grandmother, young calf . You can't touch Mia . "