Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – *Mew*

In the empty space, Misha listened to her grandmother's advice .

"Among the list of skills you can choose, one of them is called [Polymorph] . It's more advanced than the army standard's [Doppelganger] psychic power, but it has more conditions of usage . This skill allows players to transform into anyone as long as they understand the gene pattern of the transformation target . After using this skill, you can set it as a default form for your game character, and you can also change your in-game name to match it as another layer of disguise . "

Misha was not stupid to not understand the hints . It was a transformation skill that he could alter his appearance and name in-game . However, Misha concerned if she could fool the government and the game administrators since they were watching over the game system and the game logs .

"But that won't be enough to trick the game admins . Once this message finishes, you will return to the game world outside of the base, which you will complete your chain quests automatically . Change your appearance and your name to your real life and log out of the game immediately! Once you get out of the game, I'll tell you what you should do next . By the way, you will be ejected from this space after another 10 hours . There's a gun in front of you, so you can commit suicide in this space if you pick the choice number one . If you pick the second choice, just wait patiently . "

The hologram message ended .

Misha signed as she glanced at the floating gun before her .

"Nope! I'll take the second choice . Right, Tama?"

*Mew* (Yup!)

"By the way, Tama . Did you collect the jelly? They confiscated all of mine . "

*Mrrr* (No . I ate them all . )

. . .

Misha lost count how long she stayed inside the empty space . During the time she was floating aimlessly in there, Tama got rid of the viruses in her body .

Each time a body system was cleaned, such as the muscular system or the immunity system, the game sent her a message that her max vitality increased .

After the last part of her body was purified from the zombie viruses, the entire empty space flashed again .

When Misha managed to regain her eyesight, she found herself outside of the Scorpion Base, on the wasteland 500 meters away from the protective wall of the base .

<<Your body has neutralized the harmful Hydra viruses from your system>>

<<You have completed Desperate Struggle – Part One>>

<<You have escaped from the underground facility>>

<<You have completed Desperate Struggle – Part Two>>

<<You have escaped from the Scorpion Base>>

<<You have completed Desperate Struggle – Part Three>>

Series of notification kept showing in front of her . Misha had completed all quests without realizing what had happened .

"Wait, what?"

She looked at the system clock . It was already 5 AM of the new day, which the countdown timer for maintaining Tama in her body had over a long time ago .

In addition, she did not remember getting the third part of the quest, but it was automatically completed after she stepped foot outside of the base .

Realizing that her grandmother might have rigged the game or cheated for her, Misha's face revealed an awkward smile .

"Thanks, grandma …"

<<All your maximum status attributes have increased by five>>

<<All status attributes have increased by one>>

<<You have obtained 10 free status attributes>>

<<You have obtained 10,000 EXP>>

<<You have reached level 35>>

<<You can learn one skill from the list . Please choose a skill you desire>>

More series of reward notification followed after . Also, the list of skills that Misha could learn, which her grandmother told her about, was in the game window before her .

Looking at the skill names, Misha drooled .

[Space Inventory]


[Time Alter]

The three of the rarest psychic abilities that even the special force marines found it hard to train was in the list . In the entire Milky Way Government personnel, less than ten people could use these psychic power in real life, which her grandmother was one of the masters .

Misha swallowed her greed as she remembered what her grandmother told her to pick . Choosing the wrong skill right now might be a bad idea since she knew that the army from both worlds would chase after her soon .

"Where is that skill? Oh, there . "

… .


Skill description

- Completely transform your default appearance to the second appearance that you customized .

- Change your default name to the secondary name that you customized .

- This skill can only be used when the player and the customized character's gene synchronization is over 90%

"I can change my look and my name, so I can escape their search with this?"

Thinking to this point, Misha was reminded of her grandmother's tips .

<<Here is the tip that the military is hiding from everyone . If you configure your in-game character outlook and your name to be the same as your real life, you can import the psychic abilities that you've learned in real-life into the character starting skills>>

"If I polymorph myself into my real look, can I import my real psychic skills into the game, too?"

First, Misha picked the skill .

<<You have learned [Polymorph]>>




Name – Misha

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 35

EXP – 305/4,000

Free Attribute – 55


STR – 151/1,007 (68 . 58%)

VIT – 200/1,022 (14%)

AGI – 198/1,005 (41 . 43%)

DEX – 166/1,005 (85 . 18%)

INT – 501/1,005 (0%)

WIS – 376/1,005 (31 . 61%)

Luck – 19/105

STM - 157/1005 (14 . 19%)


Self-Regeneration – 18/100 (87 . 23%)

Pheromone – 15/100 (61%)

Acidic Fluid - 4/100 (74%)

Polymorph – 1/100 (0%)

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Once she had learned it, Misha activated the polymorph skill right away . Suddenly, she saw a transparent hologram in her mind .

Misha could see a new character creation menu the moment she closed her eyes . However, she could adjust the gender of this character freely .

Moreover, there was an automatic option to make it look like the player's body in the real world .

"That saves me times . I'll pick this . "

Upon ticking the selection of [Auto Creation] and [Real Body] options, the lifeless doll example showed the real body of Mia in the real world .

Looking at her own body in real life, Misha sighed .

"Looking at a female character's body is more pleasant to the eyes . Hmm? Can I adjust the size a bit?"

10 Minutes later, Misha changed the size of the body's "manhood" to her ideal size . Although it did not increase the length or the volume by much, a few additional inches were enough to satisfy the vain pride of a man Mia had left .

Misha hit the "Finish" button to finalize the secondary character .

<<Checking the synchronization rate>>

<<The synchronization rate is 93% . A particular part of the body did not match the real size of the player>>


<<Goddess Lilith is laughing at your attempt to cheat the nature>>


<<Synchronization completed . A particular part has been corrected to the right size>>


<<Goddess Lilith is dying from laughter . Please do not harm the delicate goddess>>


After the series of trolling game messages, Misha could feel the change of her body .

Her statue grew smaller as her height shortened . Her perky mountain chests flattened, and a certain part grew below the belly button . The indication name above her head changed from Misha to Mia .

She was now transformed into a [He] .

The transformation completed .

"I'm back into my old body . Yet …"

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Mia gazed at his crotch .

"My 9 inches dream . . . "

While Mia was crying from his shattered dream, Tama inside of his body noticed the change and explored within the newly transformed body .

Yellow veins, which were under the control of Tama, expanded to every part of Mia's body . When it reached the crotch area, it began checking it with curiosity .

*Mrrr?* (What's this?)

*Mrrr??* (What's that?)

*Myaaaa!?* (WTF!?)

"What are you crying about, you stupid eggcat!?"

*Mew!* (Your wu-wu turns into wee-wee!)

*Mew! Mew!* (It's small, but it's a wee-wee!)

For some reason, Mia got annoyed by Tama's mewing even though he did not understand what it was trying to convey .

"Time to log out . It has been a tiring day . I want to rest for real . "

Mia glanced at the system menu, the log out button could be used now . He pressed it without hesitation .

The capsule opened, the same with Mia's red eyes .

He sat up while he massaged his shoulders, legs, his muscles, and his head . Before he gazed around his room, Mia called for his android maid right away .

"Dana, I need a painkiller or something that relieve sore muscle . I don't know why, but my body is aching all over . "

When his eyes readjusted and got used to the dim light in the room, he saw a familiar woman standing beside Dana . She had white hair and gorgeous face that reminded Mia about his ideal type of girl .


"So, you're picking the choice number two? You're quite brave, Mia . "

"Huh? How did you know? Wait, how did you tamper the game? Are you one of the developers?"

Mia's grandma did not say anything . Instead, she stared at Mia's chest as if she was interested in something there .

Dana was also the same . She looked at the chest of Mia while she blinked several times in bemusement .

"What's wrong? What are you looking at?"

Mia looked down to see what they were watching .

There was a yellow transparent tentacle with an eyeball extending from his chest . It looked back at Mia's face and blinked .